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Sin-sational Sherri Part 2
by A-Train

Sherri was delighted. Thanks to her "convincing" abilities, she had
convinced Vince McMahon to let her be the "Macho Man" Randy Savage's new
valet. Sherri knew Savage was not a happy camper right now. His year long
reign as the World champion had just ended, thanks to his former partner,
Hulk Hogan, who beat him for the strap at Wrestlemania 5. She also knew
Savage blamed it partly on his real life wife, Miss Elizabeth. Although
she had not played much of a role in the match, Savage felt she was a
distraction to him.

Sherri walked down the hallway towards Savage's private dressing room.
She felt she outta tell him that she was his new manager, before someone
else broke the news. Randy Savage sat on his couch in his private dressing
room, feeling like his world was crashing down on him. For the past year he
had been the second biggest star in pro wrestling (next to Hogan, of course).
Now it appeared to be over.

Hogan had his belt and probaly his wife as well. Worst yet McMahon was
bringing in a big wannabe actor, Zeus, to be Savage's partner, in a feud
against Hogan and Brutus Beefcake. Zeus had been the villian in the box
office flop, No Holds Barred, starring Hogan. While this may have sounded
good, Savage knew damn well that McMahon's real intention was to eventually
have a Hogan/Zeus feud. He feared he was going to be brought back to the
mid-card that he had worked so hard years earlier to get out of.

Sherri walked right into Savage's dressing room without even knocking.

"What the hell? Don't you have any manners," asked Savage.

"Baby, you know me, I'm a bad girl who ain't got any manners or respect
for nobody," replied Sherri.

"Well, what the hell do you want," asked Savage.

"I just came to tell you that I will soon be working as your manager and
don't go to Vince, he already approved it," said Sherri.

This didn't sit well with Savage at all.His last valet had screwed up his
title reign and the way it was looking, his career as well.

"You? A manager, you can barely manage yourself," said Savage.

"Well the only thing I have trouble managin, is my sexual urges," Sherri
lustfully replied.

"What are you getting at," asked Savage, as his began to notice Sherri's
skin tight shirt, that didn't hide her hardening silver dollar sized nipples.

"What I'm getting at is, your career is obviously gonna be in the shitters
for a while, I could make it a little easier to go through," said Sherri.

"But you know I'm married," said Savage, trying to stay faithful, although
it was tough to do, as he also began to notice that her spandex tights were
getting damp and it was obvious she wasn't wearing any panties.

"Oh god savage, don't be stupid, you know as well as I do that she's
riding Hogan dick as we speak," said Sherri.

Savage couldn't argue with what appeared to be the truth. With that
notion, he picked up Sherri and begin to kiss her sweet mouth. Sherri got
down on her knees and quickly unzipped Savage's pants and pulled them down,
which let Savage's raging hard on to be free.

"My god", Sherri thought, "His dick is even bigger than Vince's."

She took Savage's 10 inch hard on, down her throat in one swift motion.
She let her tounge slide up and down his long shaft.She ran her hand up and
down his shaft as she delicately kissed the head of his dick.

Savage was loving this. He loved his wife, but she had never done him
this service. Sherri then began to fondle his balls as she sucked. This was
too much for Savage and as a result his blew a huge load of cum all over
Sherri's face and shirt.

"Look's like you got a little mess on your shirt, we better get it off,"
said Savage.

Sherri quickly ripped it off, revealing her natural tits to Savage for
the first time. He gently began to suck on her hard nipples and began to
work his way down, until he reached her tights.He slid them down slowly,
revealing Sherri's hairy, unshaven pussy. Savage was very happy, he loved a
nice hairy pussy. Savage parted her pussy lips and let his large tounge run
all over her dripping pussy.

Sherri was loving this attention and knew she was about to have an orgasm.
"Oh yeah, Randy, lick my fat pussy, bury your face into my bush," screamed

After she had climaxed, Sherri pushed Savage down on the couch and then
sat right on his huge cock. She began bounce up and down, her tits bouncing
right up and down and all around.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHH, fuck me, jesus christ fuck me till I'm blind. Ohhhhhhhhh,
god I'm cumming like crazy," yelled Sherri.

Savage couldn't take it anymore, this dirty talk was too much.

"I'm gonna cum baby, I want you to eat it," demanded Savage.

With that Sherri jumped right off his cock and quickly began to milk it
for all it was worth, as cum came shooting out, reaching 8 feet in height.
Sherri gobbled up all she could.

"Ah shit, that was a blast," said Savage.

Just then he looked and saw the huge black man, Zeus, standing with a
huge smile on his face.A pparently, he had seen the finish.

"Oh come on, Savage, we gonna be partners, and you ain't gonna invite me
to have any fun with this slut?," asked Zeus.

"Well, I got plenty in me, honey," said the still horny Sherri. She was
not really attracted to Zeus but she had never been with a black man before.
She was hoping Randy would join in so they could have a threesome. She
wispered it into his ear.

"Well, I guess, just give me a second," said the exsauted Savage.

Sherri walked over to Zeus and pulled his pants down. Sherri was greeted
with Zeus' enormous 14 inch dick slapping her in the face. She quickly began
to suck and lick it.

"Mmmmmmmm, I love this dark meat," said Sherri.

"Just shut up and suck, whore," said Zeus.

Savage had been watching and was aroused again. He walked over and stuck
his dick in Sherri's moist pussy. Sherri couldn't get enough of it, she was
sucking a huge black dick and she was getting fucked from behind. Savage and
Zeus blew their loads at almost the same time. She took both dicks and
swallowed almost all of it. Zeus then walked behind Sherri and stuck his
stiil hard dick in her ass.

"Oh, I don't know if I can take all of it," said Sherri.

"Don't worry about it, I'll MAKE it fit," replied Zeus. He then began to
work it all in her ass. First 5 inches went in, then 6,7,8,9,10 and sonn all
14 inces was buried in Sherri's asshole.

"Oh, shit! It hurts," said Sherri.

Zeus begin to pump slow at first, but then began to speed up until his
midsection was just a blur.

"Oh yes, yes, yes that feels so god damn FUCKING good. Please fuck my ass
harder, I've been a BAD girl," shrieked Sherri.

Zeus was a beast but Sherri's dirty talk was too much, even for him. He
deposited a enormous load in Sherri's deep love hole.

All three just layed on the couch, Sherri stroking both of their cocks.

"Boys, I think this is the begining of a beautiful relationship," said

After today's session, Zeus and Savage could not agree with her more!

Coming up in part 3: Sherri tries to wear out the Champ before the Survivor
Series!!! I'd appreciate any kind of feedback, thanks.

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