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regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Sinking In The Claws
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Following a match during a WWE Live Event in April 2008, Paul London and
Brian Kendrick are in the locker area, talking about their match. Both men
are wearing knee length light blue shorts, and London shakes his head a bit,
"I don't know man... I mean we take a lot of risks as is... but this 'by any
means necessary' stuff has got people wondering about us..." London says.

Brian Kendrick looks at his long time tag team partner with an annoyed look
on his face, "Give me a break... we won didn't we? You're the one who whined
about us not getting the opportunities we should be getting..."

"Yeah but..." London starts to say.

"But nothing!" Kendrick snaps a bit, "We went from holding the WWE Tag Team
Titles for nearly a year to holding the World Tag Team titles for less than a
week. We get no respect at all... need I remind you when Triple H planted
both of our faces into the mat after we helped him out? It's time we started
doing what it takes to get ahead..."

Paul London sighs, "Yeah I know... but still... I hate getting booed..."
London says.

"Get use to it... because we did what it took to be a big success on
SmackDown... and we need to do that here on RAW..." Kendrick starts to say
when there is a knock on the door, "It's open!" Kendrick yells before he
looks at London again, "And besides, the fans didn't boo some of the biggest
cheaters in WWE history... we just keep doing all the flashy stuff and they
won't know the difference..." Kendrick says as the locker room door opens.

As the locker room door opens, the manipulative and wicked A-List Diva,
Melina, steps into the locker room to join London and Kendrick. "Well hello
boys..." Melina says with a sly smirk as she glances down at her well
manicured fingernails of her left hand. "Or should I say MEN...after what you
did out there tonight..." Melina raises an eyebrow and slyly looks at London
and Kendrick, while dressed in a short jean skirts and a low-cut tanned top.

"What are you doing here?" London asks with a suspicious tone as he looks at

Melina presses her lips together and shrugs her shoulders "Oh nothing..."
Melina replies with a sly snicker "You know...I happened to see what you did
out there..." Melina pauses and grits her teeth together "You almost reminded
me of a couple of people I just happen to know..."

"Almost? We're better than they were..." Kendrick says with a bit of an
arrogant attitude before adding, "Because we didn't get caught cheating

Melina wickedly laughs "Ohhhh do remind me of my Johnny..."
Melina pauses and glances at Paul London "And you Paul remind me of..."
Melina sighs and rolls her eyes "Oh whatever the hell his name was...always
wanting to do things fair..."

Brian Kendrick rolls his eyes as well, "Tell me about it..."

"Hey we've had a lot of success being fair..." London says.

"Yeah over a year ago!" Kendrick snaps before looks at Melina, "So what's up

Melina licks her manipulative lips as she starts to slyly approach Brian
Kendrick while seductively glaring at Paul London "I was impressive by your
roughness...I love it when men do whatever it takes to stay on top..."

"Who doesn't like that?" Kendrick smirks.

London shakes his head, "We're not on top we're trying to get there..."

Kendrick glares at his tag team partner, "Will you shut up and let her talk?"
Kendrick asks.

Melina wickedly laughs "Boys...I mean men...You're exactly what I'm looking
for to make sure that I stay on the A-List of the WWE..."

"Oh brother..." London starts to say.

Kendrick cuts London off before he says anything else, "What's in it for us?"
Kendrick asks.

Melina seductively narrows her eyes and glances down at the baggy crotch of
Kendrick's shorts "Whatever you desire...and I do mean whatever..."

Kendrick smirks as he tosses his brown hair back, "Hear that buddy? Whatever
we desire... I know you've talked about wanting to bang Melina's ass..."
Kendrick says as he glances at London.

"Hey man I want no part of Melina..." London starts to say before Kendrick
cuts him off.

"Hey Melina... how about you show us what motivated Johnny to being an
Intercontinental and ECW Champion..." Kendrick smirks.

Melina licks her lips and smirks "Certainly..." Melina replies with a sly
snicker before the Paparazzi Princess of the WWE turns towards Paul London
and starts to approach the suspicious Superstar. Melina places her hands onto
the baggy light blue shorts of London and starts to aggressively lower them
from his waist.

"What the fuck..." London starts to yell as Melina jerks down his baggy light
blue shorts to reveal London's twelve inch cock. Kendrick licks his teeth as
he steps over to the locker room door and locks it.

"Relax!" Melina snaps and grits her teeth. "I'm going to suck your dick and
you'll like it, ok!?" Melina says with an arrogant snap before she places her
left hand around his shaft and lowers herself down onto her knees. "I swear
some people never grow up!"

"Oh he's gotten blown before....he's just being a big wuss..." Kendrick
smirks. London shoots a glare at Kendrick as Melina starts to pump her left
hand back and forth on his hardening cock.

"Why are you being a wuss, Paul!?" Melina asks in a mocking tone as she
smoothly and manipulatively guides her hands against London's cock before she
lowers her head and wickedly slaps her tongue against the head of his cock.

"Cause ahhh I don't like you..." London says with a moan as Melina strokes
his cock while flicking her tongue against the large head of his cock.

Kendrick smirks, "Man what a pussy.... you weren't like this when what her
face was in our corner..." Kendrick says as he lowers his own baggy shorts to
free his own twelve inch cock which is much thicker than London's.

Melina narrows her eyes and glances up at Paul London as she continues to
guide her left hand down his hardening shaft. "Well...I don't like you we're squared away!" Melina says with a sly smirk "But I think we
could have a great relationship..."

"Hey Paul if you don't want her to suck your dick then move aside and let her
blow me..." Kendrick says.

"I didn't say that..." London starts to say.

"Well then let her fucking suck your dick and enjoy it! Geez!" Kendrick says
as he shakes his head and rolls his eyes. Melina laughs before she lowers her
head and opens her bitchy mouth to take Paul London's cock. Melina wraps her
lips firmly around his shaft and starts to slowly bob her head to wickedly
move her head at a teasing and slow pace.

"Ahhhh fuck..." London moans as Melina bobs her head at a painfully slow pace
on his cock that makes London feel her lips dragging against his cock.
Kendrick licks his teeth as he kneels next to Melina and reaches underneath
her to unbutton her short jean skirt before sliding it down from her sexy

"Mmmmmm!" Melina wickedly groans as she starts to gradually bob her head at a
quicker pace while her manipulative, soft lips brush back and forth on
London's cock as her wet saliva starts to coat his cock inside of her mouth.

"Awww shit.... fuck..." Paul London moans as Melina bobs her head quicker on
his cock while taking it further into her mouth. Kendrick smirks as he uses
his left hand to slide down Melina's dark red panties to reveal her hot round
Latina ass. Melina wickedly glares up at London as she wraps her lips tighter
around his twelve inch cock while she starts to steadily bob her head on his
cock, sucking and dominating his shaft while she begins to twist her head on
his cock.

Melina wickedly glares up at London as she wraps her lips tighter around his
twelve inch cock while she starts to steadily bob her head on his cock,
sucking and dominating his shaft while she begins to twist her head on his

"Ohhh shit... mmmm fuck...." Paul London moans as he starts to cum within
Melina's hot wet and dominating mouth as she twists her head sharply on his
twelve inch cock.

Melina slowly lifts her head from Paul London's cock and glares up at him
before she spits his cum out of her mouth, angered. "What the hell was
that!?" Melina snaps as Brian Kendrick rubs his hands against her hot Latin

Kendrick smirks, "Oh that was Paul coming up short like he does in the
ring..." Kendrick says as he rubs Melina's hot Latin ass.

"Hey I wasn't prepared for this..." London starts to say.

Melina slowly shakes her head with disgust "That was pathetic!" Melina snaps
and grits her teeth as she glares up at London "You know what!? You're going
to watch your friend fuck me..."

"Whatever..." London says as Kendrick moves behind Melina.

"Hey you fucking blew your load.... least you can do is watch as I show
Melina that I have what it takes to be a huge star..." Kendrick says as he
grabs Melina's hips before slamming his fat twelve inch cock into Melina's

"Mmmmm! Ohhhh fuck!" Melina licks her teeth and wickedly laughs as she rocks
back on her knees to immediately push her nicely shaped and juicy ass back
against Kendrick's cock as he starts to thrust his cock into her pussy from
behind. "Ohhhh Paul...your friend's dick feels so fucking good!" Melina
moans. London rolls his eyes as he moves to sit on the locker room bench as
he starts to untie his wrestling boots.

"Ohhhh yeah Melina.... mmmm fuck... you got a great cunt!" Kendrick laughs as
he rams his thick dick deeply into Melina's pussy while he pulls her back
towards him. Melina grits her teeth and glances over her shoulder to slyly
smirk back at Brian Kendrick as she starts to roughly slam her ass back
against Kendrick's waist as she forces his cock deeper into her hot and
bitchy pussy.

"Ahhh yeah fuck... you must like big dicks like mine!" Kendrick grunts and
smirks as he increases the pace of his thrusts as he drills Melina's hot
Latin pussy. Paul London shakes his head as he pulls off his right wrestling

"I bet Paul wishes he was fucking my perfect A-List pussy!" Melina moans and
wickedly laughs as she lowers her head while she rocks forward against
Kendrick's firm and deep thrusts.

"You're wrong on that...." London grumbles as he pulls off his left wrestling
boot. Kendrick ignores his tag team partner while he continues to slam his
cock deep into Melina's pussy. Kendrick grabs Melina's arms and pulls her up
so that she's sitting on her knees while he fucks her from behind . Kendrick
then lifts off Melina's low-cut top, revealing her large round tits.

Melina grits her teeth as she grinds her ass down against Kendrick's waist as
he deeply slams his cock up into her tight pussy "Ohhhh! Ohhh yeah you're so
jealous right now, aren't you Paul!?" Melina wickedly moans as Kendrick
sharply drills her cunt.

"Screw you..." London replies as he stands up from the bench and walks over
to get a towel before he heads to the shower area.

Kendrick laughs, "He's gonna go jerk off.., as always!" Kendrick says as he
reaches around Melina's body to grab her tits with both hands while he pumps
his cock sharply up into her pussy.

"Ohhhh what a loser!" Melina laughs as she aggressively grinds her hot A-List
body down against Kendrick's deeply and quickly thrusting cock. "Ohhhhh!
Ohhhhh fuck!"

"Ahhh fuck yeah... mmmm take that fucking cock!" Kendrick moans as he firmly
squeezes Melina's tits as he continues to pump his fat twelve inch cock all
the way into her A-List cunt. Melina lowers her head and roughly jerks her
body back against Kendrick's cock as she arches her body perfectly to cause
him to crouch a bit while fucking her pussy.

"Shit.... you are a fucking A-List star..." Kendrick smirks as he slows down
his thrusts before he pulls his fat cock out of Melina's pussy. Just as
Kendrick is gonna to push his cock back into Melina's pussy, the hot, bitchy
A-List Latin Diva turns around and pushes him onto his back.

Melina smirks and mounts herself aggressively onto Brian Kendrick and roughly
jerks her body down onto his rock hard cock. "I don't think turn!"
Melina says with a laugh as she places her hands onto his toned chest and
starts to rock back and forth, manipulating his cock with her wet pussy.

"Ohhh yeah.... mmmm fuck yeah ride my dick!" Kendrick laughs as he grabs
Melina's hips as she rocks back and forth on his thick cock. Kendrick licks
his teeth as he locks eyes with the manipulating Diva when she looks down at

Melina narrows her eyes down at Kendrick as she swiftly rocks back and forth
on his cock. "Ohhh! Ohhhh yeah! AHHHHHH!" Melina lustfully screams as her hot
A-List body moves on his cock.

"Ahhh fuck yeah... shit I don't need that fucking loser I can handle a top
A-List babe by myself!" Kendrick grunts and moans as he pumps his cock upward
into Melina's wet Latin pussy.

Melina licks her lips as she roughly grinds her pussy down on Kendrick's cock
as she jerks her body back on his cock. "Ohhhh yeah! Mmmm...nobody needs

"Fuck yeah!" Kendrick nods his head as Melina rises up and slams herself down
on his cock. As Melina gains momentum as she bounces on his dick, Kendrick
feels his cock starting to throb within her pussy.

Melina tilts her head back and wickedly laughs as she sharply drives her body
down on Kendrick's cock before she rocks forward on his cock. "Ohhhh yeah!
Mmmmm you like moving to the top, don't you?!"

"Awww shit yeah I do!" Kendrick moans as he starts to cum inside of Melina's
hot wet pussy. Kendrick's cock throbs roughly inside of Melina's pussy with
each burst of cum that erupts from his cock.

Melina presses her lips into a sly smirk as she grinds down slowly on
Kendrick's throbbing shaft as his cum spray into her pussy "Ohhhh yeah...."

"Mmmmm fuck..." Brian Kendrick moans as he slowly finishes cumming inside of
Melina's hot wet pussy. "I need to ditch that loser..." Kendrick says as
Melina grinds herself on his cum spent cock.


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