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by WWE Smutfics

Even though she was upside down in my vision, I could tell Alexa was pissed I had just eaten the pin in our match against Naomi and Becky. Shoulders held down by Naomi, my eyes rolled back as I looked towards the entrance ramp to see Alexa just standing up, fresh off a forearm to the face from our fire-haired foe. She tightened her lips and shook her head, red-tinged pigtails shaking slightly. I groaned and shut my eyes as Naomi leapt off, hand raised in victory by the ref. I wished I could just stay there forever, not have to face Alexa's wrath in the back.

I rolled to the edge of the mat, gingerly stepping down on the leg Becky had earlier bent back way too hard. Alexa felt no sympathy. "You idiot!" she screeched, chest heaving below her tight black, pink and blue top. "How could you let this happen?" I just shook my head at her. When I went to open my mouth she cut me off with, "No!" The crowd booed as she took me by the hair at the crown of my head and drug me to up the ramp, to the back.

She let me go once we went through gorilla, but crooked a finger for me to follow her. I did, all the way to the locker rooms, where she walked to the last row of lockers and stood at the far end, nothing but a long wooden bench between us. She put her hands on her hips and her face twisted into a sneer; the only thing that kept going through my head was the saying about a woman who was small but fierce. It made me giggle a little, the thought of this tiny being in front of me proving to be a source of such stress.

"Do you think this is funny?" she shot into the silence. I smoothed down my hair and adjusted the high-cut, low-necked bodysuit I was wearing, scuffed my boots on the floor. I shook my head no. "You lost it for us." She dropped her arms and took a step forward. "And now you're gonna pay. Sit." I did as she asked, moving over to her end of the bench, knowing it was better not to question her.

She grabbed my chin and held my head steady so I was forced to look up. "How in the world can you make this up to me?" Her words were low, forceful.

"I-I mean last time you made me - " I stuttered out.

"Yea, I know, but running the ropes isn't going to make me feel better," she spat out. Her face suddenly twisted into a smile, and though on anyone else it would've made the person in trouble feel better, for me it conjured up nothing but fear. "You've got a pretty little face, you know that?" she said, voice full of sugar. She let go of my chin and bent so our eyes were level. "I'd like to sit on it."

Her tiny hand wrapped around my throat and she pushed me onto my back. My head cracked against the wood from the force of it, but my groan of pain turned into an oof as she straddled my stomach. "I'm not giving you a choice," she continued in a sing-song tone. Her fingers traced lightly over each of my breasts before she full-on squeezed them. "You're going to make this up to me, and I don't care if you like it or not." She picked my right hand up and took a finger into her mouth, sucking on it gently. She trailed it over the swell of her breasts peeking out of her top before bringing it to her clothed mound. I could feel the heat there and, without a second thought, snuck my finger into the crotch of her tiny shorts. Her lips ticked up on one side and I could tell she was forcing down a genuine smile.

She lifted her body up the tiniest bit and said, "Uh uh, not just one," wagging her finger. I slid another finger beneath the material and the pair found her wet slick, sliding inside the tightness easily.

She sat on my stomach and leaned back so I had room to work, resting her hands on my thighs. I tried sitting up but she put her boot on my shoulder and forced me back down. It slid off my arm and rested on the bench next to my head.

I worked her into a fit of tiny moans, hips gyrating. "Good girl," she cooed, squeezing my legs. She suddenly pulled my hand away and bent over my face, bringing my hand to it. "Taste," she commanded, and shoved my fingers into my mouth. I hesitantly licked my digits clean, a moan involuntarily leaving my lips. "You like that, huh?" I shook my head yes as she shoved my fingers into my throat more. "Good, because you're about to get all you can handle." She stood and tore her bottoms down, kicking them away. She straddled me again, this time her hips aligned with my face. She open-palmed the side of my face, not gently, and ordered, "Open." I parted my lips and stuck out my tongue. A smile crept on her face, but it soon fell into a sneer as she grabbed the back of my head and jerked it up, lowering her body at the same time.

Her wet pussy settled onto my lips, and I used my tongue to lap up her sweet juices. The pointed tip moved in and out of her hole, parting her folds more wildly the louder she got. I gripped her plump ass and held her steady as my lips locked on her bud.

"Ooooh, yes baby, like that," she breathed. Her hand was still tangled in my hair, her eyes were glued to my face. She ground down, nearly suffocating me with her motions. "More, baby, more," she rushed out, eyes fluttering shut. "I'm so close!" I sucked harder on her clit and in no time she was screaming my name and convulsing above me, my grip the only thing keeping her from falling off.

She never stilled when she was done, only latched on to the next wave of pleasure to ride it out. "Again," she said gruffly, though she picked her hips up. "Stick your tongue out, and don't you dare move it." I did as she asked.

Her hips rolled slowly at first as she ran her slit along my waiting tongue its full length. She leaned back again and I supported her, but my movements faltered when I felt her lithe fingers snake underneath the material at the crux of my thighs. She giggled when they fell there, massaging the pool of desire that'd gathered.

"Your pussy is soaked," she said matter-of-factly. "You like eating my cunt, don't you?" I uh-huhed best I could with her nether lips still gliding over my mouth. Her fingers broke through my folds, sliding in and curling expertly. My breath caught, I moaned, and she smiled. "You wanna come?" Her voice was all sweetness again. I nodded my head yes. "Maybe," she replied, tone dropping. "We'll see how hard you make me come first."

She rode my face faster now, plunging her fingers into me at a steady speed. I maneuvered one of the hands holding her ass down to her opening, teasing it with the tip of a finger. She gasped and stilled for only a second; I capitalized on it and pushed my digit all the way in. I wiggled it as her passes became shorter, quicker, and her breathing sped up. I was close to the edge myself, watching her crystal eyes scrunch up in need, her pigtails swaying.

"Yes! Yes!" She cried out my name and started shaking again, and my mouth became wetter, the taste of her spreading across my tongue. I groaned, bucking my hips up against her hand, and to my surprise she scooted backwards, turning slightly so she could fuck me with her fingers harder. Her dripping pussy was directly in my line of sight, sitting on my chest, as she used her other hand to stroke my clit. She toyed me to climax and I came yelling her name, reaching up to lazily play with her clit as I did; I just needed to touch her.

When I stilled she stood and retrieved her shorts, sliding them on. I sat up to find her standing directly in front of me, glaring. She ran her thumb over my wet lips, bringing it to her own for one quick lick before saying, "Don't fuck up again," and leaving the locker room.

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