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Six Days Of Sable - Day One
by Josh (

The time was March of 1997 and the World Wrestling Federation was looking to
get a little raunchier and more risque. The Attitude era was in its beginning
stages. So at the 1997 Slammy Awards, the WWF was going to have a competition
to crown 'Miss Slammy' which included a swimsuit competition. While there
were several women in the competition, the top two were Sunny or Tammy Lynn
Sytch and Rena Mero. Rena's popularity was on the rise but she wasn't quite
at Tammy's level yet. Rena saw this swimsuit competition as a chance to make
a big impression with the male audience. While she had done a few swimsuit
shoots before for WWF Magazine, none of them were very revealing at all. Rena
managed to find out what bikini Tammy was going to be wearing and while it
was sexy, Rena knew she would have Tammy beat with what she had. For days,
Rena's husband, Marc Mero, wanted to see what she was going to wear but Rena
refused to show him. She wanted him to see it for the first time along with
the rest of the world.

The Slammy Awards were taped in the early evening and about 3/4 of the way
through the show it was time for the swimsuit competition. When Rena walked
out in the black thong monokini or as she called it the 'X suit', the place
went crazy. Marc was sweating bullets at the sight of his gorgeous wife with
hardly anything covering her. There was just something about this swimsuit
that made her sexier then ever before. After the event, Rena got changed into
some tight jeans and a red top. On the car ride to the airport, Marc just
couldn't stop raving to Rena about how great she looked. Rena told him that
it'd only be a few hours and they'd be home. Marc wasn't sure he could last
that long but Rena just laughed at how horny she had made her husband. She
thought if this was the impact that the X suit had on him, imagine what it
did to all the viewers.

Rena and Marc's flight back to Florida was in First Class. Rena read a book
while Marc tried to sleep to pass the time. However, as soon as he closed his
eyes all he got was visions of Rena's scrumptious curves as she walked around
on stage in the swimsuit. This was his wife and he'd been with her for years
but he must have grown used to her amazing body and looks. The swimsuit had
sent Marc into a real lust for Rena that he hadn't felt in a long time. He
just couldn't wait until they got home. Marc looked around and saw that most
of first class was empty and the other people were asleep.

"I can't wait, I've gotta have you now," Marc whispered into Rena's ear.

"We can't just do it right here," Rena whispered back.

"No, no, in the bathroom, we can lock the door. No one will even see us go
in," Marc suggested.

"Ok I guess. I'll give you a blowjob to hold you over but that's it. We'll
get caught if we fuck in there," Rena said.

Marc quietly got up and went into the bathroom. Not a person stirred so Rena
snuck her way in as well. It was quite the tight fit in the stall. Rena
gently squatted down, trying not to make any loud noises, until she was mouth
level with Marc's rod.

"Ohh Rena, you were just amazing tonight," Marc said.

"Shhhhh," Rena snapped, not wanting to get caught.

Rena unzipped his fly and held her husband's member in her hand. She gave
it some good fast strokes to get it fully hard. Rena licked the bottom then
took it all in her mouth. She sucked half of it and stroked the base with
one hands. Rena would stroke it hard and just toy with the head. She ran her
tongue around the head then sucked it real deep and fast for a bit. Rena was
trying to get Marc off nice and quick instead of giving him a long sensual
blowjob. Rena felt his balls tighten up and she knew he was on the verge of
an orgasm. Rena held her mouth tight around the head of his cock while
stroking the base real fast. In no time, he jerked forward sending two
streams of jizz into her mouth. Rena swallowed it down and licked away any
excess cum. Rena rinsed out her mouth in the sink then popped in a piece of
chewing gum. Marc gave her a deep kiss and thanked her then discretely went
back to his seat. Rena soon followed when no one was watching.

"All better?" Rena asked.

"For now," Marc replied.

That blowjob would hold him over for awhile but he still wanted to nail her.
He'd just have to do his best to wait until they got home. They landed at the
airport where there was a limo waiting to drive them home. It was only about
a 30 minute drive from the airport with no traffic and Marc figured there
wouldn't be any since it was late at night. He was wrong as they ran into
some nighttime construction that was causing a traffic jam. The driver called
to the back through the phone and told them it was going to be a long wait.
Marc was pissed. Rena locked the partition between the driver and the back
then turned up the music. Rena pulled off her shirt, unzipped her jeans and
pulled them off.

"What're you doing?" Marc asked, looking at Rena in just a black bra and
black lace panties.

"Do me, honey, do me right here," Rena said and licked her lips.

Rena moved over next to March and nibbling on his ear. She ran her hand
underneath his shirt, feeling his muscular chest. Rena gave Marc a few wet
kisses. He moved his hand, cupping her big right tit which was still
contained by a white bra. Marc pulled off his shirt and tossed it aside.
Rena moved down his chest then unzipped his pants and pulled them off. She
knelt down in front of him on the floor and took his cock back into her
mouth. Marc ran his hands through her flowing blond hair as she blew him.

"Ohhh yeeah, ohhhhh Rena, ohhh fuuuck," Marc moaned.

Rena soon moved back up and kissed Marc. He ran his hands against her pussy
and felt it was wet, even through her panties. Rena unsnapped her bra and
pushed her massive breasts into Marc's face. He sucked away on her nipples
and groped her tits. But he wanted to taste her. Marc switched positions with
Rena and slid off her panties. He worked a finger in her pussy then spread
her pussy lips apart. He darted his tongue in and out of her wet love hole,
tasting his wife.

"Fuck me, Marc, fuck me now," Rena demanded.

Marc laid back on the seat and Rena sat her pussy down onto his waiting cock.
He held her hips for support as Rena began sliding up and down on his cock.
Marc reached around and held Rena's big breasts in his hands while she rode

"Ohhhh fuuuck, ohhh yeeah, ohhhh fuuuck I wanted this," Marc moaned.

"Unnnhhhh Marc, unnnhhh fuck baby, I love you, ohhh fuuuuck," Rena moaned.

Rena turned herself around so she was facing Marc. They kissed a bit then she
began riding him again. Her firm ass smacked against his thighs with each
bounce. Marc reached up, still fondling Rena's amazing tits. They felt so
soft and good in his hands. Rena began riding him really fast and hard, her
blond hair falling into her face.

"OH! OH! UNNHHHHHH FUUUUCK!" Rena moaned loudly.

"Ohh fuck Rena, ohhh baby, I'm gonna cum," Marc moaned.

"Unnhh ohhh shoot .. ohh fuuuck .. shoot it in me ... fuuuck!" Rena moaned.

Marc wrapped his arms around Rena and held her tight. He pumped up into her
a few times.

"Ahhhhh fuuuuck I love you, ohhh shit yes!" Marc let out as he released his
load up into Rena.

"Oh god that feels so good," Rena moaned softly.

Marc held her for a few moments, as Rena ran her hands around his face and
kissed him. He then let her off and gave her a little smack on the ass. Rena
smiled and then they got dressed. Marc looked out the window and saw they
were almost home. By the time they brought in all their bags and unpacked,
it was almost one in the morning. They settled into bed and Rena turned off
the light. She then felt a kiss from Marc on her neck.

"Rest up, honey, its gonna be a crazy week," Rena said.

"I was just about to tell you the same thing," Marc replied.

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