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Six Days Of Sable - Day Two
by Josh (

The following morning, Marc and Rena were having breakfast and both seemed
like they were waiting for the other to make the first move. After she
finished eating, Rena commented on how nice a day it was and she was going
to go out and tan for awhile by the pool. Marc read the newspaper for a bit
then got changed into his shorts and headed outside to join Rena. When he
walked outside, Rena was sitting down in her 'X suit'. Marc took a double
take, and it still looked as good as yesterday.

"I thought you'd like to see it again," Rena said.

"Can't get enough," Marc replied.

"I was just about to come get you, I wanna tan my back. Can you put the oil
on for me?" Rena asked.

"Sure thing," March said, grabbing the bottle of tanning oil.

"Hold on," Rena said. She got up, took off her swimsuit and set it aside.

"Don't want tan lines," she laughed.

Rena laid down on her stomach. Marc squirted a trail of oil up her legs then
began to rub it in. She had nice firm calves and thighs. He moved up to her
buttocks and began oiling her great ass. Rena giggled a bit and Marc realized
he was spending a lot of time on her butt. He moved up to her back and
finished rubbing in the tanning oil. Marc put some on himself then laid down
on a chair next to his nude wife.

"Just promise me you'll put it back on later," Marc said.

"I'll give you your own private show," Rena replied.

They laid out in the hot sun for a couple hours, getting a nice natural tan.
Marc actually dozed off for awhile. When he woke up, Rena was just stepping
out of the pool naked. He watched as she toweled herself off. The lust from
last night hadn't worn off at all.

"I'm ready for my show," he said, sitting up in his chair.

Rena smiled and then put on her 'X suit'. Marc got aroused watching Rena
wedge the back high up between her beautiful buns and pulling the front
across her big breasts. Once it was on, Rena stepped into a pair of black
high heels and then put on the black shades. Rena walked towards Marc, her
breasts jiggling. She slowly bent forward, her big tits hanging down, and
gave Marc a kiss on the lips. Rena turned around and slowly walked away
from him. The flesh of her tight butt jiggled ever so slightly with each
step. She stopped and slowly bent forward, sticking out her butt. Marc was
sweating bullets at this point. Rena slowly stood up while rubbing her hand
up the back of her leg and then her index finger up the crack of her ass.
Rena turned around and walked back towards Marc. She knelt on his knee,
leaned forward and pressed his face into her breasts. She slid down his
body, rubbing her tits against his chest. She then got down to his crotch.
She held her big boobs against his crotch, and began rubbing up and down,
simulating a tit fuck. Rena stood back up and turned around. She sat down
her butt down on Marc's crotch and began grinding against it. She grabbed
his hands and placed them on her breasts.

"Ohhhh ooooohhh oohhhhhh," Rena moaned softly as she dry humped Marc. She
moaned a little louder then got off him.

"That's enough pretending," Rena said as she took off her shades. Rena got
down on her knees and undid the string of Marc's shorts with her teeth. Rena
stroked his cock slowly, rubbing her thumb across the head. She maintained
eye contact with him the whole time. It wasn't long before she was holding a
full hard-on in her hand. Rena cupped his balls, still stroking with her
other hand. She moved her mouth in and closed it around the head, licking it
with her tongue. Rena licked up and down the underside of his cock, teasing

"Ohhh fuck, ohh you're so good," Marc moaned softly.

Rena focused on sucking and licking the head of his cock while stroking the
base. She flicked his balls gently, adding to the sensation. She licked the
pre-cum from the tip of his cock and slowed down, trying to delay his orgasm.
Rena began deep throating his cock, taking in as much as she could while
holding her lips tight around it.

"Ohhh god ... ohhh Rena," Marc moaned as his first spurt of cum hit the back
of her throat. Rena kept sucking tight and a second spurt of cum entered her
mouth. She pulled his cock out of her mouth, opened wide to show him his cum
on her tongue and then swallowed it all. She licked his sensitive cock head,
until it returned to its flaccid state.

"Come here, baby, let me please you," Marc said as he turned her around,
rubbing her shoulders and down her arms.

"Mmmm, you feel so good," Marc commented. He massaged her neck and then
traced his hands down her back, rubbing his fingers into her back until he
reached her firm butt. He took his time to slowly and gently caress each
luscious bun. He kissed down the back of her thighs then turned Rena around.
He pulled the top of her swimsuit over her head and peeled it down past her

"You're so beautiful, you're so amazing," Marc said as he kissed Rena. He
moved his hands down to her big breasts, tracing the nipples with his
fingers. The light touch of his hands quickly made her pink nipples hard.
He moved his hands around her stomach to her back. He rubbed his hands over
her butt then pulled down the bottom half of the swimsuit. He kissed back
up her stomach then gently picked her up and laid her down on the beach

Marc rolled Rena over onto her stomach and continued to massage her shoulders
and down her back to her ass. He gave each bun a few kisses. He massaged down
her legs and carressed her feet. He rolled Rena over onto her back and began
sucking on her nipples. He kissed her breasts then moved his hand down to
feel her wet pussy. Marc rubbed her landing strip of blond pubic hair,
teasing her. He moved his face down and kissed her toes. He licked the inside
of her thighs and then gave her clit a long, slow lick tasting her warm pussy

"Unnhhh Marc, ohhh ohhh more," Rena moaned softly. Marc slowly licked her
pussy from the top down to her asshole. He gently rubbed his finger around
her asshole then began licking her clit.

"OHHHHH YES! OHHHH FUUUCK LICK MY CLIT! Ahhhh! Ohhhhhhh BABY!" Rena moaned
loudly, squirming a bit. Marc sucked on her clit, then licked it faster and
harder. Rena began squirming more and more as Marc licked faster. Rena began
to orgasm but Marc didn't stop at the first, he kept licking her clit as Rena
became more and more wet with each orgasm. Finally he licked her pussy clean,
tasting all of her juice.

Marc climbed up over her and kissed her deeply, letting Rena taste her own

"How was that?" Marc asked.

"You do me the best," Rena replied.

"You're pussy tasted so good, I just wanna make sweet, sweet love to it
again," Marc said.

"Not today, no pussy today," Rena said.

"Why not?" Marc asked.

"I've got something else in mind but first, I want you to fuck my big
titties," Rena said.

"Ohhh I'd love to," Marc answered.

Rena grabbed the tanning oil and passed it to Marc to use a lubrication for
the tit fucking. Marc squirted the oil across her chest and rubbed the oil
all over her large tanned mounds. He squeezed and fondled her breasts,
squeezing them together and massaging them.

"Ohh Marc that feels great," Rena moaned softly.

The groping of Rena's large melons had made Marc rock hard again. Rena
grabbed the bottle of oil and squirted it all over Marc's rod. She worked
the oil all over his shaft with her soft fingers, so he was dripping wet
with lube. Marc pressed up against Rena holding his cock between her
dripping tits. She pressed her tits together, engulfing Marc's rod. He
started pumping, fucking her slick tits.

"Oh god Marc, oh fuck that's it, fuck my titties, fuck 'em good," Rena

Rena kept her large breasts pressed tight together as Marc continued to pump
between them. The warm flesh of her slick tits felt so good against his cock.
Her melons were so big that they completely covered his cock. Rena started
moving her breasts up and down, rubbing them against his cock as he thrusted
up. The sensation was too much for Marc to take much longer. He went to pull
out but Rena stopped him.

"No, don't touch it," she said.

Marc stood still and Rena stroked him off with her tits, until a cum began
oozing onto her breasts. She continued until her tits weren't just dripping
with oil but also dripping with cum. Finally she let Marc's cock free from
her mounds. He slapped it against her nipples and traced the head around on
her cum soaked tits. He then collapsed down onto the chair, his knees weak
from another orgasm.

Rena would sense that he didn't a little breather to recharge his batteries
so she went over and turned on the hose to clean herself off. The stream of
cold water against her warm breasts sent chills up and down Rena's spine.
Marc just watched as Rena spent a good ten minutes enjoying the cold water
against her breasts with her eyes closed. Finally, some of the water splashed
up into her face and she snapped out of it. Rena dried off the walked back
over to Marc.

"I didn't want you to fuck my pussy today because I want a good long ass
fucking," Rena said.

"Your ass is looking so fine, I can't wait to get inside," Marc said.

Marc picked up Rena over his shoulder and carried her up to their bedroom.
He kneeled down behind her and spread her ass cheeks apart. He teased her
asshole with his tongue then began licking and darting his tongue in and
out. He spent a good five minutes pleasuring her anus with his tonuge. He
stopped for a moment to go get a bottle of lubricant out of the bathroom.
Marc coated his index finger with lubricant and began rubbing it around
Rena's asshole. The sight of her firm butt was more than enough to get him
hard again. He squeezed cheeks and planted lots of kisses on them.

"Ohhh Marc, ohhh fuck my ass now," Rena moaned.

He bent her forward, leaning her against the side of the bed. Rena moved her
legs a little wider apart. Marc lubed up his cock so it was dripping wet then
slowly pushed the head into Rena's asshole.

"More ... unnhhh give me more," Rena moaned.

Marc pushed it in further and further until Rena had his whole cock stuffed
up her tight little ass. Marc leaned forward, resting a hand on Rena's
shoulder as he gently pumped into her asshole. He moved his hands down to her
hips as he picked up speed fucking her ass.

"Ohhhhh ooooohhhh unnhhhh Marc ohhh fuuck my ass ... unnnhh baby, fuck it so
good," Rena moaned.


"Fuck Rena, you've got the firmest little ass," Marc said as he smacked
Rena's right bun.

"Fuck it harder, Marc, unnnhhh god, fuuuck it HARDER!" Rena demanded. She ran
one hand through her hair and groped her large breasts with the other.


"Oh fucking take it hard up your hot ass, baby, ohhh yeah," Marc said as he
spanked her again.

"Ohh I want it! OHHH FUUCK MY ASS! UNNHH YEAAH! I want it hard and nasty,"
Rena moaned.


"Are you my nasty little slut that loves it up her perfect ass?" Marc asked
with some harder spanks.

"I am! UNNNHHHH MARC I AM! Oooohhh ooohhh I love it up my ass! I love your
big cock pounding my little ass! Ooooohhhh fuuuck!" Rena moaned.

Rena's asshole gripped Marc's cock like a vise as he continued pounding it as
hard and fast as he could. The harder he fucked, the louder Rena's moans of
joy would get. Marc soon slowed down and pulled out of her asshole, catching
his breath. Rena stood up, rubbing her asshole.

"I love the way you fuck my ass," Rena said and then planted a kiss on Marc.

"I love every inch of you ... I love the way you take it,"

"More, I want more now," Rena said.

Rena laid down on her side and lifted a leg into the air. Marc got down next
to her and pushed his cock deep into her ass again. Rena rubbed her pussy and
Marc held onto her leg as he pumped into her asshole. Rena gazed into Marc's
eyes the whole time making it even more erotic for him. He wasn't really able
to give her a good hard fucking from this position so Rena suggested a
different position. Marc sat on the edge of the bed and Rena stood with her
ass facing him. She sat her asshole down, taking it all up in her. Rena bent
forward a little and began moving her ass up and down.

"Ooohhh oohhh how's this? Ohhh fuuuck it feels good anyway for me," Rena

"OH FUCK YOU'RE AMAZING!" Marc shouted.

"Unnhhh that's soo good ... unnhhh fuuuck ... your cock in my ass ... ohhh
god! Oohhhh baby, ohhh yeah," Rena moaned, moving faster now.

"Ohh Rena you're gonna make me cum again," Marc moaned.

"Not yet, I want a little more," Rena said.

Rena slowed down, trying to enjoy the ass fucking for as long as she could
before Marc exploded with cum. All of a sudden, Marc grabbed Rena around the
waist picking her up. He put her down on the bed, face down and ass up. He
squatted over her asshole and began slamming down into it as hard and fast
as he could.

"You're gonna get a lot more before I blow," Marc said.

POUND MY ASS! POUND IT! OHHH YEEEAH!" Rena moaned loudly.

"Ahhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhhh," Marc grunted as he just slammed into her asshole.

"Unnhh ... give it ... ohhh fuuuck! GIVE IT TO ME! Ooohhh my ... ohhh
yeessss!" Rena moaned.

"Fuuuuck I love your ass ... ohhh shit!" Marc moaned and then pulled right
out and shot a huge load of cum onto Rena's tanned butt.

"Yeeah that feels good, ohh spray that hot load all over my butt," Rena said.

Marc squeezed the last drop of cum onto Rena's butt then slapped his cock
against her cum covered ass. Rena reached back and started playing with the
cum, rubbing it all over her butt.

"I just can't get enough," Marc commented.

"The week is far from over," Rena said with a wink.

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