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Six Days Of Sable - Day Three
by Josh (

The next day, Rena was off to wrestling practice. Rena was "secretly" being
trained how to wrestle by Madusa. It was a 'secret' that Madusa was training
her because of the way Madusa left the World Wrestling Federation a few years
prior. The two companies may not look too fondly on this. However, Rena and
Madusa were good friends so they kept things quiet. Now Madusa's real name is
Debbie but everyone, her friends, her family, everyone calls her Madusa. She
even refers to herself as Madusa.

Rena walked into the private gym and was taken aback for a moment when she
saw Madusa stretching out in the ring. Madusa was wearing red spandex shorts
and a tight red sports bra. It was nothing different then she usually wore
for their training sessions but Rena was all charged up sexually from the
past two days. She always thought Madusa was a resonably attractive woman
with a great body but she found herself gazing at Madusa's huge melons, toned
abs and nice legs.

"Rena! Rena!" Madusa shouted and Rena snapped out of her daydream.

"Hey girl, how's it going?" Rena asked.

"Not bad, come and get stretched out then we'll start," Madusa said.

Rena took off her sweats and had some black spandex shorts and a black sports
bra on. Rena got into the ring and began stretching out with Madusa. The two
began to chat...

"I must say, I caught you on the Slammy Awards, and you blew the other girls
away," Madusa commented.

"Thanks, I'm getting by as eye candy right now but I wanna be able to get
physical," Rena said.

"That's why I like you, you're not content with just standing around and
looking pretty."

"I look forward to our sessions every week, its gonna take awhile but I'll
get there."

"Yes you will. So how are things at home?"

"Better then ever."

"How so?"

"The past couple days have just been some of the best sex we've ever had. Its
like when we first met. How about you? You haven't been married that long."

"No but it seems to be slowing down a bit. Anyways, let's get started with
the training we can chat later," Madusa said.

Madusa had Rena do some various types of bumps to start out and get loosened
up. Today she wanted to work with Rena on some basic sequences. The first
was she would grab Rena in a headlock, Rena would throw her off into the
ropes and then hit a hiptoss. Madusa grabbed Rena in the side headlock and
Rena's face rubbed up against Madusa's massive right tit. Rena's mind began
to wander. Rena went to shove Madusa off and touched her butt in the process,
feeling it was nice and firm. Madusa came off and Rena screwed up the
hiptoss. They tried it again and again Rena's mind wandered. Madusa could
sense that something wasn't quite right.

"What's going on? Your head just doesn't seem to be here," Madusa said.

"I'm sorry, it's just ... your breasts," Rena started.

"My breasts?" Madusa cut her off.

"And your ass..."


"I'm just sooo horny, I'm not normally into other women but I don't know
what's come over me the past couple days."


"I just can't concentrate. All I think about is your tits and your ass and us
being so close and all sweaty, ohhh I just can't seem to help it."

"Are you coming on to me?"

"No ... Well yes but no."

"I'll save you the trouble. I've done some lesbian stuff but its not for me.
I don't care how good a girl is with a dildo, there's just no replacing a
good hard cock for me," Madusa explained.

"That's what I want ... I wanna see you get fucked, I wanna see you get
fucked by Marc. I wanna see his dick between those massive jugs, I wanna see
him pound your ass, oh god that'd be so hot," Rena said.

"That would be hot but Ken would probably divorce me," Madusa said.

"Bring him, let's swap. We'll all fuck," Rena suggested.

"Oh that sounds hot. But do you think they'll go for it?" Madusa asked.

"You and Ken come over for dinner, we'll have some drinks, get in the hot tub
and we'll work them into it," Rena said.

"I can't wait," Madusa said and then turned to leave the ring. Rena gave her
a light smack on the ass.

"Neither can I," she said.

Later that night...

Rena had informed Marc that they would be having Madusa and her husband Ken
over for dinner. Marc knew Madusa from way back and had met Ken in passing so
there was really no reason for him to think that this wasn't just a normal
dinner. Madusa and Ken arrived for dinner. Madusa was wearing a black
mini-skirt showing off her legs and a semi-tight white shirt that wasn't too
revealing but it was obvious she was packing some serious breasts underneath.
Ken was a rather large man like Marc as Ken is a football player. Rena was
wearing some tight gold pants and a white shirt. Rena and Marc welcomed their
guests in and got them a drink. Rena pulled Madusa aside and asked her where
her swimsuit was. Madusa told her not to worry and that its in her purse.
Over the next couple hours, the two couples had dinner and a lot of drinks.
When she felt the time was right, Rena made the proposition.

"Why don't we take this out to the hot tub? Its such a nice night outside,"
Rena said.

"I don't see why not, infact I brought a bikini just in case," Madusa
replied, playing along.

"Marc, why don't you give Ken a pair of your shorts and we'll meet you guys
out in the tub?" Rena said.

"Sure thing, honey," Marc replied.

Marc took Ken upstairs and got him some shorts. They got changed and headed
out to the hot tub. Rena and Madusa went over the details of their plan
quickly then joined their husbands out by the hot tub. Rena looked stunning
in a pink thong bikini. Madusa looked pretty good, too in a light blue
bikini. Her massive melons were just all over the place. The size of her tits
even put Rena's to shame. Marc and Ken's eyes bulged as the two blonds walked
towards them.

"Marc, come back inside and help me bring out the drinks," Rena said, putting
the plan into action. Rena took Marc inside and closed the glass doors. It
was time for her to work Marc while Madusa worked Ken.

"Look at her," Rena said.

"Who?" Marc asked.

"Madusa, don't you think she's still hot?"

"Sure, she's an attractive woman,"

"Her ass is firm and those tits ... those tits are huge. I love big tits,"
Rena said.

"What're you getting at here?" Marc asked.

"You wanna fuck her, don't you?" Rena asked but reached down Marc's shorts
before he could answer.

"I can feel you do and I wanna see you fuck her," Rena laid it out to Marc.

"What about Ken?"

"Me and Madusa, we're fair, you fuck her, he fucks me and we all have a fun
night," Rena said but Marc looked a little uneasy.

"I'll owe you one, how about that? Come on it'll be fun," Rena prodded him.

"Oh alright, bring on Madusa," Marc said giving in.

Meanwhile, Madusa had been working over her husband Ken in the same fashion.
Ken didn't want to sound too eager at the chance to bang another woman so he
declined and declined then finally gave in. Like he was really going to pass
up the opportunity to fuck Rena Mero. Madusa and Ken walked inside, into the
living room. Rena gave Madusa a sign that the plan had worked. Madusa began
walking towards Marc. As she walked, she stripped off her bikini top, letting
her enormous melons free. Madusa wrapped her hands around the back of Marc's
head and pulled it down, pressing it against her tits. She then yanked down
Marc's shorts and began stroking him off hard.

"Rena here wants to see me get fucked. She wants to see you fuck me and
that's exactly what she's gonna get," Madusa said.

"Get me hard, baby, and I'll fuck you," Marc replied.

Madusa kept stroking Marc's rod while his eyes were locked right on her
titties. Rena looked on in excitement while Ken walked behind her and began
rubbing her shoulders. Once Marc was hard in Madusa's hand, she pulled off
her bikini bottoms. Madusa laid down on the couch and spread her legs wide

"Come on, fuck me, give me some hard cock," Madusa said.

Marc worked his cock into Madusa's pussy. It wasn't very tight but it was
still a nice warm fuckhole. Marc stared down at Madusa's jugs, watching them
jiggle as he slammed into her.

"Ohhh yeah, that's what I wanna see, ohh that's so hot," Rena commented,
watching on.

"Unnhhh ohhh it's good, Rena ... ohh fuuuck but you've gotta (ohhh god) fuck
Ken," Madusa moaned.

Rena sat Ken down in a chair and pulled off his shorts. She gently stroked
his rod while licking his balls with her tongue. Rena soon licked up the
underside of his rod and began sucking him off. Rena loved giving head,
almost as much as being fucked so she opted to give Ken a nice, slow blowjob
instead of the quick handjob Madusa gave Marc. Meanwhile, Marc kept pounding
the very busty Madusa while Madusa screamed in pleasure and watched Rena
doing Ken at the same time. Rena ended her sensual blowjob of Rena and
stripped down out of her bikini. Rena laid on the other couch and Ken began
fucking her.

"Come on Ken, do me hard, do me hard like Marc's doing to Madusa, yeeah give
it me," Rena said.

Ken gripped Rena's slender hips and began pumping into her pussy. The feeling
was so incredible and he was trying to hold out and enjoy every moment
fucking this blond bombshell. Marc had slowed down the tempo a bit with
Madusa for a minute then picked back up, drilling her hard.

"Fuuuck, I'm gonna cum!" Marc exclaimed.

"Marc, baby, get over here, cum down my throat," Rena asked.

"Ohh fuuuck, go do it, go cum in her mouth!" Madusa moaned.

Marc pulled out of Madusa, walked across to where Rena was being fucked by
Ken. Marc squatted over Rena's face, and pushed his cock downwards into her
mouth. He gave it a few strokes while holding the base tight. His cum oozed
out and dripped down into Rena's mouth. Rena held as much as she could in
her mouth before swallowing it down.

"Ahh shit, I'm gonna blow too!" Ken exclaimed.

"Yummmm, I'm ready for more," Rena said.

Ken pulled out and took Marc's position over Rena's face. He shot his load
own into her mouth and Rena swallowed her second big load of cum in a matter
of minutes. Both Marc and Ken took a seat, trying to get their wind back.

"You were right, Rena, that was so hot," Madusa said.

"It was but come on, we're not done yet," Rena replied.

"We're not?" Madusa asked.

"I wanna see you get fucked in the ass," Rena explained.

"I'm up for that, as long as I get to see you get rammed up the ass," Madusa

"Oh of course, now bring that butt over here," Rena said.

Madusa walked over to Rena as their husbands watched on. Rena began groping
Madusa's jugs but then spun her around and grabbed her butt. Rena bent down
and continued to rub Madusa's firm butt. She then spread her tanned buns
apart and licked the rim of her asshole. Madusa let out a loud moan then
quickly turned around. Madusa laid Rena down on the floor and straddled her
face with her ass. Madusa then laid forward in a 69 position and began
working over Rena's anus. As the two blonds mutually pleasured each other's
butts, both Ken and Marc were getting very aroused and for good reason. They
let the two babes enjoy themselves for a few more moments until Marc walked
over and picked up Madusa.

"Sorry ladies but we can't wait any longer," Marc said.

Marc sat down on the couch and Madusa straddled his cock. Madusa held his
shoulders then lowered her asshole down onto his cock. Marc reached around
feeling up Madusa's butt as she grinding back and forth. Madusa leaned
forward, hanging her massive jugs right in Marc's face. Slowly she began
bouncing up and down, riding his cock with her ass.

"Ohhh ... unnhhh fuuuck ... unnhh that feels good, ohhh I love a good cock
in my ass, ohhh god ... ohhh suck on my titties ... yeah, that's the way,"
Madusa moaned.

Rena was knelt down behind them on the floor watching and rubbing her own
asshole. Ken came up behind her and got Rena on all fours. Ken pushed his
cock into Rena's ass, easing it in at first. Her ass wasn't tight but it was
tighter then Madusa's. Ken took it easy at first but it wasn't long before
he was slamming into Rena's tight butt.

"UNNHHHH KEN! Ohhh fuuuck my ass! Ohhh god this is hot! Ohhh baby, ohh I love
watching Marc's cock in Madusa's butt, ohh fuuuck yeeeah!" Rena moaned.


While being drilled from behind in the ass, Rena took her hand and smacked
Madusa's ass as Madusa rode Marc.

"Ohhh yeeah fuck that ass Marc," Rena moaned.


"Ohhh god! OHHH FUUUCK SPANK MY ASS RENA! Fuuuuck this feels soo good!"
Madusa moaned.

Marc grabbed Madusa around the waist and began pounding upwards as hard as
he could, just drilling Madusa's ass.


"Yeeeah take it you hot bitch," Rena moaned.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Ahhhhh my ... ohhh my ... OHHH MY GOD! FUUUCK MY ASS! FUUUCK
IT SO HARD! YESSSSSSSSS! YESSSS! AH! AH! Ahhhhh shit!" Madusa maoned very

Another minute or two of this passed before Marc had to stop, getting out of
breath. Madusa had orgasmed many times and got off of Marc's rod.

"Rena, you sexy bitch," Madusa started rubbing her sore ass from the hard
fucking and spanking, "I wanna see them both in you. Can you take it Rena?
Can you take both these guys fucking you?"

"You bet your sweet ass I can," Rena replied.

"Then prove it," Madusa said.

Rena straddled Marc, taking his dick way up in her pussy. Ken then came from
behind and entered Rena's ass. Marc slowly pumped up into Rena while Ken
pounded Rena's ass.

in ecstasy.

"Oh shit that's hot, keep pounding her guys," Madusa encouraged.

Neither Marc nor Ken slowed down for a second, fucking both of Rena's
orifices. Rena was biting her thumb, trying to contain the extreme rush of
pleasure she was feeling but she kept screaming out amazing moans of ecstasy.
Madusa looked on, still rubbing her butt.

"Ohhh ok, ok, I can't take anymore ... Ohh god, that was .. ohh that was
great," Rena moaned softly.

The two men pulled out of Rena and she laid on the couch with a smile on her

"Marc, Marc," Rena said.

"What?" He asked.

"Fuck her big titties now. You've got a big load built up, fuck those titties
and I wanna see your cum all over her tits," Rena said.

Madusa knelt down in front of Marc and wrapped her massive jugs around his
cock. She held them tight and Marc began pumping up between Madusa's huge

"Oh fuck ... ohh fuuck," Marc moaned.

"Yeah fuck those titties," Rena encouraged.

Marc moved Madusa down onto her back and straddled her chest. He began
pumping hard and fast between those huge jugs.

"Oh god .. oh oh oh," Marc moaned and grunted, loving his cock between
Madusa's mountains.

Rena started stroking Ken, keeping him nice and hard while Marc kept sliding
his cock between Madusa's breasts.

"Fuuck I'm gonna cum," Marc moaned.

"Shoot that load on my big jugs," Madusa said.

"Yeah, cover her titties with cum," Rena said.

Marc gave his cock a few jerks and soon streams of cum sprayed out, landing
all over Madusa's tits. Marc slapped his cock against Madusa's tits.

"Ken's about to blow. Go cover her tits," Rena instructed.

Madusa got on her knees and stroked her husband until her blew a big load of
cum onto her tits, adding it to Marc's load. Madusa's giant jugs were covered
in white cum. Rena crawled over and began licking the cum off of Madusa's
tits. Rena licked every inch of Madusa's jugs, until there wasn't a trace of
cum left.

"You were so right, Rena, we have to get together more often," Madusa

"Definitely," Rena replied.

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