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Six Days Of Sable - Day Four
by Josh (

The next day, Marc planned to take it easy because they were heading back out
on the road soon. Marc called up a few of his buddies and invited them over
for a barbeque in the afternoon. Marc put some hamburgers on the barbeque and
soon his friends started to arrive. Jim, Dan and Jack were the three that
showed up. Jim brought up the fact that he'd seen Rena on the Slammy Awards
and told Marc how lucky he is to have a wife that looks like that. Dan and
Jack soon chimed in about how hot Rena looked in the swimsuit.

While the guys were gushing over Rena's outfit at the Slammy's, Rena happened
to be coming outside. She stopped at the door when she overheard the
conversation about her. Rena decided that she was going to give Marc's friend
a little surprise treat. Rena went up to her room and got changed into the
now infamous 'X Suit'. When Rena returned downstairs, the four guys were
sitting around eating lunch. Rena grabbed some drinks and walked in with just
her X Suit on. Jim, Dan and Jack almost choked on their food. Rena set down
the drinks and walked away, pretending not to hear Marc's calls for her.

"Well that was ... interesting," Dan said.

"Just eat your lunch," Marc told him.

Meanwhile, Rena found herself getting very hot again, very lust-filled. She
found all of Marc's friends attractive and she wanted to take this fun to a
new level. Rena returned to the living room where all the guys had finished
eating their lunch. Without saying a word, Rena walked in front of her
husband. She got down on her knees in front of him, unzipped his fly. Rena
pulled out Marc's cock and began sucking on it. Jim, Dan, and Jack were
feeling uncomfortable and all got up, as to leave them alone.

"Stay put, you guys, you'll all get yours and more soon," Rena said.

"Why are you doing this?" Marc asked his wife.

"I loved the feeling of two dicks inside of me last night and I think there's
more then enough man power here to satisfy my craving," Rena explained.

"Whatever you want," Marc responded.

"Oh this is what I want, don't be shy now guys," Rena said with a grin.

Rena began sucking on Marc's balls then aggressively sucking on his cock. She
licked it all around then would stroke it hard as she tasted the head. The
other three guys all had their hands down their pants, pleasuring themselves.

"Ohh fuuck Rena, ohhh yeeah," Marc moaned.

Rena moved over to Jack and began sucking him off. She spat on it, getting it
nice and wet then sucked him off nicely.

"Ohhh yess, ahhh fuuuck baby, ohhh god," Jack moaned.

"Mmmm, mmmmmmm, mmmm," is all Rena moaned as she stuffed her mouth full of

Rena spent another minute or so sucking him off. She didn't want to make the
cum but just get a good taste of them. Next up was Jim. Rena maintained eye
contact throughout her blowjobs, making them more sensual. Rena began rubbing
her own pussy as she sucked off Jim. The last of the four was Dan. Rena went
to work on Dan's cock, taking it deep. When she was finished blowing Dan,
Rena stood on the table and stripped down out of her swimsuit as the four men
looked on.

"Fuck look at that, look that," Dan commented.

"Oh I want it, who wants to fuck me first?" Rena asked. Jim stood up and got
right behind Rena. He grabbed onto her big tits and slid his dick into her

"Oh fuck me, oh god, oh yesss, ohhh fuck me," Rena moaned. Jim moved his
hands down, wrapping them around Rena's waist and pumping into her from
behind. Jack reached forward and began groping Rena's breasts, holding them
in his hand as they jiggled.

"Ohhhh ohhhhhh fuuuck I've never had pussy like this, ohhh shit!" Jim moaned.
He grabbed her leg, holding it up in the air as Rena bounced on his cock.

"Oh that's enough for you, let someone else in," Rena said.

She laid down on the table and spread apart her legs. Marc got up and entered
his wife.

"Ohh yeeah Marc, fuck me, baby, I need a cock in my mouth," Rena moaned.

Dan and Jack walked over to Rena's face. Rena sucked on Dan's rod then sucked
on Jack's. She stroked one as she sucked on the other, switching between

"UNNNHHH YEEEAH! FUCK ME! OH! OH! Ohhhhhhhhh fuuuuck me so good!" Rena

Marc soon stepped aside and let Jack into Rena's pussy. Jack pumped into
Rena's inviting hole. Dan took the lone position at Rena's mouth. She leaned
her head back and Dan began pumping into Rena's mouth. Jack grabbed onto
Rena's right tit, holding it tight in his hand as he slammed into her pussy.

"Yes, yes, Rena, oh you're fucking amazing," Jack moaned as he slammed hard
into Rena.

"Ohh god! Ohhh I want more in me!" Rena moaned.

Dan laid down on the floor and Rena straddled him. Rena began grinding back
and forth with Dan's member deep in her dripping pussy. Jack and Marc moved
around in front of Rena, letting her blow them at her leisure. Jim got behind
Rena and gave her what she wanted. He worked his cock deep into Rena's ass.

"Ohhh yeeeah! Ohhh fuuuck yesss! Ohh god I love it! Ohhh fuck my ass! Fuck my
pussy! Stick a cock in my mouth! Ohhh fuuuuuck yesss!" Rena moaned in pure

Dan pumped up into her pussy while Jim slammed into her tight ass from

"Fuck, baby, fucking take it, yeah you wanted it? You take it!" Marc shouted.

"Ohh fuuuck I am! OH! OH! OH! Ohhhh fuuuuck meeeee!" Rena moaned loudly.

"Ohh shiit, I'm gonna cum!" Jack moaned.

Rena pulled Jack's dick out of her mouth and he shot his load right on her
face, covering Rena's face in cum. Rena took some on her finger and licked it

"Oh god Rena, your tight ass is too much, I'm gonna cum!" Jim moaned.

"Shoot it on my butt, cover it with your cum," Rena demanded.

Jim gave her asshole a few more pumps then pulled out, spraying a big load
of cum all over Rena's amazingly tight butt. Just as Jim stepped away, Dan
pulled out of Rena's pussy and shot his load up. It landed on her butt
splattering all over. Rena rubbed the cum around her ass and it glistened.
Marc was the last one left. He brushed her hair back away from her face
then gave it to Rena, right where she likes it. Marc shot his load off right
into Rena's waiting mouth. And with a big gulp, she swallowed it all. She
had swallowed one load but three other covered her face and ass.

"Was that what you wanted?" Marc asked.

"That's what I needed," Rena responded.

"Now get cleaned up, we're back on the road tommorow," Marc said.

"I can't wait to get back on the road," Rena said. She smiled, her face still
covered in white goo.

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