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Six Days Of Sable - Day Five
by Josh (

After a wild four days at home, it was back on the road for Rena and Marc.
The two always traveled together, of course, but once they got to the arena
they split up. Rena headed off to chat with the women, get her makeup done
and find out what the WWF had planned for her. Meanwhile, Marc went to find
out who he was wrestling for the night. He got stretched out then went over
the match with his opponent and a road agent. When Rena went into the women's
locker room, Terri aka Marlena was already in there doing her hair. Rena
wasn't close friends with any of the women in the WWF but Terri was the one
she got along with the best.

"Where are the other girls?" Rena asked.

"Sunny's not booked tonight, Chyna's working out or something, so it's just
us tonight," Terri replied.

"Good, the last thing I want is Tammy ruining my week with her attitude,"
Rena said.

"Atleast someone's having a good week," Terri said.

"What'd you mean? Having a bad week?" Rena asked.

"Dustin's back is hurting him pretty bad so we haven't had sex in almost a

"You poor girl, I was gonna tell you about why my week's been so good but I
won't now."

"Oh come on, tell me," Terri said.

Rena began going on in detail about the blowjob on the airplane, the sex in
the limo, the wild day of anal, the swap with Madusa and her husband, and
finally the mini-gangbang the day before. Rena again realized how painful it
must be for Terri to hear all this so she stopped and apologized.

"Don't apologize, I want in," Terri said.

"You want in? How so?" Rena asked.

"Well, Marc had to share you with three other men yesterday so today you're
going to have to share him with me. I think that's only fair," Terri

"That sounds like a great idea to me, I'd love to add you to the mix. We're
staying in room 232, just stop by later tonight," Rena said.


"Yes, I'm serious."

"Great! I'll be there," Terri said.

Later that night...

After going out for some dinner, Marc and Rena returned to their hotel room
for the night. Rena entered the door and walked in with Marc behind her. He
began kissing the back of her neck and rubbing her thighs.

"Not yet, Marc, I invited Terri to come join us tonight," Rena said.

"You mean...?" Marc asked.

"Yeah, she actually brought it up. Its only fair after yesterday that you get
another hot chick to enjoy," Rena explained.

"When's she coming?"

"Any minute now, are you excited?"

"Oh yeah, Terri's a hot little package."

The two kicked back and relaxed for awhile, saving their energy for when
Terri arrived. They cuddled on the bed, watching some TV for a good half-hour
until there was a knock on the door. Rena opened the door and welcomed Terri
in. Terri was wearing a tight pink tube top and a pair of blue jeans.

"I'm glad you could make it," Rena said.

"I'll tell you, if I wait any longer, I think I'm gonna explode!" Terri said.

Rena unzipped Terri's jeans and started rubbing up her body. Rena rubbed
Terri's large round breasts then pulled her tube top up over her head.
Terri's nipples were spiking and she had no bra on underneath. Rena slid
off Terri's jeans and gave her bubble butt a good smack. Rena then moved
over to Marc and pulled down his shorts then began stroking his rod.

"Its all yours, Terri, you don't have to wait any longer," Rena said,
stepping aside.

"You're gonna let me suck your cock?" Terri asked Marc.

"Like she said, its all yours," Marc responded.

Terri knelt down in front of Marc and took his rod into her mouth. Terri made
slurping noises, sucking tightly on his cock. She licked the base, getting it
nice and wet. Terri began stroking it then licked Marc's balls.

"Ohhh yess, ohhh Terri suck that cock," Marc moaned.

"Mmmmmmm, its soo good," Terri moaned.

"Spit on it, get it real wet," Rena suggested. Terri took her advice,
spitting on Marc's cock and getting it all slippery with her saliva.

"There you go, suck my man's cock right. Is this what you wanted to do?" Rena

"Mmmmmmm yeeeah," Terri responded, removing the dick from her mouth for a
brief moment.

Terri continued to give Marc a slippery wet blowjob while Rena encouraged
her. Rena took off her top, letting her big breasts free. She tweaked her
nipples getting them hard. Marc started sucking on Rena's nipples and groping
her big breasts as Terri continued to work over his cock. Rena pulled off her
pants. She started fingering herself but Marc son took over.

"Let me get in on that now," Rena said. She knelt down next to Terri and took
Marc's cock into her mouth, like only she knows how. Terri moved underneath,
sucking and licking Marc's balls while Rena worked over his cock. These two
smoking hot babes continued to double team his rod until Rena asked, "Do you
want him to fuck you with that cock?"

"Oh yeah, I want it," Terri responded.

"Bend her over the bed, so we can look at that nice round butt while you fuck
her," Rena directed.

Terri bent over the side of the bed, sticking her round ass out. Marc peeled
down her thong then rubbed his hands around Terri's butt. Terri was pretty
lean but she had a nice bubble to her ass with a good amount of flesh. Marc
rested his hands around her hips and worked his cock into Terri.

"Is this what you wanted?" Rena asked as Marc started pumping into Terri.

"Unnnnhhh .. yeeeah! Ohhh gimme that cock! Fuck me! I need it! Ohhhh god!
Ohhhh fuuuuck me!" Terri moaned.

"You like that? You like that big cock in your little pussy? He fucks good
doesn't he?" Rena asked.

"Ohhhh fuuuck! FUUUCK YES! He fuucks good! Ahhh! Ahhhh! Unnhhhh fuuuuck!"
Terri moaned.

"You take it Terri, ohh fucking take it," Marc moaned. He slammed hard into
Terri, making her ass and tits shake with each thrust. Rena soon stopped him
and sucked Terri's dripping wet pussy juice off Marc's cock. Marc re-entered
Terri from behind and went back to slamming into the little mynx. Marc fucked
her for another couple minutes until Rena stopped him again.

"Suck your sweet pussy juice off his cock, Terri," Rena directed. Terri
turned around and licked her own pussy juice off of Marc's cock without
hesitation. Rena sat down on the bed and got Terri to lay down on her back.
Rena was sitting behind Terri's head so she could see her get fucked.

"Stick it back in there, give this girl what she needs," Rena said. Rena
started to feel Terri's big round boobs in her hands. Marc thrusted back into
Terri's slippery pussy. It wasn't long before he started slamming into it.

"OhHH GOD! Ohh fuuuck! Unnh huh! Unnnnh huh! FUUUUUCK MEEE! Ooooooh! Ooooohhh
fuuuck!" Terri moaned in approval.

"There you go, fuck her, ohh that look so good. Your body looks so tight
getting fucked," Rena commented.

Marc's cock began slipping out of Terri's pussy because it was so wet. He
slammed into her for a couple more minutes with Terri's moans getting louder
and louder.

"Fuuuck Rena, you fucking take it now! You need to get fucked!" Terri moaned.

"Careful, Terri, you may not get that cock back when I get on it," Rena

"Get on it, I wanna see you get fucked now," Terri said.

Marc laid down on the bed and Rena straddled him. She held his cock upright
then lowered her pussy down onto it. Rena leaned forward, arching her back
and sticking her back out as she started riding Marc's cock. Marc reached
around, gripping his wife's firm buns. He began slamming up at the same time
Rena bounced down.

"Unnhhh unhhhh! Oooohhhh fuuuck Terri you like that, you like watchin' that,
ohhhh fuuuck me Marc," Rena moaned.

"Ahhh yeeah Rena, ride that fucking cock," Terri said.

Terri moved over and straddled Marc's face. He stuck out his tongue, licking
her wet sweet pussy. Terri and Rena were face to face as Rena bounced on
Marc's cock.

"Does that feel good? Ohh yeah you like that don't you?" Terri asked.

"Unnhhh fuuck I do ... ohhh god! OHHHHH FUUUUCK! Unnhhh unnnhhh," Rena
moaned. Terri started rubbing Rena's breasts and playing with her nipples,
feeling up the blond bombshell.

"Oh shit, I can't take much more, I'm gonna blow soon," Marc moaned.

"I (unnhhhh fuuuck) told you (oohhh god!) you wouldn't (fuuuuck) get back on
this cock! OHHH FUUUCK!" Rena moaned.

"That's ok, that fucking will do me for a good week or so," Terri replied.

"Fuuuck..." Marc moaned and pulled out of Rena, "Who wants it? Quick!"

"Give it to me," Rena said.

Rena wrapped her lips around the head of Marc's cock. He jerked forward and
shot his load into her mouth. Rena didn't swallow it, she held it in her
mouth. Rena opened her mouth, showing Marc that it was still there. Rena
went over to Terri and kissed her deeply. Rena's mouth was empty but Terri
opened her mouth and she had the cum. Terri tilted her head back and
swallowed the load of jizz.

"Fuck, you girls are too much," Marc commented.

"Well if you ever wanna include me again, you know where to find me," Terri

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