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Six Days Of Sable - Day Six
by Josh (

The next morning began with a drive to the next town for another WWF live
event. It was the same drill as the previous day when Marc and Rena arrived
to the arena. Marc went his way and Rena went hers. Rena headed to the
Women's Locker Room where again, Terri was. Rena and Terri started talking
right away about the previous night. They went on about how much fun it was
and how'd they would have to do it again some time. Terri also wanted to
know more about Rena's experience with four guys at once.

What the two didn't know was that Sunny was at the event. Rena hadn't even
asked Terri if Sunny was there or not. The door to the women's locker room
was slightly ajar and when Sunny came back to the locker room she heard
voices. Sunny stopped and began eavesdropping on the conversation. She
heard it all about Rena and Terri sharing Marc and Rena doing four guys at
once. Sunny smiled with a wicked evil smile because she had something on
her arch rival.

Several minutes later, Sunny saw Terri starting to leave the room so Sunny
quickly ducked around a corner. Once Terri was long gone, Sunny walked into
the room and shut the door. She looked at Rena with a big smile on her face.

"Sunny, I didn't even know you were working tonight," Rena said.

"Oh I am but I don't think I'll be working quite as hard as you have been,"
Sunny said.

"What'd you mean?"

"Four guys at once? Now I wonder what everyone would think of the almighty
Rena Mero if that happened to get out around the locker room," Sunny said.

"You ... YOU BITCH! You won't tell anyone and besides they won't believe
you," Rena shouted.

"They don't have to believe me ... Lucky for me I've got it all on tape,"
Sunny said, pulling a tape recorder from behind her back.

"Give me that!" Rena shouted. Rena ran at Sunny, trying to get the tape
recorder away from her Rena grabbed Sunny around the neck and pulled her
down to the ground.

"You can do whatever you want but you're not hotter then me so I'm always
going to be more popular," Rena said.

"You are not hotter then me!" Sunny shouted back.

Sunny slid out from underneath Rena and tried to get away but Rena grabbed
onto Sunny's black spandex shorts. As Sunny struggled away, the shorts pulled
right off, leaving Sunny in a black thong. Sunny turned around and grabbed
Rena's t-shirt ripping it off.

"You do have some nice tits, though," Sunny commented.

"I wish I had your ass, that's a great butt," Rena said.

"What's your problem with me?" Sunny asked.

"My problem, your the one tape recording me and trying to sabotage me," Rena

"All the fans are liking you more now, all the men want you, and I can't take
it," Sunny said.

"Why? You're still very popular around here, why can't you be happy for me?"

"I am .. Its just ... I ..."

"What? Just say it,"

"I want you too, Rena. You turn me on so much," Sunny admitted.

"Is this what you want? You want me?" Rena said as she pulled off her shorts.

"I do, but do you want this?" Sunny asked as she pulled off her top and
circled around.

"Ohh baby, I'll take a piece of that," Rena said.

Rena and Sunny began rubbing their hands all over each other's bodies. Rena
ran her hands around onto Sunny's ample butt while Sunny focused on Rena's
big tits. Sunny moved down and began sucking on Rena's nipples. She pressed
Rena's tits together and darted her tongue between Rena's melons. Rena moaned
softly as Sunny stimulated her nipples and aureolas. Rena took her turn,
going to work on Sunny's nice breasts. She went back and forth kissing
Sunny's nipples. Rena and Sunny pressed up against each other, rubbing their
tits together.

"Ohh yeah that's so good, oh your big tits feel so good," Sunny moaned.

Sunny held the sides of Rena's tits then rubbed her nipples against Rena's
hard nipples. Rena went down and began sucking on Sunny's nipples again,
playing with her breasts. She took a mouthful of tit and sucked hard on it
to Sunny's pleasure. Rena moved up and began tongue kissing Sunny. Sunny
ran her hands through Rena's blond hair as they kissed deeply. Rena reached
around and again grabbed Sunny's nice butt.

"Oooh let's take this thong off," Rena said.

Sunny turned around and Rena pulled off Sunny's thong. Rena gave Sunny's butt
a few light smacks, and felt it in her hands. She turned Sunny around and
started rubbing Sunny's clit. Sunny laid down on the couch and Rena continued
ro rub her clit and lightly finger her.

"Ahhh ooooohhh Rena, suck on my clit, lick it, oooohhh yeeah," Sunny moaned.

Rena began licking Sunny's clit with her tongue while holding two fingers
deep in Sunny's snatch. Rena began flicking Sunny's clit with her tongue and
pumping her fingers in and out, driving Sunny wild.

"Ohhh you like it? OOooohh I bet you like that sweet pussy, ohhhh fuuck, lick
it good," Sunny moaned.

"Mmmmmhhhh Sunny, ohhh baby your pussy taste good, mmmmhhh," Rena moaned.

Rena soon pulled her fingers out of Sunny's cunt and put them up to her face.
Sunny sucked her pussy juice off Rena's fingers. Rena began rubbing Sunny's
breasts again and sucking on her nipples. Sunny grabbed Rena by the back of
the head and kissed her aggressively.

"Rena, go get my bag, there's something we need in there," Sunny said.

Rena walked across the room and went into Sunny's bag. She first pulled out a
pink vibrator and then pulled out a big strap-on. Sunny rubbed her own pussy
in anticipation as Rena put on the strap-on dildo.

"Come here baby, fuck my pussy with that strap-on, fuck me Rena," Sunny

"Ohh I'll fuck you, I'll fuck you so hard," Rena said.

Sunny spread out her legs while Rena rubbed the idlo against Sunny's clit
then pushed it deep into pussy. Rena began pumping into Sunny's pussy with
the strap-on, fucking her like she wanted.

"Ohhh yeeah you take it so good maybe, you like this? You want it harder?"
Rena asked.

"Fuuuck yeeah! Fuuck me as hard as you can Rena, ohhhh slam it in there,
oooohhhh god!" Sunny moaned.

Rena grabbed onto Sunny's thighs and began slamming into Sunny's pussy with
the strap-on. Sunny's breasts bounced as Rena slammed into her. Rena's tits
were also jiggling like crazy as she pounded into Sunny. Rena laid forward
on top of Sunny, pressing her tits against Sunny's as she fucked her.

Oooohhh fuuck me you sexy bitch! Ohhh fuuuck!" Sunny moaned.

"Ohh you fucking take it so good, ohhh yeah take it baby, take it," Rena

Rena fucked with the strap-on for a couple more hot minutes before she got
another idea. Rena grabbed a long double ended dildo out of Sunny's bag. Rena
bent Sunny over on all fours then shoved a quarter of the dildo into Sunny's
pussy so it was sticking out. Rena got on all fours and backed up, pushing
the other end of the dildo into her pussy. Rena and Sunny's ass were now
pressed together with the dildo connecting their pussies. They slammed into
each other, they're butts bouncing against each other and the dildo being
pushed further in.

"Ohh god Sunny, oh your ass feels so good against mine," Rena moaned.

"Oh your ass is nice and firm smacking against mine, baby," Sunny moaned.

"Unnhhh ohhh fuuuck this is so hot ... fuuuck I love it!" Rena moaned.

Sunny soon turned around and grabbed the pink vibrator. She laid Rena down
onto her back and began licking her clit and sucking on her pussy lips.

"Ohhh that's so good, ohh fucking lick it, ohhh Sunny," Rena moaned.

Sunny began spanking Rena's clit with the vibrator. She turned it on and
rubbed it against Rena's clit, making her go nuts. Sunny then turned it off
and pushed it into Rena's asshole. Sunny licked Rena's clit as she slammed
into her asshole with the vibrator.

OH FUCKING YEEAH!" Rena moaned loudly as her pussy became extremely wet as
she orgasmed multiple times.

"Yeeah you like it, Rena? Ohhh cum for me, ohhh baby you look so hot right
now," Sunny moaned.

Sunny then grabbed then didlo into her mouth and began ramming it into Rena's
asshole. Rena started rubbing her dripping wet clit at the same time as Sunny
used her mouth to fuck Rena's.

"Oohhhh yeeah that's good ohhh fuuuuck me! Fuuuck that ass! Ohhh fuck! FUCK!
FUUUUCK YES!" Rena moaned going through a few more orgasms.

Sunny tortured Rena with some slow licks of her clit as she licked up all of
Rena's cum and pussy juice. Sunny climbed up and kissed Rena sharing her
juices with her in a warm, wet kiss.

Rena then turned Sunny around and began licking Sunny's great buns. Rena
grabbed the strap-on and put it on. She pushed it into Sunny's ass and began
pounding it.

"Ohhh ohhhhhh unnhhh fuuck my ass ... ohhh ohhh that's good!" Sunny moaned.

"No it isn't, its not good enough, I need to see your ass get fucked by a
real cock," Rena said.

Rena threw down the strap-on then opened the door while she was still naked.
Rena grabbed the first guy she saw. He was just a member of the ring crew,
and she didn't even know his name.

"You! Get in here, you see that fine ass?" Rena asked.

"Uhh yes," he answered.

"Whip your fucking cock out and fuck that ass now!" Rena demanded.

"What?" He asked confused.

"I can go get someone else, now get going!" Rena asked.

"Its alright, come here, come fuck my ass," Sunny said to the man.

The guy pulled down his shorts and pulled out his dick. It was rapidly
growing in his hand as he looked at Sunny's butt as she bent over the side
of the couch. Sunny reached back and grabbed his cock, she started rubbing
it against the flesh of her buns. Sunny then rubbed the head between her
buns until she felt it was hard.

"There you go big boy, not pound that ass," Rena said.

"Yeah, fuck it, don't hold back. Rena wants to see it," Sunny said.

The man pushed his cock into Sunny's tight asshole and held it there. He
slowly pulled it out then began pumping into Sunny's butt.

"Unnhhh fuuuck that's the way ... oh god! OHHH YESS! FUCK MY ASS! FUCK IT
HARD! OHHH FUUUCK!" Sunny moaned.

"Come on, pound her ass, POUND THAT HOT ASS!" Rena demanded.

He grabbed onto Sunny's slim hips and began slamming into Sunny's asshole as
hard and as fast as he could. Rena began smacking Sunny's buns, just pounding
the flesh with her hand leaving it red.

"Fucking take it Sunny, oh that's hot, yeah you like getting fucked in the
ass?" Rena asked.

"OHH GOD YES! OHH! OH! OH! Unnhhhhh fuuuuuuck meeeee! Fuuuuck my ass! God
yes! Ohhh shit! I love it!" Sunny moaned.

The guy couldn't hold out very long at all. He pulled out of Sunny's butt and
sprayed his cum all over Sunny's tight ass. Sunny rubbed the hot jizz all
over her buns making them shine. Rena then ushered the man out of the room
and turned around with a smile.

"Now can we put this all behind us?" Sunny asked.

"Problems? What problems? You're number one in my book," Rena replied.

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