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Disclaimer: This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988). Thus the events in this story did not really happen.

Now... Kristi and Dice present

Sixteen Times
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The caption reads 'WWE Royal Rumble, January 29, 2017' as the scene fades in showing John Cena returning from the ring area after defeating AJ Styles to become a sixteen time World Champion, tying the total number of reigns Ric Flair had as a result. As he acknowledges various members of the WWE backstage support staff give him an ovation for his stellar performance, Cena makes his way to the locker room area of the Alamadome where he is intercepted by RAW General Manager Stephanie McMhaon, "Congratulations John... that was incredible... you have done something that not even my husband managed to do... become a sixteen time World Champion..." Stephanie says with her signature smirk.

"Well Triple H did get busy with NXT and all the other corporate duties he has as COO, I'm sure he would've gotten to sixteen reigns years ago," Cena says as he drapes the WWE Championships over one shoulders.

"Of course he would have, it would've been best for business if he did, but he has bigger responsibilities now," Stephanie says, "However, I think there is only one way to properly mark the occasion of you becoming a sixteen time World Champion... to be with sixteen of the hottest women in the WWE... and I've already talked it over with Shane, who thinks it's excellent idea... but of course the question is John, would you be up for the challenge?" Stephanie asks with a smirk

Cena chuckles a bit, "After the match I just had... it'll be tough... but I think I'll be up for it," The new WWE Champion replies.

"That is the answer I was expecting... after all you are 'Big Match John'..." Stephanie says as the scene blurs from view. When it clears, Stephanie is entering a large locker room ahead of Cena who sees that its filled with the starlets of RAW and SmackDown, Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella, Naomi, Renee Young, Carmella, SmackDown Women's Champion Alexa Bliss, Natalya, Mickie James, Nia Jax, Sasha Banks, RAW Women's Champion Charlotte, Bayley, Charley Caruso, Lana, Maryse & JoJo. "Good you are all here..." Stephanie says with an approving before she turns towards John, "But you know something John... I think you can handle more than just these sixteen women... and I'm going to get my piece of your first" Stephanie says as she proceeds to kneel in front of Cena and promptly starts to undo his cargo shorts.

Cena looks down at Stephanie and other sixteen women of the WWE who are all look at him with eagerness in their eyes to get a piece of the now sixteen time World Champion, "Well... the CHAMP IS HERE..." Cena proclaims as he holds the WWE Championship high as Stephanie jerks down his cargo shorts to free his cock in order to take take it into her mouth.

"Mmmmm!" Stephanie moans as she wraps her lips around Cena's cock and begins to bob her head on his manhood. Placing her hands on his thighs, the RAW General Manager rocks her head back and forth on his cock, twisting and turning her head on his cock to grind her lips around his meaty shaft. She glances up at Cena and narrows her eyes seductively as she while slapping her tongue up against the other side of his cock, drawing moans from the WWE's biggest star before she takes his manhood even further into her mouth, deep throating him with ease.

The scene then cuts to show Cena sitting on folding chair with Stephanie mounted on his cock, bouncing up and down on his shaft as she faces away from him, "Mmmmm ohhh yeah... ahhh..." Stephanie moans as she smirks at the sixteen other women, "Mmmm you'll all get your turn... cause John is gonna fuck each one of you... one... by... ohhhh fucking one..." Stephanie moans as she leans back against Cena's chest as she feels him starting to thrusting his cock upward into her snatch while he reaches around her to grab her large Billion Dollar tits.

The scene then cuts to show Nikki and Becky who as they wait for their turn have paired off, with Nikki sitting on the locker room bench as Becky is lapping her tongue against her pussy, "Mmmm ohhh fuck... ahhh... ohhh..." The longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE History moans as she leans back on the bench as the first ever Irish Lass Kicker proves herself to be a skilled Irish Lass Licker with how she's skillfully lapping her tongue against Nikki's pussy. Becky soon pushes her tongue into Nikki's twat and begins to tongue fuck her, making the busty Bella squirm lustfully on the bench in response.

The scene then cuts to show Maryse laying on the locker room bench, her legs wrapped around Cena waist as he pump his large cock in and out of her tight wet French-Canadian pussy. "Ohhh! Ohhh oui! Ooooo oooo oui!" Maryse gasps and moans as she moves against the bench as Cena grabs the bottom side of her thighs to pill her towards himself as he plows his cock deeply into her twat. Cupping her tits with both hands, the wife of The Miz moves her hips to grind her pussy against the thrusting cock of the new WWE Champion as he delivers a series of stiff thrusts.

At the same time, Naomi is leaning against one of the lockers with one leg raised up over the shoulder of a kneeling Renee Young who has her tongue buried within Naomi's moist black pussy, "Mmmm! Mmmm!" Renee moans as she slides her hands against Naomi's thighs as she twirls her tongue around inside of the her snatch while Naomi breathes heavily and moans in reaction to every flick of Renee's tongue she feels with in her pussy as the Canadian beauty eats her pussy.

The scene shifts to show Lana, on all fours on the locker room eagerly pushing back against Cena as pumps his cock into her form behind while he places his hands on her slender hips, "Mmmm ahhh... ohhhh ahhh... ohhh..." The Ravishing Russian pants with desire as Cena slams his cock balls deep into her pussy, making her jolt forward only for her to push back to match his pace. Cena licks his lips as he watches Lana's ass cheeks jiggle when they collide with his waist as he continues to fuck her from behind.

On the locker room floor, Alexa Bliss is on top of Mickie James in a feverish sixty-nine, with Mickie grabbing Alexa's ass as she shoves her tongue up into the SmackDown Women's Champion's hot pussy while Alexa is bobbing her head rapidly between Mickie's thighs, jack hammering her tongue into her cunt. The pair of SmackDown starlets moan whorishly as they eat each other out, with Alexa grinding her pussy down against Mickie's face who is thrusting her hips up to push her own twat against the petite blond's tongue.

JoJo is then shown riding Cena's cock with her back towards him while he is laying on the locker room as he holds his hands against her lower back to help her balance herself as she bounce up and down on his dick. "Mmmm ahh... ohhhh ahh ohhh ahhh ohhh..." RAW's ring announce moans as she rises and drops on Cena's large cock, her ass smacking down against his waist each time she descends on his fuck stick. As she leans back, JoJo reaches behind her to place both of her hands on Cena's shoulders as she quickens the pace at which she is riding his dick while tossing her head back every time she lowers herself sharply.

The scene cuts to show the dominate Nia Jax straddling the face of Sasha Banks, holding her opponent's head up by the hair as she forcing Sasha to shove her tongue into her pussy, "Mmmmm whose the fucking Boss now?! It ain't you... it's fucking me!" Nia yells as she grinds her pussy against Sasha's face as the former RAW Women's Champion submits and starts to dart her tongue around inside of Nia's pussy, much to the large and more powerful starlet's delight. "Yeah eat that fucking pussy you bitch!" Nia groans with approval as she tightens her hold on Sasha's hair to make sure The Boss doesn't stop.

RAW's backstage correspondent Charley Caruso is then shown bent over the locker room table as Cena fucks her from behind, "Mmmmm ahhh ohh yes... ohhh fuck... ohhh..." Charley moans as Cena starts to smack her ass with his right hand following every few thrusts, leaving a red imprint of his palm on her skin. "Ohhh fuck... ahh ooooo shit..." Charley moans as she braces herself against the table as Cena pounds her cunt with deep thrusts that makes her knees buckle slightly.

Meanwhile, RAW's Women's Champion Charlotte is leaning forward against a locker while Bayley is behind her, lapping her tongue against her asshole, "Yeah that's right Bayley... lick the ass of your queen! Mmmm you will never beat me... ohhhh ahhh yeah..." Charlotte moans as she feels Bayley's tongue moving against the puckered entrance to her anal cavity before her opponent pushes it into her. "Ohhhh fuck... ahhh..." Charlotte groans as Bayley begins to explore her asshole with her tongue as the tall blond pushes her ass back against her face.

The scene transitions to show the host of SmackDown's Talking Smack Renee Young on the locker room bench, her legs raised up onto Cena's strong shoulders as he works his cock in and out of her snug Canadian pussy, "Ohh... ohhh fuck... ahhh ohh yeah John... mmmm fuck!" Renee moans as she bends her arms back to grab the portion of the bench that is above her head while she slides slightly against its surface while she's getting fucked by the now sixteen-time World Champion. Sweat drips off of Cena's forehead as he drives his shaft continuously onto Renee while many more women of the WWE wait for their turn with him.

Natalya is shown to be sitting on a chair while JoJo is kneeling between her legs, lapping her tongue hectically against Natalya's snatch, "Mmmm yeah... eat my pussy! I deserve it damn it! Ohhh ohhh you know I do! Ohhh I deserve everything... ohhhh ahhh mmmm fuck..." Natalya moans and clutches her right breast with her right hand while she reaches down to grab a hanfull of JoJo's curly hair as the ring announcer continues to lick her cunt

The scene then cuts to show Carmella being the next to get her turn, ass he sits on the locker room table her legs wrapped around Cena's waist as he thrusts his cock into her cunt. "Mmmm yeah ohhh ahhh ahhh ohhh F U C K M E John! Fuck me in front of Nikki! Ohhh ahhh!" Carmella moans whorishly as she can't help herself but to bring up Cena's girlfriend and fellow SmackDown roster mate Nikki Bella who she has feuded with for the past several months. This doesn't cause the WWE Champion to pause his action as he keeps his pace consistent as deeply fucking the Staten Island Princess, making her rock and bounce on the surface of the table.

Meanwhile, Lana is straddling the face of Maryse while leaning forward to lap her tongue against the French-Canadian's pussy while Maryse is duitfully thrusting her tongue up into the Ravishing Russian's snatch as they sixty-nine on top of the locker room bench. The gorgeous blond haired wives of The Miz and Rusev are perfectly in sync with one another as they guide their tongues in, out and against the pussy of the other, drawing moans and gasps of delight as they occupy themslves.

Cena is then shown to be seated on a metal folding chair with Bayley straddling his lap as she bounces up and down on his cock, despite coming up sort in her match against Charlotte for the RAW Women's Championship, Bayley has a big smile on her face as she slides her hands against Cena's chest and shoulders as she rides him, "Mmm ohhh ohh yeah... ohhh fuck... ahhh yeah... mmm... congrats Champ!" The side-pony tailed Hugger moans happily as she then wraps her arms around Cena to give him a big hug as she quickens the pace at which she is riding his large shaft.

Over on the locker room table, Carmella has her legs draped over the shoulders of Charley Caruso who is bobbing her head as she thrusts her tongue inside of of Carmella's Staten Island snatch while also pumping two fingers into her cunt at the same time. "Mmmm fuck... ahhh... ohhh oooo yeah... mmmm fucking F A B U L O U S!" Carmella squeals as she moves her hips and pelvis to thrust her cunt against Charley's tongue and talented fingers.

Next Charlotte is shown on all fours on the locker room floor, gritting her teeth as Cena is busy fucking her tight ass, "Ahhh! Ohhh! Ahhh! Ohhh! Ahhh!" Charlotte groans and gasps while hanging her blond haired head down as she does her best to withstand Cena's anal pounding. She then raises her head and starts to firmly buck back against Cena, putting on a display of reliance that has led to be 16 and 0 when it comes to championship matches on WWE pay-per-view. "Ohhh fuck that ass! Fuck it! WOOO!" Charlotte screams as Cena balls smack against her the flesh of her ass with every thrust he performs.

Over on the locker room bench, Stephanie McMahon has a smirk on her face as she clutches a handful of Nikki Bella's hair as the WWE's sole remaining Bella tongue fucks her, "Ohhh yeah... mmm everyone is going to fuck your man before you Nikki... mmm but you don't mind... save the best for last right... mmm but he already had the best cause I was first..." the RAW General Manager moans and breathes heavily as her taunts just drive Nikki to double her efforts of thrusting her tongue into her Billion Dollar twat.

John Cena is then show standing and holding up Sasha Banks, bouncing the Boss up and down on his cock while her legs are wrapped around his waist as she holds onto his strong arms. "Ohhh! Ohhhh fuck! Ahhh! Ahhh shit!" Sasha moans as she is treated like a rag doll for the second time that night, having been tossed around by Nia Jax earlier. The magenta haired former RAW Women's Champion tosses her head back as Cena easily plows every inch of his cock upward into her snatch while making her bounce thanks to his incredible strength.

Over by the locker room benchm Becky Lynch has one leg kneeling the bench as Renee Young is lapping her tongue against her pussy while she herself is straddling the face of Naomi who is pushing her tongue up into Renee's sweet Canadian pussy. "Mmmm! Mmmm!" Renee moans lustfully as she hold onto Becky's hips, helping the first ever SmackDown Women's Champion balance herself on one foot as she rocks her own hips in response to how she Naomi is probing her pussy from underneath. Naomi has her hands on Renee's ass cheeks as she swirls and twirls her tongue within the blond's pussy as Renee shoves her own tongue into Becky's Irish cunt.

The scene then shifts to show Cena with Sasha's opponent from earlier that night, Nia Jax who is on her right side with Cena behind her holding her left leg up as he pumps his cock in and out of the large beauty's twat. "Ahhh... mmm fuck... fuck me good... fuck me hard..." Nia groans as she moves on her right side as Cena relentlessly pumps his cock into her pussy while his body is drenched with sweat from a combination of his match with AJ Styles and the post-match festivities he's partaken in so far. Nia licks her lips and closes her eyes as she moves back against Cena, pressing her large ass against his waist as he doesn't ease up for a second with how he's fucking her.

Over in the corner of the locker room, JoJo and Charley Caruso are paired up in their own sixty-nine with both laying on their sides with each holding the top leg of the other up so that they can lick one anothers moist wet twats. The pair of RAW branded beauties move on their sides, rocking lightly back and forth as they feel the tongue of their chosen partner for the moment against their own own cunt, moaning with lust filled delight as they take part in the celebration of

The scene then cuts to show Mickie James sitting on the locker room bench while leaning back with both hands behind her to support upper body while Cena is holding her hips and pumping his cock into her cunt while he's stradling the bench's surface. "Ohh! Ohhh yeah! Mmmm missed that pussy John?! Ohhh I bet you did! Yup! Yup!" Mickie moans and laughs as she tosses her brunette haired head back as she moves back and forth thanks to Cena's thrusts. The now sixteen-time World Champion grins a bit as he drills the former Divas and Women's Champion who grinds her pussy against his thrusting cock.

Over on the locker room table, Alexa is laying on her back with her legs pointed straight up as Nia Jax is lapping her tongue against her pussy. "Ohhh! Ohhh fuck! Ohh ohhh shit! Mmmm!" The smallest woman on the WWE roster moans as the largest eats her pussy. Nia grabs Alexa's legs and forces them down and apart before shoving her tongue into the SmackDown Women's Champions love tunnel, making Alexa arch her back up from the table's surface. "Mmmm fuck! Fuck! Ohhh ahhh!" Alexa gasps and groans as Nia dominates her twat with her tongue.

The scene shifts to show Natalya standing but leaning forward against the lockers while Cena is behind her, pumping his cock in and out of her juicy Canadian ass. "Ohhh! Ohhh fuck I deserve this! I deserve this so much more than Nikki does! Ohhh! Ohhhh fuck!" Natalya moans as she rocks back on her feet to push her ass against Cena's thrusting shaft as he reaches around her to grab her tits. The blond haired Cnaadian looks back over her shoulder at the boyfriend of Nikki Bella with a smirk on her face, knowing that she got to fuck him to celebrate his sixteenth reign as World Champion before her fellow Total Divas cast mate did.

Meanwhile, Carmella is crouched between the legs of Bayley while she's sitting on chair, lapping her tongue against Bayley's pussy as her former NXT riding partner is reminded of how fabulously gifted Carmella is with her mouth. "Ohhhh fuck... ahhh ohhh... ohhh mmm..." Bayley moans blissfully as Carmella soon wraps her lips around her clit and begins to suck on it, sending shivers up the former NXT Women's Champion's spine as she leans back on the chair, causing it to tilt slightly onto its back legs.

With the next scene transition, SmackDown Women's Champion Alexa Bliss is laying on the locker room bench with her legs wrapped around Cena's muscular waist as he pumps his cock in and out of her pussy while she clutches her championship belt tightly. "Ohhh! Ohhh ahh! Ohhh fuck yes! Yes!" the petite little Miss Bliss moans as she moves against the bench as the new WWE Champion pumps his cock deeply into her cunt , feeling his balls smack against her skin every time he drive his cock forward into her snatch as she hugs the SmackDown Women's Championship tightly against her chest.

Charlotte and Natalya are shown on the floor of the locker room room, their legs intertwined as they grind their their cunts against another, with Charlotte dominating the exchange. Both mulch-generational gasp, moans and breath heavily as they push their twats against together as they eagerly get each other off, with their bodies dripping with sweat under the lights of the locker room.

Next shown is the woman who pinned Alexa in the six-person tag earlier in the evening, Naomi as she is bent forward slightly with her hands on the locker room table while John Cena is behind her, pumping his large white cock into her big round black ass. "Ohhh! Ohhh fuck my ass! Ohhh yeah boy! Ahhh ohhh feel the fucking glow!" Naomi moans as Cena grabs her ass cheeks with both hands to hold them apart while he pounds her booty with stiff thrusts while she uses the table to brace herself against the amount of power Cena is putting behind his thrusts as the new WWE Champion grits his teeth with determination.

Meanwhile, Mickie James is down between the legs of Maryse, eagerly tongue fucking one of her rivals during her first tenure with the WWE as her fellow former Divas Champion grabs a hold of her brunette hair, "Mmmm ohhh... ohhhh back where you belong... ohhh..." Maryse moans as Mickie rapidly hammers her French-Canadian cunt with her very talented tongue while Maryse flips her blond hair back as she pushes herslef against Mickie's pussy hungry mouth.

The first ever SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch is shown on the locker room floor, her legs arched over Cena's thighs as he kneels between her thighs as he pumps his cock deeply into her tight Irish pussy!" Ohhh! Ohhhh fuck! Ohhh yeah give to me champ! Ohhh ohhh ahhh!" Becky moans as she places her hands against Cena's muscular chest as he hammers her cunt with stiff thrusts that makes her arch her back up from floor as she pushes moves her her hips to grind her pussy against his thrusting cock while feeling his sweat drip from his body down on her own.

Elsewhere, The Billion Dollar Baroness Stephanie McMahon is occupying herself by lapping her tongue against the clit of The Ravishing Russian Lana who is seated on the benchm breathing heavily as the RAW General Manager works her oral magic. "Mmmmmmm..." Stephanie moans as swats her tongue repeatedly against Lana's clit before pushing her tongue into her love tunnel to start fucking the gorgeous blond who gasps and groans whorishly in response.

The scene finally cuts to show Nikki Bella on all fours with Cena behind her, pumping his cock in and out of her pussy as she she moves back and forth on her hands and knees. "Ohhh! Ohhh yeah John! Ohhh! Ohhh fuck! Ohhhh!" Nikki moans as she pushes back eagerly against her boyfriend while he holds onto her hips as he deeply plows his cock into her after fucking sixteen other women before her, all of whom surrounds them, chanting Cena's name. "Ohhh shit John! Ohhhh ahhh ohhh! Ahh! Yes! Ohhhh fuck!" Nikki gasps and moans as she feels Cena's cock starting to throb within her pussy as he increases the intensity of his thrusts, slamming his cock fiercely into her wet fuck hole.

The scene cuts one last time to show Cena stroking his cock with his right hand while he holds the WWE Championships with the other while Stephanie McMahon McMahon is kneeling directly in front of him, with Alexa Bliss and Charlotte kneeling to her left and right with the remaining women ground around behind them, SmackDown starlets behind Alexa and the starlets of RAW behind Charlotte with Renee and Charley being right behind Stephanie. "Ahhh The Champ is FUCKING HERE!" Cena proclaims loudly as he starts to cum, shooting his load directly onto the face of Stephanie McMahon first before shifting his aim to spray his jizz onto the faces of Alexa and Charlotte as the remaining women cheer and applaud the effort he's put on to celebrate his latest achievement.

Once Cena is finished cumming, Stephanie stands up and wipes some of Cena's cum from her face, "Now John... I know you are on SmackDown... but... always remember there is a place for you and plenty of women on Monday Night RAW who would welcome you if you ever wanted to come try fo the WWE Universal Championship..." Stephanie says with the RAW starlets agreeing with her

"He's not going anywhere... he's a SmackDown guy!" Nikki Bella says as the SmackDown starlets also voice their response to Stephanie's comment.

Cena wipes some sweat from his forehead and grins, "I'm a WWE guy... and I'm on SmackDown... but who knows... down the road I may end up back on RAW... and regardless of when... my time is now..." Cena says as the scene fades to black.


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