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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Skull-Crushing, Jet-Flying, Girl Stealing, Awesome Son Of A Gun
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

After defeating Primo with the Figure-4 leg lock during the January 15, 2013 taping of SmackDown, The Miz, wearing dark blue wrestling trunks, is returning to the backstage area of San Antonio, Texas's AT&T Center as an irate Rosa Mendes, dressed in a white half top and matching bottoms, chases after him.

"Hey!" A feisty and irate Rosa Mendes snaps as she quickly catches up to The Miz. "Mejor dejas ahora mismo!"

The Miz raises an eyebrow and turns to face Rosa, "Say what?" Miz asks as the sultry Latin Diva glares at him.

Rosa presses her lips together and places her hands onto her sultry, curved hips. "Just who do you think you are!? How dare you embarrass me and my chicos, Primo and Epico!" Rosa says with a glare, "Do you even know who I am!?"

"Who do I think I am? I think I am The Miz, a former WWE, Intercontinental, Tag Team, United States, Slammy Award and Money In the Bank winner... the most AWESOME and must-see Superstar in the entire WWE.... all of which is more than I can say for Epico and Primo..." The Miz replies with a grin

Rosa grits her teeth and sets her sultry, glaring eyes on The Miz "No! No! No!" Rosa snaps. "Primo and Epico are the most talented WWE Superstars.... mas impresionante que usted."

Miz raises an eyebrow and then laughs, "Yeah ok... two guys who haven't had a win on television in who knows how long are 'real talented'..." The Miz says, "Those two couldn't hold my jock... cause I crush skulls, I fly jets...and I steal girls...cause that's how awesome I am..."

Rosa slyly smirks, "You know what you really are, Miz?"

"Incredibly handsome..." The Miz answers

Rosa rolls her eyes and makes a face, "" Rosa says and then shakes her head "You're nothing more than a Ric Flair wanna-be"

"And that is an insult... how?" Miz asks with a smirk, "Cause I can think of worse things to be than a sixteen time World Champion...I mean I could be Puerto Rican jabroni like Primo or Epico..." The Miz adds.

Rosa narrows her eyes and folds her arms against her chest, "You are no where close to being Ric Flair..."

"Oh yeah?" The Miz asks.

Rosa nods her head and presses her luscious, sultry lips together before raises her right hand and swings toward The Miz.

The Miz tilts his head back and Rosa misses his face by several inches. The Miz then grabs Rosa, "Ok... my turn..." Miz says as he proceeds to firmly kiss the feisty Latina.

"Mmmmmmmmm!" Rosa moans against The Miz's lips as she places her hands onto his chest to attempt to push him away.

The Miz wraps an arm around Rosa's waist and tilts her back while deepining the kiss with Rosa as she tries to free herself.

"Mmmmmm!" Rosa moans as she feels The Miz's tongue entering her mouth.

"Mmmmm..." The Miz moans into Rosa's mouth as he keeps her tilted back as he slides his tongue against her tongue.

Rosa closes her eyes and rather than trying to push away, she starts to lightly move her hands against his chest, with The Miz lustfully kissing her.

Just as Rosa beings to return his kiss, The Miz breaks it with her and stands her up straight, "If you want more... I'll be in my locker room..." Miz says with a smirk before he turns to head down the hallway.

Rosa presses her sultry lips together and watches as The Miz begins to walk away. "Hey! Papi, espera para mí!"

* * *

Twenty minutes later in The Miz's locker room, The Miz is drying himself with a towel as he exits the shower area and he smirks when he sees a naked Rosa Mendes on her knees as if she was waiting for him, "I knew you'd want more..." The Miz says as he steps towards Rosa while he tosses his towel onto a chair.

"Don't be so full of it..." Rosa says as she places her left hand around his cock and begins to work her hand back and forth.

"Mmmm..." The Miz moans as Rosa strokes his fat and quickly hardening cock, "Don't worry... cause I intend to make you full of that..." Miz replies.

Rosa presses her sultry lips together and leans her head down to lap her tongue against the top portion of his cock, while moving her hand on his shaft.

"Mmmm yeah..." The Miz moans as Rosa laps her tongue all over the upper half of his meaty shaft while she strokes the lower half.

"Mmmmmm..." Rosa moans as she slides her wet tongue over the head of his awesome cock.

"Ahhh fuck..." The Miz groans as Rosa brushes her tongue against the swollen head of his dick, coating it with her saliva.

"Mmmmmm" Rosa moans as she works her tongue teasingly over The Miz's cock, moving her hand back and forth.

The Miz places his hands on his waist as Rosa flicks her tongue against the sides of his thick and stiff cock.

Rosa parts her luscious lips and takes the head of his cock into her mouth, starting to sensually bob her head to suck on his awesome cock.

"Awww yeah... mmmm fuck..." The Miz moans as Rosa bobs her head lustfully on his dick.

"Mmmmmm...ohhhh" The sultry Diva moans as she smoothly bobs her head forward on his cock.

"Awww mmmm fuck..." The Miz moans as Rosa flicks her tongue up against the bottom side of his cock as she sucks it.

"Mmmmmm....ohhhhhhh" Rosa lustfully moans as she sucks on his cock, taking him deeper into her wet mouth.

"Ahhhh fuck..." Miz groans as Rosa turns her head from side to side as she sucks and slurps on his shaft.

"Mmmmm...ohhhhh gahhhhh" Rosa moans and begins to lustfully gag on his cock, dropping her head repeatedly down.

"Ahhhh shit... aww..." The Miz groans as Rosa gags herself on his thick rock hard cock.

Rosa places her hands onto his nicely toned and tanned waist as she bobs her head steadily forward, rocking on knees.

The Miz licks his lips and places a hand on Rosa's dark haired head as she repeatedly crams her mouth with his dick.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm" The sultry Diva forces her head deeper down on his cock.

"Mmmm yeah... ahhhh fuck..." The Miz groans as Rosa takes every inch of his fat tool into her saliva dripping mouth.

Rosa's sultry lips rub back and forth on his shaft, with her saliva dripping down on his cock and her moans vibrating against his shaft.

"Mmmm awww fuck... you're loving getting to suck a real Superstar's dick..." The Miz says with a moan.

Rosa turns head from side to side on The Miz's cock, with her moist and sensual lips grinding on his shaft.

"Mmmm ahhh...." The Miz groans and smirks down at Rosa when she occasionally glares up at him as she continues her lustful oral attack on his dick.

Rosa unwraps her lips from around his cock and eases her head off of his cock.

The Miz smirks as Rosa rubs her lips against the head of his dick once it leaves her mouth. Miz then pushes Rosa onto her back and kneels on the floor where he spreads her gorgeously smooth legs apart so that he can guide his saliva coated dick into her hot wet Latin snatch.

"Ohhhh shit...mmmmm papi..." Rosa moans as she feels his awesome cock thrusting into her pussy.

"Mmmm yeah..." The Miz groans as he thrusts his cock in and out of Rosa's pussy as he holds her legs apart.

"" Rosa moans as her body moves on the floor of the locker room.

"Awww yeah...mmmm fuck...' The Miz moans as he deeply rams his cock into Rosa's twat.

"Ohhhhh....ohhhhh..." Rosa moans as she grinds against his cock.

The Miz smirks as Rosa grinds her pussy against his pistoning cock.

"Mmmmm ohhhh...Si...Si...Si!" Rosa lustfully moans as she pushes against his cock, trying to free her legs from The Miz's grasp, wanting to hook her legs around his waist.

"Mmmmm awww yeah..." The Miz groans as he moves his hands from Rosa's legs and places them on her hips as he hammers her wet pussy.

Rosa raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks as she moves her legs, wrapping her stunning and smooth legs around his waist.

"Awww ahhh..." Miz moans as he thrusts his shaft deeply into Rosa's pussy.

"Ohhhhhh....ohhhh you like that, papi?" Rosa asked and licks her teeth as she seductively pushes as sways her hips, while underneath The Miz as he thrusts into her.

"Mmmmm fuck... ahhh yeah... ahhh..." The Miz groans as he thrusts his cock deeper and harder into Rosa's pussy.

"Mmm ohhhhh....mmmmm" Rosa Mendes moans as she pushes eagerly against The Miz, tightening her legs around his waist.

"Awww yeah... ahhhh mmm fuck..." The Miz grunts as he thrusts his cock in and out of Rosa's pussy as she uses her legs to pull agaist him.

"Mmmmmm ohhhhh muy bien papi..." Rosa moans as she pulls him in deep to her pussy with the surprisingly impressive strength of her gorgeous legs.

"Ahhh ahhhh..." The Miz moans as he thrusts his cock in and out of Rosa's cunt.

Rosa licks her lips and places her hand onto her large, juicy tits as they bounce against his thrusts.

The Miz smirks as he watches Rosa squeezing her bouncing tits as he plows his cock repeatedly into her pussy.

"Ohhhhhh...ohhhhh..." Rosa lustfully moans.

The Miz steadily rocks on his knees as he fucks the feisty Diva as her legs begin to slip from his waist.

"Ohhhhh fuck...." Rosa moans and tilts her head back as The Miz steadily pumps his awesome cock into her.

The Miz pulls Rosa's legs completely off from his waist before pulling out of her twat. After turning Rosa over onto her stomach, Miz grabs her hips and pulls her ass up and rams his awesomely thick cock back into her pussy while Rosa pushes her upper body up.

"Ohhhhhhhh...." Rosa groans and grits her teeth as she starts moving forward on her hands and knees with his cock pumping into her.

"Ahhh awww-some..." The Miz groans as he pulls Rosa back against himself as he hammers her pussy from behind.

"Ohhhhhhh....mmmmm" Rosa moans and grinds against his cock as he pumps into her from behind.

"Ahhhh mmmm fuck... aww..." Miz moans as his waist smacks against Rosa's juicy ass as he deeply fucks her twat.

"Ohhhhh... Si! Si! Si!" Rosa lustfully moans as she pushes back eagerly on his cock.

"Awww yeah... mmmm fuck... ahhh..." The Miz groans as he deeply rams his dick into Rosa's cunt.

Rosa Mendes turns her head and slyly looks back at The Miz as she moves on her knees, eagerly pushing against his cock.

"Ahhhh awww... mmmmm fuck..." The Miz groans as he rams his cock balls deep into Rosa's snatch.

"!" Rosa moans lustfully.

The Miz licks his lips as he increases the pace of his thrusts as he fucks Rosa deeply.

"Ohhhhhhh...ohhhhhh..." Rosa moans as she guides her gorgeous body back against The Miz's cock, feeling his cock ramming deeply into her.

"Ahhhh mmmmm yeah... awww..." The Miz groans as his cock begins to throb as he rams it deeply into Rosa's cunt.

"Mmmmmmm...ohhhhhh...ohhhhh si...mmmmm papi..." Rosa moans as she seductively sways her gorgeous hips from side to side.

"Mmmmm fuck... ahhh..." Miz moans as the throbbing of his cock steadily builds as he continues to fuck Rosa's hot wet snatch.

"Ohhhhhhhh...mmmmmmmm..." Rosa moans as she pushes back on her knees, with her sultry ass smacking against his waist.

"Ahhhh fuck... mmmm yeah..." The Miz groans loudly as he begins to cum inside of Rosa's pussy.

Rosa presses her lips together and closes her eyes as she eases back against his throbbing, cum erupting cock.

"Ahhhhh..." The Miz moans as he slows down the pace of his thrusts as he floods Rosa's pussy with his cum.

Rosa nods her head "You may be awesome...but you're still a wanna-be..."

The Miz smirks, "A compliment from you? That's awesome in and of itself..."

Rosa smirks "Hey...they don't happen often...but I'll give credit where it's due..."


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