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Slaving & Laboring Under Test (S.L.U.T.): Incident 1
by Innovator Of Awesomeness

Stacy Keibler, up on the benches in Test’s locker room, shakes her butt for
her three male admirers. She had just came back to Test, a man that promised
to make her his slut, and that didn’t sit well with her character. As a
result, she has a sour look on her pretty face even though deep down, she
loves stripping and Renedancing for admirers, especially her boyfriend, Test.

“And that’s a wrap,” the cameraman announces and turns his camera off. “Nice
segment, everyone. That’ll come across on television quite well.”

“That’s all what is important here,” Test responds with a smile as he shows
the cameraman the way out of his locker room. Then, he turns back around with
a more sadistic grin. Stacy tries to get down from her perch, but Andrew puts
a hand on her stomach and forces her back into the corner.

“Andrew, what are you doing?” she asks, trying to fight back.

“I told you babe,” he starts. “I told you I was going to make you my slut and
that’s exactly what I’m going to do, cameras or not. These fellas wanted a
show and you deprived them of that. I’m not a liar.”

Stacy is completely floored, as are the two “fellas” in question, Steven
Richards and Rico. But, while the lovely blonde protests, the males seem to
agree. “You know,” Steven chimes in, “that’s a good idea.”

“WHAT?!” Stacy shrieks. “ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!”

“It’s just a simple dance,” Rico interjects. “I mean, come on, you stripped
your skirt off on RAW a few weeks back for Scott. He’s not even your

”But...” the diva tries to respond but Test cuts in.

“But nothing,” he states. “You start dancing right now. And I swear, if you
pull that weak shit you just did for the cameras, I’m going to make you do
far worse. Show us some of the moves you show me in private.”

This was all hitting Stacy so quickly that she could hardly make words
anymore. She stands on her perch and slowly turns around. Andrew interjects
once more, this time reaching up and hiking up Stacy’s skirt so that it is
folded up as much as it is able to be. As if the situation wasn’t enough to
make Stacy feel uncomfortable, now her shapely butt covered in a black thong
is on display. Still, she must continue. God knows what other things Andrew
could possibly have lined up for her if she doesn’t go through with it.

“Start shakin’ that fine ass!” Andrew yells.

To begin, the blonde plants her hands firmly on the walls in front of her and
sticks out her exposed ass. She moves it a slow circular motion, waving it
like a hunk of meat in front of three hungry lions. Then, with the attention
placed strictly on her finest asset, Keibler shakes her cute ass. The flesh
jiggles and bounces a mere foot from the three men’s wide eyes. Stacy then
slinks down, rubbing her hands over her hips but making sure to push her butt
out as well. Her hands come up and glide through her rich, blonde hair as she
gyrates her entire frame, still shaking her butt like mad.

On the edge of their seats, Steven and Rico are biting their knuckles,
anything to keep from rising up and taking Stacy right there and then. After
all, it won’t in all likeliness please Andrew too much. But, after more sexy
gyrations and classic come hither stares from the young woman, Steven
Richards can no longer hold back. He leans forward and smacks Stacy right on
the left asscheek.


The sound reverberates inside the almost empty locker room and it stops the
table dance automatically. “What the fuck?!” she asks while cradling her
reddened cheek. She looks toward Andrew for support, but he merely shrugs.

“Hey, this is my dance so it’s my rules,” Andrew calmly claims. “Go ahead and
smack her ass if you want. In fact, I encourage it. It’ll remind her how much
of a slut she truly is.”

Floored, Stacy’s jaw drops open but there are no words to describe her
feelings. Steven and Rico, on the other hand, can most likely think of plenty
of words to express their feelings, but choose not to. They sit patiently on
the edge of their chairs, awaiting the resume of the dance. Again, Stacy
looks toward Test for some sort of support, but he merely motions for her to
dance once more. And she must.

Keibler begins to grind her body again, this time with a more agitated look
on her face. She moves herself around gradually and is careful to wave her
butt in Steven’s direction, whose eyes burn with hunger for the luscious
diva. Keibler turns to face the gentlemen and teases a shirt removal, lifting
it up to display her flat stomach and naval. Her shirt almost reaches her
breasts, but the moral-clad Keibler has a bit more self-respect than that and
puts her shirt down, teasing the boys with a naughty wave of her finger.
Then, once again, there is an interruption.

Rico leans forward and tugs on Stacy’s shirt, ripping it nearly completely
off of her body. She manages to hold onto the material before it exposes her
breasts and she slaps Rico’s hand away. He protests.

“Come on honey, strip!” he shouts. Richards agrees.

Desperately seeking some sort of salvation, the blonde looks again toward
Test. Her face wears obvious concern as uses her body to convey her message.
Her skirt is folded up around her waist, her shirt is torn, and her pride is
all but vanished. With a heavy sigh, Test finally stands up and steps in
front of his girlfriend.

“Rico, quit it man,” he says. A smile finally finds Keibler’s face. “You take
all the fun out of it if you don’t let HER strip.”

And just like that, the entire mood of the room changes. Smiles are laden
across the men’s faces and Stacy’s jaw drops to a shocking depression.
“Andrew, you cannot be serious!” she screams, grabbing him by the arm in an
attempt to plead with her squeeze. Andrew shrugs her away and takes his seat
once again.

“I’m dead serious, babe,” he finally responds and puts his hands behind his
head. “Now, do what I said or I’ll have you down on your knees in no time.”

“STRIP! STRIP! STRIP!” the chant grows from Steven Richards and Rico. Stacy
flashes them a nasty look of disdain, and then slowly turns around. A single
tear runs down her cheek as she pulls up her shirt and tosses it aside.
Catcalls come from the audience and with each cheer, the young Keibler feels
worse and worse about this situation. She turns back around finally,
displaying her breasts covered in a black lace see-through bra. The material
serves absolutely no purpose as her rounded boobs and tanned nipples are
visible and practically in the open air. Even so, it is not enough.

The men want more and express their feelings openly. “Oh yeah, keep it
comin’!” Richards shouts out. Rico agrees, as does Test. Keibler, unable to
gain the odds, complies. She unzips her skirt and flings it through the air
until Rico catches it. In her underwear and bra, the delectable beauty feels
naked at this point. Six eyes watch her intently as moves down closer to her
admirers and dances more for them. Test reaches out and takes his girlfriend
by the arm, pulling her close. He forces her into a kiss that she rejects,
and then sits her down on his lap. Stacy can feel his member poking through
the spandex of his shorts into her thong-clad behind.

“Give me a lap dance, Stace,” Andrew demands. Stacy, completely programmed
out of rejection as she realizes victory is no longer an option, obliges with
her man. She stands up and reaching back, spreads her boyfriend’s legs apart.
Stacy then puts her hands firmly on his knees and with Test’s arms wrapped
around her middle, she grinds down on his cock, rubbing her butt all over his
obvious erection.

Andrew throws his head back and moans aloud. “Oh yeah, Stacy, that’s it.” The
other guys seem to grow jealous as a result, but keep their mouths shut and
watch the show. Stacy, on her boyfriend’s lap, makes circles with her
delicious booty, making sure to hit his dick with each rotation. Then she
stands up and turns to face her man, straddling his middle. On Andrew’s lap
once again, Kiebler bounces on his rigid member, feeling it poke her through
the thin spandex material of his tights. Test buries his face between his
girlfriend’s breasts, licking and sucking on her cleavage. His hands busily
try to remove her bra, but the young vixen pulls them away and dismounts her
man, leaving Andrew in a haze.

“What the hell are you doing?” he questions her, but for once, she doesn’t
respond. Instead, Keibler struts over to Steven Richards and puts a permanent
smile on his face as she straddles him like she did her boyfriend, Test.
However, she grinds into Stevie even harder than she did Test and even almost
tips over the steel chair that he is sitting in. Much like Test, Steven dives
right into Keiber’s breasts and tries to remove her bra at the same time.
Stacy reaches back again, but this time, it is to unsnap her bra herself. The
undergarment falls down between Stevie’s legs to the floor and the eager male
superstar takes aim at Stacy’s round, bare boobs. He handles each breast with
the palm of his hand before feeding into his awaiting mouth. Steven is an
animal, biting on Keibler’s now hard nipple and then sucking on her whole

“Oooh Stevie!” Stacy giggles as the crazed one continues to ravage her chest.
Her smile is aimed directly at Andrew and it is then that he realizes that
she is doing. His face fills with rage and anger. Stacy smiles once again and
dismounts Richards to much protest.

“Where are you going baby?” he wonders with saliva dripping down his chin.

“I can’t give you all the love,” the hellcat responds and turns her attention
toward Rico. He sits up on his chair as straight as he can and Keibler,
noticing yet another obvious erection, smiles and laughs. “You really want
this, don’t you?”

Test watches his friend, Rico and waits for his response. Rico is a bit
hesitant, but once Stacy begins to rub her smooth butt over his lap, his
arms, and his hands, he cannot resist any longer. “I really want that,
badly!” he hollers. Stacy again giggles, turning over her shoulder to smile
at Andrew.

“Well, I’m going to give it to you, big boy,” Stacy teases and grabs for the
waistband of her thong panties. “But first I need some help.”

Rico is more than happy to assist the blonde beauty and reaches for her
underwear. He tugs it down her long, smooth legs with ease, admiring her
exposed flesh as he brings the sexy panties down to her feet. Keibler steps
out of them and then bends over in front of Rico, sliding a hand up her legs
and probing her wet labia with her index finger. Rico’s hands follow suit
but Stacy intercepts them before they can touch her pussy. There is a short
sigh of relief from Andrew, whose eyes have not left the scene, but then he
nearly chokes on his own breath as Keibler directs Rico’s hands to her butt
instead. He rubs her meaty behind, taking both cheeks into his hands and
kissing them. Rico’s lips further explore the bowels of Stacy’s behind as he
kisses toward her puckered asshole.

“Ooh yeah!” Stacy moans slightly, “lick it good.” Rico spreads her asscheeks
apart and moves in, flicking his tongue to entice his young, blonde sex toy.
“Oh yeah, give it to me.”

Suddenly, Andrew rushes over and pulls Rico back by his hair. He tosses him
down to the ground and kicks him for good measure. “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE
NOW!” he screams. Rico hurriedly scrambles for the locker room door and
exits. Test then turns his attention to Steven. “YOU TOO YOU FUCKING PRICK!”
Not having to be told twice, Steven runs out the door and follows Rico down
the corridor, away from Andrew’s locker room. Andrew locks the door and his
anger falls upon his girlfriend, Stacy.

“WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU DOING?!” he hollers, raising his hand up to slap her.
Keibler does not cower but instead gathers her clothes and stands tall to her

“You are the one that did this, Andrew!” Stacy screams back. “You wanted me
to strip for you fucking friends and that’s exactly what I did.”

“If it weren’t for me, you would have fucked their brains out!” Andrew fires
back. His hand is still poised in the air.

“ probably would have been better than what we have!” the vixen shouts.
She can say no more. Test slaps her across the face and drives her to the

“Don’t you EVER do that again, Stacy!” he tells her. “If I ever catch you
pulling something like that again, not only will I make you more of a dirty
slut than you are now, I’ll make you my own PERSONAL slut. You got me?”

Before Stacy has a chance to respond, Test storms out of the locker room and
slams the door shut. Keibler is left on the floor with tears rolling down on
her cheek. She stands up, wipes the tears from her eyes, and grabs a change
of clothes from her bag.

“You want a slut, Andrew?” she says aloud to herself, “I’ll give you a slut.”

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