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Slaving & Laboring Under Test (S.L.U.T.): Incident #2
by Innovator Of Awesomeness

It had been two weeks since Stacy's boyfriend Test humiliated her by making
her dance for his friends just to save his own pride. In the process, he
killed hers. She managed to get back at him and get under his skin just a
bit when she turned the tables and began to enjoy her two admirers, Rico
and Steven Richards, but it wasn't enough for payback. Stacy needed more...
two more.

The scene is set and could not be any more perfect. Stacy stands in her
hotel room fixing a video camera which she has set up at the foot of her
queen sized bed that is draped with red silk roses and has candles burning
on the end tables beside it. Stacy is dressed to accent her sexy theme
wearing a see-through red teddy with two strategically placed puffy balls
of fur covering her breasts. Beneath the revealing undergarment she wears
a black bra and matching thong panties. She flashes her thong-laden butt
for the camera quickly as she bends over to adjust the sheets that line the
bed. The romantic set is now perfected and all that is needed are the guests.

As if on cue, there is a knock on the door. Stacy struts over to it,
off-camera, and opens the door. Steven Richards and Victoria stand in the
doorway decked in street clothes. Their faces are best described as uneasy
and confused.

"Come on in, guys," Stacy says, inviting the duo inside. Both step inside
still a bit uneasy, surveying the lavish hotel room.

"You know," Victoria starts, "this still feels a bit weird. I mean, I
understand what you're doing and why, but I don't know. I still just feel...

"I admire that Vickie," the lovely diva responds, "but you know, Test
deserves this more than he deserves me. He made me his personal slut just
so that he could fulfill his sick sexual desires without me being able to
decline. So, I'm going to go along with it and fulfill one of his dreams...
without him here. I'll let him watch it on tape like the sick pervert that
he is. Maybe then he'll realize what an asshole he truly is."

It is quite a mouthful for the young blonde. All the hate and frustration
has been building in her small frame for quite some time and she was more
than ready to release it with the help of her two pawns, Steven Richards
and Victoria.

"Where do we begin?" Victoria asks, sitting on the edge of the bed with her
hands in her lap. "I've never actually done this type of thing before."

"How about a little lesbo action to kick it off?" Richards interjects
before anymore is said. His uneasy look quickly turns to an enormous smile
as thoughts churn inside his head.

"That's a good start," Stacy agrees and she turns on the video camera. "Just
sit back and relax, Victoria. I'll get this party started."

And Victoria does just that as Stacy leans over and kisses her on the lips.
She takes the raven-haired divas hands and places them on her butt. Victoria
accepts both offers, pulling Stacy deeper into the sensual kiss and squeezing
her tight ass as she does so. The two divas' tongues mingle and mesh and
enter each other's mouths in such a way that it appears both have done this
sort of thing before. Stacy moves in even closer, straddling Victoria's lap
to get a better angle on what appears to be an enjoyable smooch. Steven
Richards simply stands back and admires the view, marveling at how is
fantasies are slowly coming to life right before his eyes. Victoria breaks
from the kiss gasping for breath and the two women share longing looks of
lust with one another.

"Let's get rid of these clothes," Victoria says in the heat of the moment
having overcome her previous feeling of awkwardness.

As Victoria begins to remove her shirt, Stacy stops her. "Allow me," she
politely suggests and tugs for Vickie's blue tube top. She becomes completely
sidetracked as she lifts the shirt up to Victoria's neck and reveals her
massive jugs, completely bare and hanging in plain sight. Almost instantly,
the young blonde dives in, pushing her face deep down into Victoria's
cleavage. Victoria removes her own tube top, tosses it to an awaiting Steven
Richards, and then gradually lies back while Stacy continues to suck on her
boobs. Now on top of the brunette, Stacy shows no sign of slowing down. She
paws at Victoria's mammoth titties like an animal, scratching the skin and
pinching her nipple. Her entire hand is not enough to cover one breast, but
it is enough to feed it into her saliva-laden mouth. Stacy's lips inhale
Vickie's breast and only half of her gigantic tit fills Kiebler's mouth.

"Oh yeah, that's it," Victoria moans. Stacy reaches up with her free hand
and sticks it near her lover's mouth. Victoria takes the blonde's fingers
in slowly, one by one, until each digit is soaked in her saliva. Stacy then
takes her hand back down and slides it between Victoria's breasts, almost
like a slicked penis, which is ironic since the real thing is sitting only
a few feet away. "Ohh! Stacy, yes!"

The persistent Kiebler is still sucking on Victoria's breast and using her
other hand to now explore down below. Her fingers creep beneath the diva's
jean shorts and rub the material that is covering her treasure, "Victoria's
Secret" as some would call it. "Oooh!" Victoria moans again and reaches
down to unzip her pants. Kielber lifts her mouth from the former Women's
Champion's breast and moves to both knees. She watches intently as Victoria
unzips her shorts and then slides them off over her round butt, down her
slender, tan legs, and to her sandals. It is at this point that Stacy
interjects herself once again.

"Let me help you out here," she says as she takes off both of Victoria's
sandals and throws them aside. She slides off her shorts and tosses them
aside as well. Before Victoria can retract her legs, however, Stacy examines
her feet. She licks her lips. "Quite nice feet you have here," she says and
lowers her lips down to them. Each toe fits perfectly into her small mouth
and she moves down the line, sucking each toe like a small penis.

After the five mini-blowjobs, the crafty Kiebler licks the arch beneath
Victoria's foot, traces her tongue to her ankle, and then slides it up her
calf. All the while, she moves herself closer and closer to the prize that
sits between her legs. Victoria gradually spreads her legs as Kiebler moves
in. Her tongue grazes her inner thigh and Victoria feels herself being
overcome with anticipation. Stacy feels the heat from Victoria's crotch as
her face nudges near. Her blonde hair touches it first and sends a small
chill down Victoria's spine. Her nose shortly follows and then her mouth,
blowing little tuffs of hot air down on Victoria's already heated crotch.

"Ooh Stacy... don't taunt me anymore," Victoria cries, "Just do it."

"Don't taunt ME anymore!" Steven calls out from the other side of the room,
off-camera. He is unbuttoning his jeans and has already taken his shirt off.

Kiebler pays no attention to the overly eager Richards and continues to
pleasure her female companion. Her delicate fingers hook around the
waistband of Victoria's panties and she pulls them down slightly, exposing
a small tuft of brown hair. Stacy raises her head up and kisses the exposed
skin. She pulls Victoria's panties down a little more and again kisses the
exposed skin. The panties come down a little more and another kiss is
planted on the skin that is uncovered. Finally, the panties are removed and
Stacy slides them off Victoria's legs to the floor below. Her full womanhood
is in view and a fervent Stacy is ready to dive in. She lowers her head to
Victoria's labia and licks them gently, just stimulating them enough for
Victoria to shiver.

"Ooooh yes..." Victoria coos, "give me more Stacy."

Another quick lashing of Kiebler's tongue sends a ripple through Victoria's
body. Her entire body lifts from the bed in a wave motion and another soft
moan accompanies it. "Ooh God..." Victoria rests her hands on the back of
Stacy's head and pushes her deeper between her legs. "Just take me..." she
whispers. Guided by Victoria's hands, Stacy goes down on the raven-haired
goddess and eats her delectable pussy. Once quick lashings of the tongue are
now slow, steady strokes that have Vickie's lower extremities glowing with
her own juices. Victoria can feel herself heating up while Stacy continues
to munch away, lifting her head only to take short breaths.

"How does that feel?" Stacy says with one of her breaths.

"Really good..." Victoria replies and throws her head back to moan. "...oh
God... really really good... ohh yes!"

The blonde lowers herself back down between Victoria's legs but not before
slipping two still slick fingers into the dark-haired diva's box. Her index
and middle fingers spread open Vickie's labia, allowing her tongue to probe
deeper. "OH GOD!" Victoria screams and pulls at the blonde locks of hair in
her hands. Stacy continues to attack Victoria's G-spot with savage tongue
whips. Unbeknownst the young blonde is a ready and able Steven Richards,
completely stripped and standing behind her. He holds is rapidly growing
cock in his hand and is pointing it toward Stacy Kiebler's delectable tush.

Richards places an arm around the blonde's hip and raises her back end up so
that it is level with his aching tool. He then pulls her thong to the side
and plunges into her, thrusting himself deep inside her moist pussy as far
as he can. The young blonde raises her head up from between Victoria's legs
and flips her head back in an intoxicating moan.

"OH GOD!" Stacy shouts at the top of her lungs. "FUCK ME!"

The overly horny male is more than eager to meet the demand. He uses his arm
wrapped around her middle as leverage and slams into her luscious backend.
Stacy's butt jiggles and shakes with each collision that Richards makes with
his hips. The sound of flesh pounding flesh accompanies it and rightfully so
as Steven works to satisfy this younger blonde diva. His efforts appear to
be successful by the look on Stacy Keibler's gorgeous face: her eyes are
completely shut and squinting, her brows are furrowed, and her mouth is agape
and screaming in a sweet mixture of agony and pleasure. The sweat forming
from her forehead is dripping down onto Victoria's still open legs, which
seem to have gone neglected since Richards entered the picture.

"FUCK STEVEN! FUCK ME HARDER!" screams the blonde blissfully.

Not to be outdone, Victoria rises up and stands on the bed. She steps over
Stacy's head and shoulders and stands over the small of her back. Richards
puts his other arm around Stacy's middle and straightens out her back,
supporting it enough so that Victoria can squat down with her hands resting
on Keibler's butt and her face inches away from Steven's. She kisses the
side of his face, licking his cheek and biting on his earlobe. Richards
seems to enjoy the rough ways of his psychopathic counterpart.

"You want to see her really scream?" Victoria asks with a certain sinister
pitch to her voice. "Watch this."

Steven continues to work the beautiful blonde Stacy from behind but with
less interest and motivation than before. Instead, his focus is on the
raven-haired Amazon whose head hovers precariously above Keibler's backside
with her mouth wide open. Victoria's hands spread Stacy's cheeks just as a
dribble of saliva drops down and lands between her parted butt. A visible
shudder comes over Stacy as the cold spit drips into her asshole. Victoria
works her index finger into Keibler's butthole and the overwhelming sensation
joyously reverberates over the younger blonde's shapely body. The small of
her back dips down and her delectable tush rises up, taking in Victoria's
entire finger in the process. The simulated pleasure of double penetration
takes Keibler by storm and the delighted diva shows her appreciation.

"OH FUCK!" she screams louder than she has the entire night.

Her head blissful shoots back and her golden blonde locks of hair become
whips, lashing back as well. Victoria gives a "told you so" smile to her
beau, Steven, and continues to her work her anus, spreading it with the
thumb and forefinger of her left hand so that the index and middle of her
right can penetrate inside of Stacy's butt. Keibler's lower back again
falls and her tush again pushes up, creating a wave-like motion that
allows Victoria to finger-fuck her anus with ease.

"Don't just stand there," Victoria commands her hypnotized partner, "help
me out. We're going to make her explode."

Instantly, Steven Richards breaks from his trance-like stage and resumes
taking the sultry blonde diva from behind. His pelvic muscles thrust into
her suddenly, and then he penetrates her slow strokes. Once his rhythm is
established, Richards picks up the pace. His hands lock in front of Stacy's
stomach as his arms wrap around her tightly and pull her in. Stacy's entire
body submits control of itself to Steven and he rocks her back and forth on
his aching tool. Victoria becomes a figurative bull rider, attempting to
keep her fingers jammed inside of Stacy's butt and balance on her moving
frame at the same time. The tough vixen holds her own and continues to
anally assault Keibler, confident enough to smooch with Steven at the same
time. Together, the pair drives Stacy into an unimaginable state of sexual

"OH GOD, YES! OH GOD!" Stacy moans as Steven craftily moves her back and
forth along his rod. "OH GOD!"

The duo can feel the young blonde's body begin to shake like a volcano ready
to explode. Both sexual partners do not let up but instead quicken the pace.
Steven lays into Stacy's backside with a newfound vigor, hunching over her
body and slamming her with all he's got left in his tired frame. Stacy's once
tan backside is now stained with red imprints of Steven Richards' thrusting
pelvis. The equally vigorous Victoria, with a look of insanity in her eyes,
pushes, pulls, and stretches Keibler's anus with her two fingers, anything to
put the blonde over her peak. As her breathing quickens and her heart races,
Stacy realizes the inevitable and embraces the tidal wave-like orgasm that is
sweeping through her body.

"YES! YES! YES!" she screams out as loud as she can, echoing throughout the
hotel room. "FUCK YES!"

Kiebler shouts out one more time before her body falls limp and she is
helpless in Steven Richards' arms. Steven plunges into the blonde a few more
times before finally pulling out and resting on his knees at the edge of the
bed. Stacy crawls toward the front of the bed while Victoria passes out in
the middle between the two. The smiles on their faces tell the whole story.

"That was..." Stacy starts.

"Wonderful?" Victoria finishes with a chuckle.

"Magnificent is more like it," the blonde shoots back. "Andrew could never
please me like that."

"Well," Steven begins, rising to his feet and pulling his pants back up,
"that was quite a ride."

"Yeah it was," Victoria agrees as she too searches for her clothing.

"Why are you two acting like the ride is over?" Stacy suddenly interrupts and
climbs to her knees. "After all, Steven, I didn't properly repay you for what
you did for me... back there."

"But we're kind of..." is all that Steven Richards allows to escape his
mouth before he forces his own mouth shut. The sight before him is enough to
change any man's mind. Stacy, looking as sultry and sexy as ever, crawls on
all fours toward him, her eyes filled with a tremendous hunger. She arrives
toward the end of the bed where Richards stands and licks her lips

"I suppose we could stay for a bit," Richards decides and kicks his pants
back off to the floor. His cock springs forward toward Stacy's awaiting
mouth, dangling meat in front of the hungry lioness. She wraps her delicate
fingers around the base of his shaft and lowers her mouth, opening it up
enough to take in just the end of Steven's tool. She suckles on the purple
head, licking up the pre-cum that lingers on it, and then removes it from
her mouth to observe her saliva dripping down the remainder of his piece.
Richards can hardly contain himself as the slow movements of Stacy's hands,
crawling from the base of his penis to the top, send shivers down his spine.
She smiles.

"You want me to stick this entire thing in my mouth?" she asks with
schoolgirl-like innocence. "It's awfully big."

Richards cannot speak; instead, he simply nods his head. Keibler moves in
closer and licks the underside of his shaft, dragging her tongue from his
testicles to the top of the purple head. Once again, she takes the end of
his dick into her mouth and sucks up the pre-cum. She swirls her tongue
over the slit in his penis, mere bait for this cocktease. Richards can
hardly wait for her next move. His fingers are digging deeper into his
hips as he holds his arms to the side to prevent his overwhelming desire
to just force his cock down the young blonde's throat. But patience seems
to be in Steven's side and the blonde diva goes down on him, burying the
entire length of his piece down her throat. Her lips touch the base and
she immediately comes back up for air, gasping and panting.

"How did that feel baby?" she asks and strokes his cock with her hand, using
her own saliva as a suitable lubricant.

"It felt so good," Richards responds with his eyes half-closed, "I want it
again... and again... and again."

With his cock in her hand, Keibler feeds it with her fingers back into her
hot, watering mouth. She takes the entire length in one breath, then comes
back up and goes down again on him. Richards can longer contain himself and
he puts his hands on the back of Keibler's head and uses them as guide to
lead her up and down his shaft. As the pressure from his hands increases,
so does Stacy's pace. Steven's cock tickles the back of her throat and the
blonde loves every moment of it.

"That's it, suck that dick," Steven commands as his hands slip from Stacy's
head and run down the front of her body to her breasts. He is able to squeeze
them only once before Stacy pulls his cock from her mouth and leans back.

"Here, let me help you out," she remarks and then removes her teddy. Richards
moves his hands behind her back and removes the black bra that still remains
and frees her tits to the cool air of the hotel room. "There we go."

As Stacy resumes sucking him off, Steven resumes pawing at her now bare
chest. Her small breasts fit neatly into his hands. His fingers entice her
nipples as he takes them between his thumb and forefinger and rubs them
gently. He then pushes her breasts together and with the palm of his hands,
rubs in a circular motion over her nipples once more.

"Mmmmmm..." Keibler moans, her mouth still muffled with Steven's meat.

A neglected but still present Victoria watches the action from the side of
the bed. She watches Keibler's delicious tush move around while she continues
to suck on her man. An idea pops into her mind and causes Victoria to move
back onto the bed. She moves on her knees toward the young blonde, stalking
the oblivious diva. But once she feels a pair of hands rubbing her butt,
Stacy tries to look behind her, but Steven does not allow it to happen. His
hands quickly move back up to the top of her head and he keeps her positioned
in his pole, not allowing her to view what is going on behind her courtesy of

"You know," the raven-haired Amazon initiates and pulls down Stacy's thong,
"all this time, you haven't been rightfully punished."

An audible "huh?" comes from Stacy's contained mouth.

"What?" Victoria asks, her tone of voice growing with lunacy. "What's that
princess? You don't know why you should be punished? Well, perhaps this will
job your memory!"


The red handprint of Victoria lingers on the blonde's butt longer after the
initial slap.

"You are not only cheating on your boyfriend," Victoria continues.




"You're cheating on him with two other people."



"And for that, you should be disciplined."


Stacy attempts to scream, but her throat is still stuffed with Richards'
prick. Her sore butt with red marks to prove it serve as a strange
inspiration and she moves her head up and down Steven's cock faster and
more efficient than before. The pace is even too quick for Steven, who
retracts his hands and watches at his cock-hungry blonde slut gives him
her finest blowjob.

"Oooh yeah," Steven moans, feeling his member quivering inside of Keibler's
mouth. "Oh yes!"

Mere moments later, Steven can feel his testicles ready to empty out and his
cock ready to explode. Stacy, the experienced cocksucker, can sense it too
and she pulls his cock from his mouth. One of her hand remains around the
base and she jerks him off, keeping her mouth open and tongue out for the
finish. Richards' whole body trembles and he fires a load directly into
Stacy's mouth. The rest of his semen lands on her face and on her chest and
Stacy seems satisfied. She swallows his seed down without a hitch.

"Let me have some of that," Victoria interjects as she slides down next to
Stacy. The two ladies engage in a lip-lock swapping more than just spit and
then Stacy lies back as Victoria licks up the rest of the semen from her
body, focusing lastly on her breasts. Before getting up, she gives Keibler
once last kiss on the lips.

"That was fantastic," the raven-haired one says, "thank you so much."

"No, thank you," Stacy corrects her. "It's too bad we didn't get the chance
to pleasure you, Vickie."

"Oh, don't worry," Victoria fires back, "that's what my man is for."

Steven Richards and Victoria leave half-dressed and shut the hotel room door
behind them. However, Victoria's last comment still lingers in the room,
inside of Stacy Kiebler's mind. Despite what Andrew had done to her, he was
still a certainty in her life. She knew that even though the wild orgies and
threesomes could give her pleasure, that type of pleasure was not waiting for
her in bed when she got home like Andrew was. She realizes this and rises
from the bed in tears. Stacy walks over to the video camera, removes the
tape, and pulls out the film.

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