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Sleeping Her Way To The Top Part 1
by TrishBelongsToMe

Lilian Garcia was an aspiring singer. She had already made her voice big in
the WWE and as well making her debut album. She was on top of the world as
Vince would always fill in a space on Raw for her singing. Lilian knew that
she had a great voice and looks, so she used it to her advantage to get her
where she is now. Lilian just got finished singing "America the Beautiful"
for the house show crowd in Baltimore. As usual she hit the song hard and
received a standing ovation. She walked backstage towards her locker room
until her eyes looked upon a clipboard lying on the table full of coffee and
bread. She poured herself a drink as she looked over the papers. She nearly
dropped her coffee when she saw that she was going to headline a concert with
Britney Spears and Kelly Clarkson.

"Oh my God!!!!!!! Britney and Kelly want me to headline with them!!!!"

Lilian's booking agent put his hands on her shoulder and calmed her down.

"You know Lil, it took me a while to get you the part. So take this seriously

"I won't let you down Kevin. Thank you so much! Ah!!!!"

She excitedly ran off to her locker room to pack her bags.

* * *

Lilian found herself in New Jersey's airport. She smiled and waved to the
fans that instantly recognized her, trying not to have to stand for seven
hours signing autographs. She walked her way to the bag recovery where she
saw a familiar face. Lilian stood as close as she could to the person,
trying to see if it was who she thought it was.


The woman turned around and met face to face with Lilian. It was Kelly

"You are Kelly! Hi, it's me, Lilian."

"Oh, your Lilian from WWF right?"

"Actually it's WWE now. But I make that mistake a lot too."

Kelly didn't look very interested at all. She just gave quick and short
answers after every question. Lilian realized this and decided that she had
to do something.

"Soþwhat do you do for a living?"

Kelly rose her eyebrows in confusion. "I sing. You know, I'm the American

Lilian grinned and said, "You know, I sang a couple of American songs. And I
sing better than you. Does that make me an American Idol?"

Kelly looked at her in disbelief. She said sharply, "You may be able to sing,
but you'll never be better than me. Besides, I'm sexier, hipper, and more
than you can ever handle."

Kelly saw he bags and walked over to them. She bent down to pick them up and
that's when Lilian actually noticed her clothing. Kelly was wearing really
tight pink pants with a sleeveless shirt. Her breast proudly hung from the
shirt as she struggled to lift her bags. Lilian never felt a bit lesbian, but
she knew she wanted a piece of that large, round ass.

"Kelly, I have an idea. Meet at my apartment at 8:00 tonight and we'll have
a sing off. Whoever does best, will be called the Real American Idol.."

Kelly lifted her bags and thought about the proposal for a second.

"Actually, that does sound like a great idea. Fine, tonight will be you and
me one-on-one!"

Lilian smiled widely and said, "That's what I'm counting on." She licked her
lips and grabbed her own bags.

* * *

Kelly was outside the apartment door knocking on it like crazy. She had been
waiting 5 minutes for the door to open.

"Oh! This was all a trick, huh? Get me to go out of my way to accept a stupid
challenge, and then get stuck out in the cold."

Kelly was about to leave until the door flung wide open. She walked into the
room and stood in awe as she saw Lilian lying naked on her bed. Lilian looked
like she was asleep as Kelly moved close to her. Kelly stared at Lilian's big
and firm breast with huge nipples. They were so perky that Kelly felt like
holding them and rubbing against them. Kelly inched closer as she saw
Lilian's clean shaved pussy. It was a perfect pink color and looked so tasty.
Kelly was trying to get a hold of herself but could barely do it. Lilian gave
a huge yawn and turned around on her stomach, waving her plump and soft ass
in the air. Kelly couldn't take it anymore. She shut and locked the door
behind her and quickly went up to Lilian. Her face quickly hung over her
perfect ass, and her tongue crept out of her mouth, into Lilian's asshole.
Kelly rubbed her tongue all around her asshole nonstop. Her hands wrapped
around Lilian's ass and rubbed slowly across. Lilian was moaning and moaning,
making it obvious she pretended she was asleep. Kelly was in heaven as she
continued to rub against Lilian's ass and penetrate her asshole with her

" wonder you could really know how to use that

Kelly was loving the constant moans and teases. This made Kelly even more
anxious to eat Lilian's ass out. After a while, Kelly pulled out her tongue
and Lilian stood up. They met face to face where they embraced each other
and kisses wildly. Their tongues flew into each other's mouths. Kelly was
licking all around Lilian's face, while Lilian would bite at Kelly's ears.
Lilian's hands reached the back of Kelly's pants and pulled them down. Of
course, Kelly wasn't wearing any underwear, so Lilian rubbed against Kelly's
huge ass. Kelly pushed herself forward until she was pussy to pussy with her.
Kelly took off her sleeveless and threw it aside as they were in a huge
French kiss. Their hands roamed each other's bodies as if it were new land
to them. Kelly put her fingers into Lilian's wet pussy and pushed hard.


Lilian screamed as Kelly pushed her back on the bed. Kelly kept her fingers
in Lilian's pussy and shoved harder and harder.

"Oh!! Oh!! Oh!! Fuck!!! It hurts!!!"

Kelly just smiled and pushed her fingers even more until they were all the
way inside. She jammed them in and out making Lilian scream and cry even

"Goddd!!!! Shit...unhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!"

"You like that bitch!! Huh?!!! I sad do you like it bitch!!!"

Kelly had full control as she moved her head up to Lilian's breast.

"Do you want master to lick your tits bitch?"

"Yes! Just please stop fucking my pussy!!"

Kelly didn't stop fucking her pussy, but she did start sucking on Lilian's
tits. Kelly's tongue didn't just lick up her nipple, it roamed around her
whole breast.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Unhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Please stop fucking myþAhhhhhh!!!!"

Kelly finally slid her fingers out of Lilian's pussy. She went down lower
and licked out Lilian's pussy. She put Lilian's legs over her shoulders so
that she could stick more and more of her tongue in. Lilian moaned wildly,
she felt all the pain slowly lowering because of Kelly's tongue. Kelly
licked and sucked at Lilian's pussy until she came all into Kelly's mouth.
Kelly held all of it into her mouth until she crawled up to Lilian's face.
Kelly spit the sweet pussy juice all over Lilian. And she liked it! They
both licked up all of her cum and savored the taste. It was so good. Kelly
was licking all over her face to get the cum.

"Well bitch, that was good. So I'm going to give you a little reward."

Kelly sat up and crawled on the bed until her pussy hung just over Lilian's
head. Lilian reached her head up until Kelly's pussy was in her mouth. Kelly
quickly closed her legs and held Lilian in there. Lilian licked the hell out
of her pussy and at the same time stuck her fingers into Kelly's ass.

"Ahhh!!! Yes bitch!!! That's the spot!!!! Unhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

Lilian shoved her tongue deep into her pussy until Kelly realized that she
was going to cum.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Kelly's legs braced Lilian's head tightly as she came straight into her
mouth. It filled her throat. Kelly didn't let go until all the cum was
swallowed. Lilian and Kelly laid side by side completely worn out.

"So Kelly, who do you think is the Real American Idol?"

"I don't know. Maybe we have to have another test."

They smiled as they rubbed against each other's bodies and set for another


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