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by CrazyBeCat

Smiling, Trish Stratus captured Stephanie McMahon's lips in a tender kiss, nibbling and simply enjoying the sharp breaths coming from their noses as their lips brushed together and moved together. She ran her hands lightly up and down bare arms, loving the goose-bumped flesh beneath her fingers.

Drifting away from luscious lips, she trailed her own across a smooth, strong jaw, to nibble and lick at the sensitive skin around Stephanie's left ear. Stephanie made quiet little noises and Trish moved her hands from her wife's arms to caress at the skin just peeking out from Stephanie's hiked up shirt. A tiny little 'aaah' was pulled from Stephanie's lips on a sigh when Trish moved down and began to suckle lightly at her neck, leaving red, wet, little splotches standing out brightly against peach flushed skin.

Sitting up a little, she pulled Stephanie with her, and carefully tugged the snug blouse over her lover's head, claiming swollen lips again as she dropped the blouse onto the floor beside the bed. Her hands free, she took hold of Stephanie's face, holding her and running her thumbs over cheekbones as they kissed as if they had all the time in the world.

Once again withdrawing, Trish smiled as she reached up with her pointer fingers to trace over lidded eyes before replacing them with her thumbs "You are so beautiful, Stephanie." She murmured, leaning forward again to kiss at fluttering eyelashes, then at blushing cheeks, at the corners of slightly parted lips, and then they were kissing again. Trish continued to lean forward, one hand quickly making work of the clasps on the back of Stephanie's bra, and the other moving away from Stephanie's face to help lever them back down onto the bed.

Not breaking the kissing, she used her hands to remove Stephanie's skirt, adding it to the pile on the floor, but left the little strip of a thong right where it was.

She lowered from Stephanie's lips to tease wet, hot, opened mouth kisses down Stephanie's chin, her neck, her torso, over the little hump, to claim a taut nipple. Sucking and licking, she used her hands to first remove the bra all the way before dropping it off the edge of the bed, and then her right hand smoothed up a toned, but slightly rounded stomach to tease and pinch at the second breast, while her left hand traveled down to stroke a feather light touch from Stephanie's hip down to her knee.

Stephanie's breathy keening turned into pleasant mewls and moans as Trish gradually grew just a tad more firm with her loving. Lavishing Stephanie with slow love was one of Trish's favorite things to do. Stephanie would flush and blush, her whole body becoming wound with ecstasy before she would orgasm with the most gorgeous grunting noise Trish had ever heard.

Her attention shifted to the second nipple, and she chewed at it gently as her hands switched duties as well, her left hand fondling at a very wet breast, and her right hand smoothing up and down an increasingly sweaty thigh.

Sex, and all those fun terms for 'love making', was sticky, and sweaty, and messy, and it meant they were constantly washing and changing sheets, but she would never stop her wanton craving of seeing Stephanie so carefree, so open, so happy, and so fucking hot, all because she loved Trish just as much as Trish loved her.

Increasing her pace just a little after an airy, "Please, Trish," Trish progressively kissed and sucked, and bit, and licked at Stephanie's belly. Her hands moved to skim, tickle, and scrape against Stephanie's inner thighs, reveling in the jerking twitching of muscles throughout Stephanie's body.

The smell of heavy arousal was thick in her nostrils as she breathed, and Trish had to calm herself so she didn't ruin all her slow work by jumping too fast into what Stephanie was now very quietly pleading for, with her voice as well as her hands in Trish's hair.

Trish chuckled, and moved her mouth lower still, so she was now using her nose to tickle through the thin silk thong at the primly groomed hairs at Stephanie's mound of heavenly goodness (a name at which Stephanie scoffed whenever Trish would use it), and her breath was wet and hot, breathing down upon tender skin and folds that had a little strip of silk practically glued to them.

"God, I love you so much, Stephanie." Trish said, her heart pounding in her chest with her feelings.

Stephanie moaned, low and guttural, and tugged at Trish's hair, "Good God, Trish," she heaved out, "I don't know how much... longer I can stand... this teasing."

Laughing, Trish withdrew a little and slipped back up Stephanie's shining, slick body, to capture her lips with a passionate kiss, "I love you, so very much, Stephanie." She repeated the phrase as airy whispers as she began to softly press kisses to Stephanie's cheeks, nose, and lips.

Resting as much weight as she dared to atop of her wife, Trish used her left hand to rub up and down Stephanie's leg, and brushed her right fingers' tips against Stephanie's core, earning a whimpering wail of approval, "Oh fffuu-" the word tapered off when Trish pressed with a firm stroke against Stephanie's clit. She rubbed little circles over the engorged little bead, feeling the building of Stephanie's orgasm beneath her.

Lowering her fingers, she traced and teased along slippery, sticky skin to dip once, twice, three times into Stephanie's entrance, humming with joy at the pleasurable sounds that were pouring unabashedly from Stephanie's lips.

She continued her ever changing patterns and moved back down Stephanie's body. Making herself as comfortable as she could while not stopping her hand, Trish crouched down on her knees and smiled widely as she attached her mouth quickly over Stephanie's clitoris and sucked- hard. Stephanie screamed, her whole body arching and bowing, "Trish!"

Pleased at the reaction she got, Trish continued to suck at the power button to Stephanie's orgasm. Her tongue flicked against it as rapidly as she could. She moved her head back and forth, loving how Stephanie's body was moving with her, "Mmm... so wet, Stephanie. So beautiful, and wet."

Smiling as she pushed first one finger inside, and pumped lightly a few times before inserting a second, she curved them just right, and found that little patch of ribbed flesh. She continued playing and teasing at Stephanie's clit, the silk of her thong occasionally joining the motions, and twisted her fingers around, stretching Stephanie's inner walls, feeling the hot, wet channel turning her fingers into slimy prunes.

"Oh... aaahhh... oohh... ohhh," Stephanie's voice shook and trembled, her breathing heavy and heaving as she gulped in air.

Trish could feel her wife's thighs quivering at her sides. She could feel how Stephanie's feet and hands were trying to find purchase against the bed clothes. Reaching up with her left hand, she pressed it against Stephanie's abdomen, and circled her index finger around Stephanie's bellybutton, tickling the tip of her finger inside, and wiggling it around, enjoying the squeaking, keening, whimpering noises that were continuing to grow with no care in the world for the noise level.

"Sooo... ssssoooo... clossse." Stephanie cried out, her body wildly seeking its release.

Building her speed, she ignored the ache growing in her wrist and neck, and Trish doubled her licking and suckling at Stephanie's clit. She buried her fingers in and out as deep as she could, adding a third finger to the squelching, hot, mess. There.

Stephanie's whole body grew taut, and a keening groan ripped from her throat, ending in a grunt of breathless ecstasy as Trish continued her pumping and sucking, dragging sighs and murmurs of pleasure as she was built back up and tumbled back down a few minutes later.

Trish slowed her motions, her sucking becoming softer, her licks a little lighter, and her pumping fingers becoming languid and smooth in their movement.

Removing her wrinkled and sex smelling fingers, she gave a few more kisses and nibbles to a twitching clit before she crawled back up to kiss at panting lips. She ran her sticky fingers up and down Stephanie's chest, smiling dopily at the look of pure contentment on Stephanie's face, "Good thing the Gala dinner was thoroughly filling. We just burned it all off in three beautiful hours."

Stephanie chuckled, her tongue peeking out to swipe at her lips, "I almost wasn't sure if I could get that last one off. My body is quite Jello feeling right now."

Trish grinned widely when Stephanie cracked her eyes open, "Well, I did just give you eleven orgasms over the course of three hours."

"Hhmm, keeping count, my love?"

"Well of course, it's our eleven month of being married today. Almost a year. Of course I was counting."

Stephanie smiled, and cupped Trish's face with her sweating hands, "And they were eleven wonderful orgasms to mirror eleven wonderful months of marriage, Trish."

"I love you, Stephanie. So very much."

"I love you very much, Trish."

Dipping down, Trish pressed their lips together for a gentle round of slow kissing.

There wouldn't be any more orgasms for the night, but cuddles and kisses after mind-blowing sex was something they both cherished, despite the sweaty, sticky mess they were. They'd fall asleep, and shower in the morning, and strip off the bed sheets before going to work, so that the house cleaner would know they were dirty.

Rolling to the side, Trish gathered Stephanie in her arms, tangling their legs together as they continued with their light kissing, slowly coming to a halt as they drifted off to sleep, wound lovingly together amongst their rumpled sheets.

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