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Slutbrawl 2000 - Part 1
by Crank Case

***CSBN Towers, Marcus Wade's office, Chicago, Illinois***

Marcus Wade was bored. His empire was complete. He controlled most
professional sports on cable or otherwise. The days he'd spent in the
trenches fighting to survive against tycoons like Vince McMahon and
Billionaire Ted were over. His wrestling empire was complete as the top
three organizations in the world were under his control. He didn't do much
with his day except fuck his secretary and sign the occasional form.

He ran a hand through his greying hair as he leafed through some of the
documents in his "to do" file. He came across Chyna's issue of Playboy. It
had a note attached to it that read, "Hey Pop, I'm having Matt send this
chick to the house to "perform" for you on the sixteenth. Happy Birthday ya
old bastard! Love, Jessup." Marcus flipped through the pages and dropped the
magazine to his desk. He then scanned the quarterly reports for his three
wrestling companies. "Ms. Jones," he asked, "What is the 'Women of WCW, WWF,
and ECW' series?"

Ms. Jones removed her lips from her bosses' dick and answered from under
his desk, "It's a series of porno films featuring the valets and other women
of your wrestling companies. It was Jess' idea."

"Not a bad one at that," he said, 'They sure as fuck do sell well! That
gives me an idea..."

***The MGM Grand arena, Las Vegas, Nevada"

"Hello folks I'm Joey Styles and welcome to Slutbrawl 2000!" said a
beaming Joey Styles from the ringside announce position.

Joel spoke up, "And well well well I'm Joel 'These Las Vegas bitches ride
the cock like pros, almost as good as the Godfather's hoes and..."

Madden cut him off, "Yeah yeah yeah you're soooo scandalous with your
witty diatribe oh it's all so shocking."

Gertner grbbed the mic back, "Gertner."

Joey continued, "Well anyway, this will promise to be the most memorable
wrestling Pay Per View that CSBN or any other company has ever put on! The
premise is simple folks! There are sixteen former women of wrestling
clamoring for a chance to re-establish themselves in either the WWF, WCW, or
ECW! To do this they'll have to go through four matches against the other
women. These aren't you regular matches either, these matches are entirely
sexual! The first woman to orgasm loses. There will be a wheel of EXXXtreme
put into use in the second and third rounds featuring some 'specialty'
matches. So now without further ado let's..."

Madden cut styles off, "Let's get to the friggin women already! Geez
you're long winded!"

"Bailando" came over the house PA system and former Nitro Girl A.C. Jazz
stepped out from behind the curtain wearing white knee-high boots, white
leather hotpants, and a white halter top.

Madden: "Ohh ho ho snoothcie bootchies Joey!"

Styles: "You're gonna get in trouble if you keep using that line Madden."

Madden: "Trouble? From who?!? Those two stoners can't stop me! I'm "Internet"
Mark Madden and I can say whatever I want! So snooch to the nooch naganooch!"

"THAT'S IT!" came a semi-annoying voice over the arena loudspeakers. Then
two mic holding men in black stood on the entranceway. "That's all I can
stand!" yelled the blonde haired one as they strode to the announce table,

"For those that don't know us I'm Jay and chubba wubba over here is my
hetero-lifemate Silent Bob. And this tubby motherfucker down here has been
rippin' off my lingo for months! If there's one thing I hate it's the
improper use of my swank flow! Now are you gonna stop piggly wiggly or do
we have to stop you?!?" Jay was right in Madden's face.

Madden retorted, "Now listen here you bong toting chiba monkey! I am
"Internet" Mark Madden! I am a broadcast journalist! And I can beat the crap
out of two hopheads like you with both arms behind my back! So get to
steppin' or I step on you, shorty!"

"SHORTY?!?" Jay exclaimed, "Gank this fool Bob!"

Silent Bob reached into an inside pocket of his trenchcoat and pulled out
a cattle prod. Madden got out the word "mommy" before Bob jammed the stungun
into Mark's gut. The smell of bacon frying permeated the air and Madden went
into convulsions before dropping to the ground. The EMT's all pulled hernias
while trying to haul his fat ass onto a stretcher.

Jay: What up Jo-jo, Gertner my man?

Gertner: That Jay, was beautiful. I thought I'D have to clock that bastard
to shut him up!

Styles: What are two such reputable mischief makers doing here anyway?

Jay: You kiddin? Jess Wade and Williams are from Red Bank. They were lookin
for some high-class Jamaican ganga so they decided to support their local
dealers and called us, ain't that right Bob?

Bob: .....

Styles: Does he speak?

Jay: Only when the tubby bitch wants to make an "impact" with his words.

Bob smacked Jay.

Jay: Watch it ho, don't damage the merchandise. Anyway, c'mon let's get on
with this match!

Gertner: You two are gonna call this match with us?

Jay: Hell yes! Nothin' I like better than seein' two fine ass hoes go two
town on each other and then get with the make lovin'!

Kaientai's theme music hit the speakers and Kristine Ho, the former Mrs.
Yamaguchi, stepped onto the ramp wearing a black mini-dress.

Jay: Holee shit! I love japanese women! Five dollah they love you long time
knowhatimsayin Joel?

Gertner: You know it!

Bob: You two are pigs!

Joey: Did he just...

Jay: Oh shut up Bob! I'm not the one that rented Boobs, Butts, and Housewives
six times!

Bob smacks Jay.

Jay: I said watch the damn jacket!

Jazz grabbed a microphone, "Look bitch, you weren't exactly around long
the first time you got a shot at the big time so you might not know how
things go in this buisness. You see big titted blondes like me, we become
stars. Whereas Asian bitches like you strip on top of buildings and wear
bondage gear. So why don't you just rub your little coochie till you cum
and we'll call this exercise in foolishness to an end ok?"

"Allow me to retort," Kristine said, "Achem...Just...bring it!"

Jay: It's on now!

Joey: Ladies an gentlemen we are underway!

Jazz speared Kristine to the ground and straddled the winded woman's
stomach. Jazz grabbed Kristine's hair and Kristine grabbed hers. They started
to roll around on the mat.

Joey: Cat..


Jay: There ya go chubby, knew you had it in ya!

Joey: HEY!

Kristine planted her feet in A.C.'s stomach and kicked her off. Jazz
charged with a right but Kristine grape vined her arm with her left arm and
forced her to the mat. She planted a knee firmly in A.C.'s throat. She
ripped open A.C.'s top with her right hand, exposing her d-cup melons. A.C's
struggling slowed as she was unable to take in air and finally she just
stopped all toghether. Kristine picked up the topless blonde by the hair and
wrapped her arms in the ring ropes. She unzipped Jazz's shorts and pulled
them off her toned legs. Kristine grabbed a muscular buttcheek and slipped
three fingers into Jazz's neatly trimmed pussy.

Jay: Yeah! It's about time! EAT HER OUT! EAT HER OUT!

Bob: I believe that's what you call the vaginal claw, right Joey?

Joey: You watch the show?

Bob: Pez-head here does all the time.

Jay and Joel: Humina humina humina...

"Bailando" played again and Kim Page and Spice charged the ring wearing
gear similar to that of Jazz's. They grabbed Kristine's arms a pulled her
away from their moaning comrade. The pulled off her dress and panties. Spice
shoved her toungue into Kristine's box and Kim licked and sucked her nipples.

Joey: What the hell?!? Why are they helping her?!? They're both in the
tournament too!

Jay: Who gives a damn?!? This is three on one lezbo action!

Joel: It's just like Joey to worry about the rules when there's a gangbang
going on.


Kristine started to hump her cooch on Spice's face and wrapped her legs
around Spice's head. She wrapped an arm around Kim's head and drew it closer
to her tits. Then in one quick motion she flipped Spice with her legs and
brought Kim's face hard into her shoulder.

Joey: Hurra kurrana and a stunner! Holy shit!

Jay: Damn! This bitch is representin'!

Kristine Ho leaped to her feet and took a ghost-tiger stance against her
Nitro girl opposition. Kim got up first and ran at the naked Asian woman.
Kristine savate kicked the larger woman to the floor. Spice ran up behind
Kristine and tossed her over the top rope. Kristine however, skinned the cat
and pulled herself up. She grabbed Spice's head with her powerful legs and
pulled the former Nitro girl over the ropes and dropped her on the guardrail.

Gertner: Fuck! She's like a female Ricky Steamboat!

Jay: Hey ho! Catch!

Jay tossed a chair to Kristine. She spun around to see Kim Page leaping
off the apron at her. She brought the chair up hard into Kim's face, knocking
her out cold. Spice dazedly stood up and ran at Kristine who deftly side
stepped her and allowed her to run headlong into the ringpost. She picked up
the smaller woman by the waist and dropped her on the announce table.

"Take her," Kristine said.

Jay: Well I don't know about you fools but I'm gonna get me some of this!

Jay ripped off Spice's top and fondeled her her perky c-cup breasts. She
managed to utter a weak "no." But Jay didn't care. He dragged her shorts off
her legs and dropped his pants and boxers. Jay spread Spice's legs wide and
started to slam-fuck her bald cunt with his eight inch tool.

Jay: Shit it's like fuckin' a fifteen year old!

Bob: Roll her over man.

Jay: I knew you weren't a fuckin' castrato you tubby bastard. Let's get some
DP action goin' on!

Bob: Do you ever shut up?

Bob shoved his nine inches into Spice's asshole, bringing a weak moan of
pain to Spice's lips. The nWo Wolfpac's music started up and an already naked
April Hunter ran down the entrance ramp, bouncing and jiggling the whole way.
She told the timekeeper to start the second match and she jumped inbetweent
Jay and Spice's faces.

Joey: What the hell?!? The second match has started before the first is even
over?!? I...

Gertner: Shut up and go with it!

Gertner had wrapped Spice's hand around his ten inch cock and she was
jerking him off on instinct, April said, "Lick me you bitch." And Jay thought
she was talking to him so he shoved his huge toungue into her asshole. April
gasped and rubbed Spice's dazed face across her cooch till the admitted slut
Spice started a feeble licking of April's red-furred snatch. Spice was still
too dazed to fight off Jay and Bob's double assault. She was unknowingly
humping her hips back and forth along the two friends' cocks. She was soon
coming all over them.

Jay: Ah shit I'mm gonna blow!

Bob: .....!

Gertner: What he said!

All three men blew their loads on or in Spice. The contest was over but
April wanted to cum too. She pulled hard on Spice's hair and soon had her
nose and mouth inside her cooch. Spice couldn't breath so she lapped like
mad and got April off all over her face. Spice dropped to the floor and
April walked back to her dressing room on wobbly legs. Jay and Bob put their
respective pieces back in place.

Jay: Well sorry to fuck an' run Jo-Jo but we got a flight back to Jersey to

Bob: And Joey, it's a senton bomb. Not a swanton.

Jay: Later Gert, snoogans!

Jay and Bob jumped the guardrail and exited through the crowd.

Gertner: Why didn't you get in on this action Joey?

Styles: You kiddin? I've got Elektra under the table! It's not my fault that
I can get sucked off and call a match at the same time!

Gertner: So much for being happily married huh?

Styles: Shit, my wife's back in Philly fucking Jasmin as we speak!

Gertner: Really? I would love to see that!

Styles: Never gonna happen pal. Well while we were bust with Spice, Kristine
Ho was working over Jazz...

Kristine had her fist buried in AC's cunt and was working the rest of her
arm in. Jazz was moaning and humping her hip against Kristine's arm like mad.
Kristine gave one last shove and AC's girl goo flooded the mat.

"Not yet bitch," said Kristine, "I'm nt done yet."

Kristine was wetter than the Pacific and looking to cum. She lowered her
pussy onto the defeated former nitro girls face and Jazz hungrily slurped
away. Kristine soon came all over Jazz's face and left her in the ring.

Joey: Well our first two matches are in the books and the next will be...

"I know you want me" came over the loudspeakers.

Gertner: Oh god not her.

Styles: Damn it all to hell.

"That's right boys it's me! And I've got something to say!" said Tammy
Lynn Sytch from the entranceway.

Styles: Why me?

To be continued...

The Rankings:

AC Jazz vs Kristine Ho: Kristine Ho

April Hunter vs Spice: April Hunter

B.B. vs Tammy Sytch:

Elizabeth vs Missy Hyatt:

Chastity vs Symphony:

Fyre vs Rena Mero:

Kim Page vs Papaya:

Beuhlah McGuillicutty vs Sherri:

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