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Slutbrawl 2000 Part 2
by Crank Case

Tammy Lynn started her walk to the ramp in her white thong bikini and
see-through robe. As Tammy Lynn Sytch sauntered her way to the ring Stevie
Ray moved along the side of the ramp to the announce position.

Gertner: What up, Stevie?

Styles: I take it you're the newest addition to the announce team?

Stevie: Got a problem with it Styles?

Styles: No it's just that...

Stevie: Man what's this chicken-head doin out here? Suckas need to know!

Gertner: Yeah Joey! Suckas need to know!

Styles: Oh shut up you brown nosing...

Stevie: Shut up Joey! The ho is fittin' to talk!

Tammy brought the mic to her lips, "Yes it's me, it's me, the babealicious
Tam-my! Comin' at ya liiiiiive people! You know, I haven't gotten much air
time in WCW since I mustered the good since to dump that lug Candido, but if
I win this rinky-dink tournament I get to pick the top female spot in
whatever CSBN Federation I want!"

Styles: SHE dumped HIM?!? Selective memory at work folks!

Stevie: This bitch is on the power trip of a lifetime! Who's she gotta fight

Styles: I really don't know Stevie, we've pretty much thrown out the
itinerary at this point. This match was supposed to be Luna versus Nicole
Bass but...

Stevie: Well thank god THAT didn't happen!

Gertner: Ugh...y'know that reminds me of this time I was in Alabama and I met
this hillbilly chick and her body-builder sister. She had the biggest...

Stevie: Joel if you continue this story I'll put my fist down your throat!

Gertner: Sorry sir.

After a minute of posing for the flashbulbs Tammy continued, "And the only
place I want to be on top is my home away from home, ECW!!! Heyman may not
want me there, but if I win, he can't stop me! And there isn't any bitch in
the back with the BALLS to take me on!"

Gertner: Uh-oh.

Styles: We all know what THAT means!

Stevie: No we don't! Wassup? Suckas need to know!

"Big Balls" by AC/DC rocked out of the speakers when Balls Mahoney and his
main-squeeze Cathy Cunt hit the ramp. (Cathy used to be Barbera Bush, as was
explained in the Acquisition of ECW.) Barbara was dressed in grunge gear.
Black combat boots, cut-off shorts that let her firm ass hang out, a black
tank top, and a flannel shirt tied around her waist. She rolled into the
ring, while Balls stayed outside. Cathy grabbed the mic from Tammy, "Bitch,
I've got more balls than all your previous pimps combined!"

Styles: It's on!

Gertner: WAHOOO!!!!!

Stevie: Sucka's need to know, what'd she mean by "she's got balls?" Is she a

Balls shot a glance at Stevie that shut the big brawler up quick, fast,
AND in a hurry. Cathy grabbed Tammy by the head and hit her with a vertical
suplex which popped the blonde's right boob from her bikini. Tammy rolled
over on all fours gasping for air. Cathy ripped the robe off Tammy's back.
"What now bitch?!?" screamed Cathy. Tammy mule kicked Cathy in the gut. Cathy
bent over with her breath knocked away which unfortunetly left her open for
a fast whirling uppercut from Tammy. Tammy quickly ripped Cathy's tank top
off, letting her huge melons bounce free. Tammy clotheslined the woman over
the top rope and posed with one boob sticking out of her top. Cathy grabbed
her legs and pulled Tammy to the mat. Cathy quickly jumpend on the apron and
executed a perfect slingshot senton.

Styles: HOLY SHIT!

Gertner: Yeah they're beautiful when they're in motion like that, aren't

Styles:The athletic effort you...aagh!

Stevie: Suckas, check this out!

Cathy ripped off the rest of Tammy's bikini top. Cathy jumped on the
second turnbuckle and whipped Tammy's bikini into the audience. Suddenly the
Baldies ran out of the audience and pearl harbored Balls. Angel and Grimes
beat on Balls with a bat and a trash can while Devito ran into the ring to
help Tammy. He put his head between Cathy's legs and power-bombed her off the
second rope, he took her shorts off simultaneously. Tammy ripped the flannel
from Cathy's waist and choked her with it.

Stevie: What the hell?!? What's up with this?!?

Styles: Relax, happens all the time.

Gertner: Yeah this is where Joey screams cat fight, cat fight!

Styles: Oooooooh yeah, almost forgot. Ahem...CAT FIGHT! CAT F...

Stevie: Forget you suckas! This ain't right!

Stevie got up from the announce position just as "Natural Born Killaz"
hitthe speakers. New Jack ran down the ramp with a guitar and a tire iron in
his hands. He charged the mass of Angel, Grimes, and Balls and broke the
guitar over Grimes' head. Stevie Ray knocked Angel over the guardrail with a
clothesline straight from 110th street and beat on the fallen bald man with
his huge fists. A bleeding Balls Mahoney jumped Devito in the ring. He
knocked him onto the ring apron with a wicked knee lift and executed the
Nutcracker Suite onto the unforgiving concrete floor. With the Baldies
getting their asses kicked by New Jack, Mahoney, and Stevie Ray Tammy was
free to kick Cathy's thong-wearing ass all around the ring.

Styles: Our broadcast colleuge Stevie Ray has joined New Jack and Balls
Mahoney in beating the shit out of the Baldies!

Gertner: There are two half naked women in the ring Joey! What the hell is
your problem?!? You are such a...

Elektra's mouth enveloped Joel's cock.

Styles: Well that oughta keep him busy.

She snap-mared Cathy with her own shirt. She dragged cathy over to a turn
buckle and tied her arms to the middle buckle with the flannel. She ripped
off Cathy's panties slammed her face into Cathy's cooch. Tammy's talented
toungue had Cathy screaming in no time. She bucked her hips up and down on
Tammy's juice covered face. "Aww shit I'm coming!" screamed Cathy as girl goo
splattered all over Tammy's smiling face.

"I win!" screamed Tammy, "I won without any help from anyone!" She jumped
up and down, jiggling breasts hypnotizing Gertner.

Styles: No help?!? She was losing till the Baldies showed up!

Gertner: I..ahem...I...oh god this is good...I...

Styles: Riiiight.

Balls untied his girlfriend. Then he looked over at Tammy. He rolled out
of the ring and came back with two camera cords. He grabbed a screaming Tammy
and hogtied her in the middle of the ring. He grabbed a mic, "Hey Baldies, it
was this bitch's fault you got your asses handed to you! And now she's
bragging that she had no help in the match! I think you deserve some get

Styles: What is he suggesting?!?

Gertner: GANG BANG!!! GANG BANG!!!

Styles: Yeah, but how often will you get to use that one?

The Baldies advanced on a bound and screaming Tammy as Mahoney, New Jack,
and Stevie Ray walked up the ramp. Devito spoke, "Now bitch, you're gonna
learn why you shouldn't mess with...DA BALDIES!"

Grimes untied the blonde and Angel ripped off her panties. "Ay mami, you
shaved pretty good," he said. Grimes dropped his track pants to reveal a
nineteen inch, fully erect dick, and he layed on the mat. Devito and Angel
each grabbed one of Tammy's legs and lowered her damp cunt onto Grimes' pole.

"Aaagh!! It's too big!" she screamed. Devito and Angel merilessly rammed
her onto Grimes' prick until they were skin to skin. Tammy had cum hard just
from being dropped on Grimes' dick. Angel positioned himself behing Tammy and
parted her huge plump buttcheeks.

", nnot there...please..." Tammy weakly said.

Angel said, "Hey mami, I promise, you'll looooove it!" With that he
dropped his pants and sawed into her asshole with his foot-long,
uncircumcised, member. Tammy screamed again as Grimes and Angel started to
alternately saw in and out of her holes. She screamed and her mouth was wide
open so Devito rammed his nine inch dick down her throat. Tammy Sytch was
being triple penetrated by the Baldies and it wasn't even the second round.

Joey and Joel had Elektra up on the announce table. Joey had her bobbing
her head on his prick and Joel was ramming her doggie style. Thus, the
announcing was lacking for the next hour or so. Devito was the first to blow
his load and Tammy swallowed all of his cum.

"Ogh..ogh..o fuck yeah!" she screamed as Devitos cum dripped down her
chin. Grimes and Angel slam fucked the slut blonde bitch and she came twice
more before Angel popped his wad all over her wide ass. Grimes was slamming
her up and down on his enormous dick, she'd cum three times more and was on
the verge of passing out when Grimes came. Thick roapy strings of cum
elevated Tammy off Grimes' cock and sent her flying back into a turnbuckle.
The shots that hit her in the face and tits felt like a high-powered water
gun hitting her. By the time Grimes was done, Tammy was completly covered in
jizz. The Baldies left through the crowd and Tammy weakly walked back to her
dressing room, leaving sticky footprints and dripping cum the whole way.

Gertner: H..holy shit! That was g..good.

Styles sat back with Elektra's face still on his crotch, he was smoking a

Styles: Are you referring to fucking this bitch or the one in the ring that
got a jizz bath?

Gertner: Tuh...take your pick.

Styles: Heh...I'm being told that due to time constraints...getting tired
Crank Case?

Crank Case: Don't break the fourth wall, asshole.

Styles: Sorry, anyway due to time constraints the next two matches are going
to be made into one tag team match with the first team with both members
coming first loses.

Gertner: So what're the teams?

Styles: Elizabeth and Symphony versus Missy Hyatt and Chastity.

Gertner: Now that's some high quality poon tang.

Styles: Right on.

Elizabeth and Symphony came out naked except for their high-heels, and Liz
looked pretty pissed at the whole thing. She'd never been naked in front of
this many people before, it was kind of turning her on. Missy and Chastity
jumped them from behind. They were also naked. Chastity grabbed the more
inexperienced and already sloppy wet Symphony and knocked her to the ground.
Missy huge breasts were smothering Elizabeth as Missy had her in a Thesz
press while she probed Liz's cunt.

Chastity jammed her right arm to the elbow into Symphony's cunt. Symphony
screamed and came all over the place and passed out. Chastity licked some of
the cum off her arm and tossed the unconcious woamn to the rabid fans who
fucked her all over the place. At one point Symphony had two cocks in her
cunt, two in her ass, three in her mouth, one between her tits, one in each
hand, and one being jerked off with each foot.

Missy was sixty nining with Liz but because the older woman hadn't had the
ECW locker room experiences of Missy Hyatt it was no challenge for Missy to
bring the older woman off all over her face. Then Missy twisted around and
made Liz keep eating her out till she came all ove Liz's face. Then Chastity
did the same.

Elektra was now riding Gertner reverse cowgirl and blowing Joey.

Styles: Well folks now we go to a pre-recorded rant made by one of the
competitors in the next match, Rena Mero.

Gertner: I fucked her up the ass once.

End Part 2

Next week: Fyre vs. Rena, Kimberley vs. Papya, and Sherri vs. Beuhlah

Tournament results:

A.C. Jazz
-----------------------------Kristine Ho
Kristine Ho (Mrs. Yamaguchi)

April Hunter

Cathy Cunt
------------------Tammy Lynn Sytch
Tammy Lynn Sytch

--------------Missy Hyatt
Missy Hyatt


Rena Mero

Kim Page


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