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Slutbrawl 2000 Part 3
by Crank Case

Styles: Now we go to Rena Mero.

Gertner: See ECW and the WWF were in the same town and she got drunk with
Tammy and Francine so Douglas sent her drunk ass room to room and...

Styles: Wrong story jackass!

***In the back***

Pamela Paulshock: So Rena, why is it you want to go back to the WWF after
you claimed they treated you so badly?

Rena: Claimed nothing! They were horrible to me! They wanted me to do lude,
indecent, horrible things!

Pamela: Ummmm you ARE aware that the only way to win these matches is to make
your opponent cum, aren't you?

Rena: What?!? What are you talking about?!? Wade said that these matches were
rigged! He said I'd be the lead woman in WCW! He didn't mention anything
about sex! That sick little...

Rena stormed off to the ring.

Pamela: Well that is one pissed off and clueless lady! Back to you guys!

***The announce position***

Styles: Thanks Pamela. Folks we've...

Gertner: Good grief did you see that top she was wearing?!? That vest looked
like it was ready to pop!

Jerry Lawler: Puppies!!!

The Kat: Watch it, Jerry.

Lawler: Sorry honey, they're nowhere near as good as yours!

Styles: As I was saying...We've been joined by Jerry "The King" Lawler and
Stacy "The Kat" Lawler! And may I say we at CSBN are very happy to see you
two crazy kids enjoying wedded bliss.

Kat: Thanks Joey I...

Sable's former music and The Kat's current jam hit the speakers and Rena
charged down the ramp with a mic in her hand. She rolled under the bottom
rope in her old black vest, black bike shorts, knee-high boots ensemble and
looked real pissed. Though not as pissed as Kat looked.

Kat: Who does she think she is using MY music?

Styles: Well to be fair she DID have it first.

Lawler punches Styles in the gut

Rena spoke into the mic, "You're all sick! This is disgusting! I had no
idea what I was signing up for when I signed this contract and I refuse to do
lesbian sex for all you fanboy jackoffs!"

"Battleflag" by the Lo-Fidelity All-Stars started up and Jessup "The Big
Pimp Daddy of all your Mammy's" Wade stepped out from behind the curtain with
his entourage, "You know Rena, you're right. I decieved you. What I did was
wrong and sick. But there are 50,000 screaming perverts here in the city of
sin Las Vegas who see things different! And since you're being such a fucking
BITCH about this, this is now a handicap match. Three on one. Have a nice

"Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" started up and Teri "Fyre" Byrne walked down
the ramp flanked by, you guessed it, the Acolyte Protection Agency.

Styles: This is huge!

Gertner (grabs his crotch): No THIS is huge! That in the ring is just fuckin'

Kat: This is gonna be good!

Kat has taken out Lawler's eighteen inch dick and is slowly jerking him
off and taking the occasional lick.

Rena saw the opposition she faced from the APA and Teri Byrne and said
two words, "Fuck this!" She bolted from the ring and ran toward the audience
beside the announce table. The Kat got up but Lawler didn't care as Elektra
had taken over her cocksucking. Rena jumped into the audience but the angry
fans trampled the security staff and pushed her back over the rail to
ringside. Kat kicked Rena square in the ribs and ripped Rena's vest and
sports bra off letting her enormous silicone funbags free. Kat flung the
startled former Sable back into the ring where the Acolytes grabbed her.

Teri Byrne was wearing and APA t-shirt, baggy jeans, and combat boots.
Teri walked over to the helpless Rena, "You don't know how good you had it,
bitch. Now your ass is ours! But you seem over-dressed. Let me help you with
that!" Teri pulled Rena's black spandex short down her struggling legs to her
ankle, inhibiting Rena's ability to kick. Teri stroked Rena's white thong
covered cunt and whispered, "Just so you know, I'm REALLY going to enjoy
this! You're going to be gang-fucked on national tv miss goody-goody Rena
Mero! Fifty-thousand people in this stadium, and do you have any idea how
many pay-per-view buyers? It's eleven BILLION honey. You are LIVE baby! Are
you getting wet? Oooohohoho you slutty soaked bitch, this is gonna be fun!"

Gertner: This is THE greatest moment of my broadcast career!

Styles was pumping away at Symphony's ass, she'd been crowd surfed his

Styles: Fuck this bitch is loose!

Gertner: Whaddya expect? She's been fucked by most of the ringside fans! And
don't YOU feel like a bitch if you didn't pay the extra ten bucks for floor

Lawler had Elektra bent over the table and was stretching her doggy-style
while she licked a naked Kat's bald cunt.

Lawler: Who's the King bitch?!

Styles: Ho yeah! What's my name?!?

Gertner: You know it amazes me that I can finally muster the professionalism
to do my job as serious broadcast journalist and YOU people are acting
like... me! I...

Kat: Gertner, shut up and shove your dick in my mouth!

Gertner: Yes ma'am!

A paddle was thrown into the ring. Teri picked it up and beat the hell out
Rena was screaming and tears poured down her face, making her mascara run.
Teri spanked Rena until her arm was too weak to lift the paddle anymore.
Rena's ass was a glaring red. Teri finally said, "Forget this forplay" and
ripped off Rena's thong. She managed to strip both Acolytes without
interrupting their grips on Rena and said "got to work boys!"

Styles: up and it
Gertner is showing..agh..The Kat his O face!

Gertner: OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH!!!

"And you wanted to play poker with T&A tonite!" said Ron Simmons (Faarooq
is a lame name so I'm using Ron's real name and John Bradshaw for Mr.

John Bradshaw retorted, "Yeah but we got to bang the hell outta Trish the
last time T&A lost!"

The APA stopped chatting and concentrated on stretching Rena. Simmons
positioned his twenty inch monster at Rena's asshole. "NO!" she screamed,
"I've never...AIEEEE!" Her scream was near glass-shattering intensity as
Simmons reamed her out with ten of his twenty inches. Bradshaw shoved his
eighteen inch dick in Rena's pussy with no problem and the APA got a steady
back and forth rhythm going as they double penetrated Rena Mero.

Both Acolytes bottomed out and slam fucked the limp blonde sexpot. Rena
couldn't even scream after five minutes of continuous fucking. She drooled
and moaned in orgasmic delight as her cum dripped out of her hole onto the
mat. Teri had ripped off all her clothes and was fingering her red-furred
and shaved down cunt and fondeled her enormous breasts. When Teri saw that
Rena had lost the match she pushed the APA/Rena sandwich over with Bradshaw
on top. She jumped on Rena's face and the lust numbed blonde started licking

After twenty minutes Teri came all over Rena's face. The APA pulled out
and shoved their dicks down Rena's throat simultaneously they both came and
splattered Rena's face with jizz. The APA left with Teri for some backstage
fucking. Rena was lying asleep, spread eagle, and cum covered in the middle
of the ring.

Gertner popped in Kat's throat and the King emptied his load into Elektra.

Kat: Jerry, grab the bitch in the ring, Williams wants to see her. And bring
Elektra for us.

Lawler picked up Rena and Kat led Elektra out of the arena on a leash.

Gertner: Next up, Kim Page versus Papaya!

Papaya was in the ring wearing a pink mini-dress. Pamela Paulshock was
beside her.

Pam Paulshock: Hello folks I'm here in the ring with one of the...hey!

Rebecca had pushed Pam out of the ring.

Rebecca: Hiya all you insane freaks! I'm here in the ring with Papaya who
has to face Kim Page in the next round of the tournament! Papaya, your

Papaya: Last time I was in WCW I didn't get half a chance to prove myself,
but this whore fucks her way to the top and blows it because she's not happy
with being in one of the top programs in the company! Well Miss Kim your
Nitro sluts have been eliminated. Teri Byrne hates you almost as much as I
do! You are alone bitch! While I have my honey-bunny, Kwee-Wee!

Kwee-Wee made his way to the ring to the tune of "I'm Too Sexy"

Kwee-Wee: Dont make me angry, Miss Kimberly, you wouldn't like me when I'm

"Bailando" play again and Kim Page Charged the ring.

Rebecca: Whoops! Time for me to bail!

Kim caught Papaya off-guard and flattened her with a clothesline. Kwee-Wee
was right behind her, however and grabbed her in a full nelson. Papaya got up
and tore away Kimberly's silver tube top.

Kimberly screamed, "Let go of me you fag!"

"Fag?!?" Kwee-Wee screamed, "Why does everyone call me that?!? Do you
think I would hang around with a babe like her if I were gay?!?"

Gertner: I'd call him a fag no matter WHO he's with!

Styles: Man do you want to get us shut down?!?

Gertner: It's a PPV with a TV-17 rating! What can the special interest groups
do?!? And as a special statement to the PTC, ahem, Brinker I've fucked your
wife and daughter and hey were real fuckin' goood! Think about it ya
jack-booted bastard!

Styles: Joel Gertner, ladies and gentlemen.

Kwee-Wee roughly mauled the Nitro Girl's tits. That is until "Prodigal
Son" by Kid Rock hit the speakers and Diamond Dallas Page parted the crowd to
make his enterance. DDP rolled into the ring and Diamond Cuttered Kwee-Wee
out of his pink frilly boots. He then threw Kim a chair and instructed her to
whack Kwee-Wee with it if he got up.

Papaya tried to flee the ring but Dallas grabbed her by her dress and
ripped it off. He then destroyed her pink lace panties and dipped two fingers
into her italian slit. Page knocked her on all fours and took out his eight
inch dick. He wordlessly rammed his shaft into her damp cunt and roughly
mauled her tits. Page's slamming of Papaya was entirely mechanical and lacked
any passion. Still, Papaya was into it after having to suffer contiuous
two-minute marathons with Kwee-Wee. Page shoved two fingers into Papya's ass
and went to finger her clit only to find that she was doing it herself.
Papaya had forgotten the contest and was slamming her hips back at Diamond
Dallas Page. She panted and screamed, "Oh lord yes! So better
that Kwee-Wee! Ohhh yuh...yuh...YES!!!!!!" After ten minutes Papya exploded
all over DDP. He wasn't anywhere near finished but he pulled out and zipped
himself up anyway.

Kim ran up to slather her estranged husband in love but DDP held her at
arms length. He exited the ring just as the line "Many nights she comes to me
and feels me where I lay, I hope to god one day she's gonna' see that love
is not that way" re-played. (So it's mushy and sardonic, so what?)

Styles: Holy shit! DDP is back!

Gertner: And he left before he popped his wad! What the hell is wrong with

Styles: That is a little surprising.

Gertner: Glad you see it my way, say, where'd Elektra go?

Styles: Lawler and the Kat took her with them.

Gertner: Damn, ok where's the Ryan Shamrock bitch?

Styles: She's probably in the upper deck of the arena by now!

Gertner: Damnit! I got a major boner worked up and nowhere to stick it!

Styles: Well Papaya is right there.

Gertner: Yes. Yes she is... : )

The chubby announcer left his seat and advanced on the sleeping italian
Papaya with a weird grin on his face.

Styles: Well while Joel is in a search to get his nut off, we're going to
take you to special interviewer Nikki Cox in the back with Sensational

***Sherri's locker room***

Nikki Cox: Thanks Joey and you people don't forget to check out The Norm
Show on ABC and Nikki on the WB!

Sherri: Stifle it red! These people don't want to hear about your fourth
rate shows on those third rate networks!

They came to see me get nasty and beat the hell outta these trailer park
skanks! I'm back and all these bitches better recognize!

Nikki: Riiiight. Do you think it's wise to insult such a fierce competitor
as Beuhlah McGuillicutty? I mean she has trained at the extreme dojo and took
some crazy lumps in ECW! Plus she's sooo much younger than...

Sherri: Younger?!? Younger!!! I oughta twist your head off you red-headed,
silicone implanted, sitcom slut!

Nikki: These are real bitch!

Sherri: Bitch?!? That's it you little...

Sherri was interrupted by Beuhlah slamming a kendo stick into her skull.

Styles: Crap!

Gertner: Oh yeah suck it Papaya, me like!

Styles: So much for professionalism!

Gertner: Shut up!

Sherri was out cold. Beuhlah stripped the forty year old. Sherri had
slightly saggy 38CC breasts, a still impressive ass, and an unkempt and hairy
cunt. Beuhlah had brought Tommy Dreamer with her and as Sherri awoke a bell
rang somwhere and Tommy shoved his eight-inch dick into the red-painted lips
of Sherri Martel. Beuhlah had also stripped and her boobs were at least a
size larger.

Gertner: Thank god for plastic surgery!

Beuhlah's pussy was shaved into a v and she'd pulled on a foot long
strap-on. Sherri's completly dry pussy was invaded by the long rubber monster
and Beuhlah said, "This is how we do it in the trailer park, bitch!"

Tommy was mouth fucking the stunned old valet and Beuhlah was slowly
feeling Sherri's pussy lube itself up. The got a see-saw rhythm going on with
Beuhlah ramming into Sherri's pussy and Tommy slowly and reluctantly pulling
out and vice-versa. Sherri began to moan and she ran her toungue around the
head of Tommy's cock. "This bitch is on fire!" Tommy smiled and said.

"I heard there was a gang-bang goin on," said Raven from the doorway,
"What about me? What about Raven?!?"

Beuhlah flipped under Sherri and Raven positioned his ten-inch dick at
her asshole. Raven rammed five inches in on the first stroke. Sherri's mouth
went even wider on Tommy's cock and she screamed bloody murder as her shit
shoot was raped and Raven slapped her asscheeks.

Gertner: GANG BANG!!! GANG BANG!!! And you said I'd never get to use that

Styles: I stand corrected. Hey, what're Rebecca and Pam coming to the ring
for? Wait..yes..I'm getting word from the back...

Gertner: What wor? Why don't I ever get any word?!?

Styles: You do but they're all of the four-letter variety. Anyway, I've just
been told that while they're setting up the "Wheel of EXXXtreme" there will
be a strap-on match between Pam Paulshock and Rebecca for the interviewer'
position tonite! And...what? ...Oh really?...Heh....yes...that IS good!

Gertner: What, what?!?

Styles: You're gonna love this Joel! The loser of the interviewer's match is
our personal doorknob for the night!

Gertner: Really?!?!?

Joel does the happy arm waving thing.

Styles: Settle down boy. Let's get back to this match.

Sherri was moaning around Tommy's cock. Beuhlah was finding it harder to
bring Sherri off than she first thought it would. Beuhlah's clit was rubbing
up against her leather harness and she was starting to pant right along with

Tommy yelled, "Fuckin' A yes!" and splattered his baby batter all over
Sherri's face.

"Oh fuck me fuck me fuck me hard!" Sherri screamed, "OH yes I'm coming!"

Beuhlah thought, "Thank god" because she herself was only seconds away
from screaming out in orgasm. Raven was still pumping hard, however and he
wasn't going to let Sherri go. Sherri screamed, "Get out of my ass you grungy

Beuhlah slapped her in the face and grabbed her hair to grind her lips and
toungue against Beuhlah's now strap-on less cunny. "You can't talk that way
to one of MY boys you old whore!" Beuhlah screamed.

Raven finally screamed out in orgasm and pumped load after load into
Sherri's anal cavity. So much that when he pulled out his manseed slowly
seeped out of her dilated asshole. Raven wiped his cock off in Sherri's hair.

Beuhlah made the formerly sensational one lick her cooch till her cream
joined Tommy's on Sherri's face. Then the three ECW alumnists left to
Beuhlah's own locker room for some more hardcore action. Nikki Cox kicked the
fallen Sherri in the side and had two security guards throw her out into an
alley where she became the bitch of a gang of bums, and the bums lived
happily ever after.

Styles: Yeh, how the mighty hath falleneth.

Gertner: Yeah she got fucked six ways from Sunday too!

Styles: You're strating to sound like JR, Joel.

Gertner: So?!? It's a little known fact that his current wife graduated
high-school with his twenty-three year old daughter!

Styles: Is that true?!?

Gertner: You kiddin'? JR's a bigger pussy hound than the King and me

Styles: You think you know someone...

Gertner: Shut up and let's see who gets to be our cock cleaner for the night!
I'm hoping for Pam to lose, myself.

Styles: I wouldn't mind a pop at Rebecca's cunt.

Pam ripped off the belly shirt Rebecca had been wearing and freed
Rebecca's b-cup tits. She then punched the more lithe woman and ripped off
her leather mini-skirt and thong. Rebecca was dzed and naked as Pam went
down on her. Pam her licked out many a woman in her time and Rebecca was
coming all over the blondes face in no time.

No sooner had Pam gotten up to celebrate however than a naked Nikki Cox
bounced out to the ring and rung Pam's bell with the strap-on Beuhlah had
used. She beat Pam in the head with the sticky weapon twice more before
putting it on her red-furred snatch and ripping off Pam's daisy dukes. The
bottomless blonde could not defend herself as the red-head threw her legs
over Nikki's shoulders and slam-fucked her into orgasmic oblivion.

Styles and Gertner were already DPing Rebecca when they figured out that
Pam had lost too.

Gertner: Nikki won?!?! Oh thank you my red-haired goddess!!

Gertner pulled out of Rebecca's asshole and rolled into the ring. Pam was
on all fours trying to shake the cobwebs out when Gertner shoved his foot
long dong into her doggy style. Joel ripped off the blonde's top exposing
her huge melons and Pam started to rock her hips back at Joel with Nikk Cox
throwing both fists in the air and posing naked with a dripping strap-on.

End round one.

Next week: Round two and the wheel of EXXXtreme
Whaddya peoples think o' this one?


----------------------Kristine Ho
Kristine Ho

A. Hunter
----------------------April Hunter

Cathy Cunt
----------------------Tammy Sytch
Tammy Sytch

----------------------Missy Hyatt
Missy Hyatt


Teri Byrne
----------------------Teri Byrne
Rena Mero

Kim Page

Beuhlah McGuillicutty
Sherri Martel

Interviewer: Nikki Cox

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