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Slutbrawl 2000 Part 4
by Crank Case

Joey Styles had his dick buried in a twitching and moaning Rebecca's
snatch. Joel Gertner had Pamela Paulshock riding his cock reverse cowgirl
style. They were getting reports from the back to announce something, but
they were obviously too engrossed in their copulation to say anything over
a monosyllabic grunt. "Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba played and Lodi (Yeah
LODI.) walked down to the announce table with a bunch of cue cards and a
marker. Lodi sat down, put on a headset, and began scribbling on one of the
cards. He wrote on seven cards and held up each one in procession.

First Card: Hi, I'm Lodi.

Second Card: While Joey and Joel...

Third Card: are indisposed I'll be...

Fourth Card: filling in for them.

Fifth card: We now take you to...

Sixth card: Nikki Cox in the back.

***Outside the special guest locker room***

Nikki: Thanks Lodi. The wheel of eXXXtreme isn't quite set up yet and we're
hearing a lot of heavy breathing from behind this door, so we're going to
see what's up.

Nikki opened the door to find Elektra hanging by her arms from the
ceiling, her back and ass were extremely welted up. The Kat was standing
behind the naked brunette holding a singapore cane. The Kat had a pair of
leather panties and thigh high boots. Jerry Lawler was standing in front of
Elektra and tit fucking her with his eighteen inch schlong.

Nikki: Sweet fucking christmas look at the size of that thing!

Nikki stripped off the red mini-dress she had been wearing showing off
her enormous double d tits and fantastic butt. She tackled Jerry to the
carpet and jumped on his purple helmeted pocket cannon. She plowed ten
inches of his prick into her shaved snatch on the first bounce. Jerry looked
at the rhythmically bouncing boobs before him and latched on like a newborn

The Kat and Jerry had an open relationship and she didn't mind him fucking
other women any more than he minded her fucking other people. Kat slid her
panties down her legs and shoved a double headed dildo into her cunt. She
shoved nine inches of hard plastic past Elektra's welted asscheeks and into
her brown hole. Elektra moaned as Kat bottomed out in her ass. Kat then took
the cane and slowly slid it into Elektra's snatch till it hit her cervix. Kat
ground both phallus-like objects into the panting Jersey slut.

Nikki Cox slammed herself all the way up and down Jerry Lawler's jumbo
dick. The red-head screamed and moaned as the huge prick split her folds like
a hot knife through butter. Lawler was hungrily sucking on the sitcom stars
huge globes and feeling up on her tight ass. Nikki came for the third time
and nearly passed out. Then Jerry inserted two fingers into her ass and she
awoke spilling girl goo all over the middle aged man's lap. Jerry finally
popped his wad after fifteen minutes of furious fucking. The tightness of
Nikki's snatch and the size of Jerry's cock created a near-vacuum inside
Nikki's stomach. So when Jerry unloaded the added pressure elevated Nikki
halfway off his cock.

Kat slammed her hips back and forth against Elektra's ample assflesh.
Elektra's juices were running down the singapore cane and along the underside
of the quick-pistoning dildo. Elektra came for the twelfth time that night
and passed out. Kat pounded even harder into the unconcious woman and came
loudly falling back to the floor.

Nikki Cox crawled on all fours to the microphone that she had dropped
on her way in. Jerry Lawler and his dick were watching her ass jiggle and
stalked the red heads asshole. Nikki managed to get a few words out before
Jerry speared her.

Nikki: Well Lodi the wheel is probably up by now so we...ooooooohhh

***Back at ringside***

Lodi's Sign: WHOA!!! Was that HOT or what?!?

Sign Two: I now kick it over to...

Sign Three: Taz at the wheel of eXXXtreme!

***The Wheel of eXXXtreme***

Taz: Alright! Me an you Lodi! A team Lod-dawg! Aight I'm up here with these
two bitches...don't give me that look ho or I'll dick beat you till you pass
out! Like I was sayin, the next match is between Kristine Ho and April Hunter
and you two ladies have the honor of being the first victims of the Wheel of

Both women looked a little put-off that they couldn't get right to the
action. Kristine was wearing the same black mini-dress minus her underwear.
April had gone with the more conventional red lace thong.

Taz: Aight we got six matches on the wheel and every time a match is chosen
a new one is put up to replace it. The matches include oil match madness,
dildo princesses, Kristine's choice, tie me down, April's choice, and my
favorite Taz's choice. Kristine, you won the coin-flip so you get to spin
the wheel.

Kristine had to reach up to get at the wheel spinning peg and her dress
rode halfway up her ass in the process. The crowed cheered at the unfettered
view of the Japanese woman's pussy. Kristine gave the wheel a fierce tug and
after twenty three revolutions it stopped on April's choice.

Taz: Ohhoho this is gooood! April, what's the match ya big titted cooze?

April: Well Taz I'm going to have to go with a three on one handicap match!

Taz: Aight who're the pahtnahs girl?

In answer "Reunited" by the Wu-Tang Clan banged out the speakers as Kevin
Nash and his drinking buddy Scott Hall grabbed Kristine. April ripped off
Kristine's dress and threw it to the audience. She instructed The Outsiders
to drag Kristine to the ring.

Meanwhile, at ringside a fan was going out of her mind screaming at The
Outsiders. Lodi wrote down, "Whoa! That's Natalie Raitano from V.I.P.!"

Nat jumped the guard rail and hit the ring. She slipped off the tight
leather pants and red shirt she was wearing. She stood wearing only a black
thong and cupped her big breasts at the Outsiders.

"Whaddya say boys? Drop that skinny bitch and get a piece of a real
woman!" she said in complete lust.

Nash and Hall looked at each other, then at Nat, then at the screaming
Kristine, and at Natalie again. They dropped Kristine and advanced at Natalie
who had ripped her panties off and was fingering her bald slit.

April was so busy yelling at The Outsiders that she didn't notice
Kristine lining up her shot behind April. April turned around and caught a
swift spin kick to the throat that dropped her to the mat. Kristine dropped
to her kness and licked April's cunt through her red thong panties. Kristine
was very good at the sexual arts, she'd been trained in the finest brothels
of Tokyo. She had the dazed April moaning in no time. She then fingered
April's panty-covered slit till the crotch of her panties was good and wet.
She slid the red-heads soaked panties off her legs and threw them to the
crowd, inciting a minor riot that CSBN security was quick to stop.

Taz threw a vibrating strap-on to Kristine who slipped it on and spread
April's muscular legs. She slid the ten inch pseudo cock all the way in and
flipped on the vibrating action. April sprang up with a shot, straight into
Kristine's arms. Kristine fondeled April's huge right tit and used her left
hand to pull April in to a passionate french kiss.

Meanwhile The Outsiders were double penetrating Natalie Raitano. She was
on all fours and Nash was plowing his twenty inch prick into her cunt while
she worked her mouth on Hall's fifteen inch prick. The Outsiders see-sawed
the tv "star" who was massaging her large tits and clamping down with her
throat and vaginal muscles. She milked both big men's cocks with her orifices
and came for the fifth time that evening. She'd came twice in her ringside
seat. Once by masturbating and a second time by having Symphony lick her cunt
out. Her throat muscles were wreaking havoc on Hall who pumped shot after
shot of his semen down the V.I.P. star's throat. Nash only lasted a little
longer before exploding inside the multiple orgasming Natalie. Nash switched
to Natalie's asshole. Hall basted a couple of shots on Nat's face and slipped
under her to get some pussy. The cum-faced Natalie moaned out, "Oh fuck yes
you have no idea how long I've wanted a shot at you two! Oh fuck me! Fuck me
hard make me cuuuuuuummmmmmm!!!!!"

April was shaking her hips around and moaning into Kristine's mouth.
Their toungues danced around like...dancers. (Hey, I was out of similies
allright?!?) April came all over the mat and Kristine wasn't far behind her.
Taz jumped into the ring and flipped April over his shoulder. He put his arm
around Kristine's hips and they walked out laughing.

Lodi was fuckin Pam Paulshock's huge tits while Joel was thrashing her
pussy. Joey was still fucking Rebecca's asshole but he had composed himself
enough to announce the next match.

Joey: The Hyatt...Tammy Sytch...spun a
stable match. Go...holy fuckin' shit this bitch is tight...go to footage.

***The Sleazy E Corral***

Cyrus Richards: This is Cyrus here at the Sleazy E Corral for the Tammy
Sytch/Missy Hyatt stable match. The basic rules are there are no rules. The
first woamn to strip the other naked and lock her in corral number seven
will most likely win, but we won't tell you why.

Missy was wearing a on piece purple swimsuit and orange sneakers. Tammy
was wearing her classic "down on the farm" gear consisting of a red tank top,
cutoff denim jacket, denim daisy dukes, and cowboy boot. Missy grabbed a
pitchfork from a hay bale and pointed the buisness end at Tammy. Missy said,
"Strip bitch, or I stick you."

Tammy quickly complied and pulled off her boots and jacket. She pulled off
her tank top revealing her perfect tits. Her brown nipples were standing on
end as she unbuttoned her daisy dukes and slid them off her hips, leaving her
naked. A faint dampness could be seen on her closely shaved cunt.

Cyrus: We've got bush! We've got bush!

Missy ordered her to turn around and walk towards the corral. She whacked
the blonde's plump buttcheeks with the pitchfork several times to speed her
friend up. Missy said, "I'm sorry Tammy, I know we're friends, but I need to
get back into the buisness! I don't know anything else."

She forced Tammy into the corral and shut the door, basically winning
the match. Tammy stood face to face with a clydesdale that sported a fully
erect two and a half foot cock. Two handlers forced a screaming and kicking
Tammy to her knees and aimed the horse's cock at her fuck hole. The
clydesdale forced a foot of his seven inch wide dick into her pussy, making
her instantly pass out. The handlers sprayed cold water on her with a high
powered hose, soaking her and waking her up. The horse surged forward again
and buried another six inches into a moaning Tammy's pussy. She was wracked
with a mixture of pain and pleasure as she'd never been filled like this
before. The horse screwed her with five more inches, Tammy screamed and came
loudly. Her juices poured out of her cunt and she tugged on her nipples. The
horse slid all the way home and fucked the blonde with abandon.

Tammy was being whipped around by the bucking horse and she came again
and again before the horse filled her with its goo after fifteen minutes.
Tammy was blasted against the wall of the corral and her gaping pussy leaked
the mixed juices of her and her beastial lover.

Missy had gotten hot from watching her best friend get fucked like the
bitch-slut she was and had ripped off her swimsuit and jumped on Cyrus and
the cameraman. The cameraman used his nine inches in her cumming pussy and
Cyrus was humping her ass with his six inch dick. Missy was screaming and
moaning and mentioned that she wanted next crack at the horse.

Cyrus: you...joey!

Next: More Nikki Cox backstage hijinx, Chastity versus Teri Byrne, and Kim
Page against Beuhlah

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