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Slutbrawl 2000 Part 5
by Crank Case

Taz, Chastity, and Teri Byrne were standing next to the Wheel of
eXXXtreme. Chastity was wearing a white lace corset, a white thong, and a
white garter belt with matching stockings. Teri was sporting a pseudo-
schoolgirl outfit. The white shirt was stretched to maximum by Teri's
bountiful bosom, the skirt came to just below her otherwise naked buttcheeks,
and the kneehigh stockings framed her sculpted calves sexily.

Taz: Aight folks, next match: Chastity, shyeah right!

Chastity: Shut the hell up Taz!

Taz: Fuck you ho, and I mean that. She's takin' on Teri Byrne. On the wheel:
Taz's choice, Chastity's choice, Teri's choice, oil match madness, tie me
down, and dildo princesses. Your spin Teri.

Teri spun oil match madness.

Taz: Alright! Next to this very stage is a pool filled four feet deep in baby
oil. There is a pole next to that pool, and on top of that pole is a two-way,
12 inch in both directions, ribbed for her pleasure, dildo! This is gonna be
good! Aight ladies, let's get it on!

Teri grabbed Chastity by her blonde hair and flung the smaller woman the
ten feet down to the pool of baby oil. Chastity sprung up spitting oil from
her mouth. She wiped the translucent goo from her eyes in time to see Teri
Byrne come off the stage with a flying tackle. When the two struggling women
came up for air, Teri's top had come open freeing her huge mammaries.

Teri caught Chastity in a half nelson and ripped the blonde's corset
down to her stomach and flipped the now topless woman back into the oil. The
blonde came up with her pink nipples standing on end. She grabbed Teri around
the waist and breast to breast suplexed the red-haired babe over her head.

Chastity ripped the useless corset from her glistening chest. She didn't
see Teri coming up from behind her to rip off the blonde's barely-there
thong. The now basically nude and supremly pissed off Chastity savate kicked
Teri with her white stilettoed heel. A small cut appeared on Teri's left
cheek. Teri put her hand to her face and came away with a small trickle of
blood. Teri was so stunned by this that she didn't see the flying back elbow
that Chastity had sent in motion.

Teri dropped into the oil and Chastity picked her up by her useless shirt.
Chastity tore the garment from Teri's body and wrapped it around Teri's neck.
The blonde mercilessly choked the red-head whose pendulous brests bounced and
jiggled to the crowd's delight. Chastity neck whipped Teri into the oil and
made a break for the pole.

Chastity leaped at the pole and shimmied up five feet before slipping back
down. She tried again and again but each time her baby oiled skin slipped
back down the pole. Finally she got and idea.

She grabbed Teri and hit her with a DDT into the oil just to keep the
bigger woman down. Then she picked Teri up by the hair, pulled Teri's skirt
up to her shapely hips, fingered Teri's now exposed pussy for the crowd, and
put Teri in a full nelson. Chastity shouted to the crowd, "Do you bastards
want a shot at this big titted whore? Then get me that dildo!"

Fifteen men and women surged from the crowd. Instead of futily trying to
climb the now greased up pole, they tried to break it from it's moorings.
They suceeded in bringing it down, but it fell on the wheel of eXXXtreme.

The woman that had assumed leadership of the crew of fifteen was the
gorgeous Cindy Margolis. The most downloaded woman on the net was naked save
a yellow thong and she had cum drying on a good percentage of her skin. In
fact, every one of the fifteen looked as if they'd been involved in the
crowd-wide orgy.

Cindy handed Chastity the dildo, but she didn't get a chance to use it.
Teri Byrne hadn't been as out of it as Chastity had thought. As soon as had
Chastity recieved the phallus Teri had been right there to clock her with a
chair. Chastity limply fell to the arena floor. Teri dragged the unconcious
blonde back to the oil pool. She tossed Chastity into the baby oil and bent
her over the side with her face on the outside.

Teri inserted the dildo into herself and woke up Chastity with a shove
of the dick. Chastity moaned as she felt the ribbed rubber dick invade her
baby oiled folds. Cindy had stripped off her yellow thong and was fingering
herself while jacking off a tall black man. She pulled Chastity's moaning
mouth to her right tit. Chastity sucked it like a baby.

Teri slapped Chastity's butt as she fucked her hard. The ribbed pseudo
dick was working its magic on both women, the match had devolved into an
endurance contest. Teri fucked Chastity like a maniac and she shoved three
fingers into Chastity's asshole. Chastity gasped around Cindy's tit, if she
didn't do something fast she was going to lose. She gyrated her hips and
slammed them back against Teri, essentially reverse-fucking the shimmering
red head.

By this time two men from the fifteen people that had jumped the railing
had climbed into the pool. A chicano man postioned his eight inceh cock at
Teri's asshole. She gasped and her knees went weak when he entered her. Teri
massaged her own tits as she was fucked by the latino man and fucked the bent
over former porn star Chastity. The other man, a white guy, swam under the
tangled web of flys and came up under the connection of Teri and Chastity's
pussies. He sucked on Chastity's clitoris and it sent her over the edge.

She came with a shriek. Teri orgasmed only seconds after Chastity. Teri
pulled herself from the orgy and weakly crawled up the ramp, the winner.
Cindy dove into the pool, getting all oilified in the process, and pulled
Chastity out onto the concrete. She took off Chastity's shoes, stockings, and
garter leaving her totally naked. The black man laid down and the latino and
whit guy lowered Chastity's asshole onto the black man's twelve inch cock.
Cindy sat on Chastity's face and sucked the white guys cock. Chastity happily
lapped at Cindy's pussy as the white guy slid into her pussy and two black
women used her hands to masterbate.

Back on the stage Taz had a brunette woman from the audience deepthroating
his fifteen inch cock.

Taz: Well the wheel is dead. We're going to Nikki Cox in the back while we
fix this thing. Hey red, when you gonna let me get a piece of that cunt?

***Outside Jess Wade's locker room***

Nikki laughed and winked at the camera.

Nikki: See me later tonite, stud. Okay people we're going to ask the boss
what he thinks of the night's action so far.

The only thing Nikki was wearing now was a silk kimono she'd borrowed from
the Kat after Jerry had used her dress for a cock cleaner. She barged into
the boss' locker without knocking and was once again confronted by a scene of

Gorgeous George was riding Mr. Wade's foot long cock as he sucked on her
bouncing tits. Leia Meow was sitting in a chair in the middle of the room and
masterbating for her boss. She was the first to react to the intrusion. Leia
quickly lept from her seat, smoothing down her black skirt and closing her
white shirt in the process. The whacked Nikki's mic holding hand with her
ever-present riding crop and pulled her by the hair to the floor in front of
the chair. "You want I should whip her boss?" Leia asked.

Jess took a moment from his tit-sucking to say, "Nah. But she DID force
you to hold off your cumming. She could help you with that."

Leia smiled and looked down at the wincing red-head. "Take off that robe,
now." Leia commanded. Nikki quickly untied the kimono's draw strap and tugged
it from her shoulders. Leia pulled up her skirt and re-opened her blouse
while simutaneously shoving the naked interviewers face into her cunt. Nikki
had heard from the other women of Leia's temper. She didn't want to get the
dominatrix madder than she already was. She licked at Leia's cunny and sucked
on her clit. Leia massaged her breasts and lightly swacked Nikki's voluptous

Nikki, for her part, was extremely turned on and was dripping her juices
onto the floor. She fingered herself while licking and slurping Leia's fluids.
"Mmmm," Nikki thought, "She tastes goooood!"

Leia ran her riding crop inbetween Nikki's asscheeks, then she shoved the
end of it into Nikki's butthole. She slowly fucked Nikki's ass with the
riding crop. Leia had multiple orgasms as the big tittied interviewer ate her
out and Leia fucked her butt with the riding crop. She screamed out, "Oh fuck yes you big titted
whore! Eat me! EAAAAT MEEEE!!!"

The dirty talk sent Nikki over the brink and she came all over her
fingers. Leia pushed her out the door with a slap on the ass. Nikki stood
naked in the hall way with girl sap all over her face and more dripping down
her legs. The naked woman turned to the camera and said, "Yknow folks, I
really do LOVE fucking." Then she smiled and sucked her juices off her

***The wheel of eXXXtreme***

Beulah and Kim Page were impatiently waiting with Taz while the wheel
was being fixed. Beulah was wearing a conservative black tank-top and baggy
black shorts. Kim on the other hand, was naked. Kim posed for the crowd and
pranced around shaking her huge tits and plump butt. She perioically shoved
her fingers into her pussy and licked them clean.

Taz: Well as fun as this is to watch, we got a show to do. I'll just pick a
match. Fuck, who's gonna stop me?!?

Taz walked over to the broken wheel and punched it. The card that fell off
was dildo princesses.

Taz: Alright! Dildo princesses, both contestant have their hands tied behind
their backs and masks on their faces. The masks have ten inch dildos attached
over the mouths with a hole drilled down the length of it to allow airflow.
The noses are also cut out, we aren't in the buisness of making snuff films.
Now bitches, getcher asses to the ring! And Beuhlah, strip now!

Beulah flipped Taz off.

Taz: After the match!

The women went to the ring and Taz went to the announce table. Joel
Gertner was asleep at ringside with his mouth on one of Pam Paulshock's
nipples in his mouth, sucking like a baby. Lodi had been carried off by a
LARGE black woman. Rebecca was under the announce table with a vibrator in
her ass and was sucking Joey's cock.

Taz: Jo-jo! Wasshup bud, long time no see!

Joey: Taz, it's a pleasure.

Taz: Damn that ya buzz cutted little corporate rat boy! Why ain't ya been
returnin' my calls?!? I was in Philly a month ago and I got busted for
fucking the police chief's wife, and daughters, and sister so I used you for
my one phone call! Your ass picked up but hung up when you heard it was me!
That's cold Jo-jo, we used to be buds!

Joey: I'm sorry about that Taz, are you sure you got the number right?

Taz: I'm not gonna kill you, don't push your luck by patronizing me!

Joey: But...

Taz: Shut up and look at the women!

Joey: Yessir.

Kim was still mugging the cameras in the ring, while Beulah was awful
reluctant about getting naked. The referee had been trying to convince he
to strip all through Joey and Taz's conversation and she was not budging.
Finally he yelled at her, "Look bitch, strip or forfeit!" Beulah looked at
him as if he was insane and then she kicked him in the nuts. The ref
sputtered and rolled to the floor.

Taz: Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! That's what happens when ya mess with an
EC-dub alumnist! Ahahahahahahaha!!!

Joey: That poor guy.

Taz: If you don't...hey...who's under there?

Joey: Rebecca.

Taz: Ohohoho yeah! You've just gotten off my shit list Styles.

Taz smiled as Rebecca deep-throated his cock.

"Heard it on the X" played over the loudspeakers and Francine came out in
a black and white striped bikini, she was holding two masks and pairs of
handcuffs. Francine rolled into the ring and posed for the crowd.

Joey: It's the extreme bitch!

Taz: Don't call her that.

Joey: But the storylines...

Taz: You just got off the list Jo-jo, don't push it.

Kim immediately got in Francine's face, "What the hell?!? YOU'RE the ref?
Aren't you the ECW bicycle? Huh 'Extreme Bitch'? Shouldn't you be off sucking
the Blue Meanie's dick? Hahaha!"

Francine snatched the mic away, "Things change, put these on."

Kim sneered, "And if I don't?"

Francine smiled. Then she grabed Kim's right tit hard. Kimberly screamed.
Francine then grapevined Kim's arm and twisted it around her back, she locked
the cuffs on and pulled the mask on the naked woman's head. Then she turned
to Beuhlah.

Taz: Ahahahaha! Kim got slapped around like a two dollah ho!

Joey: Gotta say that there ain't nuthin wrong with that!

Taz: Damn right! Better agree!

"Strip," Francine commanded. Beulah was shocked, "What?!? But we're
friends Frankie!"

"Maybe so," Francine replied, "But Wade told me to ref, so strip or I'll
strip you."

Beulah refused. Kim was stumbling around the ring. Francine grabbed her
friend by the hair and piledrove her to the mat. She then pulled off Beulah's
shorts and white panties. She ran a hand along Buhlah's naked slit, giving
Beulah just enough time to rip off Francine's top. Francine punched Beuhlah
in the face and ripped off her tank top. Beuhlah dropped to her knees and
Francine sat on her back. She locked Beuhlah's hands in the handcuffs and
pulled the mask on her face.

Taz: Frankie is livin' large and she's in charge!

Joey: Look at those tits...

Taz: You're droolin' Jo-jo.

Francine kicked Kim's legs from under her and dropped Beulah on to of
her in a 69 position. She shoved Beuhlah's dildo/mask into Kim's pussy and
fucked Kim by slamming Beulah's face into Kim's cunt. Kim quickly got her
face/dildo into Beulah's cunt but her neck couldn't match the speed of
Francine's arms. Soom Kim was spasming and cumming all over the mat. Her
juices rolled into the air-hole in Beuhlah's mask and she was forced to gulp
down the woman's cum.

Taz: Ahahahahaha! Frankie makin' sure her girl won the match! Ahahahaha!

Joey: Not very sportsmanlike...

Taz: Shaddap!

Joey: Yessir!

"Prodigal Son" by Kid Rock played and DDP came through the crowd to the
ring. He grabbed his naked wife and tossed her over his shoulder. They were
going home.

Francine ripped Beuhlah's mask off and locked her in a deep french kiss.
Then Francine ripped off her own bottoms and made the naked Beulah eat her
pussy. Francine screamed, "Who's the extreme bitch now!! Eat it bitch! Eat
my cunt you whore and maybe I'll fuck you later!" Then she came all over
Beuhlah's face and dragged her kicking and screaming to the back.

Taz: Ha! Frankie ain't a doorknob no more!

Joey: But she not only cheated to let her friend win a match she's also
raping said friend as we speak!

Taz: Which is exactly what I'll be doing to your bitch here in a few minutes!
C'mon Rebecca.

Taz threw Rebecca over his shoulder and slapped her ass when she tried to

Joey: Oh well. Easy come, easy go.

Next Week: Nikki's in more trouble, Ho vs. Hyatt, and Teri versus Beuhlah
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