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Slutbrawl 2000 Part 6
by Crank Case

Joey Styles was reasonably pissed off.

Joey: Folks, my co-host is out cold, the wheel oF eXXXtreme is dead, Taz has
abducted my personal bitch for the night, and Lodi took my pants when he was
trying to escape that LARGE black woman! So, I'm going to sit here, put my
feet on the desk, have a smoke, and I'm not saying shit till I get another
woman...and some PANTS! It's cold in here! Whadda you lookin' at lady? I

***The back, thankfully***

There was no joy in the Cathy Cunt/Ballz Mahoney dressing room. Cathy was
pissed because she'd lost to Tammy Sytch. Ballz was pissed because Cathy was
pissed meaning he probably wouldn't get any pussy tonite. Stevie Ray was
pissed that he'd lost his announcer's seat when he left to help Ballz. He
wouldn't be getting any spill-over poon tang. New Jack was pissed because
they'd been drinking all night and there was only one Heineken left. He
wasn't even buzzed yet!

New Jack: Hey fool, go get more beer.

Stevie: Sucka, do I look like your house nigga? Get the booze your damn self!

New Jack pulled a staple gun from his ever-present trashcan of plunder and
pressed it against Stevie's temple.

Stevie: You ain't got the sack!

New Jack: Five justifiable homicides nigga, you really wanna' push me?

Stevie: DAMN!

Stevie opened the door to leave and spotted a very naked Nikki Cox walking
down the hallwith a cameraman finding her.

Stevie: Yo Jack, what if I told you I had something better than booze?

New Jack: 'Less you got a twenty sack in your hand you best take your ass to
the liquor store!

Stevie: How about some fine, white, red furred pussy?

New Jack: Say what?

Nikki Cox was taking the roundabout way to her dressing room in order to
avoid the sight of any still scheduled contestants. While she was an admitted
nymphomaniac, she couldn't be fucking all night. She did have a job to do
after all. So she was on her way back to her dressing room to retrieve the
black trenchcoat and spare panties she had there. (Spare panties because she
always seemed to either soak or lose the first pair.) Suddenly, a large black
hand grabbed her shoulder and pulled her into a locker room. She fell to the
tiled floor and when she looked up she saw the grinning faces of Stevie Ray
and New Jack.

Cathy: C'mon guys, let her go. She didn't do anything!

New Jack: Shut the fuck up Cunt! If it wasn't for us yo' ass would be gettin'
gang fucked by Da Baldies and yo' man would be inna hospital!

Ballz: He has a point, Cathy.

Stevie Ray: 'Sides, we been watchin the show! This yak's the biggest cooze
inna company, 'cept Tammy that is.

Cathy: Well...

Nikki: Uhm, guys? Look I appreciate the attention but I'm kind of on a
assignment and I wouldn't be a very good broadcast journalist if I just took
a break to fuck any...

New Jack dropped his pant to reveal his twenty inch meat missle.

Nikki: ...of course it would compromise my journalistic integrity if I
ignored any member of my viewing audience.

Nikki's mouth watered as New Jack shoved her on all floors and ran the
head of his dick up and down her creaming cunt lips.

New Jack: You ready for the dick that's stretched out the majority of the
female population of L.A., Philly, New York, Jersey, Seattle, Tiaguana,
Detroit, and Vegas?

Nikki bucked her hips back in an attempt to get the monster schlong inside

Nikki: I had no idea you spoke so well. But stop teasing and hit me with it

New Jack: I'm not sure you're ready, bitch. Lemme' heah you holla!


New Jack: DAMN! You coulda just said please!

With that the original gangsta split Nikki's folds with ten inches of his
cock. Nikki moaned and her eyes rolled back in her head. New Jack slowly slid
his cock into Nikki's grasping cunt.

Nikki: Sweet...swet lord...I...I'm...I'm cum....ooooooooohhhhh!

Nikki came on New Jack's dick on the first thrust.

New Jack: Damn, bitch revved up like a fuckin Harley!

Meanwhile, the prescence of Nikki Cox naked and being fucked was having
it's effect on Cathy. She began to sweat and her nipples hardened inside her
black t-shirt. Ballz noticed the growing wetness on the crotch of her jeans
and hesitently moved his hand toward her denim covered pussy. He got about an
inch away from her gushing cunt when she stood up and started stripping off
her gear.

Cathy: Fuck all this moping shit. I need some dick!

Cathy ripped off her t-shirt exposing her huge mammaries with her large
pink nipples standing out an inch from her boobflesh. Ballz came up from
behind to help his main squeeze out. He unbuttoned her fly from behind and
pushed her jeans down her taut legs and fingered her erect clit. Cathy moaned
and laned back against her man. She slid to her knees in front of him and
unzipped his shorts. His fifteen inch cocksprung forward followed by his
grapfruit sized balls. Cathy stood up and grabbed Ballz' dick and pulled him
in front of the moaning Nikki Cox. She shoved him down and dropped on his
dick. She shuddred as his meat disappeared into her juicy folds. The she
reached a hand around and grabbed a handful of Nikki's fiery hair.

Cathy: Eat me bitch.

Nikki saw that Cathy's cunt was already quite full of Ballz' dick.
"Wha?" she said bfore Cathy shoved her face between her asscheeks. Nikki was
somewhat startled but she recovered quickly and started to lick Cathy's
asshole. Cathy moaned, "Oh god yes!" As the big titted red head licked her
ass and her boyfriend fucked her cunt while sucking on her pliant tits.

Stevie Ray stood looking pissed with his hands on his hips and a huge tent
in his pants.

Stevie: WHAT THE FUCK?!? I find and grab this yak but somehow I'M the one
left out of the rotation?!? Fuck this! I'm goin out there to get some pussy
and anyone who gets in my way gets taken to 110th street!

Stevie kicked a chair across the room and stormed off to the ring.

By then Nikki was on her third orgasm and was nearing four as New Jack
slam fucked her pouring cunt and spanked her jigling butt. Nikki was a happy
camper with her pussy stuffed, her face inbetween Cathy Cunt's buttcheeks,
and her tongue inside Cathy's asshole. She tweaked her erect pink nipples,
came again and sighed, her job was bliss.

Cathy meanwhile was having the time of her life as she slammed her hips
back abd forth between her boyfriend's cock and Nikki's face. She was
creaming all over Ballz' lap and screaming like a banshee.

Ballz was out of his mind. "Two bodacious bitches gettin it on
freaknasty and I get a piece of it!" he thought. He shoved his cock up into
his girlfriend's snatch for the thirty seventh time ans started blasting shot
after shot of cum into her and lightly biting on her nipples. Still rock
hard he continued to fuck her as he blasted her with his baby batter.

New Jack was heartily enjoying stretching Nikki's snatch and slapping her
fine white ass. "God, damn this bitch is tighter than a muthafuck!" New Jack
pumped his healthy black staff into the white woman's multiple orgasming
cunny and left big red marks on her ass from his right hand. After twenty
minutes New Jack finally popped his wad.

A bucketload of cum erupted from his dick and shot the screaming and
cumming red head up onto Cathy's back. Nikki laid her head on Cathy's and
smiled widely as New Jack pumped shot after shot onto her and Cathy's naked
asses. New Jack tucked himself back in after wiping himself off on Cathy's
shirt and stood up to leave.

New Jack: I'm fittin' ta get outta here, the APA wanted me to go with them
and break up some bars tonite. Now that I've gotten a third of my pussy
quotient for the evenin' I think I'll go have a drink with dem boys before I
make another fine Nevada woman one of my bitches. Ya'll have a nice evenin'.

The three people hardly noticed New Jack leaving as Ballz crawled out from
under Cathy to fuck her ass and Nikki pulled Cathy's face to her muff.

***Back in the ring***

Jessup Wade was standing in the middle of the ring. His shoulder length
black hair had two thin streaks of red in it, his face maintained it's
constant five o'clock shadow, and his eyes couldn't be seen due to the black
Oakley sunglasses he wore.

Wade: Goooooooooood evenin' Las Vegas! My name is Jess Wade and I'm the
Vice-President of CSBN Holdings Inc. and the CEO of World Championship
Wrestling! Slutbrawl is my show, been enjoying it have we? (Those in the
crowd who don't have their mouths full of cock or cunt cheer wildly.) Alright
alright alright, oh and before I forget, let's have a hand for our dutiful
commentator Joey Styles! How ya feelin' Joey?

Styles was forced by Leia Meow and Gorgeous George to stand up for the
cameras and people. He was wearing a pair of redicuously huge Rikishi Phat
Wear pants that he had to hold up with both hands. You could have easily fit
two more of him in the pants. On the announce table there was a copy of the
latest issue of Penthouse.

Joey: A little embarassed boss, now that you mention it.

Wade: Why man? I got you your pants and women! Ahh I'm just fuckin' with ya
Joey. The tailor's workin on your shit right now. But the REAL reason I'm out
here is to say, the wheel of eXXXtreme is fully dead and sad we all are about
that. So I'll choose the slant of the upcoming matches my damn self! But
while I come up with some ideas, how about a little entertainment? Ladies and
gentlemen, The Nitro Girls!

"Ladies Night" by Lil Kim played and Chae, Chiquita, Baby, Syren and Starr
were at the top of the ramp wearing cowgirl outfits. (Boots, chaps, thongs,
tiny bikini tops, vests, gloves with those fringes, and hats.) Chae and
Chiquita were holding bullropes that led offstage. They tugged on the ropes
and the bedraggled, bound, and buck ass naked figures of AC Jazz and Spice
appeared. Syren and Starr each had black bags slung over their shoulders. The
whole entourage strode to the ring. Once inside AC and Spice were knocked to
their knees. Chae grabbed a microphone.

Chae: AC, little girl, what were you thinking? First you quit the Nitro
Girls, then you show up tonite pretending to be one of us, and then you get
your ass handed to you in a three on one. I will enjoy fucking and breaking
you, sweetie. But Spice, girl, I KNOW this is't your style. Kim forced you
didn't she? (Spice meekly shook her head yes.) Yeah I figured as much. You
won't get the beating that your partner there is going to get. Come on girls,
let's give these people a show!

Wade: This is gonnabe good Joey my friend!

Styles: Yes boss.

With that Chae dropped the mic and shoved Spice and AC into a corner.
"Ladies Night" keyed up again and the five women took their positions in the
ring. They began to sway in time to the music and then on Chae's cue broke
out into full outdancing. The audience went wild as the five beautiful women
broke it down for their viewing pleasure. Then to at least half the crowd's
surprise Chae led the others in ripping off their chaps. Quickly after that
came the vests. After a little more tit shaking and hip grinding, Chae teased
the crowd by pulling boththe straps of her bikini top off her shoulders. Then
she and the others ripped the tops off, sending the audience into convulsions
and their breasts jiggling like mad. They rubbed their tits with the palms of
their hands and then tweaked their nipples till they were hard. The audience
was dying at the full-out striptease by the Nitro Girls.

Wade: Good fuckin lord look at those tits! It's official, I'm a genius.

Styles: Yes boss. I think Baby looks especially good.

Wade: Oh really? Heheheh...

Styles: What?!?

Wade: Nuthin'. Really. Watch the women man!

Chae and the other dipped their hands into the crotches of the
barely-there bikini bottoms. Each came up with two glistening fingers that
they licked clean whle bumping and grinding to the music. Then all at once
they ripped off the thongs to reveal their glistening snatches and an
unfettered view of their asses. The five women came toghether in the middle
of the ring for a group kiss and stuck their asses out as the music died.

Wade: I've been to strip clubs in every damn state and most countries in this
world and I have to say that was the third best striptease I've seen!

Styles: Third?

Wade: Second was Jenna Jameson and Nikki Tyler in New York. First was this
freaky chick in Mexico, she had a chihuahua and a pogostick...

Styles: I think that's enough boss, besides, look at the womens right?

Wade: Excellent point.

All five Nitro Girls took off the hats, gloves, and boots. Chiquita and
Starr grabbed AC Jazz and tossed her in the middle of the ring. Chiquita
unwound the rope from around the weakly struggling AC's waist. She tugged
AC's arms in front of her and bound them at the wrists. She then shoved AC
onto her knees with a bump from Chiquita's luscious hips. Starr pulled two
riding crops from one of the black bags and handed one to the taller
Chiquita. The naked black woman ran the crop across her breasts and between
her legs. Then she said, "For disgracing the Nitro Girls, fifteen lashes,
from each of us."

Chiquita brought the crop down hard on the middle of AC's back. The blonde
woman yelped loudly and tried to crawl away. Starr stopped her with a quick
snap kick to AC's chin. Starr then pulled a eight inch long dick gag from her
bag that she shoved in AC's mouth and fastened around her head. The she too
brought her riding crop down on AC, only Starr hit her in the butt. AC whined
and tears began to well up in her eyes. Starr shuddered as she came simply by
inflicting pain.Then the blows rained down on the crying AC whose screams
were muffled by the dick-gag in her mouth.

By the time Chiquita and Starr were finished AC's back and ass were a
network of red welts and pain. AC was in the fetal position crying, on the
verge of passing out. Starr said as she slapped AC, "Nuh uh little girl, we
ain't finished with you yet!"

Wade: These chicks are vicious!

Styles: Yeah, but what do you expect in a CA...

Wade: Don't say it.

Styles: Damn, thought I had it that time.

Starr pulled two dildoes identical to the one used in the Teri
Byrne/Chastity match from her bag. She tossed one to Chiquita and they both
inserted one end into their pussies. They pulled AC to her feet and tossed
her arms above her head. Chiquita stoon in front of the beaten and shaken
woamn and Starr took her place behing AC. Chiquita smirked and said, "Don't
worry AC, all we're gonna do is fuck you!" AC screamed around the gag and
tried to run away but was easily stopped.

Wade: It is ON now!

Styles: Yeah...but do they really have that GOOD a reason to be doing this?

Wade: There are women fucking Styles, try to be a guy about it.

Chiquita and Starr's dildoes were already dripping their own juices when
they simultabneously entered AC's pussy and ass, respectively. AC shrieked at
the intrusion, not that you could hear it. Chiquita laughed as she fucked
into AC's cunt with wet sloshing sounds. She bit AC's nipples and felt the
blonde up as she fucked her. Starr stretched AC's ass with her ribbed dildo
and licked the welts on her back. AC struggled with her rapists for all of
ten minutes before putting her arms around Chiquita's neck and giving in to
the sensation of being double penetrated in front of millions of people. AC
humped her hips back and forth on the two rubber dicks and all three women
had the first of mant simultaneous orgasms.

Styles: DAMN!

Wade: That's what I'M sayin'! C'mere Leia.

Wade pulled his cock out and Leia took off her skirt and shirt. She jumped
on her boss' dick reverse cowgirl and rode the CEO slowly, using her vaginal
muscles to milk his dick while they watched the Nitro Girl showdown. Joey was
only slightly salivating at Leia's body.

Wade: You couldn't handle her man, trust me.

Joey: Yes boss. (Joey looked crushed.)

Wade: Shit man that don't mean I'm gonna leave you in the cold! George help
this poor man out.

Gorgeous George was instantly pulling the obscenely over-sized pants off
Joey's waist. She stripped off her suit and slipped her cooch onto Joey's
hardening dick. She smiled and pulled his face to her brown nipples while she
leaned against the announce table and absentmindedly gyrated her hips.

Wade: Sweeeeet livin' Jo-Jo.

Joey mumbles from between George's breasts: Mmms bsss!

In the ring, Syren and Chae had untied Spice and the formerly bound woman
was passionetly kissing her asian friend and fondling her d cup breasts.
Syren pulled one of the dildos from her bag and fucked herself slowly with
it while she watched the petite blonde finger Chae's slit. Chae moaned and
grabbed Spice's fabulous asscheeks. Spice lightly sucked on her friend's hard
brown nipples while fingerfucking her. Syren moaned and came feeling up her
own boobs and slowly fucking herself with the two-way dildo. Spice added a
third finger to Chae's cunt and slipped ne from her left hand into Chae's
asshole. Chae gasped and clutched Spice's asscheeks hard as a torrent of cum
erupted fromher pussy and onto SPice's fingers.

Wade: What a tender scene

Gertner (Waking up): That was some good fuckin too!

Wade: I was wondering when you'd wake up.

Gertner: Well I was in a comfortale position y'know?

Wade: Yes, yes I do.

Styles: MMph mmng mmmmuu mmmdd mmmmerff!

Wade: You sick fuck!

Gertner: It's always the quiet ones.

Pam Paulshock's lips encircle Gertner's dick and her left hand goes to the
junction of Leia's pussy and Wade's cock.

Spice smiled and brought her fingers to her lips, "You still taste good
Chae." She shoved two fingers into the asian woman's mouth so she could taste
her own juices. Syren tapped Spice's ass with the head of her dildo. "Lay
down baby," Syren said sultrily. Spice dropped to the mat and spread her legs
wide. Syren slowly shoved the foot long dildo into Spice's bald cunt until
her red pubes touched Spice's skin. Spice moaned and started massaging her
smallish tits. Chae's mounted Spice's face so she was facing a cooing Syren.
Chae grabbed Syrne's tits and french kissed the red-head sexily. Spice stuck
her long toungue into Chae's pussy and lapped up her girl juices like a cat.
That sent Chae over the edge again and she moaned around Syren's right tit.
Syrne cooed as she slowly fucked Spice with her phallus. Syren came quietly
again and huuged Chae so they were tit to tit. Spice, for her part, had been
in a state of multiple orgasm since Syren entered her.

Gertner: Hey, how DID you get Rikishi's pants?

Wade: I promised him someone.

Gertner: Who?!? Tammy, is it Tammy?!?!?

Wade: Watch man, just watch.

Styles: mrrrph grrn pppkpk ymmmm.

"Back That Ass Up" by Juvenile and Cash Money blasted from the speakers
and Big Daddy Rikishi Phatu strode confidently to ringside. Baby had been
leaning against a corner and idly masturbating during the whole scene but she
whirled around when the fat Samoan put his hand onher shoulder. "Your ass is
mine," Rikishi said calmly. Baby knocked his hand away and said, "Hell fuckin
no! I'm not your fat fuck!" Rikishi went throught the ropes and took off his

Gertner: Lord no.

Wade: That's ugly.

A twenty inch long and six inch thick cock sprung forward. "
lord..." Baby murmured, her eyes wide. Before she could react he picked her
up and dropped her sweet blonde furred pussy on his cock. Her buried eight
inches in her before she screamed. He held her there till she got used to the
feel and then shoved her down five more inches.

He repeated this till his dong was buried to the hilt. Baby had came hard
and passed out. He nubile body hung limp from the big man's monster schlong.
Rikishi pulled her up his cock till it was almost down and then rammed her
down hard.

Gertner: Damn.

Wade: Back from the dead, he's the resurrection man.

Styles: Wmmmm ssslllrp rrrmmmmm jbbbbb.

Wade: You talk to your momma withthat mouth?!?

She woke up with a moan, cumming again. Rikishi did this quickly, slam
fucking the petite orgasming blonde. He licked her tits every time they
passed his face. Soon she was helping Rikishi fuck her. She wrapped her arms
around his neck and her legs aroundhis waist. (Well, as much as she could.)
She bounced up and down on the fat man's dick and screamed, "OH FUCK ME! FUCK
Baby came for the tenth time with a scream and tears of joy. Rikishi busted
his nut after fifteen minutes in Baby's tight as fuck pussy and shot her off
his dick with a rope of cum. She dropped against the turnbuckle and laughed
and fingered herself and swallowed as Rikishi drenched her with cum.

Gertner: Deja vu.

Wade: Well those fat guys CAN'T get it that often.

Leia: They will now.

George: Yeah, I want me a piece of Rikishi.

Styles: Tll hmmtt ptt hs pnts n!

Wade: Good idea, yo Rikishi, catch!

Wade tossed Rikishi his pants which the fat Samoan put on while Chae,
Spice, Starr, AC, Syren, and Chiquita all lapped the cum off Baby's still
orgasming body. They had gulped down most of Rikishi's jism after fifteen
minutes anf Big Daddy escorted the ladies back to their dressing room.

Gertner: Well THAT was interesting. Got any ideas on a gimmick for this next

Wade: As a matter of fact, yes. You fanboy! Gimme those beer cups. Yeah you!

Gertner: What...

Wade: Wait and see.

Kristine Ho and Missy Hyatt came out of the back naked and brawling. They
clutched toghther and rolled down the ramp to the ring.


Gertner: Noone can understand you with your face in her tits like that.

Styles:FK! I said Cat...

Gertner: Shut up the boss is speaking.

Styles: SHIT!

"Language," Wade said from the ring, "Alright ladies, if you can pull
apart for a minute, in my hands I hold two 20 ounce cups. They are both
empty. In order to win this match you must masturbate till you fill this cup
up. The first woman to fill the cup up and chug the contents back down is
the winner. Ladies, get to cumming."

Gertner: Interesting...ern...concept.

Styles: Ymmh I fnk ts ptty gdd.

Gertner: Your face is in her dirty pillows again.

Styles: Sorry George, it's like a child to ice cream.

George: I don't mind.

Missy and Kristine let go of each other's hair and dashed into the ring.
Missy kicked Kristine in the face on her way throught the ropes. sending the
naked asian woman to the arena floor. When Missy turned around, however, she
was confronted by a naked and horny Stevie Ray who had apparently come from
the orgy in the lower deck. Stevie stepped toward Missy and she cringed in
fear of the big black man. He held his fifteen inch prick in his right hand
and he commanded her in a raspy voice, "Bitch...get on your knees...and suck
like the whore you are...or..." He didn't get to finish the order because
Missy already had her lips around seven inches of nubian dick.

Gertner:Well THAT'S an interesting wrinkle!

Wade: Yep. Ask me why I don't care.

Styles: Wy don u crr?

Wade: I can fuck any woman ever under contract to CSBN whenever I want. It's
in the contracts!

Gertner: Sweeeeeet.

Kristine meanwhile was sitting against a turnbuckle and had four fingers
in heer cunt as she frigged herself for her livelyhood. The sight of Stevie
Ray dominating her opponent had turned her on immensly and her cup was a
fourth of the way full of girl juices already. "Yes!" she quietly exclaimed
as she came again. She bit her lower lip and fondeled her tits with the hand
that wasn't fucking her. Halfway full.

Gertner: Girl cums like a faucet!

Wade: Yeah she killed a velvet backed chair I once had.

Gertner: Really?

Wade lit up a Cuban: Yep.

Stevie had forced the crying Missy to deep throat his dick and was pumping
shots of semen down her throat. He pulled his dick out and sprayed her face,
"You look better bitch." Then he spun her around and shoved his ironlike dick
into Missy's asshole. Missy scramed in pain. Stevie grabbed her hair and slam
fucked her tight hole. He was having the time of his life. He started to cum
quickly so he pulled his still spurting dick into her pink pussy. She grunted
and started to bump her hips back against him while holding the cup under her
in a vain attempt to fill it up. Stevie came quick again and spun Missy
around. He blasted her in the face with seven thick shots of jizz and told
her to lick it up then masterbate for him.

Gertner: Stevie showin' the suckas what they best know!

Wade: Startin to sound like Madden there bud, wouldn't want that to happen.

Gertner: No sir, I'll just fuck my bitch sir.

Wade: Good Man.

Kristine shoved her whole fist into her cunt and came again. When she
pulled her fist out enough cum spilled out to over fill the cup. She stood up
rubbing cum into her breasts. Kristine raised a toast to the ladies of the
audience and dumped the sticky jizz toward her mouth but ended up getting
more on her than she swallowed.

Wade: Da winnah!

Stevie put Missy over his shoulder and took her back to the orgy kicking
and screaming. Kristine posed for pictures with cum covering her upper body
and inner thighs. Styles kept fucking Gorgeous George and kept his head in
her bosom. Gertner had bent a squealing Pam over the table and was fucking
her ass.

Wade: Well Leia it appears we are the only ones left to call this last
semi-final match.

Leia: Fine by me Jess.

Teri Byrne came out with the same schoolgirl skirt around her waist and
still cum covered. She weakly walked to the ring and leaned against a

Wade: She don't look so good.

Leia: Big breasts, nice face, good ass... she's probably been fucked a lot
tonite boss.

Wade: True. Make a note of her.

"Heard It On The X" played and Francine came out in a leather cupless
corset and thigh-high leather boots. She had Beuhlah naked and on a leash.
Tommy Dreamer was on a leash too, but he had track pants on. She got to the
ring ad got a mic.

Francine: What's the score Wade?

Wade: Simple Frankie. Teri's got that burly muther in the front row, your
girl's got Tommy. First one to suck a guy off wins.

Leia: Seems fair.

Teri rolled out to the big dude in the front row. He dropped his pants,
his dick was ten inches long. Teri had no problem deep throating it and
happily sucked away. Beuhlah was on her hands and knees naked. Her face,
tits, ass, and cunt were covered in old and fresh cum. She had Tommy stripped
and ready but Francine was holding her leash so her mouth was still and inch
from his prick. She was salivating she was trying to win so hard.

Francine: Whose bitch are you?

Beuhlah: Yours! Im your bitch! Please let me win Frankie!

Francine whacked Beuhlah's ass with a riding crop: That's Mistress Francine!

Wade: What's she doing?!?

Leia: I understand. It's for discipline.

Francine: Do you really want to suck his cock and swallow his cum you filthy
little whore?


Francine: Okay.

Francine shoved a screaming Beuhlah's face into her cunt. Beuhlah was
desperately trying to get awayy from Francine's pussy but Francine kept
whackin her in the ass with that riding crop.

Wade: Thats evil! I love it!

Leia: She's very good.

Soon Beuhlah accepted the fact that she'd never suck Tommy off and she'd
never get back into wrestling. She was Mistress Francine's personal cumslut
forever. She sadly licked Francine's orgasming pussy.

Francine: Good slave. Goooood slave!

Meanwhile the guy Teri was blowing was close to the edge. She sucked like
a hoover and took on pendulous breast in a hand. She then rubbed her superb
boobs against the guys nuts to get his off. He blasted all over her face and
she left the winner.

Next week: Taz and Rebecca, Stevie and the orgy, the ironwoman match between
Kristine Ho and Teri Byrne for the Slutbrawl Title and wrestling contract,
and a few surprises

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