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Slutbrawl 2000 Part 7
by Crank Case

Jessup Wade still had Leia Meow riding his dick. Gorgeous George had
fucked Joey Styles till he passed out. She had Pamela Paulshock eating her
out while Joel Gertner fucked Pam in the ass.

Wade: And now introducing the CEO of Extreme Championship Wrestling Mr. Paul

"This is Extreme" by Harry Slash and the Slashtones played and Paul Heyman
walked out onto the ramp. He wasn't however wearing his typical leather
duster and backwards baseball cap. He was decked out in a black three piece
Armani suit and his hair was tied back in a conservative pony-knob. He made
his way to the ring under a barrage of scattered boos.

Wade: What the hell...

Leia: Heyman?

Gertner: The boss in a suit?

Heyman entered the ring and picked up a microphone.

Heyman: You know people, ECW has always been contriversial. We've always
pushed the envelope in regard to the extremity of our matches and how little
our women would wear. Some might say we've gone past the level of good taste.
As many of you know with CSBN's financial backing ECW has become an
entertainment superpower. I've been privy to the executive "parties" of some
of the most influencial businessmen in the country. At every one that I go to
I always hear "Maybe you should tone it down" or "This is too extreme." They
say we're ig noring the conservative members of our viewing audience. They
say we would do better if we adopted a format similar to that of the NWA in
the seventies. And I must admit I've listened to them. I've listened to them
and heard them out. I've even considered...naw, damn that!

Heyman pulled out the pony-knob and pulled his hat from inside his jacket.
He flipped the weathered ECW hat on back wards and ripped off his suitcoat
and over shirt. He untucked the ECW "Of course you know...this means WAR!"
shirt he had on underneath as the crowd cheered wildly.

Wade: That's more like it!

Leia: He had me going for a minute!

Gertner: You kiddin? Paul Heyman will never sell out!

Heyman: Screw you corporate America!!! E-C-Dub will never conform!!! That
said, the REAL reason I'm out here is to introduce two new additions to ECW's
women's roster. You know them as UPW's The Power Twins, but they come to us
today under their real names Diane and Elaine Bytch!

"Hot Spot" by Foxy Brown keyed up and the Bytch twins walked out wearing
red and blue leather mini dresses and boots. (Diane in red and Elaine in
blue.) They entered the ring and eachblonde bombshell smiled as they put an
arm aroun Heyman's waist.

Heyman: These two are going to be ECW's resident prostitutes, aren't you

The Twins: Yes Paulie! **giggle**

Heyman: But what good is a ho group without a leader?

"Hot Spot" came on again and Dawn Marie walked out in a slinky black one
piece dress. She giggled and jumped up and down on the enterance platform.
Her dress flew up around her waist, she wasn't wearing panties. The crowd
roared as she sashayed her way to the ring.

Dawn: Paulie, I'm finally the star!!! I'm the leader so it's all about me!

Heyman: Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, The Bytch Squad! Ladies, show the
people what your workin' with!

The women moved to the middle of the ring and prepared to drop their gear
and get nasty when the sound of car alarms and smoke detectors filled the
arena. "Wait just one minute!" came the voice of Steven Richards as he, Bull
Buchanan, and the Goodfather charged the ring.

Wade: What are they doin here?!?

Leia: Want me to take them?

Wade: No, I have other resources.

Right To Censor rolled into the ring and Richards got into Heyman's face.

Richards: What in the name of Laura Schlessinger are you doing?!?! What is
wrong with you people?!? If we hadn't been detained by security the RTC would
have shut this travesty of a pay per view down hours ago! People, this is not
right! You can't exploit women like this! It's wrong! I implore you, leave

The crowed booed loud enough for people to hear it a block away from the
arena. Steven and Bull looked shocked, Goodfather had a slight gleam in his

Richards: Fine! If you won't comply we'll just have to censor this show!
Heyman, this heinous business is over! Leave or be censored!

Heyman: Stevie, you don't have the cajones!


Wade: Get somebody out here now!

Buchanan grabbed Heyman around the neck and tossed him into the ropes. A
wicked clothesline soon followed. Goodfather advanced on both of them. "Walk"
by Pantera boomed out of the speakers and Rob Van Dam sprinted down to the

Wade: They're about to get theirs!

Gertner: VAN DAM! It's Van Dam!

He jumped on the top rope and hit the Goodfather with a missle drop kick
that sent the big man sprawling. RVD jumped up only to catch a Steven-Kick to
the jaw and a Bull Buchanan choke slam. Mr. PPV was out cold.

Wade: Gimme my pants, and a chair.

Leia: Wait a second boss, look who's coming!

"Keep 'em Separated" by the Offspring came over the speakers and Raven
came out of the crowd. He tackled Bull and they brawled to the back. Steven
was facing down the three women. None of them were wrestlers and Steven had
an evil look in his eyes.

Richards: You ALL have to be censored! (And he held a chair above his head.)

Gertner: NO!

Wade: Let me go Leia!

Leia: WAIT!

Steven started to bring the chair down but it only got halfway. A large
black hand was holding Steven back. He turned around to see the imposing
figure of The GODfather.

Godfather: Once again, it is time for eveybody to climb aboard the...

Audience: HO TRAIN!

The Godfather whipped Steven into a turnbuckle and hit him with the Ho
Train. The Bytch Squad each hit Steven with their own splash in rapid
succession. The Godfather then hoisted Steven over his head and destroyed
the leader of the RTC with a killer Pimp Drop. Val Venis and Ivory charged
the ring but backed off when they saw that Heyman and RVD had recovered. The
Godfather was begging his former comrades to enter the ring but they just
grabbed Steven and helped him to the back.

Wade: Damn right!

Gertner: The Godfather's back, but he's got no hos!

Wade: Sure he does, every Bytch Squad needs a Pimp.

Dawn jumped into the Godfather's arms and gave him a long french kiss.

Dawn Marie: My hero! How can I ever repay you?

Godfather: I bet we could think of something...

Godfather felt up Dawn's ass under her dress. Dawn could feel the taller
man's erection press against her stomach as she unbuttoned his shirt and
kissed his chest. She pulled the shirt off his shoulders and the tie from his
neck. Godfather pushed her back a bit so he could lift the dress from her
body. He whistled as the brunette bytch's body was revealed. She giggled and
did a pirouette for him. Then she shoved her hand down his pants and felt his
large member pulsate in her hand. She unzipped his pants and worked them and
his boxers down his muscular legs. When she took off his boxers his seventeen
inch dong hit her in the forehead.

Dawn: Oooooh, is all that for me?

Godfather: Yeah baby, all night long.

The Bytch twins, meanwhile. Had both stripped off their dresses and were
fucking RVD and Heyman. Denise was sitting on the middle turnbuckle with her
legs sticking out to ringside while Heyman plowed his foot long dick into her
tight anus. She moaned and felt up her tits and pink nipples while her new
boss fucked her. Elaine was on all fours at ringside eating out Missy Hyatt
(Who had Stevie Ray's dick in her ass.) in the front row while RVD sawed into
her pussy doggie style. The sisters were orgasming continuously and both were
glad of their career choice.

Dawn Marie licked a drop of pre-cum from The Godfather's piss slit and
slowly licked all around his cockhead while she fondeled his large balls. The
Godfather gripped her head as she went down on him. She slowly inhaled four
inches of his dick. She ran he toungue all arounf his veiny shaft as she
slowly lowered her head inch by inch. When she had eight inches in her throat
she pulled her mouth all thw way back off. A string of saliva ran from the
tip of his dick to her lips. She sucked his left nut into her mouth and
slowly jacked him off. Dawn fondeled his nuts with her tongue and Godfather
patted her head. She moved her mouth from his nuts back to his dick and she
promptly deep throated twelve inches. She got fifteen on the second bob and
she bottomed out on the third. The Godfather groaned and held her head at the
root of his cock. His pubes tickled Dawn's nose and she giggled a little
around his cock. The vibrations combined with her hoover-like mouth and the
tongue bath his dick was getting sent him over the edge and she gulped down
load after load of cum while lightly squeezing his testicles.

The Godfather put his pants on and picked Dawn up in his arms. "I'm gonna
drill you all night bitch," he said while squeezing an asscheek. Dawn Marie
squealed in delight. The Bytch sisters, RVD, and Paul Heyman followed them
out while "Big Pimpin'" by Jay-Z bounced out the speakers.

Wade: That's maybe the third best hummer I've ever seen.

Gertner: Third?

Wade: Yeah second was...

Leia: Boss, you have to introduce this footage.

Wade: Oh, right. This was recorded during the last two matches.

***Recorded from the back***

Nikki Cox had showered in Cathy Cunt's dressing room and as such now had
a towel on as she continued her quest to get to her room. She turned a corner
and saw Taz with a struggling Rebecca on his shoulder outside the door to his
dressing room. Taz saw her standing there and said, "Yo red, you wanna gimme
a hand with this bitch?" Nikki took one look at the tent in Taz's pants and
the naked Rebecca and made her decision. She whipped the towel off, rolled it
up, and snapped it against Rebecca's naked ass.

Nikki followed Taz into his dressing room. Taz dropped Rebecca on the
leather couch against the far wall. Rebecca screamed, "You two perverts
can't do this to me! I only have to fuck the announce team, that was the

Taz slapped Rebecca, "SHE took your position as the interviewer, a part of
the announce team. And everyone knows I AM the A team! Ahahahahahaha!"

Nikki came up behind Taz and wrapped her arms around him. She nibbled on
his right ear lobe and massaged his chest through the thug life t-shirt he
was wearing.

Nikki looked at Rebecca lustily and said, "You are in for the fucking of a
lifetime babe." She ripped off Taz's shirt from behind.

"Ohhoho, feisty!" the Brooklyn native said with a laugh. Taz spun around
and tossed the red head on the couch next to Rebecca who was mildly horrified
yet knew she lacked the ability to get past these two people.

"Might as well go with the flow," she thought. Rebecca leaned over and
kissed Nikki full on the lips. She tweaked Nikki's left nipple and slowly
slipped her toungue past Nikki's pink lips. Their toungues danced like the
last flashes of a dying candle flame and their hands roamed eachother's
bodies. Nikki glided her left hand down Rebecca's stomach to her brown-furred
honey pot. Rebecca moaned into Nikki's mouth when her snatch was violated
by two of Nikki's fingers. Nikki slowly pumped her fingers in and out of
Rebecca's dripping cunt while she fingered her clit with her thumb. Rebecca
came quietly on Nikki's hand. The red head brought her hand up to Rebecca's
mouth and sexily licked her own juices off of Nikki's fingers.

Taz had been standing not two feet away stroking his fifteen inch
erection. When Rebecca came he tapped her in the face with it. Rebecca shied
away in revulsion. SHe'd never met a meaner, nastier, unfunnier man in her
entire life an she'd be damned if she let him in her. Nikki grabbed Rebecca's
arms and twisted them around her back. She flipped the brunette over on her
stomach and shoved Rebecca's face into her snatch. Rebecca screameed into
Nikki's pink folds which only served to make the red head even more exited.

Taz got behind Rebecca and said, "Bitch, you are gonna LEARN not to be a
stuck-up tease!" Then he shoved his entire fifteen inch prick into her pussy.
Rebecca screamed into Nikki's cunt. Nikki moaned and started using Rebecca's
hair to grind her face into her gushing cunt. Taz pounded Rebecca, using
her as a common fuck rag. He slapped her ass with his right hand while he
shoved two fingers from his left into her asshole. Rebecca was screaming into
Nikki's orgasming cunt. She was turned on but the pain and revulsion was
negating any pleasure she got from Taz's cunt stretching rod. Nikki was
screaming out in pleasure as she slimed Rebecca's face with her girl goo.
Rebecca was slowly beginning to feel the plesure of the situation. After ten
more minutes she was cumming like Niagra and thouroughly licking Nikki's
creaming carpet. Taz popped his wad after twenty minutes, causing Rebecca to
have the greates orgasm of her life. Taz sat down on the couch and moved
Rebecca's cum covered face from Nikki's twat to his own dick. Taz kneeded
Nikki's right tit and sighed, "I love this job."


Wade: Alright, this is it, the final bout. Both Kristine Ho and Teri Byrnee
have been through sexual heaven and hell for you screaming perverts tonite,
and this is their pay off. Two women, one ring, all sorts of sexual plunder
around said ring, one half hour. The object is to get your opponent to cum
as much as mant times as possible in that half hour. The women's orgasms will
be monitored by these heart monitors strapped to each woman's wrist. To
demonstrate, WCW's own Pam Paulshock.

Pam was spread eagle on the announce desk with Joel Gertner slamming his
rod into her sloppy wet pussy while he suckled on her big pink nipples.

Pam: Thanks Mr. Wade. Folks, Joel here has been punding me for..oh..about ten
minutes and..mmmmm that's good...I'm just about ready to...oh lord..pop. When
I do cum..oh yel Joel..this wrist thingy will...unh unh..emit a loud....
oooooooohhhhhh yessssssss...BEEP!

Wade: Pam Paulshock folks. Our combatants are in the ring, so let's do this!

Kristine Ho and Teri Byrne were in a staredown in the middle of the ring.
They were both naked but they'd both been cleaned prior to the match.
Kristine thought she had the advantage, "She's got weight and power on me,
but I've got height , speed, and skill. Plus I've more or less walked through ths thing. SHe's had to fight through
every match she's had. She's tired. I can smell it. I'm in like sin!"

Wade: These two look like they're ready to take off eachother's heads!

Leia: Among other things...

Gertner: And wouldn't THAT be a shame!

The bell rang and Kristine reached for Teri's hair. The smaller woman was
faster than she seemed however and she hooked Kristine in a full nelson. She
lifted the asian woman off the ground and dropped her on her back. She did a
double knee drop into Kristine's stomach, knocking the wind from her. Teri
clamped her thghs around Kristine's head in a headscissors. The fromer dancer
crushed Kristine's head with her muscled legs. Kristine couldn't breath and
started to black out. Teri released the hold and went to retrieve a nearby
length of rope.

Leia: Looks like we'll get into some bondage in this match Jess.

Wade: Fine by me, but they'll never tie a better not than you Leia.

Leia: Aww you're so sweet boss!

Wade: Remember that when I order you to fuck my brother and twenty of his
closest friends on his sixteenth birthday!

Getner: Am I invited?

Wade: Sure, why not?

Kristine wasn't as beaten as Teri had hoped and the asian woman was able
to kick the red head in the solar plexus. Kristine hopped to her feet and
executed a spin kick to Teri's skull. The big titted former Nitro Girl
dropped to the mat. Kristine dragged Teri over to a turnbuckle and tied her
arms around it. Kristine got the two-headed dildo from Teri's match with
Chastity and shoved it in herself. Kristine felt her juices start to flow in
anticipation. She plunged into Teri's muff and sucked on her engorged brown
nipples. She slammed away at the tired red head for five minutes (Meaning
ten were gone in the match.) without any reaction.

Wade: I suspect that Teri is all fucked out from tonite's events.

Gertner: Well that's gonna help her here!

Kristine was groaning as she felt her own orgasm approaching, "Why the
hell aren't you coming?"

Teri sneered and replied, "I got fucked hard all tonite AND I'm tired. You
figure it out genius!" Teri hit Kristine witha hard headbutt just as Kristine
came for the first time. BEEP!

Wade: The score is one to nothing in Teri's favor!

Gertner: Wow, Kristine beat herself!

Leia: That's nothing compared to the beating I'll give her later!

Teri managed to free herself from her bonds and she stalked the fallen
asian woman. Kristine got up and tried to run but Teri had grabbed a bullwhip
and wrapped it around Kristine's neck with a SNAP! Teri dragged Kristineto
the ground and the slimy phallus slipped from Kristine's pussy. "Let's test
your limits, shall we?" Teri asked with an evil glint in her eyes. She bound
Kristine's arms behind her back with the bull whip and grabbed some assorted
vibrators from around the ring. She picked the biggest ones, a fifteen incher
and one that was a foot long but six inches wide, and flicked them on and off
to test their potentcy. "You're going to love these baby!" Teri sneered at
Kristine. She shoved the twelve incher into Kristine's dripping cooch with a
modicum of difficulty and switched it on. Kristine moaned and the vibrator
worked it's magic. BEEPBEEP!

Wade: Multiple orgasm! The score is three to nuthin' in Teri's favor with ten
minutes left on the clock!

Gertner: I did not expect it to go this way, but my bookie did damn his eyes!

Teri's got a jar of KY jelly and rolled Kristine onto her stomach. She
pulled her buttcheeks apart and dabbed huge globs of the jelly onto
Kristine's anus. She massaged the thick goo into Kristine's asshole till the
brown hole was nica and slick.

"P..please d..don't do this!" sobbed Kristine.

Teri smiled and said, "You'd do the same for me darling." With that, Teri
shoved the entire length of the fifteen inch vibrator into Kristine's
asshole. Kristine screamed bloody murder but came at the same time. Beep!

Wade: Four to nuthin with eight on the clock! We could be looking at a shut

Joey Styles woke up screaming: CAT FIGHT! CAT FIGHT!

Gertner: And it's about time might I add!

Teri was getting wet at seeing Kristine squirm on the mat trying to ignore
the feelings of pleasure she was getting from the phallus in her cunt. Teri
slowly frigged herself with one finger and flipped the switch to the vibrator
in Kristine's ass. Kristine's eyes and mouth shot open but no sound came out
there was so much pain. Teri picked up a pair of nipple clamps and advanced
on Kristine. The asian woman could do nothing to stop the red head.
Kristine's back was arched from the intense pain and her nipples were at
attention. Teri clamped the cold steel on Kristine's nips and gave occasional
light tugs. Teri sat down on the mat and pulled Kristine's gasping face into
her now sloppy cunt. Kristine was too hrt to do anything to Teri even if she
wanted to so Teri just grinded her cooch into Kristine's nose and lips. Teri
was getting off on hurting Kristine and her wrist monitor beeped for the
first time. Beep!

Wade: Four to one with five on the clock! Is it possible for Kristine to win
with this passive attack?!?

Leia: Nope.

Gertner: No way.

Pam: Never happen.

Styles: Wha? What's goin on?

George: Shhhh honey, shut up and suck my cunt.

Teri screamed again as she orgasmed for a second time. Beep! Kristine's
pain was starting to subside meanwhile, and her pleasure starting to take
over. She thought about her position. She was bound, with vibrators in her
ass and pussy, clamps on her nipples, and her face in another woman's crotch
in fron of millions. More than that, she had cum four times and this red head
was sliming her face with her own cream. The thoughts drove Kristine over the
edge BEEPBEEPBEEP! Hearing the beep Teri came again, BEEP! Kristine stuck her
long toungue into Teri's box BEEP! Teri tugged on the nipple clamps BEEP!
Then a buzzer sounded and the time was up.

Wade: Teri Byrne wins Slutbrawl 2000 by making Kristine Ho cum eight times in
the span of a half an hour! Teri will now get the chance to got to any CSBN
wrestling federation she chooses! From all of us at Slutbrawl, have a good
night! And happy birthday dad!

***Marcus Wade's bedroom***

As the big scrren tv clicked over to the other pay per view selections
Marcus Wade had his ten inch cock buried between Chyna's muscled asscheeks
and in her tight asshole. The powerful naked woman squealed as she had her
seventtenth orgasm of the night and pinched her own nipples. Wade's wife
Bambi and his secretary Ms, Jones were sixty-nining next to him and Chyna.
"Yes," Marcus thought as he pumped his manseed into Chyna's stretched
asshole, "Life is good."

The End

Next Week: Next week I'm gonna sleep! What do you want from me ya crazy
muther fuckers?!?! :)

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