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Sluts Of Wrestling Past Part 1: Tori
by DVDynamo

I shifted nervously on my feet and pressed the door-chime for the third time.
It was bad enough that my first meeting as booker of the ECWF was with a
former mainstream superstar like Terri "Tori" Poch, but I was sure I'd made
the situation a thousand times worse by being fifteen minutes late. Now Tori
wasn't answering the door-was this some kind of washed-up hissy fit at being
stood up for quarter of an hour?

I buzzed again, mentally telling myself that it was the last time I'd do it
before strolling back to my car. No answer. Sighing heavily, I turned by back
to the heavy oak door, staring around the spacious front garden of the ex-WWF
valet. Well-kept lawns, various statues, a nice, lengthy driveway to maintain
her privacy. It was surprising how good a once-famous wrestling personality
could live. But then Tori had been in the biz for a lot longer than just her
short WWF stint; ten years and more, in fact. My mind wandered as I took in
the surroundings. I didn't even hear the door swing open behind me.

"Yeah? What do you want?"

The sharp, inquisitive greeting made me jump visibly. Startled, I spun
back around-coming face-to-face with a woman who, just two years before,
had been on Monday Night Raw every other week. I was momentarily speechless
at the sight before me: The six-feet-tall beauty stood, hands on hips,
clad in just a mid-thigh-reaching silk nightgown pulled loosely across her
ample breasts. Her long, gorgeous legs shone in the morning sun, and her
already-somewhat-Oriental eyes squinted against the light. Her
shoulder-length hair, cut in the neat bob she'd sported in her dying days
of WWF stardom, was dishevelled; yesterday's make-up was smeared slightly
around her eyes and mouth. I just stood and gawped; she looked on


I snapped to my senses immediately, stammering my way through an
introduction. "Oh, I'm-I'm Matt, the booker, from ECWF-the indy fed we
called you about-and--"

"Oh, shit," She cut in, slapping her forehead in a symbol of her frustration,
"I totally forgot. Shit, come in, I'm sorry."

She turned briskly away and led me across the threshold. Barely keeping my
excited breathing in check, I wandered along behind her, taking in the faded
glory of her hallway. Photos of her many accomplishments adorned the walls,
pictures of her hugging Sable and Vince McMahon, early shots from the late
80s of her first matches.

"You've had quite the career..." I murmured, my eyes roving over the
knick-knacks on display as we entered what appeared to be the living room.

"Don't I know it," she said cynically. "Excuse the mess, I had a...rough
night last night."

I went to reply, but was once again struck dumb by my hostess; stooping over
to pick some piece of flotsam from the carpet, her gown had riden up to her
hips, revealing her almost-perfect buttocks, taut and tanned. No panties were
evident-I felt my cock stiffen at the thought of her totally naked body
hidden under just a millimeter of cloth.

"Hey, you wanna drink or something while we talk?" She had straightened up
and obviously caught sight of my dumbfounded expression. I answered as best
I could.

"Uh, sure, a soft drink I you have any-whatever's fine."

"Okey dokey. I'm going to fix myself a coffee. We may as well take it out
into the yard-the weather is fabulous today. Just head on out and I'll be
right behind you."

Eager to please, I crossed the room and yanked the screen door open, heading
out onto her paved barbeque area. Slumping down in one of three sun-loungers,
I once again began to take in my surroundings, amazed at the beauty of Tori's
home; a fountain centred the yard, spraying sun-lit jets of crystal-clear
water in every direction. The grass was crisp and bright. Across the far wall
was a large brick outhouse, fitted with a single, length-covering window. I
could see Tori's gym equipment inside. She certainly lived well; all in all,
things were going better than I had first thought.

* * *

"Okay, so you want me for five shows, and then any more if it takes off and
I'm willing." The 39-year-old diva sat cross-legged opposite me, her sleek,
muscular thighs totally exposed by her short garment, her tits squashed into
a tantalising display of cleavage by her arms.

"Absolutely. Once you get those first five done it'll be totally your call."
I smiled at her reassuringly; over the course of the amiable negotiations,
my confidence-much like my prick-had swelled immensely. "I have to say,
though, we're hoping to base the women's division around you-you're one of
the most beautiful free agents in the world." I faltered over the last coupla
of words; was that too far? Relief flooded my system, however, as Tori smiled
gratefully back at me, running a hand through her unkempt hair.

"Thanks. It's good to know that I'm still good for something; I feel like
a fucking grandma when I see some of the young things they've got running
around in WWE these days." She leant back and stretched slightly, pushing
her chest outward and threatening to expose her funbags to the cool air. I
looked at my watch, desparately trying to take my mind off of the dirty
thoughts currently filtering through it.

"Jeez, look at the time, it's almost mid-day. I'm sorry, I've kept you for
too long-you'll probably want to get washed up, put some clothes on." The
blonde amazon looked back at me, non-plussed. I took a swig of lemonade,
doing anything to make myself look occupied.

"Not really. I thought I'd leave all that til after we fuck."

The spray of soft drink leaving my mouth caused her to shrink back; I choked
a little, then looked up at her. She was surprised-but also smiling.

"Wh-what?" I managed to force out.

"Well, that usually the procedure...." I simply looked at her, mouth agape.
Her warm smile widened, and a look of almost-motherly understanding crossed
her face. "You've never...promoted an independant card before, have you?"

I shook my head slowly. She did the same, still smiling, not saying a word.
I slumped back into my chair, eyes wide, as she rose to her feet then dropped
to all fours. Crawling seductively across the patio, her titties swinging
beneath her in her near-open robe, she kept her gaze locked on mine. "I
guess...I'll have to show you."

Reaching my chair, she slowly ran her hands up my jeans-clad leg, bringing
them to rest at my groin as she rose to her knees before me. Keeping her eyes
fixed on my face, she casually pulled open my zipper. My full-on 8-inch shaft
sprang free, standing proudly to attention. I simply kept on returning her
stare, losng myself in her beautiful hazel eyes.

"You are a big boy, aren't you..." She moved her right hand across to grip
the base of my rod. I lay back, relaxing to the situation, when electricity
shot through my body as the sultry older wrestler ran the tip of her tongue
down the length of my dick. She cupped my heavy balls with her left hand,
planting little kisses around the base of my cock as I put a hand out to
ruffle her hair. Running her tongue back up it's length, she parted her lips
and, with a slow, sexy wink, closed them around my cockhead, sucking on it
like a lollipop. I moaned with barely-contained joy as she flicked her tongue
over my swollen member.

"Oh God you're good--"

Suddenly she withdrew, pulling her hands away from my crotch. I opened my
eyes and looked at her, trying to mask my annoyance. She held her look steady
and drew herself up to a higher height then, in one swift movement, wrenched
her gown open. Her fleshy, silcone-pumped mammaries fell free and sat proudly
on her chest, her large, 1 1/2 inch nipples standing erect in the sharp air.
I gasped with delight. She nodded slowly, kneeling in closer and pulling my
cock forward. My back arched as I felt her 36E tits encase my rod, squashing
around it. Tori closed her eyes and gently bucked her boobs up and down,
giving me the best tit-fuck of my life, soft and sensual. But her quest to
satisfy me was only just beginning. After a few brief strokes of her jugs,
she began to rise to her feet, her hips surging forward as a fell back into
my seat. She leapt onto the lawn chair, her thighs either side my legs, her
nips easy prey for sucking as they slammed into my face. Her arms slung
across my shoulders, she looked down at me.

"Are you ready?"

I smiled nastily. "More than you'd ever know." She nodded, an equally filthy
look on her face, then with one smooth thrust she impaled her cunt on my
dick. She squealed, pig-like, as I pumped my hips up into her simultaneously,
forcing my full length into her hole and pulling at her waist, holding her

"Oh fucking Hell, this is just-OHHHH!!!" She let out a wail as I pulled
slightly out of her, pushing her midsection around as I rotated her on my
meat. She obliged happily, her body shuddering with ecstasy as she pulled
her legs over mine. I rose to my feet as she turned around into the
doggy-style position, my throbbing head still shoved between her labia as
she bent down. Without warning I rammed myself back into her warm innards.
She let out another high-pitched bellow as I went to work on her box,
timing my slams with her gasps, my hands clamped tightly to her gorgeous
ass. I tilted my head back and began panting with the sheer strength of
the fucking I was doing; we were edging across the lawn as my vicious
banging pushed the mature slut further forward each time. The speed and
intensity picked up as we pressed against the large glass window panels of
Tori's outside gym. Tori grunted as she straightened up, my hard fucking
mashing her titties aginst the cold glass. I gazed through the window at
the mirror wall inside, watching her massive globes squish together and
seemingly expand as they pressed against the panel.

"Oh Jesus Matt fuck me harder I need this fucking--" I happily obliged,
doubling my efforts stretch her cunt out as much as possible. She began
lifting off the ground with every thrust, screeching each time as I
burrowed deeper into her.

"OH my fucking God, I'm going to cum, I'm going to--" I withdrew as she said
it, her lungs heaving as, doubled over once more, we pulled back from the
glass wall. Her hands on her knees, she turned her head to look up at me, a
look of desparation on her face.

"Please-you can't just leave me without letting me cum-I haven't fucked like
this for three years, I--"

I didn't answer, instead pushing breathlessly forward and hitting my intended
target full-on; my ready-to-burst dick slammed brutally into my new fucktoy's
butthole, my huge head popping through into her ass. She screamed in pain and
pleasure, her head flying upward as her nails dug into her kneecaps. I
steadied myself and pushed again, forcing my full eight inches into her
shit-shoot. I held it there as both she and I came harder than ever before;
my seed splashed inside her rectum, seeping out of her viciously torn asshole
as her own girl-goo ran in torrents down her long, smooth legs. My cock
finally began to shrink and, as I pulled it out from inside her, she yelped
like a dog with each movement, her orgasm still riding high. I stumbled
exhaustedly back to the sun lounger and sat, my cum-and-shit-covered cock
still sitting perkily out in my lap. Tori was slumped on her knees, her
ravaged ass directly in my line of vision, thick streams of my spunk leaking
out and sticking to her calfs. I lay back once more and closed my eyes,
catching my breath. Within seconds they were open again as, to my surprise
and delight, Tori's head once again descended on my dick, her full lips
sinking down over my shaft and taking it fully into her mouth. She sucked
heartily, cleaning me of her own shit and spunk, as I immediatedly felt a
secondary load getting ready to blow. I reached down and yanked her back by
the hair as I burst once again, shooting thick, viscous ropes of man-milk
across her make-up-smeared features, through her hair and all over her silky
nightgown. She fell back onto the concrete paving, eyes glazed, soaked with
bodily fluids. I sighed happily, then spoke.

" we have a deal?"

She looked at me and grinned. "Oh fuck yes!"

The End

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