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Smackdown Afterparty Part 1
by Scott Hall

HHH is in the locker room after Smackdown by himself when Lita comes in
wearing a shirt and a thong.

HHH asks "What the hell are you doing here?"

She replies "Just takin a look around."

HHH gives her a funny look and then takes off his wrestling tights
exposing his cock to Lita. Lita, turned on by this, clenches her fists so
she doesnt do anything.

HHH turns "What you never seen a guy naked before?"

HHH notices Lita's nipples are hard and gets turned on by that. His dick
gets hard and HHH gets embarassed.

"I thought that would never happen" says Lita as she gets down on her
knees and starts suckin his cock. HHH grunts and slides his hand down and
palms Lita's ass. He then takes off the thong she is wearing. Lita bobs her
head up and down on HHH's cock and takes off her shirt.

HHH pulls her up and says "Now you get what you want" and bends Lita over
a bench. He sticks his dick in her and is thrusting hard. Lita moans loudly
as she moves her hand down to her pussy and starts fingering herself. HHH
gets going harder and faster and faster and then c*ms in Lita's ass. HHH
pulls out and falls to the ground.

Lita moves to where HHH is and sits on his dick. She starts jumping up
and down, her tits bouncing around. HHH grabs her ass and pulls her up and
down faster and harder.

Meanwhile Marissa Mazzola is about to enter the men's locker room. She is
wearing a black shirt and leather skirt. She opens the door and sees Lita on
top of HHH. "What the hell is going on here?!"

Lita sees Marissa and slides out of HHH and runs out of the room.

HHH trying to cover up says, "Can't you knock?"

Marissa threatens to tell Stephanie what he was doing unless HHH gives her
what she wants.

"Whadoya want?" says The Game.

Marissa then take off her shirt exposing a black bra and then her skirt
exposing a black thong. "I want you to do me right here right now."

HHH happily abliges.

Marissa takes off her bra and then gets on her knees and starts suckin
HHH's cock. HHH is grunting feeling Marissa all over. He then slowly slides
off her thong and starts fingering her. Marissa moans but HHH shoves his dick
back in her mouth.

"I want you to swallow." HHH says.

HHH lets out one last grunt and cums in the mouth of Marissa who swallows
every last bit of it. HHH lays Marissa down and spreads her legs. He then
sticks his co*k in her hard and starts pumping away.

Marissa is screaming "Harder, Harder, Harder" and HHH obilges her. HHH
grunts everytime his nuts slap against her ass.

Marissa, sensing HHH is about to cum says "Cum in me. I am begging you

HHH starts thrusting faster and faster and faster while Marissa is
screaming. HHH and Marissa scream loudly one more time as HHH fills Marissa's
wet pussy with his cum. But HHH isn't done. He pulls Marissa up and bends
her over the same bench he did Lita. Marissa grabs his dick and shoves it in
her tight, succulent ass.

HHH is thrusting hard as Marissa is screaming at the top of her lungs,
"Fuck me in my s*utty ass!" HHH gets faster and harder as Marissa screams
more and more and more.

Marissa cums and it runs all the way down her leg. HHH grabs Marissa tits
and thrusts faster. Then one last thrust and HHH cums in Marissa's ass. While
he is filling her with his cum, Stephanie walks in.

"Oh my god!" she says.

HHH pulls out of Marissa and walks to Steph "I can explain. You se-"

Steph interupts him. "No need to explain, why didn't you include me?"

HHH smiles and starts stripping Stephanie....

To Be Continued

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