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Smackdown Is All Red Everything
by Arcanine878

"Eva, look at yourself..." Eva Marie is in the Divas locker room standing in front of the mirror while still wearing her ring gear as she checks her own body from top to toe. "You have the sexiest body in this entire industry. Men dreamed to fuck you and all those women wished to have this perfection." Eva takes the spin to display her sultry figure of herself. "People out there are jealous and think you suck at wrestling, but once they take a look at this...." Eva begins to strip her top off, revealing her huge tits with erect nipples then continues to remove her bottom off, leaving her naked but still keep her shoes on. "...all of them will be stunned to see this perfection." She goes for a little dance spinning around while keeps praising herself.

"Your the sexiest Diva to ever live...all red everything! Even these sluts in here would beg to go on a date with you." Eva says smirking in the mirror."You are going to dominate haha your tits are amazing," Eva said rubbing her nipples. She then bends over and rubs her asshole with her finger. While maintaining eye contact in the mirror. "Oh and my ass is makes Nikki's pathetic ass look unfuckable...mmmhhhh". Eva heard footsteps she quickly put back on her wrestling trunks and managed to squeeze her tits back into her top just before the door opened. "Oh just the slut I was hoping for" Eva says smirking.

It was Carmella, one her opponent for tonight who just arrived in the building. They are scheduled to fight her and Alexa Bliss in a triple threat match but Eva has the other plan for her warm up. "Oh, the fabulous Carmella.... my favorite slut in NXT. Admit it, you are glad to be here in Smackdown with me again, huh? you are glad that I will fuck your pussy before you have a match, just like the good old days in NXT" She said as she grabs Carmella's waist and their lips are barely touching each other. "You know what to do, right? Strip!"

"Oh Eva! Your so frisky!" Carmella said smiling before spinning out of Eva's arms and throwing off her hat. Eva caught the hat and sat down by her gearbag. Eva put on the hat and started to rub her pussy while Carmella danced in front of her. "Now my little slut! Tell your sexy master just how lucky you are!" Eva smirked groping her tits. "Oh sweetie here I was the queen of Staten Island thinking I was a top until all red everything showed me I'm just a useless piece of trash for your disposal." Carmella said while removing her top to show her black bra.

"Good...I'm glad to see you understand. Now, just how sexy am I? How bad do you need all red everthing?" Eva teased one hand on her crotch the other on her chest.

"Oh Eva baby! I was nothing compared to you. Without all red I'm worthless....I need it...I need all red from my Queen!" Carmella said removing her bottoms...wearing a matching black thong.

"Where do you need your Queen to give you all red" Eva said expecting her good little bitch to say her pussy. Carmella walked towards the seated Eva, sat on her lap and took back her hat before saying "I need all red in my ass baby!"

Eva smirks to see the excitement of her, waiting to get fucked by the All Red Everything. Eva repays it by giving Carmella a hot kiss as she gives her mouth in and let her mistress do her job. Eva gives her saliva to Carmella's mouth as she just easily gulp it in the middle of their passionate make out session. Eva slides down her lips to nibble Carmella's neck while her hand begins to cup on her tit. Carmella lets out a very sexy moan as Eva takes a full control of her body.

"Oh...oh Eva" Carmella moaned. Eva looking at Carmella with a devilish grin asks "Where do you want to be fucked?"

"Oh baby you know where I need it..." Carmella moaned.

"I said tell me!" Eva snapped. Eva smack Carmella's ass and then grabbed Carmella's thong and yanked it upwards as hard as she could.

"Aahhh my ass! My ass! I need your massive red strap on in my ugly ass" Carmella pleaded as she could hear her thong slowly rip. Eva unclipped Carmella's bra and pushed her to the ground. "Now get naked and clean my sexy ass All Red Everything worthless piece of crap!" Eva says fiercly.

Carmella, now on all fours, takes off her bra and then sticks her hand between her ass cheeks and manages to find the thong. Carmella smiles and begins to kiss Eva's red boots.

"Good little bitch! You realise your lucky...not everyday the sexiest woman alive lets such a worthless dyke into the same room as her." Carmella nods her head while cleaning her masters boots with her tongue.

Eva smirks to see Carmella licking her boots and somehow loves it. Eva's boots smells very good so that makes Carmella enjoying that. Eva squeezes her own tits as Carmella trails her tongue all around Eva's shiny red boots. "Good, now it's your favorite time. Go take your favorite cock inside my bag over there..... crawling. no stand!"

Without any words, Carmella turns her body and crawls across the locker room to grab Eva's all-red strapon while swishing her own ass, showing her fabulous asset to her master. She then returns to Eva with that strap on.

Eva strips out of her ring gear. "Now,where do you belong?" Eva teased. "On the floor like a dog!" Carmella moans. Eva kneels behind her bitch groping her ass. "Shake these big fat ass cheeks!" Eva orders.

Carmella does as she is told making Eva smile as she plunges her face into Carmella's ass. "Oh shit!" Carmella moans as Eva begins to lick her rim.

Eva keeps licking and sucking Carmella's sweet scented butthole. Eva buries her head deep between Carmella's cheeks while shaking her head and putting her tongue inside Carmella's ass as she squirms and moans. "AHHH.... I love it, mistress! Keep going!"

As Eva continues Carmella begins to shove her ass backwards trying to get Eva's tongue deeper in her ass. Eva stops smacks Carmella's ass and says "What do you say when your sexy master lubes your asshole with her own tongue!"

Carmella looks back at Eva "Oh thank my sexy master...I don't deserve such a perfect master!"

Eva continues to rim Carmella as she can only respond it with a sexy moan. When she's done with that, Eva stands as she begins to put on her all-red strap on and she walks in front of Carmella. "Look at me, my slut!" Eva said as Carmella looks up. "Take a look at this perfection and praise your master!" Eva takes a spin around while Carmella is looking at her.

"Oh Eva you are the sexiest Diva to ever have lived. When I see you my pussy tingles...I'm so lucky that such a bewitching, sexy, powerful goddess decided to put me in my place and make me a good little bitch!" Carmella said looking at the sexy Diva who she calls her master.

"You make some good points. Now suck it bitch!" Eva yells. Eva laughs as Carmella takes her red cock with ease. "Oh yeah that a girl. Yeah now you better get that cock nice and wet. Understand?"

Carmella nods her head while taking the whole cock in her mouth. Eva smirks at her good little slut.

Carmella begins to suck her rubber cock, closing her eyes and enjoying what she does. She uses her one hand to make her body balance and the other one to rub her wet pussy. "Mmmm...." she lets out a sexy moan.

Eva begins to rub her nipples while laughing as Carmella got dominated by a model turned wrestler! "You like that? You like being dominated by a fucking're a disgrace! You're a fucking whore!!!"

"Yes, master! I'm your fucking whore...." Carmella said while looking up at Eva's face. "You can use me anytime, anywhere you want when you are horny.... mmmh." She rubs her clit faster, causing her to moan.

Eva laughs, looking at Carmella down there moaning and touching herself to All Red Everything...completely surrendering to her superior diva! Eva pushed Carmella onto all fours. "Who's a good little All Red Whore!" Eva taunts while patting Carmella on the head.

Carmella purrs, feeling Eva's hand trailing to her blonde hair. "I am your All Red Whore. This whore body is all yours. You can use me as you like".

Eva's face turned. "I didn't ask for your permission! I fuck you because your my slut who I use!!! You don't let me be your master you fucking dyke!!!" Eva grabs Carmella's face and squeezes her face with one hand! "Got it Bitch!?"

Carmella got hurt but somehow makes her pussy soaking wet. "Y-yes..... mmmh...." she said, moaning to her master.

"You really are a slut!!! Aren't you!!!" Eva yelled.

Carmella nods as she continues to lick Eva's red rubber cock.Eva smirks...

"Enough!!! Now gimme this ugly ass!!!" Eva says slapping Carmella's ass.

"Yes ma'am!" She said as she goes on her knees and turns around her body so her ass faces Eva.

Eva places her mouth next to Carmella's mouth "Beg me..." Eva says while slapping Carmella's ass.

"Please Eva...I need it...Please gimme the gift of an ass fucking from the greatest wrestler and sexiest Diva Eva Marie!"

Eva rammed her strap on into Carmella's ass. "You fucking like that! A sexy model ramming your ass!" Eva smirked.

"Yes Eva! I'm a fucking slut! I'm your little ugly buttslut!" Carmella screamed. "Thank you for making me your worthless property! Oh God!"

"Wow! You know how lucky you are to be a 2 and get fucked by a complete 10!!!" Eva mocked.

Carmella loved being humiliated especially by Eva. She still remembered the day she tried to fuck Eva and failed. Eva was so cunning and manipulative. Carmella loved just how much Eva treated her like nothing. She shamefully begged for moments like these.

Eva increased the speed and smacked her buttsluts ass while laughing. "Your soaking wet! And here I was thinking Carmella was a wrestler!" And spanked Carmella again.

Carmella cried out as Eva spanked her again. "I'm not tough at all Eva! I'm your little play thing and I'm gonna cum!"

Eva pulled out of Carmella before she came. "Please Eva! Let me cum!" Carmella cried. "Listen here!" Eva said grabbing Carmella's face." Tonight we have a triple threat match with Alexa! You're gonna help me beat her and take her ass as mine! Understand!"

"T...Then can I cum?" Carmella whimpered.

Eva smiled and coldly said "I'll see now get your ugly ass ready!"

Carmella nodded.

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