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Smackdown Is Red Part 2
by BellaBusters

After Eva made sure Carmella knew her place she got dressed and prepared herself for tonight's match which was a triple threat match against Alexa and Carmella. Eva smirked when she saw Alexa knowing it was really a handicap match tonight.

"What are you looking at?" Alexa said in a bitchy attitude with one hand on her hip, wearing her sexy red attire and her hair tied in a ponytail. "Let me see a real woman and now you can't take your eyes off me!"

Alexa had always been arrogant. She walked around like she owned the place, she told people what to do and would make a big scene if they didn't obey her commands. She was just a self-obsessed bitch, like Eva in truth.

Eva took a moment to think. She stared at the tiny Diva, her height and bad temper only made her even more adorable. "Hhmmm anybody could fuck Carmella into being their bitch! But that would send a message to all the other girls!" Eva thought to herself, grinning as she did so.

Eva smirked. "Oh nothing...just the pipsqueak I'm gonna beat tonight!" Eva finally answered as she was wearing her typical All Red ring gear. She loved to show off her body and look a people drool over her. She loved it most in the Diva's locker room. Something about knowing all the Divas hate you yet would terminate their contracts to fuck you made Eva horny.

Alexa laughed "Wanna bet? I say the loser becomes the winners servent for the night!" She hated women like Eva, at least she would hide the fact she fucks higher ups, the way Eva openly admitted it made a fire burn in her. She issued the challenge hoping she'd finally get to own the red haired Goddess.

Eva thought for a second. "Deal...I'll tell Carmella...but I say we get her out of the way early! That way this triple threat becomes a one on one."Eva smirked as Alexa nodded in agreement before storming out.

*20 minutes later: The Match Begins...DING! DING!*

Alexa smirks as she approaches Carmella...Carmella laughs as Eva attacks Alexa. Eva hits Alexa with sliced red. Carmella gets Evas approval before locking in the code of silence. Alexa was stuck in the centre of the ring while Carmella choked her and Eva yelled at her "Awww your gonna tap? You gonna tap and be a lil slave huh?" As she petted Alexa's head.

"AAAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!" Alexa screamed while kicking her legs. The pressure on her neck tightened. Carmella's sexy legs wrapped around Alexa's neck was just too much. Alexa gasped for air and clawed for freedom but as she looked up all she saw was Eva grinning with lust at her vulnerability. Alexa tapped out frantically on the mat!

"Aaawwww thought you we're tough! Didn't you!?" Eva mocked as she grabbed Alexa's face. "The big bad Alexa Bliss losing to a fucking glamour model and her bitch!" Carmella released her legs from Alexa's neck.

Alexa laid facedown in the ring. Eva and Carmella celebrated to everyones shock. After several minutes Eva grabbed a tight hold of Alexa's hair and dragged her to the locker room. "Come on bitch you know the rules!" Alexa stumbled befind her letting out little gasps of pain from the hair pulling.

Eva dragged Alexa through backstage wanting word of her domination to spread. She also enjoyed the looks all the passer bys gave her. A mixture of lust, contempt and shock. Eva loved the look on everyones face. Something about being bad made her feel so good.

As they entered the locker room Eva threw Alexa to the ground laughing. Carmella followed closely behind. "Lock the door!" Eva commanded her bitch as she smacked her ass. Carmella grinned and did as she was told.

She loved being Eva's dirty little slut. It made her feel sexy and she also got to play with Eva's incredible body everynight. Some nights Eva would make her tell her all the ways in which she was perfect and if Eva ever thought she was stalling she'd bend her over there and then.

To Carmella's shame, in the past she has stalled in hopes to lure her Red Queen out of her bed to use her.

As Carmella locked the door, Eva yanked Alexa's ponytail causing the tiny Diva to whine in pain as her head was pulled back made face her enemy. "Awww does it hurt the little Diva when I pull her hair?" Eva mocked.

"ANSWER ME!!!" She screamed giving it another hard yank.

The pain Eva caused Alexa resulted in her yelling out "Yes!!!"

Alexa's confession to the pain Eva was inflicting on her made the model's eyes light up. "I thought you wrestlers were supposed to be tough!?" Eva released her causing Alexa to fall from her knees to all fours. "Your even easier than this whore!" Eva pulls Carmella close to her and kisses her.

Alexa felt a mixture of pain, betrayl, shock but the feeling which coarsed through her body which she dreaded most of all was a hint of pleasure. Alexa was terrified. She convinced herself it was nothing.

"Eva please! Let me go! I'll do anything, I'll go to Raw! Hell I'll go back to NXT and never come back to the main roster!" Alexa begged on her knees as Eva and Carmella looked down on her enjoying the sight of Alexa's begging and groveling. "I have money! Any price and I'll pay it I swear! Just please let me go!" Alexa pleaded with a look of despair, which in turn only made her cuter and increased Eva's desire to make her another slut of hers.

Eva grinned and brought over a stool to sit down on. "Is there anything funnier than a strong, tough wrestler begging at your feet!" Eva laughed as Carmella nodded in agreement. "In fact, the only thing funnier is seeing a wrestler kiss and clean my boots!" Eva stood up and walked straight infront of her victim. Alexa couldn't help but feel it was sexy to see such a glamourous,intelligent woman use her intellect to defeat her enemies.

"Well, I'm waiting..." Eva said impatiently looking down on her.

Alexa was a smart girl. She knew it was easier to go along with Eva now and hopefully she would get bored and go find something else to do. So with a massive amount of self respect lost Alexa's tongue slowly edges out of her mouth and makes contact with the toes of Eva's boot. As she slowly slides up Eva's left boot she looks into the eyes of the red haired beauty.

Eva grinned as she observed Alexa. Her eyes full of lust as she watched Alexa lick her boots. "Hey Carmella? Isn't this supposed to be the Wicked Witch herself!?" Eva asked in a sarcastic tone. "

Couldn't be! All I see is a Pathetic Bitch!" Carmella grinned standing by her Master's side as Eva sat back down in her seat. Eva glared up at Carmella causing the Fabulous Divas grin to vanish. "Uh...just like me my Queen! She's a pathetic bitch...just like me!" She said in a panic.

Eva stared at her with tight lips before turning back to Alexa. "Carmella bring me my toys!" Eva commanded with a smirk as she raised an eyebrow and beckoned Alexa to rise and come to her.

Alexa obliged and walked towards her. "Lose the top!" Eva said in a tone which suggested it wasn't open to suggestion.

Alexa looked to Carmella. She knew Mella was no push over and yet Eva has her believing her only purpose is to serve her and bend over for her. For fear of what might come to her should she refuse, Alexa decided not to fight this battle and instead slowly removed her wrestling top and allowed her perky tits to be set free.

Eva grinned from ear to ear as she placed her hands on Alexa's hips and pulled her closer. Eva grinned and sucked Alexa's right nipple. Alexa gasped, she tilted her head back and began to feel a pleasurable sensation spread throughout her body. "Oooohhhhhhh" she moaned, closing her eyes.

Carmella came back with a bag of toys. She saw Alexa's head tilted back, her eyes closed and moans escaping her. Carmella grinned as she watched Alexa fall under Eva's spell, just like she had.

Eva looked up at Alexa, seeing her enjoy this was priceless. "Get on your knees, slut!" Eva commaded wickedly. Alexa did not move. She was greatly conflicted. She was a top who fucked girls like Eva and Carmella for fun,often using them just to humiliate them, yet looking into Eva's eyes Alexa was intrigued, it felt as if she was being sucked into her spell.

"Hands and knees now Bitch!" Eva yelled impatiently. Alexa gulped before dropping to her knees.

"You gonna be my good lil Bitch?" Eva teased. Alexa nodded sheepishly. "Well then quit wasting my time and kiss my sexy fucking boots!" Eva yelled, dangling her foot in front of Alexa's face. Alexa immediately gave in. She began to paint Eva red boots with her spit. Her tiny little tongue covered every piece of the boot. Alexa kissed the tip of the boot before moving on to Eva's other boot and doing the same.

"Mmmm good girl!" Eva teased. "Your a natural! Maybe you were born for this!" Carmella watched on in delight. She knew Eva had Alexa right where she wanted her and now it was only a matter of time before she was helping Eva break Alexa into Eva's all red slave.

After Alexa planted a kiss on the Red haired Diva's boot, Eva turned to Carmella grinning. "Mella get that cock on you!"

Carmella laughed, she stripped naked and put on the 6 inch cock. Alexa stared at Carmella worried about what Eva and her bitch had intended to do to her.

"Over my knee bitch!" Eva said in a stern tone. Alexa remained on her knees looking up at the Red Goddess. She was still torn between trying to get back at them and simply submitting to them.

Eva, enraged, grabbed a fistful of the tiny Diva's hair and pulled her over her knee. "I wasn't asking slut! Now, Carmella fuck this sluts mouth while I play with this juicy ass!" Eva squeezed Alexa's ass. Alexa lifted her head to see Carmella standing infront of her, the cock inches from her face.

Carmella smiled standing right in front of her mistress' new pet before she smacked Alexa's face with the dildo "Yes mistress. I will show her how good it is to serve you and be an ugly slut like me!". Carmella pushed the dildo deep inside Alexa's mouth which made her eyes widen, as it wasn't often that Alexa was getting dominated and had a dildo shoved in her mouth so roughly. Carmella's rough face fucking lead to Alexa gagging on the dildo.

"Awwww this bitch can't even handle you're pathtic cock!" Eva laughed at Carmella.

Carmella continued to fuck Alexa's face. "Yes Mistress we will have such fun converting her to the red side!"

Eva glared at Carmella. Carmella quickly corrected herself. "I...I mean you will have such fun converting her to the red side!"

Eva gave Carmella an arrogant look before turning her attention back to Alexa's ass. "Ohhh yes! I've always wanted this ugly ass! Mine will look even more perfect next to it!" Eva laughed and delivered a thunderous slap to Alexa's ass.

Alexa closed her eyes tightly feeling her mouth getting raped and pounded fast by Carmella's dildo as some tears ran down her cheeks after the big slap on her ass cheeks, left a light red mark on it. But strangely, Alexa felt some sort of pleasure from all the rough acts being committed on her body. But Alexa didn't want to give it in because that's exactly what Eva wanted in the end and she couldn't be this model's bitch.

"Hmmm mistress, I'm so happy you allowed to show her how to respect you" said Carmella moaning while fucking Alexa's mouth over and over while Eva chuckled "Of course, it's because I'm leaving the dirty work to people ugly as you. I wouldn't want to waste my new manucure on this ugly ass bitch"

Alexa couldn't help but hear the way Eva talked to Carmella. She looked up at Eva's bitch who was stuffing cock down her throat and felt, to her shame, aroused. The look on Carmella's face when she stared at Eva was so full of lust even Alexa felt it. Alexa let out another sharp yelp as Eva spanked her again. Despite Carmella's cock covering up the noise, Eva still heard her and began to laugh sadistically.

Alexa closed her eyes again as the lust in their eyes was still in her mind while she was face fucked roughly by Carmella. Eva continued smacking her ass.
"Hehe...look like this little slut is starting to enjoy herself" said Eva leaving more and more red marks on the blonde's ass cheeks.

"It's because you're showing her how good it is to be an all red bitch for you, mistress!" said Carmella as she held Alexa's face up so she can easily pound her mouth and throat.

"Obviously you stupid slut!" Eva mocked Carmella. Eva loved Alexa's thick ass and was drooling over it. Alexa could feel Eva's hands squeezing and rubbing her cheeks. She felt an exciting sensation.

Carmella continued thrusting until her Mistress commanded her to stop. Alexa was begging for air the moment Carmella stopped thrusting.

Alexa was still gasping for air while trying to tap on Carmella's leg, telling her to pull it out so she could catch her breath.

"Hehe oh you're already out of breath?" said Carmella before pulling out the dildo from Alexa's mouth.

Alexa started coughing for catching her breath while she could still feel Eva drooling and licking all over her ass and, to her shame, it felt really nice.

After a few moments, Eva pushed Alexa off her knee. As Alexa went back to her position, kneeling before Eva, the Red Queen signaled for Carmella to approach.

"Hmmm...alright, Carmella. It's time to take out my All Red. I'm going to teach a lesson to this new slave!" said Eva before smacking Carmella's ass.

Carmella nodded and walked out of the room while Alexa was looking up at Eva, not knowing what she was going to do to her and what the hell "All Red" was.

A few minutes later, Carmella came back to her beloved mistress then knelt down before handling the red 11" strap on "here you go, mistress. It's your sexy cock that made me realized how ugly and worthless I am without you"

Alexa looked at the big red dildo and couldn't believe her eyes but it was really way bigger than any dildo she even shoved inside her but other part of her was telling that it might be exciting to have it.

"Hehe thank you, slave. I'm glad to see you're recognizing your situation as my whore but don't worry, you won't be the only one now because she will also be all red" said Eva before putting the red strap on right in front of the young girls.

Eva chuckled looking at her slaves with her massive red dildo right in front of their faces.

Alexa looked up at the red Queen and her dildo as the color and the shape seemed hypnotic and really attractive making her struggle to stay straight but her pussy was also aroused for it while Carmella was staring at it and sticked her tongue out like a good dog with her eyes full of lust "please my queen...let me satisfy you...I want to feel my goddess deep in my useless pussy..." said Carmella begging for her mistress's toy.

"Now, now slut! We have a guest! And your fat ass has had this cock balls deep in you like a hundred times!" Eva told her obedient slave.

"Awww but Mistress..." Carmella began before a sharp slap struck her face.

"I said no! You fucking whore!" Eva screamed at her.

Alexa watched on speechless. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Eva was so sexy and her bitchy attitude only worked to make her more desirable. Alexa watched the massive, red cock which Eva had strapped to her waste. It wasn't long before she was biting her lip.

Carmella slowly looked down and nodded before going to the corner of the room "Y-yes Mistress...I'm sorry for being a useless bitch..."

Eva nodded and smiled "Good now it's just you and me, Little Miss Bitch!" She got closer to her prey, smacking her ass cheeks "Turn around and show your master your ass!"

Alexa whimpered and looked down as she felt so weak right now but being dominated by the Red Queen seemed to be very... sexy. She slowly nodded and showed off her ass cheeks. She was already soaking wet from all this humiliation.

"Ohhh yes! Your ass is so disgusting! It'll be perfect to destroy!" Eva laughed groping her ass.

Alexa looked up to see Carmella glaring at her, jealous of the attention Eva was giving her.

Alexa whimpered as she felt Eva spit between her ass cheeks. "Ooohhhh you're fucking loving this! Aren't you slut!"

Alexa closed her eyes and kept whispering to herself as she was treated so badly but it was making her even more turned on. She was bitting her lower lip trying to hide her moans.

Carmella looked at them with envy as she was feeling so jealous from all the attention her new 'mate' was recieving from her Queen. She wished for the days in NXT where she was the only buttslut for her mistress.

But if Eva wanted it, then she must accept it.

The red haired model kept spitting at her new slut's ass cheeks before smacking her big red shiny cock against her pet's ass "Hhmmm...I'm gonna love fucking your worthless ass and make you all red everything!"

Eva heard the small blondie girl moaning as she smacked her ass cheeks once again with her cock. "Hehe look like you're starting to enjoy it. What a slut! I bet you can't wait for my cock in your stupid hole, can you?" She said while gripping on Alexa's hair and pulling her back so she could look at her gorgeous, beautiful face.

Alexa panted and closed her eyes tightly, as she moaned quietly feeling her ass cheeks being spanked by her Red haired rival...her sexy Mistress...Alexa shook her head trying to keep her thoughts straight but Eva clearly noticed that. The Red queen pulled her new blonde slave to her, smacking her red ass once again. "Alright, enough play time. It's time to make this blonde bitch All Red everything!" said Eva before bringing Alexa to her knees, face down and ass in the air while the red haired mistress rubbed her massive red strap-on against Alexa's holes

Alexa looked up in horror as she felt Eva's red cock pushing against her asshole. "No! You can't! Not my ass please!" Alexa begged.

Eva laughed, loving the sight of Alexa begging. "Mmhhh don't worry slut! Carmella was like this too! Now look at her."

Alexa looked up to see Carmella on her knees rubbing her pussy. Alexa was shocked and could only mutter out a question.

"W...will you be gentle?"

Eva laughed with a tone brimming with arrogance. "What do you think!?" She laughed before thrusting all of the cock into her ass.

Alexa screamed out. She felt her hole being violated and. what was worse, she could feel the sweet sensation spreading from her asshole up through her body.

As Alexa's eyes were kept shut she could still hear the sound of Eva's thighs clapping off her ass. As Eva found her rythem and Alexa's ass began to stretch the pain and pleasure Alexa was feeling slowly became euphoric pleasure. "Yeah! Look at the disgusting ass take my beautiful cock!" Eva grinned.

Alexa slowly began to feel the unexplainable pleasures of being exposed to Eva's domination. As she began to enjoy herself, a little smile began to cross her face. However, it was Alexa's gradual twerking movements which pleased Eva the most.

"Oh yeah! Twerk that fucking ass!" Eva laughed while spanking Alexa.

"Fuck it!" Alexa thought to herself as she opened her eyes and began to twerk on the red cock. She looked back to see a large, evil smile on Eva's face. Looking at the model, Alexa felt piercing shame and couldn't help but to question herself. "What have I done!?" The shame only made the humiliation worse, and with that came the moment Eva knew she now owned "The Goddess".

"Ooohhhh yeah!!" Alexa moaned out, looking back at Eva. Eva couldn't resist teasing the little bitch. "You like that ,huh? You like my cock in that ass!"

Alexa nodded but Eva still wasn't satisfied. "I want to hear you say it!" She said with a harsh tone as she made Alexa's hair into a ponytail and yanked her head back.

Alexa, while looking at Carmella, declared what could only be described as the truth. "I love your cock in my ass! It feels sooooo fucking good!" A burning sensation of shame filled her gut, only pushing her closer to climax.

Eva continued to brutally ass fuck the little Diva. Alexa moaned throughout Eva's rough domination.

"This bitch's whiney voice is annoying me! Carmella!!!" Eva yelled out. Immediately Alexa found herself to be passionately making out with the Princess of Staten Island. Alexa continued moaning in euphoric pleasure but at least now Carmella's tongue muffled the moans.

As the two blonde bitches battled each other's tongues for supremacy, Eva began to blast Alexa's ass at a pace she didn't even know she was capable of.

The make out session was brought to an abrupt end as Alexa howled out "OH MY GAWDDDDD!!!!" and squirted vigourously. Her small body collapsed with sweat running down her forehead.

Eva stood up and removed the cock. As she handed it to Carmella, who immediately began to suck on it, Eva went to her bag. As Alexa gained enough strength to get back to all fours, she felt Eva insert one of the infamous red butt plugs given to "All Red Sluts".

Alexa grinned at Carmella who began to kiss her again. As their tongues reunited, Alexa could taste her ass causing her to moan louder.

"That's enough!" Eva snapped.

"We have a flight to catch tomorrow!" The Red Goddess began. "And I still have to show just how pathetic you are, Carmella!"

Alexa grinned. "Sounds fun Mistress Marie!"

Eva walked out of the arena with her two bitches, with their red butt plugs which read "ALL RED SLUT".

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