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Smackdown Lust Part 3: Torrie's Revenge Part 2
by Dice and Kristi

"Ohhhh, Rey, fuck me harder!"

In the Arena's fitness center, Rey Mysterio is fucking Torrie from behind.
She is bent over one of the various weight machines, holding on for life as
Rey drives all of his 12 inches into her with increase force and speed. He
has his hands on her hips, and pulls her back each time he thrusts forward.
Torrie grips onto the fitness machine, keeping leverage as Rey Mysterio
continues to drive his 12 inch cock deep into her pussy, faster and harder
then he had fucked her before. Rey slaps Torrie's ass firmly. "You like that

Torrie moans in reply. Rey slows down her pace, just drives his cock into
her with long, hard, slow strokes, and Torrie's body reacts with each
thrust. Torrie's and Rey's body shine of sweat. Torrie is breathing heavily
"Ohhhh....uhh....yeah!" Torrie moans.

Rey then moans "Torrie I-I'm gonna cum."

Rey pulls back as far as he can without leaving her pussy, and thrust forward
with one last big hard thrust, driving his cock deep into her, and shoots a
large load of man sap. Torrie smiles back at Rey lustfully, feeling his cum
inside her wet, tight pussy. Torrie's hair is wet covered in sweat as well as
her body.

Rey gently pulls his cock out of her pussy, and she turns around putting her
dark blue jeans and light pink shirt back on. Torrie runs her hand along
Rey's cheek gently. "Thanks for the workout!" Torrie smirks and gently kisses
his lips.

Rey looks into Torrie's eyes innocently. "Torrie, before you go can you blow
me one last time?"

Torrie looks at him in surprise, then looks down at his cock, which is still
hard. "I'm sorry Rey, but I have to go," Torrie replies, with a sweet smile.
"But maybe we can get together again."

Rey nods, and he starts to get dressed, as Torrie leaves the fitness center.

Still feeling unsatisfied with her revenge on Kidman, Torrie starts roaming
the arena, looking for anyone she could use. She eventually comes across Rob
Van Dam's locker room. Torrie hears some music coming from inside, and
figures RVD is inside. She knocks on his door, but he doesn't answer. Torrie
knocks again, but still no answer. Torrie raises her eyebrow as to why no one
has come to the door.

Torrie shrugs and quitely opens the door, slowly walking. She looks around
the room, and eventually spots RVD asleep on the couch. Torrie smirks a
little getting an idea inside of her head. RVD is wearing just a pair of
jean shorts, that are unbutton and a pair of sandals. One of his arms is
behind his head. Torrie sizes him up, almost like a tiger stalking it's
prey, and licks her lips. She walks over to RVD, trying to judge how large
his cock is.

Torrie slowly sits down on her knees in front of the couch as RVD remains in
a deep sleep. Torrie carefully reaches and slowly unbuttons his jean shorts,
and then unzips the jean shorts. Torrie carefully slides his jean shorts with
a smirk on her face. Torrie slides his jeans shorts completely off and down
to his ankels as he continues to lay on the couch asleep. Torrie then in one
quick, care, and swift motion slides down RVD's boxers to reveal a thick, 9
inch cock.

Torrie takes his cock into her hands, but she can barely wraps her fingers
around his cock as to how thick the cock is. Torrie carefully and gently
takes RVD's cock into her mouth and starts to slowly move her head back and
forth in motion, gradually picking up speed, sucking a medium, decent pace.
RVD starts to stir a bit, causing Torrie to shift her position to keep his
cock in her mouth.

A soft moan of pleasure passes his lips, and Torrie starts to look up at his
face, wanting him to see her sucking his dick. RVD starts to open his eyes
slowly, as if thinking the feeling of a warm mouth his cock is a dream. Once
his eyes are completly open, he looks down at Torrie, smiles, then closes his
eyes. After a few moments, his eyes fly open. Torrie pulls off his cock, but
continues to stroke it.

"Hi Rob." Torrie says with a smile.

"Whoa... Dude, what's going on?"

Torrie smirks up at RVD as she continues, to now gently stroke his cock with
her soft hand, running her hands up and down his shaft slowly. Torrie's tries
to think of a good excuse as to why "Well...I was umm...uhhh..passing by and
it looked like you need some head".

RVD gives Torrie that cocky look of his. "Hey it's cool, don't stop on my

RVD shifts on the couch to give Torrie an easier angle to suck his cock.
Torrie is surprised at how easy RVD is about this, considering the amount
of work she needed to do on Rey. Torrie takes his cock back in her mouth,
swirling her tounge around the tip before going down on him. Torrie starts
of once again sucking his cock, this time tightly, however. Torrie lips
smack against RVD's shaft as she starts bobbing her head up and down on
his cock getting a good rhythm, she speeds up a bit sucking fastly and the
slows down sucking slow and long.

Torrie keeps sucking his cock hard, her mouth stretched out over his
thickness. She can't deep throat him, but work's as best she can. She pulls
him out of her mouth, and goes to lick the sides of his cock with her warm,
wet tounge. She spits on it, and uses both of her hands to rub it over his
cock, getting it nice and slick. RVD's cock is all wet with Torrie's saliva
as she moves her tongue up to the head of his cock. Torrie moves her tongue
in a circular motion on his cock. Torrie then moves her tongue down his
shaft to his ball sack. Torrie begins to flick RVD's balls back and forth
with her tongue.

"Hey, Torrie how bout I show you why I am the whole damn show."

Torrie looks up at him and smirks. "I can already see why, but I need to try
you out."

Torrie removes her pink top, revealing her breasts to RVD, and then pulls off
her blue jeans. RVD stands and kicks off his sandals, then drops his shorts.
Torrie lies on the couch, and he wastes no time, and goes on top of her,
pushing his cock slowly into her dripping pussy. Torrie bites her bottom lip
as RVD carefully and slowly slides his very thick 9 inch cock into her tight,
dripping wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhh yesss" Torrie moans as RVD completely glides his entire cock into
her pussy.

"Dude Torrie, you're..."

Before he can finish Torrie wraps her legs and arms around him, and pulls
his head close to hers. "Shut up and fuck me!".

Torrie roughly kisses his lips sliding her tongue into his mouth to further
him from not talking and just fucking her. Taking her request into account,
RVD starts pumping his cock in and out of Torrie's pussy hard and fast,
almost trying to fuck her through the couch. Torrie kisses his neck each
time RVD pulls up, but each time he thrusts into her, her eyes go wide.
"Ohh... I've never.... Ahh... had one this... Mmmm... thick...".

Torrie wraps her legs tighter around RVD's waist as she starts grinding her
pussy hard against his cock. Torrie then bites her lips feeling she's on the
brink of an orgasm since not having one with Rey Mysterio, she had alot of
build up inside. RVD sees that Torrie is almost to the edge, and smirks a
bit, thinking it's because of his skill. He increases his speed and force,
wanting her to cum soon.

"Ohhhhh fuck Rob!" Torrie moans out as her pussy tenses up as she releases a
large load of cum on RVD's cock.

While continuing to fuck her, RVD smirks again. "As you... see... I'm the
whole... Damn... Show," Rob times his thrust with each pause.

Torrie rolls her eyes a bit, not noticed by RVD. Even though she is somewhat
annoyed by RVD's cockiness she is absolutely enjoying and impressed by RVD's
fucking skills. Torrie hasn't broke a sweat yet, but RVD has. Torrie bites
her lip as RVD pushes faster and harder. RVD gets look on his face, and
smiles down at Torrie. "How bout you get some R-V-D in you B-U-T-T?"

Torrie rolls her eyes again in amazement of his ego, but wants to feel his
thick cock in her ass. "Sure... fuck my ass raw..."

He pulls out, and Torrie kneels on the couch, her head hanging over the back
of it. RVD stands and lines his cock up with Torrie's ass, and slowly pushes
it into her asshole, letting Torrie get use to the girth entering her. Torrie
lets out a loud moan feeling RVD's thick cock enter her ass.

"Ohhhhhhh fuck!" Torrie yells out in somewhat pain, but enjoyment.

Torrie starts moving her ass back and forth, banging her ass against RVD's
waist line, taking his cock deep and hard into her ass. RVD starts to pick
up momentum, and his balls start to bounce off of Torrie's ass checks with
each thrust into her. He holds onto her waist, so they can have an equal
pace. Each time Torrie moves forwad, RVD moves back, and vice versa when
Torrie pushes back, he slams forward. Torrie uses two of her fingers to fuck
her pussy, doubling her pleasure.

Torrie's body is shaking with intense speed as RVD's thrusts his cock in
harder then before "Ohhhhhhhhh fuck!" Torrie moans.

RVD is really slamming his cock into Torrie's ass now, as his approching his
limit. "Torrie...I'm gonna cum."

Torrie looks back, and in between his thrust replies, "Cum in my ass!"

RVD continues his pace, not slowly down, and starts to shoot his man juice
up Torrie's asshole. "Ah, damn..." he says as he continues to fuck her ass,
but starts to slow down.

Torrie clinches her ass muscles and starts to milk his cock to make sure
she gets all of it in her. Torrie and RVD are now out of breath, RVD sweaty
heavily as Torrie didn't break a sweat. RVD slowly pulls his throbbing cock
out of Torrie ass. Torrie gets up from the couch and picks up her clothes,
sliding her jeans and shirt back on with smirk looking at the woren out body
of RVD. RVD falls back onto the couch, exhausted as if he ran a marathon,
and falls back asleep, naked. Torrie looks around the locker room and finds
a towel, and covers his manhood, before leaving the room.

Torrie walks down the hallway after her amazing encounter with RVD. Torrie
slides her hand through her hair, fixing it, letting out a sigh. But Torrie
still didn't feel justified for revenge, she needed one more person to know
she had gotten completely back at her husband, Billy Kidman. Torrie turned
the corner and spotted the WWE U.S. Champion and Master of Thuganomics, John
Cena. Torrie smirked as she saw her final man to help her get revenge on
Billy Kidman.

Torrie slowly walked over to Cena, who had his back turned to her. Torrie
gently tapped Cena on the shoulder. Cena is wearing a throw back White Sox
jersey, long jean shorts, black high tops, and a cap which he's wearing
backwards. He turns around and sees Torrie standing behind him. "Yo Torrie,
how's it going?"

Torrie softly replies, "Going well, John... can I ask you for a favor."

"Sure, anything you need babe."

"I need a ride back to the hotel," Before he can ask why, Torrie comes up
with an excuse. "Billy's in a talent meeting with one of the Road Agents,
and he has the keys to the car."

Cena then replies "Ok, no problem, let me grab my gear."

Cena and Torrie heads back to his locker room where Cena grabs his bag. They
head to the parking lot, having a nice chat, and greeting any body that sees
them. Once they reach the parking lot, they head to Cena's rental car, and
gets in, Cena tosses his bag in the backseat, starts the engine and they
drive off.

After a 30 minute ride, they arrive at the hotel parking garage. Torrie
smiles as Cena pulls into a parking spot and shuts off the car. The whole
time in the car driving to the hotel Torrie was thinking of ways to get
Cena up to her hotel room.

"Well thanks for the ride...." Torrie opens the car slowly getting out of
the car, but then stops as an idea sparks inside her head "Hey...John...the
television in my room isn't working too well, would you maybe mind having a
look at it." Torrie says in an innocent tone of voice.

"Sure, maybe just the cable is out." Cena grabs his bag opens the door and
exits the car, then opens trunk and tosses it in there.

They walk out of the parking garage and too the hotel. They get stopped on
the way by a 10 year old boy, and sign his WWE Smackdown Magazine. They enter
the hotel and head straight for the elevator. Torrie presse the 'up' button,
and they wait a few moments for the elvator to arrive. They get on, and
Torrie presses the 'four' button, and they ride up to the fourth floor. With
a ding, the elevator doors open, and they walk to Torrie's room, where she
opens the door, and lets Cena inside. He heads straight for the TV to check
it out, as Torrie closes the door. Torrie smirks knowing this is her chance
to lure John Cena into her desires as Cena looks at the television, trying
to find out what is wrong with it, or if something is even wrong. Torrie
speaks up for a second "Umm..John would you excuse me for a minute?"

Cena shrugs, "Sure, no problem."

Cena moves the TV from out of the corner to check the cable hook-up. He sees
that it's a little loose, so he tightens it. He pushes the TV back, and looks
for the remote. He pressed the power button and nothing happens. "Damn,
thought that was it."

Torrie walks into the bathroom closing the door. Torrie slides of her light
pink shirt and her dark blue jeans. Torrie the puts her a black bra and a
skimpy black g-string of her's that had been on the bathroom floor. Torrie
then puts a silky, short black bathrobe around her body covering up her bra
and g-string. She opens the door and slowly walks over "Did you find out the
problem?" Torrie asks seductively as she can.

Cena looks up and over at Torrie, and his eyes buldge. "Da--- Uhmm.. No I
checked everything. It's pluged in, cable's hooked up, maybe the tube is
just," he pauses and looks at Torrie's breasts that are perfectly covered
in her robe, "Busty....I mean..uhh busted."

Torrie laughs a little placing one hand on her hip and with her other hand
she takes her index finger and slowly curls a strand of her hair. Torrie
smiles giving Cena a somewhat innocent look "Is something wrong John?".

Cena then replies "Um... Naw..." Cena doesn't take his eyes off of Torrie's
body, devouring every inch of her with his eyes, and he doesn't make an
attempt not to so he's not looking.

Torrie slowly walks over to Cena as he spots a little bit of Torrie's
cleveage in the open part of her bath robe. Torrie places a hand on Cena
forehead and slowly removes her hand. "John you seem a little sweaty, are
you sure everything is ok?" Torrie smiles teasing him, knowing she has
Cena right where she wants him and it's only a matter of time before
she gets what she wants.

"Everything is fine, trust me."

Cena's cock begins to erect itself, and in his current position, starts to
hurt a bit. He stands, and Torrie can see through his jean-shorts that's his
equiped with a cock that's at least 14" long. Cena tries to show he's not
getting hard, but to no advail.

Torrie licks her lips "You know,'re very sexy".

Cena continues to eye up Torrie's body, not looking up at her face. "Naw...
Torrie you're da bomb."

He cocks his head to see Torrie's ass. Torrie turns a bit, and he likes what
he sees. Torrie winks at Cena and slowly drops down to her knees in front of
Cena, seeing if he gets the hint and how far he'll let her go. Cena unbuckles
his belt, and let's his shorts fall around his ankles. He drops his boxers
too, and reveals to Torrie perhaps the largest cock she's ever seen. Torrie's
eyes go wide and she licks her lips at the thought of his monster member.
Torrie takes Cena's extremely large cock into her hands and slowly guides his
cock into her mouth. Torrie starts off by placing just the head of his cock
into her mouth, she begins to bob her head back and forth, sucking at a
medium, but decent rate and speed.

"Damn Torrie, suck that big dick." Cena pats Torrie on her head, running his
fingers through her blond hair.

Because of the size of his cock, Torrie doesn't come close to taking all of
him in her mouth, but lets some of her saliva rub down his cock and uses her
hand to rub it over the areas she can't reach. Torrie moves a little bit more
of Cena's cock into her mouth, taking in half of his shaft. Torrie moves her
hand around the part of his shaft that isn't in her mouth. Torrie laps her
tongue around Cena's large member as she starts to gradually increase speed.
Cena starts to rock his hips, pushing more of his cock into her mouth. Torrie
gags a bit, but quickly adjusts. Cena matches Torrie's pace.

"Come on Torrie, take all my cock in your sweet mouth."

Torrie closes her eyes, and slows her face in an attempt to deep throat his
cock, but can't. She pulls off, and spits on his cock, and then starts back
on sucking his cock. Torrie's lucious lips move against Cena's shaft as she
starts bobbing her head her up and down faster, sucking at a decently fast
rate. Torrie looks up at Cena with her innocent eyes as she continues to suck
on his massive tool.

Cena looks down at Torrie, locking eyes with her. Despite the innocence in
her eyes, Cena sees pure lust. Torrie's free hand now finds it's way to her
pussy, and she starts to masturbate. Cena pulls out of her mouth, to which
Torrie gives him a 'What are you doing' look. "Stop that fingering, and get
on the bed, since you gave me head, I'm gonna give you a fucking."

Torrie slowly picks her head up from Cena's cock. His cock all moist and wet
with her saliva. Torrie stands up and removes her bathrobe. Torrie reveal her
black bra and g-string. Torrie slides her g-string down her ankles as Cena
slides her bra straps off of her shoulder, he reaches back and unclips the
bra, taking it off of her. Cena then gently pushes Torrie onto the bed. Cena
leans over her body, and licks and sucks both of her breasts. He spreads her
legs, and lines his cock up with her pussy, pressing the head against her
dripping entrance. Cena places his hands underneath Torrie's thighs and pulls
her towards him as he thrust forward. Torrie gasps and moans as the largest
cock in her revenge fills her beyond her imagination. Cena doesn't waste
anytime and starts with a fast, hard, and deep pace.

Torrie bites her lower lip trying to hold in her loud moans, but is unable
to "Ohhhhhh yessss John!" Torrie moans as she places her hands onto Cena's
strong arms as he continue to drive his large member deeper into her pussy.

Cena really starts to pick up the pace even more. Torrie runs her hands
through her hair, pulls it occasionally, then glides her hands over her
breast, pinches the nipples. She is in an almost animal state. Torrie
wraps her legs tightly around his waist. Cena's force continues to drive
Torrie wild, but also pushes her head beyond the edge of the bed. Torrie
has already broke a sweat and is breathing heavily "Ohhhhh....ahhhh......
uhhhh fuck...John!".

Cena pulls out, and Torrie gives him another "What are you doing" look. Cena
pulls her completely back on the bed. "Roll over, get on all fours, I wanna
slap that ass, while I give you more."

Torrie looks at Cena with an angelic smiles as she sits up on the bed and
turns around getting on her hands and knees, her backside now facing Cena.

Cena wastes no time, and shoves his large hard prink into her pussy from
behind. He slaps her ass hard after every couple of thrusts. He starts to
sweat, and actually pulls on Torrie's hair firmly, pulling her head back.
"You like that Torrie? You like the master driving in and out of your
pussy?" He let's her hair go, and grabs her thighs again to slam her pussy
even harder, his balls slapping against her.

Torrie moans in reply "Ohhhhhh I love it! Smack that ass master!"

Torrie places her hands firmly on the bed holding her balance. Cena slaps
her ass so hard now, that Torrie loses her balance. She tries to regain it,
but Cena throws more power behind his slaps. Torrie relents, and just holds
onto the bed with her head down on it just to keep from landing on the floor.

Cena grabs her hair again, pulls her head up to it's at the same level as
his, and sucks on her neck. He then pushes her back down. Torrie can't belive
how dominate he is. Torrie moves her hands up against the outside of Cena's
as he sucks on her neck and increases speed, fucking her pussy from behind
deeper. Cena slaps her ass again, but gets an idea. "Torrie, I fucked that
pussy, hard and fast, but now I want you to ride my cock with your ass."

Cena pulls out and lies on the bed. Torrie takes a quick glance at a clock
on a nightstand and smiles. She knows Kidman will be showing up soon. She
stradles Cena's cock, which he holds to line up with her asshole. She lowers
herself, and moans as the cock head presses against her asshole. Cena wraps
his hands around her waist and pulls her down, forcing all of her man-meat
into her tight asshole.

"Ohhhhhhh fuck!" Torrie moans feeling his entire cock slide deeper into her
tight ass. Torrie takes a moment to get used to such a large cock inside of
her ass. Torrie then starts to move her ass back against Cena's cock using
a hard, deep thrust. Torrie places her hands onto Cena's sweaty, muscular
chest. Meanwhile, Kidman arrives at the parking Garage, wondering where
Torrie went.

* * *

He searched all over the arena, but couldn't find her. He asked Dupree,
Mysterio and RVD but they all said they haven't seen her, and now he's
starting to worry.

* * *

Back in the room, Cena places his hands on Torrie's ass checks, spreading
and pushing them together as she push down on his cock. Torrie kisses him,
and actually forces her tounge into his mouth. Their tounges wrestle each
other, and they don't release they lip lock. As Torrie continues to kiss
Cena's lips, she starts bouncing her ass up and down on his cock,
practically riding the hell out of Cena's large cock.

* * *

Back downstairs in the lobby, Kidman waits for the elevator. He looks around
to see if he see Torrie, but doesn't.

* * *

Back upstairs, Torrie breaks the kiss, and leans back completly on his cock,
her head tilted back, facing the door. Both Cena and Torrie start to rock
they're bodies, trying to drive his cock up further and deeper into her ass.

* * *

In the elevator, Kidman ponders about what to say to Torrie when he finds
her, thinking up of the best excuse.

* * *

Back in the room, Torrie uses some excess force to push down on Cena and
starts back to bouncing on his cock. She starts fringing her pussy as she
apporaches climax. Both their bodies are covered and sweat. Torrie gasps
as she reaches her climax and cums onto Cena's waist. However, Cena hasn't
cum yet, he still has a little left.

* * *

Kidman walks down the hallway to his and Torrie hotel room. He pulls out
the key-card and opens the door and sees Torrie riding someone's cock.

Cena and Torrie ignore him and continue to fuck. Torrie squeezes her ass
muscles and that's all Cena can take. He cums in her ass, filling it up with
some much of his thug juice that it drips outta his ass and on his cock.
Torrie throws her head back, her eyes closed as she enjoys the feel of his
warm cum in her ass. Torrie eyes are filled with lust as she feels in warm
cum in her ass "Mmmmm ohhhh..."

Torrie then turns her head looking back at her husband, Billy Kidman, still
on Cena with a sly smirk on her face, her body and hair all cover in sweat
"Hey back's a bitch ain't it?" Torrie laughs.

Next in the series..."SmackDown Lust Part 4: Thank You"

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