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Smackdown Lust Part 4: Thank You
by Dice and Kristi

"I can't belive I won!" Miss Jackie is still in shock over her victory at the
Spring Break Out Bikini Contest and is practically jumping around the hotel
room she's sharing with Rico and Charlie Haas.

"Believe me girl you desreved to win," Rico says.

"Espically with the outfit Rico picked out for, they didn't have a chance,"
Charlie adds.

Miss Jackie practically prancing around the room in joy. Jackie hugs Charlie
and then hugs Rico "Oh I'm so excited, we should totally celebrate!" Miss
Jackie says in excitement.

Rico smirks and replies "I do too Jackie, we know Charles likes to have a
good time"

Charlie rolls his eyes, shaking his head. Charlie turns his attention to Miss
Jackie. "So, do you want to go out, or stay in." Rico is about reply, but
Charlie stops him. "Don't even say it Rico." Charlie says annoyed with Rico.

"Let's stay in! I'll go get some champagne and we'll have a little party!"
Jackie says joyfully.

"Great idea, maybe we can loosen ol' Charlie up!" says Rico.

Charlie looks up at the heavens as if asking what did he do to deserve this.

Miss Jackie laughs a little as she walks out of the lockerroom and heads down
the hallway.

* * *

Half down the hallway she hears some yelling coming out of the lockerroom
and stops, leaning against the wall hearing what's going on inside the room.
Inside the room happens to be Jamie Noble and Sable. Sable is yelling as
loud as she can at Noble "What the hell! You know I should have won!"

Jamie tries his best to calm down Sable "Hey, now calm down, I made a fair
decision, Jackie had you beat."

Sable pushes him as hard as she can. "That little tramp has nothing on me,
and you know it!" Sable folds her arms over her chest in a deep glare at
Noble "Every knows I'm the hottest Diva on SmackDown!" Sable raises her
hand a slaps Noble hard across the face "..Maybe next time you'll declare
me the winner!" Sable storms out of Jamie Noble's lockerroom.

* * *

Miss Jackie carefully looks around making sure it's the right moment to walk
in, she slowly walks in "Hello...Jamie?"

Noble rubs his face, still feeling the stick of Sable's slap. "Well if it
isn't the winner, how you doing Jackie?"

Miss Jackie walks over to Noble a bit concerned, after hearing the loud slap
"Are you alright?"

Jamie replies "Yeah, I'm fine, that bitch will get what's coming to her one
of these days." Noble walks over to a small fridge opens it and takes out a
small orange juice. He opens it and takes and sip. "So, what can I do for

Miss Jackie follows Noble over to the fridge "Well I was just walking by and
wanted to thank you." Jackie eventually notices the red mark on Noble's cheek
due to Sable's slap "Ohhhh poor baby" Jackie gently kisses his cheek.

"That's feels better" Noble rubs his cheek then looks at her curiously as she
takes one step back. "Thank me for what?".

Jackie replies "Well for declaring me the winner..." Jackie smiles innocently
"Is there anyway I can thank you properly?"

Noble heart almost jumps to his throat and out his mouth. He can't believe
that she just asked that. But he decideds to see if she's serious. "Well, how
'bout some head?"

Miss Jackie licks her lips and slowly gets down to her knees in front of
Jamie Noble. She winks up at him as she slowly unzips Noble's jean shorts.
Noble's cock jumps to life the moment Jackie completely unzips his shorts
and lets them fall to his ankles. His manhood is an impressive 11", and
Jackie wraps her fingers around it and pumps it a few times to see how
hard he really is.

Jamie looks down at Jackie as she takes in the site of his cock. Jackie
moves her hand down Noble's shaft and then slowly guides his cock into her
mouth. Jackie wraps her lips tightly around the head of his cock and starts
to slowly bob her head, sucking slow and hard.

"Oh yeah," Nobel can't believe what's happening. Here's without a doubt one
of the hottest women in the sucking his dick. For a second he wonders what
he would get if he let Sable win, but at that very moment Jackie sucks
incredibly hard on one of her downward bobs. She presses her tounge hard
against the bottom of his cock on her upward motions and slides it underneath
the tip when she reaches the top. Miss Jackie slurps and sucks up his cock.
She begins to start bobbing her head up and down quicker, sucking fast and
taking more of his decently large cock into her mouth. Jackie's lips moves
against his shaft as she sucks, mainly focuses on the head of his cock.

Miss Jackie twirls her tongue around the head of Jamie Noble's cock as she
tightens her grip of her mouth. Jackie slows down a bit as she starts sucking
in a slow, hard motion with each her bob. Jackie gazes up at Noble as she
sucks. Noble is looking up at the ceiling, as if praying she'll never stop.
He places a hand on her head, signalling her to speed up, which she doesn't.
Miss Jackie teases Noble by sucking his long, hard cock extremely slow.
Jackie moves her tongue against his shaft as she takes more of his cock into
her mouth.

Noble can't believe how talented Jackie is. With any other woman, he would
have cummed by now, but Jackie slow, teasing pace holds him back. Noble
groans a bit, trying to force himself to drop his load, but Jackie will have
none of that. Jackie slowly picks her head up from Noble's cock and places
her hand around his cock and gently moves her hand up his gently, stroking
his cock.

Jackie looks up at Noble with a small smirk "Damn, boy you have some

Noble replies "It ain't me baby... you really know what you're doing..."

Noble eyes go wide as Jackie squeezes his cock a bit before she resumes her
gental stroking. Jackie stops stroking Noble's cock and removes her hand, she
reaches back and unties her tye-dyed top. She removes her top to reveal to
Noble, no bra underneath, just her large juicy chest. "Damn baby..."

Noble lifts Jackie up from the ground and places her on a table. Jackie
giggles a bit as he starts massaging her breasts with both his hands and
tounge. He runs his tounge down between her tits before sliding it over to
one nipple then the other. He moves one of his hands down and works it up
Jackie's skirt, rubbing her legs as he moves it up to her wet pussy. Jackie
smiles as she slowly slides down her skirt. She steps out of her skirts and
to Noble's surprise, he finds, no thong or underwear underneath, just her
smoothly shaven, wet pussy. Noble continues to work on her breasts with his
tounge and works two fingers into her pussy. He starts to move in and out
of in sequence with his actions up top.

Jackie closes her eyes and bites down on her lower lip "Ohhhhh Jamie".

Noble starts to lick his way down across her belly and spreads her legs
slowly, before reaching the honey pot. He continues to use his fingers in
her, but add his tounge to the mix. He uses long slow licks with his tounge,
but starts to pump his fingers into her faster.

Jackie's body tenses up as Noble's wet, tender tongue presses against her
warm pussy "Ohhhhh yeah, that's it" Jackie moans.

Noble starts to speed up his tounge's efforts and soon matches the pace of
his fingers on her. He soon switches hands, and moves the fingers that have
been working on her up to her mouth and presses them against her lips.

Jackie slowly picks up Noble's chin and smiles down at him "Damn, you're
making me all hot. I wanna fuck you crazy."

Jamie then asks, "What way you want it baby?"

Jackie smiles widely "Doggy-style in the ass!"

Noble smiles widely with Jackie's reply "Hot damn baby, you're a wild one."

Noble picks up her up again and takes her to the floor. Jackie gets on all
fours, pushing her ass in the air. Noble pushes his cock into her ass slowly,
but Jackie will have none of it and pushes back on him hard and fast. Jackie
lets out a loud moan as Noble's entire cock guides itself into her ass, with
that just one thrust Jackie did. Miss Jackie looks forward at the wall as she
starts moving her hips back against Noble's cock. Noble starts with a slow
pace, giving Jackie time to get use to his dick in her ass, but Jackie being
the woman she is, starts pushing back with a harder, faster pace. Noble
catches on, and starts matching her pace. Pulling backward fast and slamming
forward hard, He reaches under her and starts working his fingers on her
pussy again. Jackie starts moving back on his cock, faster, taking his cock
deeper into her ass. Jackie's ass starts smacking against Noble's waist, and
his balls start banging again her thighs. Jackie starts to drip a little of
sweat on her forehead.

Noble wipes some sweat from his forhead, and then grips Jackie's mid-sections
to pull himself further and deeper into her, but realizes he didn't do
something with her. "Baby... I want that pussy of yours..."

Jackie looks back and smiles "Damn, what are you waiting for?"

Noble pulls out, and flips Jackie over on to her back, then slams his cock
into her pussy, He starts pumping forward hard and fast but then rolls over
so now Jackie is ontop. Jackie places her hands onto Noble's semi-sweaty
chest and starts bouncing up and down on his cock at a medium pace. Jackie
starts grinding her pussy sharply against his as she rocks back and forth,
gradually picking up speed riding his cock. Noble places his hands on her
hips and starts lifting and dropping her on his peg. Jackie's sweat covered
body makes it hard for him to grip her, but manages some how. As the speed
of Jackie's bounces increase, she starts coming down harder and harder onto
his cock.

Jackie begins riding Noble's cock at an amazingly fast speed "Ohhhhh.....
uhhhh...fuck....yeah" Jackie moans out. "Oh yeah baby... ride that pole."

Noble eyes actually start to roll back under the sheer force of Jackie's
bouces. Because of her pace, Noble can't really contribute so he reaches for
her sweat covered chest again. Jackie slows down on Noble's cock, eventually
coming to a complete stop. Jackie gets off of Noble's cock and gets down on
the floor once again on her hands and knees. Noble gets behind her again,
and slams his cock into her pussy again and starts with a smiliar pace to
her's just a moment ago. He spreads her ass cheeks wide and holds them there
as his rocks his cock in her. Jackie plants her hands down firmly onto the
floor so she doesn't lose her balance. Jackie starts moving her ass back
against, taking his cock deeper into her pussy with force. Noble starts to
increase the force he's using, with the intent of making her lose her
balance, but Jackie is such a pro she won't let it happen. Noble can't
believe that's she's lasting this long. "Damn baby... no wonder you won
Tough Enough..."

Jackie's body is covered in sweat "Ohhhhh, Jamie fuck that pussy hard!"

Noble gets a little bold and sticks two fingers in her ass as he tries to
comply with her request. It's easy to see that Jackie is more than a match
for him and he has to try everything he knows to push her over the edge.
Then after one hard thrust Noble gives her, Jackie can't hold it anymore
"Ohhh....ahhhh...shit I'm cumming.!!" Jackie moans in extacy.

Noble moans in relief, but the warmth of her cum on his cock his cock starts
to push him to the brink. "Baby...suck me off..."

Noble pulls out of her and stands up. Jackie turns around facing Noble,
she takes his cock, on the brink of exploding and takes his cock into her
lucious mouth. Jackie starts off right away bobbing her head quickly on
Noble's cock. Jackie rubs his ballsack with her hand. "Here it comes!"

Noble's seed starts to shoot like a tank in Jackie's mouth, and he holds
on to her head for balance. Jackie swallows all of Noble's hot cum, down her
throat. She picks her head up from Noble's cock and smiles up at him. She
sticks her tongue out and runs it along Noble's cock, cleaning the cum off.
Noble's knees start to buck and he go no longer hold himself up and falls
over, his cock gliding across her face as he hit the floor. He looks up at
Jackie and smiles. "You're... welcome..."

He then passes out. Jackie smirks and gets dressed, Jackie leans down at
kisses Noble on the lips softly and then starts walking towards the door,
she stops at looks back "Hey Jamie, next time you're a judge, I'm sure you
know who to pick as the winner...."

Next in the series..."SmackDown Lust Part 5: You Got Beat By A Girl!"

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