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Smackdown Lust Part 5: You Got Beat By A Girl!
by Dice and Kristi

It's a typical day of the Tuesday tapings of Smackdown. Every superstar is
off around the arena relaxing after another sucessful night of action. In
the arena cafetiera, Chavo Guerrero, Johnny Stamboli, Spike Dudley. Paul
London and the sultry Dawn Marie are discussing the latest storylines and
having lunch. Johnny takes a bite out of a sandwich. "I tell ya, it's like
WCW nowadays up here."

Chavo looks at him. "What are you talking about? This is much better than
Turnerland man."

London gives him a look. "Well you're not complaing because you're getting
TV time. We're lucky to get on Velocity."

Spike shakes his head. "At least we're getting paid, in ECW, we went months
without seeing a paycheck, right Dawn."

Dawn nods, "I agree, plus their are HUGE advantages in being with the WWE."

As the superstars continue to hold their conversation and eating at the same
time, in walks one of the WWE's most toughest women, Jacqueline. Jacqueline
looks around for a moment, just to see who is all in the room. Jacqueline
walks over to the buffet table and starts picking out various food to eat.
Dawn glances over and smirks "Hey Chavo..look who's here."

Chavo turns and sees Jacqueline.

Johnny slaps him on the shoulder. "Hey, go hide, we'll cover for you."

London and Spike burst out in laughter as Chavo's face goes red with

"Seesh Chavo I still can't believe you had to cheat to beat her at Judgement
Day," quips Spike.

"Hey Fuck You guys I don't have to take this shit." Chavo gets up and storms
out of the cafetiera.

Jacqueline walks over to the table of the SmackDown superstars with a plate
of food "Hey fellas! What's hanging..." Jacqueline glances over seeing Chavo
storming out of the cafeteria "What's his problem?"

Dawn shrugs and picks a strawberry from her plate. "Male PMS I guess."

Johnny, London and Spike start laughing again.

* * *

Later that night, Chavo is power walking through the arena all bent out of
shape. "That bitch... I got to find a way to get even with her"

Jacqueline walks out of the women's lockerroom, which happens to be nearby
where Chavo is. Jacqueline starts stretching her arms out in the hallway.
Chavo sees Jacquline in one of her very revealing wrestling outfits.

"Hey bitch." He walks over to her.

Jacqueline, being the very tough women that she is, gets right up in Chavo's
face "What the hell did you just call me?"

Chavo doesn't back up a step and holds his hands out as if saying to her take
your best shot. "You heard me the first time, anyway I'm here to challenge

"To match, and lose again to a girl?" Jacqueline says placing her hands on
her hips.

"That was business, this is personal." Chavo stares into her eyes trying to
intimedate her.

Jacqueline doesn't back down and stares Chavo right back in the eyes "What do
you suggest?"

Chavo figures he can cheat if he needs to and smirks. "Anything you want,
however the loser has to do what the winner wants no mater what for 24

Jacqueline shrugs "Fine, honey, how about arm wrestlin'?"

Chavo then smirks and replies "No problemo, let's fine a nice quite place to
do this."

Jacqueline laughs "Yeah, good idea...I wouldn't want to embarass you once

Chavo chuckles a bit, but gets dark look in his eyes that Jacqueline doesn't
notice. "Remember, this is for personal reasons."

Chavo leads Jacqueline up to an empty skybox in the arena. Chavo sets up a
small table getting ready for his arm wrestling contest against Jacqueline.

"Ok, anything goes." Chavo quickly says as he readies his arm, flexing his

"Fine, but don't cry when beat you again" Jacqueline puts her arm down firmly
on the table ready for Chavo.

They lock hands, making sure they each got a good grip.

"On three" says Chavo.

Jacquline nods and the they both count 1 2 3 and start trying to pull the
other's arm down to the table surface. It's fairly even, which surprises
Chavo. They are at a stalemate after 5 minutes and both are starting to
sweat. Jacquline thinks it's time she finds a way to end this and throws
her whole body into it. Chavo sees this and pushes the table forward into
her stomach causing her to loose her focuse. He takes advantage and slams
her arm cleanly down on the table. He whoops in victory. "Ha ha... I won!"

Jacqueline yells in protest "What the hell! You cheated!"

Chavo smirks. "I said anything goes before we started remember."

Jacqueline sighs and rolls her eyes "Fine.."

Chavo gets up and locks the door. "Don't want no one walking in on us do we."
He sits on the leather couch and eyes Jacqueline's body.

Jacqueline sighs "What is it you want me to do, carrying your bags? Do your
landury?" Jacqueline her arms not too happy with the fact she lost, due to
Chavo's cheating ways.

"No... I have something fun in mind," Chavo smiles. "First, you're gonna give
me a lap dance."

Jacqueline throws her arms up in protest "What the hell Chavo! I'm not doing

Chavo gives Jacquline the warning sign with his finger. "Now now now, I said
anything goes."

Jacqueline rolls her eyes, and reluctantly replies "Fine....sit down then".

Chavo sits on the big couch, waiting to her perform her first task.
Jacqueline walks over to Chavo and gently straddles his lap, while he's on
the couch. Jacqueline runs her hands up and down along her body as she grinds
her ass down against his cock.

Chavo puts his hands behind his head as his cock starts to rise in his pants,
pressing against Jacqeline's grinding ass. "Damn... it's not your first time
doing this."

Jacqueline gives Chavo a glare as she continues to give him a very well
decent lap dance. Jacqueline starts moving her ass against his cock faster,
and grinding harder.

"Whoa babe," Chavo pushes Jacquline to the floor. "I want to see more of you,
strip for me."

Jacqueline rolls her eyes and slowly lifts the top of her wrestling attired
up and over her head, tossing the top to the floor. Jacqueline glares looking
at Chavo as she slides down the bottoms of her wrestling attire. Jacqueline
stands in front of Chavo wearing a black g-string and a black bra, which is
covering up her large chest.

"Stand still." Chavo gets up and starts to real get a good look of her body
as he circles her. Jacqueline folds arm over her stomach as Chavo circles
her. "Drop your arms," Chavos says as he pulls her arms down to her sides.
He then rips off her bra. Jacqueline quickly covers up her bare chest her

"What the hell!" Jacqueline yells.

"I said strip earlier, not leave your self covered!"

Chavo rips off her g-string as well leaving her completely naked. Jacqueline
glares at Chavo once again as she stands completely nude. Chavo continues to
circle her, licking his lips. Chavo pulls her arms behind her back and uses
the bra and g-string to tie her hands together.

Jacqueline looks back at Chavo. "What are you....what the..." Jacqueline
struggles in an attempt to free her tied up hands.

"I had a feeling you weren't going to follow my orders, so I'm taking the
opportunity to have some fun."

Chavo pushes her to her knees. Jacqueline looks up at Chavo, wondering what
he's exactly up to. Chavo cups both her breasts in his hands. Squeezing them
hard one moment then soft the next. He pushes them together and lets them
fall back to their normal positions. He tilts his head to suck on one of her
tits and massages the other.

Jacqueline is furious, if she could, she'd knock his lights. Jacqueline then
smirks slyly as she gets an idea. "Hey know what I would love?"

"Like I care what you love, this is about me..but tell me anyway."

Chavo moves on hand down to her pussy and starts rubbing his hand against it.

"I would love to suck your cock" Jacqueline smirks.

"Maybe later, but first I'm going to do what I want."

Chavo pushes so now she's lying on the floor of the skybox. He starts using
two fingers in her pussy, pumping them in and out fast. He soon adds a
third finger to his efforts to see what the effect would be. Even though
Jacqueline, is disgusted by Chavo's actions, she begins to enjoy the pleasure
he's giving her. Jacqueline bites her bottom lip in efforts to keep her moans
in. "I need to taste some of that brown sugar."

Chavo stops fingering her pussy and shifts his body so now he can lick her
pussy. He presses his tounge hard against her clit and starts to suck on it
a bit. Then his starts licking the insides of her pussy madly. Jacqueline
instinct-fully places her legs on Chavo's shoulders. Chavo presses his tongue
against her clit, slowly opening up her pusys with his tongue. Chavo goes
back to fingering her pussy as he lifts his head to see the look on her face.
"You like this bitch?"

Jacqueline bites her lips once again to hold back any moans and just glares
at Chavo, not responding to him. Chavo throws her legs off his shoulders and
turns her over. He pulls her ass up and pushes her fast down to the ground.
Jacquline braces for him fuck her asshole, but Chavo starts licking her
asshole. Jacqueline squirms a bit trying to get Chavo to stop, but her
attempts fail. Chavo spreads her legs and starts to lick up and down starting
from her asshole down to her pussy, leaving a trail of his saliva in the area
in between. Jacqueline shivers as chills run up her spine, feeling Chavo's
tender tongue touch her pussy. A soft moans escapes from Jacqueline's mouth

Chavo tires of this soon enough and sits her up. He pulls her to the edge of
the couch and then he sits in front of her. He undoes his pants pulling his
cock out which is as an even level with Jacqueline's mouth. "Start sucking."

His cock is 7" long, but he's only half hard at the moment. Jacqueline opens
her mouth and takes Chavo's cock in. Jacqueline moves his cock in and out of
her mouth gently, starting to get a good rhythm. Jacqueline then tightly
wraps her lips around his cock and starts bobbing her head back and forth.

"Oh yeah, that's good..." Chavo places his hands on her head and starts
adding his strength to her pace, pushing her head down hard each time she
comes up. Chavo's cock is now fully aroused and stands an impressive 11".
Jacqueline's pace quickens as she starts bobbing her head quickly on his
cock. Jacqueline twirls her tongue against his cock as she sucks.

"Bet you wished you can use your hands, don't you." Chavo leans back,
enjoying having the ebony diva sucking his man-meat. "It's too bad you'd
want to leave, otherwise I'd untie you."

Jacqueline moves her head down more on his cock, taking more of his member
into her wet, warm mouth. Jacqueline continues to move her tongue around on
his cock as suck at a decent, fast speed. Chavo runs his hand through her

"You want to get fucked by my cock, bitch?" Chavo grins down at her. "Look
at you, sucking my cock like a slut. I bet you wish it was in you right now."

Jacqueline slowly picks her head from Chavo's cock, his cock is all wet of
her saliva. Chavo looks in her eyes, and to him it appears she's one step
away from giving into pure animal lust. "What do you want, slut?"

Jacqueline gave into all the lust and the heat of the moment "Fuck my ass!"

Chavo grins, thinking he has broken her will. He turns her over, and releases
her hands. He then shoves his cock to the balls in her ass hard. He doesn't
bother with a slow, loving pace, but goes with a hard, fast pace that's
borderline on raping her sweet black ass. Jacqueline's body shakes violently
with each thrust Chavo gives to her ass. Jacqueline starts moving hips back
in motion to Chavo's fucking. Chavo continues to go in and out of her ass,
not caring about the what happened between them before.

"Ohhhhh Chavo" Jacqueline moans as she starts to enjoy Chavo's fucking
ability more and more.

Chavo pulls out and lays down on the floor. "Ride me, cowgirl."

Jacqueline gets down on the floor and mounts herself ontop of Chavo's cock.
Jacqueline, takes Chavo's cock deep into her pussy as starts rocking her hips
back and forth, riding his cock. Chavo puts his hands on her ass and helps
with her rocking motion. He squeezes her ass cheeks and starts to lift her a
bit and drop her back down. "That's it, ride my peg."

Jacqueline starts bouncing up and down quickly on his cock, moaning loudly.
Jacqueline starts grinding her pussy against his cock as she rides his cock
"Ohhhhh yeah Chavo!"

Chavo rolls over so now Jacqueline is on the bottom and he's on top. He
resumes the pace he used on her ass, fucking her hard and fast, his balls
are slapping against her with each of his forward thrusts. Jacqueline wraps
her legs around his waist as she starts sweating. Jacqueline also grips
onto Chavo's arms for support and leverage. "Damn, you're real tight," Chavo
rhythm is starting the change as he approaches the boiling point.

"Ohhhh fuck that pussy Chavo!" Jacqueline moans.

Chavo switches to a slower pace. He doesn't want to cum before Jacquline. He
starts using longer, slower, but harder thrusts to try and bring her over the

"Ohhhhh, fuck me doggy-style!" Jacqueline moans out in lust.

Chavo pulls out and flips her over again. Jacqueline gets on all fours and
Chavo pushes his cock into her warm pussy. He continues with his most recent
pace, trying to hold off his own orgasm. Jacqueline starts moving her hips
back in rhythm to Chavo's fucking, with the pressure, makes Chavo feel closer
and closer to cumming. Chavo slaps Jacqueline's ass. "You like that?"

Jacqueline moans "Mmmmm...yess fuck that pussy Chavo!" Chavo starts pulling
back on Jacuqeline's hips to make her feel each of his thrusts even more.
"Uhhh... I'll be damned if I'm going to cum before you..." Jacqueline bites
her bottom lip looking down at the floor, feeling closer and closer to

Chavo speeds his efforts back up and closes his eyes trying to concentrate
on the task at hand. He slaps her ass again. "Don't fight it... let it

Jacqueline lets out a loud moan as sweat drips down her back "Ohhh fuck,
here it comes!"

Chavo pulls out of her flowing pussy, not wanting her cum to set him off. He
watches for a moment as Jacqueline moans in pleasure and lust on the floor.
He smirks in satisfaction that he didn't cum first. but now the pressure in
his balls is too much. "Suck me off, bitch."

Jacqueline then realizes what just happened and smirks as she reverts herself
back into the plan she had earlier "Are you sure you want that, honey?"

Chavo smirks and nods, replying "Damn straight, you have the best mouth in
the locker room."

Chavo holds his cock out for Jacqueline. Chavo is really full of himself
right now, riding high with how he's beaten her twice in one day. Jacqueline
takes his cocks her into her hand and starts slowly move her hand up and down
against his cock, teasing Chavo. "Are you positive?" Jacqueline says with a
sly smirk.

"Yeah I'm postive," Chavo is starting to think of what he'll do with her
next, his mind racing with posibilities.

" it comes..." Jacqueline then lets go of his cock and swings a
closed fist in between Chavo's legs, giving him a hard low blow. Jacqueline
gets up from the floor as Chavo bends over in pain. Jacqueline uses a closed
fist, yet again, this time to knock Chavo upside the head, making him fall
back to the floor. Chavo is holding his crotch in pain, screaming on the
floor. His cock looks like it's about to erupt like a volcano.

"You... You... fucking Whore!" Chavo yells at her.

Jacqueline smirks gathering her clothes up. As Chavo remains on the floor,
Jacqueline comes over and kicks Chavo's side, hard. "I'm one bitch you don't
want to mess with!" Jacuqeline walks to the door and then turns looking back
"Hey Chavo, you still got beat by a girl!"

Next in the series..."SmackDown Lust Part 6: Afterburn Passions"

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