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Smackdown Lust Part 6: Afterburn Passions
by Dice and Kristi

"... Well that'll be all for this week on Afterburn for Rue, I'm Josh
Matthews, later." Josh Mathews comments as the show closes.

"And that's a wrap." says on of the Production Members.

It's the end of the day's filming of the WWE's Smackdown review program
Afterburn. The clean up crew quickly moves the set as Rue and Josh review
their notes to make sure they've covered everything. Most of the film crews
had left, and the clean up team has finished, leaving them alone. Josh looks
at his watch, and clears his throat. "Um... Rue..."

Rue is looking through her purse for her cell phone and looks over at Josh
Mathews, once hearing her name "Yeah Josh, what it is?"

Josh's face goes red, and he's a very nervous. "Well... I was wondering..."
He clears his throat again. "I was wondering if you'd be interested in going
out for a drink tonight." Josh's face becomes extremely red now.

Rue smiles a bit looking at Josh, walking over to him "Thanks Josh, but...I
have plans..."

Josh has a look of pure disapointment on his. "Oh... I didn't know."

Rue laughs a little as she walks around the set of Afterburn and sighs "I'm
sure gonna miss this place. Definately miss you hitting on me all the

Josh raises his eyebrow "Miss this place, what do you mean." Josh's
expressions changes for the third time in less than five minutes. "Are you
going over to Raw?"

"No...I'm leaving the WWE, not just SmackDown.."

Again Josh's expression changes, he's on an emotional roller coaster. "W-why
arey you leaving?" He walks over to her, hoping to find out and maybe change
her mind.

Rue sighs and folds her arms "I-I-I'm just not enjoying it anymore. I don't
have the same passion for the WWE as I used to, and all the traveling.."

Josh looks at Rue "Maybe if management knew, they'd give you some time off."
Josh is thinking of everyway for Rue to change her mind.

"No...I gave my notice already..." Rue picks up her purse, heading towards
the door "...You'll be having a new co-host, next week. Bye Josh..."

Josh runs after her like a teenager chasing the most popular girl in school.
"Well how about a farewell dinner or something."

Rue turns her head, looking sympathic at Josh as he stops her from leaving
"Sorry, Josh...I have plans, remember?"

Josh looks down at his feet. "I'm sorrry Rue... it's just that I'm not going
to see you again and..." Josh trails off, not able to find the words to say
what he means.

Rue sighs "Bye Josh...and I'm sure you'll like the new co-host as much as me"
Rue laughs a bit.

"Before you leave, I want to ask you something" Josh takes a deep breath.
"How is it everytime I ask if you want to get a drink or something, you say
you're busy. Do I have bad breath or something?"

Rue stops and sets her bags down on the floor, she walks over to Josh and
laughs a bit "'s not that Josh" Rue places a hand onto Josh's cheek
"You're a great guy and all, but you're just not my type..."

Josh looks down "Ok... I can accept that... but what type of guy is your
type?" Josh is starting to think if he changes that way he is, she might

Rue sighs again "I like the bad boy type. You know the tattoo wearing,
motorcycle riding."

Josh's face falls again. "Oh... I see..." He looks down at the floor, as if
realizing he has no chance with her. Then something clicks in his head and he
looks at her. "What do you like about bad boys?"

Rue smirks "Just how they have that rough, care-free image" Rue folds her
arms "You know the type of rough where the guy would just rip her clothes
off if he really wanted to screw the hell out of her" Rue got so caught up
in what she was telling Josh, that it was actually turning her on.

That was all Josh needed to hear. He grabs the collar of Rue's shirt and
rips it down the middle, exposing her bra covered breasts. He pushes her
back against the wall with the Afterburn logo and kisses her on the lips
hard. Rue pushes Josh gently off of her, a little shocked that her former
co-host just did that.

Rue yelled "Josh, what the hell?"

However, Rue wasn't mad at what he did, just shocked. Josh closes the space
between them. "I may not have a motorcycle, I don't have tatoos, but I want
you more than anything."

Josh places his hand on her belly. Rue smirks at Josh turned on beyond
imaginable. "Ohh Josh..."

Rue starts to quickly unbutton Josh's shirt. Rue takes off Josh shirt,
revealing a white tank top underneath. Rue pulls his tank top up, untucking
it from his pants. Rue runs her hands up Josh's chest. Josh pulls off what's
left of her shirt and rips off her bra. He squeezes one of her breasts
firmly. He titls his heads and starts to suck on the other. Josh then lifts
his head and kisses her again on the lips, forcing his tounge in her mouth.
Rue wraps her arms around Josh's neck, pulling him closer to her as she
slides her tongue into his mouth as well. Rue massages his tongue with her's.

Josh moves his hands down and starts to undo her jeans. He doesn't break the
kiss, but gets frustrated with the button and just pulls on it, snapping the
button clean off. He slides his hand into the front of her now open jeans and
starts rubbing the fabric of her panties against her pussy.

As Josh is doing this, Rue reaches down and unbuckles his belt on his pants.
Rue quickly slides the belt off and unzips his pants. She lets down his pants
drop down off of his hips and waist. Josh finally breaks the kiss and starts
kissing her neck and all the way down to her breasts, down her belly untill
he's eye level with her panty convered pussy. He looks up and smiles ar Rue,
who just nods her head. Josh rips her panties off and tosses what's left
away. He starts licking her juicy pussy like a kitten. Rue places her hand
ontop of Josh's head and right away starts guiding his head, making his
tongue lick her pussy deeper. With her other hand, Rue holds onto a piece of
the Afterburn set, so she doesn't lose her balance. Josh reaches around Rue's
legs at starts to squeeze her ass-cheeks in rhythm with his tounge action. He
slides a finger in her ass and starts pumping it in and out. Rue lifts one of
her legs up and hangs her leg over his shoulder as Josh holds her body

"Ohhhh yesss Josh" Rue moans out in pleasure.

Josh starts using two fingers in her ass. He presses his tounge hard against
her clit and slides it from there past her lips. Rue gently picks Josh's head
up, as he slowly comes to a stop licking her pussy. Josh looks up at Rue and
she smiles down at him "Stand up sweetie"

Josh slides Rue's leg off of his shoulder and stands up slowly, kissing her
body softly. Rue drops down onto her knees, in front of Josh. Rue pulls down
his pants the rest of the way to his ankles. She then slowly slides down his
boxers to his ankels as well. Josh and Rue switch positions and he leans
against the Afterburn set. They smile at each other. Rue takes Josh's decent
sized 9 inch cock into her mouth. Rue begins to slowly bob her head against
his cock, sucking as she guides his cock further into her mouth. Rue places
her hands onto Josh's hips as she sucks. Josh places his hands on her head
and starts to slides his cock forward and back in rhytm with her sucking. His
balls slap against her chin softly as he runs his hands through her hair. Rue
gradually picks up speed as she starts sucking faster and deeper. Rue twirls
her tongue against his cock and moves her tongue around on his cock as she

"Jeez... your tongue feels great!" Josh looks down at her and see's that
she's looking back up at him. She grins around his cock. Josh stops moving
his hips, and let's Rue control his cock in her mouth. Rue comes to stop
sucking his cock and gently picks up her head. Rue then gets off of the floor
and stands up. Josh looks a bit disapointed, since he was in pure bliss with
his cock in her mouth, but then he smiles. "You have something in mind Rue?"

Rue smiles and nods, she then turns around and bends over in front of Josh as
he stands bend her. Josh lines his cock up with her pussy, and slowly pushes
forward. He wraps his hands around her hips to hold her steady, letting her
feel every inch of his cock. Rue bends over completely, her hair drapping
over her head as she lets out a moan feeling his cock ease its way into her
warm, tight pussy. "Ohhhhhh Josh!"

Josh starts to thrusting forward and pulling back slowly, wanting Rue to
enjoy every inch of him inside her. He rubs his hands over the parts of her
body he can reach. Rue starts adding more force to Josh's thrusts as she
starts moving her own ass back against his waist line, making his cock go
harder and deeper into her, now wet pussy. Josh starts to pull back on her
hips, and the two of them find a perfect rhythm. "Rue, you're pussy is so
wet and tight... it's like heaven..."

Rue looks at his face. "Shut up and fuck me hard Josh!"

With his cock still in her, Josh pushes her forward to a small table. Rue
catches on and slides her upper body onto of it and holds on to the edges.
Josh picks up his speed and force. He drives cock deeper and harder into
her now that they're in a stable position. Rue's breasts are pressed hard
against the table, and they grind against it with each of Josh's thrusts.
Rue bites her lower lip, trying to hold in her moans, but is unable to
"Ohhhhhh mmmm Josh...uhhhh" Rue then gets an idea "Josh!"

"Yeah baby?" Josh continues his assault on her pussy, but slows a bit to see
what she has in mind. Rue is now sweating and breathing heavily "Josh...
uhh...get on the table..."

Josh pulls out and lie on the table, he strokes his cock a bit to keep it
rock hard. He looks at her, wondering what she has in mind. Rue gets up on
the table with Josh, she carefully and gently mounts herself ontop of Josh's
cock. Rue, right away, takes his cock deep into her pussy. Rue begins slowly
riding his cock, riding his hips back and forth. Josh's ballsack, bangs
against the bottom of her ass.

"Oh god... Rue... I wish... I wish you weren't leaving..." Josh places his
hands on her thighs. He watches in delight as the departing diva rides his
cock. Rue begins bouncing up and down quickly on his cock, rocking her hips
and body, back and forth.

"Ohhhh Josh" Rue moans as she starts grinding his cock with her wet, tight
pussy. The table starts to strain a bit with the force being applied to it,
but both of them don't care. Josh moves his hands to her ass and squeezes
her asscheeks each time she comes down on his cock. Rue slowly comes to stop
on Josh's cock and gently gets, she smiles at him in a lustfull state.

"What's next Rue?" Josh props himself up on the table, wondering what she
has in mind now.

Rue thinks for a second and then hops off the table "Follow me."

Josh hops off the table, and follows Rue. He slaps her ass playfully. Rue
laughs a little after Josh slaps her ass. Rue and Josh walk over to the
Afterburn set again.

"Lift me up" Rue says with a sly smirk.

Josh lifts her up with a little strain and holds her. "Where too, Miss?"

Rue doesn't reply and just wraps her legs tightly around his waist. Josh
seems a bit lost, not knowing what she wants, he starts kissing her neck,
hoping she'll give him a clue. Josh gets a sudden flash of genius. He
reaches down to his cock and lines it up with her pussy and pushes in a
bit. Once he has it in, he pushes foward hard and wraps his arms around
her. Josh starts to fuck her pussy slowly. Rue comes down hard on Josh's
cock as he fucks her pussy while he stands. Rue wraps her arms around his
neck holding onto him as she moans loudly. Josh grunts with each motion
of his cock in her pussy. The two moving together as one, they kiss and
lock their tongues together. Rue is pure lust as her body tenses up and
releases a large load of cum onto Josh's cock without time to warn him.
Rue's body practically goes limp in Josh's arms after she cums "Ohhhhhh
Josh baby!"

Josh holds her there for a bit, letting her enjoy her moment of bliss. Then
he pulls out and lowers her to the floor. He turns her limp body over with
her ass in the air. Josh kneels behind her and pulls her lower body up to
her knees. Rue turns her head looking back at Josh, heavily breathing

Josh grins back, he's body covered in sweat. "What any good bad boy will do,
I'm going to ride your ass."

Rue shakes her head "Josh no....I'm woren out" Rue tries to crawl away from

Josh grabs her hips and holds her still. He uses on hand to line his cock up
with her little asshole, and then places both hands on her thighs. Josh pulls
her back as thrusts forward hard.

"Ohhhhhh shit Josh" Rue moans out looking back at him.

Josh starts to fuck her ass harder and faster, his balls slapping against
her. "Rue... I'm going to make sure... you remember me."

Rue starts getting turned on by Josh's ability to fuck her ass, and starts
moving her ass back against his cock in motion to his fucking. The tightness
of Rue's ass is starting to have an effect on his overworked cock.

Josh slaps her ass, "You've got a great ass, Rue." Josh places his hands
further up Rue's sweaty back as he guides his cock deeper into her tight ass.

Rue looks back "Damn, Josh, you are a bad boy!"

"You wanted a bad boy Rue, and I'm going to deliver." Josh increases his
force, driving his cock deeper into her ass. Josh wraps his hands around her
waist, and goes with slower, harder thrusts. His shoulders tense up. "Baby,
I'm gonna cum."

Rue looks back and smiles. "I want to taste it."

Josh pulls out. Rue turns around, now facing Josh and wraps her hand around
his cock. Rue takes his cock into her mouth once again and starts to slowly,
and gently move her head back and forth.

"Ahh damn... work that cock," Josh closes his eyes, trying to hold back from
shooting a few more moments. Rue starts bobbing her head quicker, but not
sucking too fast. Rue begins to suck smooth and swiftly on his throbbing
cock. "Uhh... Uhhh... here it comes," Josh starts shooting his man sap in
Rue's mouth.

The actual load is more than Rue expects and has to let his cock out of her
mouth. She strokes it with her hand making sure that he shoots all of it
which lands on her face and breasts. Rue swallows all of Josh's hot cum and
stands up wiping and cleaning her chest and face off. Josh helps her clean
up and kisses her softly on the neck. Rue smiles and softly kisses his lips,
Rue pulls away slowly from the kiss "You are bad..."

Rue begins to get dressed as does Josh.

"So... are you really going to leave?" askes Josh, he gives her a sad puppy
dog look.

Rue nods "Yeah..but stay in touch with me." Rue opens her purse and pulls
out a small pocket mirror. Rue looks in the mirror fixing her hair and then
glances over at Josh "Hey Josh..."

Josh replies "Yes?" Josh looks at her, somewhat content with the moments they
just had.

Rue looks down a for moment "Ummm...Do you still want to go for that drink?"
Rue says as she looks up with a cute smile.


The two finish getting dressed and walk off the Afterburn set together, one
last time. As they walk off the set together for the last time, Rue turns off
the light, making the Afterburn set pitch black "Josh..I'm gonna miss you."

Next in the series..."SmackDown Lust Part 7: Do The Right Thing, Or Else!"

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