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"Smackdown Lust Part 7: Do The Right Thing, Or Else!
By Dice and Kristi

The Undertaker is walking slowly back stage after The Great American Bash,
dejected. He just buried his long time friend Paul Bearer in a crypt with
concrete. "Hey Taker!" Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley run after him and throw
him up against a wall.

"What the hell were you thinking? All you had to do was the right thing and
lay down for us," says Bubba Ray.

"Yeah, Paul would've been all right, if you did the right thing," adds D-Von.
The Undertaker pushes them away and walks off. The Dudleys get angry and head
for their locker room.

"I thought Heyman said he had everything under control," mutters D-Von.

"Yeah, but knowing him, he has another way to make Taker pay," Bubba slaps
D-Von on the back. They reach their locker room and open the door. They see
their "motivator" Paul Heyman waiting for them.

Paul Heyman is leaning against one of the lockers, with a sly smirk of his
face. Heyman is also holding the urn of the Undertaker in his hand "The big
dog needs to be trained.....the Undertaker, needs a lesson in listening to
Paul Heyman." Heyman looks at the Dudley Boyz as he's talking.

"Who are you kidding Heyman," says D-Von. "With Bearer out of the way, what's
to stop him from doing us all in?"

Bubba tries to calm D-Von down. "Hey, relax, Heyman has a plan."

Heyman laughs evilly "Bubba, D-Von...obviously what happened to Paul Bearer,
wasn't a good enough lesson to the Undertaker. The Undertaker doesn't know
truly what I'm capable of. Bubba, D-Von I have an assignment for you, in
efforts to train the big dog of the yard...." Heyman preaches out to Bubba
Ray and D-Von.

Both the Dudleys look at each other then at Heyman. Bubba laughs a bit.
"Paulie, we tried beating him physically, we tried threatening him, what
else is there?"

D-Von shakes his head. "It was a mistake to put Bearer where he could reach

Paul Heyman walks in a circle around the Dudleys.

"Boys, if the Undertaker, thought what happened to Paul Bearer, was bad..."
Heyman laughs "..Wait to see what we have in sort for his wife!"

The Dudleys have the fear of God on their faces. "You can't be serious, we
can't go after his wife!" Says Bubba, "You saw what he did to Dallas Page
when he tried that."

"Man, you have a death wish," adds D-Von.

Paul Heyman laughs and smacks The Dudleys on the cheek "If we don't do this,
if we don't teach the Undertaker a lesson. You two may very well end up like
Paul Bearer." Paul Heyman opens the locker room door "The Undertaker must do
the right thing, or else...if he doesn't want his precious little Sara
getting hurt."

D-Von and Bubba considers all the options and then shrug. "Ok, so what do you
want us to do?" asks D-Von.

Heyman laughs as the three huddle together so Heyman can reveal his master
plan to Bubba and D-Von.

**The Next Day: Houston, Texas**

It's an extremely beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky. Sara Calloway, the
lovely wife of the Undertaker is in the backyard of their home, sunbathing.
On the street in front of her home a small black car parks in the driveway.
After the engine stops, the doors open and out steps D-Von and Bubba. They
look around to make sure no one sees them. The walk up to the front door and
ring the bell.

Sara sighs, getting up from the beach chair. She wraps a towel around her
muscle toned body. Sara opens the sliding doors and walks into her house, she
walks to the door and opens the door slowly "Hello. can I help you?" Sara
asks with a raised eyebrow.

Bubba pushes the door back on her, the force of which knocks Sara to the
floor. D-Von runs in and grabs her, covering her mouth as she starts
screaming. Bubba now enters and locks the door and closes all the blinds.
He makes sure to check all the other entrances of the house and locks them
all. He comes back to the living room where Sara is struggling in the arms
of D-Von.

D-Von removes his hand from Sara's mouth, a bit in fear, she asks "Who the
hell are you two?!"

"We're an insurance policy," answers D-Von. "Yeah, we're here to insure your
husband does the right thing," Bubba adds. D-Von restrains both of Sara's
hands behind her back.

"Let me go!" Sara yells as she tries to struggle free from D-Von.

"Now why would we want to do that?" asks D-Von. He nods to Bubba who pulls
Sara's towel off her body.

Sara tries kicking Bubba, but that does no use "Get off of me!" Sara
continues to yell hoping a neighbor might hear her.

Bubba slaps her face. "Shut up. If he did the right thing last night, we
wouldn't be here." D-von tightens his grip on her. "So you can blame him
after we're through."

"W-w-what are you going to do to me?" Sara asks in fear.

Both Dudley's rip off her swimsuit and smirk at her. "Can you guess?" asked
D-Von as he reaches around her, and cups her exposed breasts, holding her

Sara, once again, tries to struggle free, but all her attempts fail. D-Von
pushes Sara down to her knees, still holding her tightly.

Bubba pulls down his camouflage shorts, revealing his 8" cock. He pads it
against her face.

Sara turns her head away from Bubba's cock as D-Von gets down on his knees
behind Sara, to keep her more still then before.

D-Von holds her head still, facing it forward. Bubba presses his cock against
her lips.

Sara clenches her mouth shut. Bubba presses harder, but Sara is able to hold
her mouth shut. "D-Von, this bitch's mouth." D-Von moves open of his hands
and grabs her jaw and pulls it open, giving Bubba's cock easy access to
enter. "If you bite him, you'll regret it." D-Von pushes her head all the way
down on Bubba's dick.

Sara reluctantly, obeys their orders. Sara starts to slowly bob her head up
and down on Bubba's cock, that's growing larger in her mouth. D-Von keeps on
hand behind Sara's back holding her arms, and D-Von slides his other hand
through Sara's hair.

"No wonder Taker is always a stiff backstage, he gets to come home to this
little cocksucker," says Bubba. D-Von moves his free hand from Sara's hair
and down to her pussy. He starts to finger-fuck her pussy slowly. D-Von is
surprised that she's a bit moist. "Hey Bubba, she's getting wet."

Sara starts bobbing her head quicker on Bubba's cock, taking more of his 8
inch cock into her mouth. Sara begins to twirl her tongue against his cock,
as she starts sucking and getting a good rhythm.

"God damn... she's a fucking slut," Bubba says. D-Von releases her and stands
up. He strips down, and stands to the side of Sara, his 10" cock in her
sight. "Let's see what she can on me." D-Von pulls her head off of Bubba and
jams own cock into her mouth.

Sara takes D-Von cock, right away, deep into her mouth. Sara tightens her
grip on D-Von's cock sucking his, much harder then Bubba's. But, Sara is
sucking D-Von's cock much faster.

D-Von and Bubba give each other the 3D sign as a seal of approval of Sara's
ability. D-Von pushes his cock suddenly all the way down Sara's throat on one
her downward movements.

Sara gags a bit on D-Von cock, but slowly regains her balance. Even though
Sara is hating every moment of this, she thinks the sooner she's get with
them, the sooner it will be over. As Sara is sucking D-Von's cock at a quick
pace, she wraps her hand around Bubba's cock and starts to slowly stroke his

Bubba and D-Von start to chuckle. "Don't think it'll be as easy as us fucking
you and leaving," says D-Von. "Yeah, we're under orders to make sure you give
a message to Taker." D-Von pulls out of Sara's mouth. "Look at her Bubba,
she's looks sad my cock isn't in her mouth anymore."

"Maybe she'll like it somewhere else?"

Sara backs up a bit, trying to get away from Bubba and D-Von.

Bubba grabs her and forces her to her hands and knees. D-Von gets behind her
and pushes his cock into her warm pussy and holds her hips. Bubba gets in
front of her and pushes his cock back into her mouth.

Sara starts off not sucking Bubba's cock, but as D-Von's thrusts get deeper,
Sara starts to bob her head gently sucking Bubba's cock.

D-Von intentionally drives his cock into her hard and deep each time. Bubba
starts to fuck Sara's mouth, giving Sara no choice in the matter.

Sara gives in once again to Bubba, and starts lapping her tongue around his
cock as she sucks. Sara starts moving Bubba's cock in and out of her mouth
quickly and taking his cock in deeper by each head bob.

D-Von starts to fuck her pussy faster now, pulling her back with each of his
forward thrusts. And he pushes her forward down on Bubba's cock each time he
pulls out, forcing her to deep throat him every time.

Sara starts moaning a bit around Bubba's cock in her mouth. Sara takes
Bubba's cock as deep as she can. Sara slows down her pace a bit, but
continues to suck Bubba's cock deep in her mouth and throat.

Both men pull out of her at the same time and laugh at her. "Oh man, she was
really getting into it," says Bubba.

"She's a real tight one," says D-Von.

They grab her again. Bubba sits on the couch, and both men line up her pussy
above his cock. Bubba pulls her down forcefully and starts to lift and drop
her on his cock.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!" Sara moans out due to the pressure of his cock in her pussy.
Sara has start to sweat a bit. D-Von places his hands onto Sara's semi-sweaty
waist and begins to drive Sara down onto Bubba's cock, making his cock go
deep in her pussy.

"She's a real whore ain't she?" Bubba doesn't reply and focuses on fucking
Sara's sweet pussy. D-Von goes to the kitchen and comes back with a glass of
cold water. He pours it on her head, and the water runs down her body. Her
body reacts with a jolt.

Due the cold water poured on her body, Sara tenses up and accidentally grinds
her pussy hard against Bubba's cock.

"Hey Bubba, I want her ass." D-Von pulls her roughly off of Bubba and drags
her to the kitchen. Bubba follows and goes into her fridge for something to
drink. D-Von bends her over a table and rams his cock into her tight asshole.

"Ohhhhhhhh fuck!" Sara moans in pain. Sara instantly grabs on the sides on
the table for support.

D-Von grips her waist and fucks her asshole mercilessly. "Guess Taker doesn't
tap that ass much," Says Bubba. The force D-von is using starts to move the
table a bit.

"Ohhhhh owwww no more!" Sara cries out in pain.

"You heard her D-Von, she wants more." D-Von pulls out and once again the
Dudley's grab her body. They carry her back to the living room. D-Von lies
on the floor, and they force Sara's pussy down on his cock. Bubba pushes her
forward and pushes his cock into her asshole hard.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh" Sara moans feeling both Bubba and D-Von penetrate her pussy and

Bubba starts with a rough, hard, fast pace in her ass, which causes her to
fuck herself on D-Von's cock. Both men enjoy how they are using the wife of
the Undertaker.

Sara begins breathing heavily "Ohh...uhhhh....ohhh shit!" Sara moans as she
feels she on the brink of having an orgasm.

The Dudley's feel her body tense as she reaches the magic point. Bubba pulls
out of her and lifts her off of D-Von. Sara has a sexually frustrated look on
her face. Bubba and D-Von confer on what to do with her next. "Let's give her
2D," says Bubba.

"2D? asks D-Von.

"You know, 2 Dudleys in one hole."

Bubba lies on the floor this time, and D-Von "Helps" Sara down onto his cock.
D-Von then pushes his cock along with Bubba's into Sara's pussy.

"Ohhhhh fucking shit!" Sara moans. With Sara coming close to an orgasm, she
becomes in a lustful state of mind. Sara begins to rock her hips back and
forth on both Bubba's and D-Von's cock.

"Do the work, bitch!" Bubba yells. Both Dudley's relax and let Sara control
the pace.

Sara follows their orders and starts grinding her pussy against both of their
cocks and she rocks back and forth moaning in ecstasy.

D-Von slaps her ass, "She's a broken dog now." Bubba nods in agreement. Both
men start to thrust into her hard, fucking her pussy in unison.

D-Von and Bubba continue their teamwork on Sara's pussy, forcing Sara to give
in to their savage sexual assault.

With the force of Bubba fucking her pussy, it makes Sara quickly bounce up
and down, riding D-Von's cock "Ohhhhh please no more!" Sara cries out.

D-Von pulls out suddenly and pulls Sara off of Bubba, tosses her to the
floor. They pick Sara up and place her on her hands and knees again. D-Von
gets behind her and forces his cock into her ass. Bubba manages to do the
same, stretching her ass beyond belief.

"Ohhhhhhh godddd no! Please stop, I'll do whatever you want" Sara moans out
in extreme pain.

"Like you had a choice to begin with," says Bubba. The Dudleys start fucking
her ass savagely. Both men pull on her hair with each thrust into her.

Sara starts to cry as the Dudleys don't relent their assault, as they use a
perfect amount of force in her asshole.

Sara's body is covered in sweat and as she breaths heavily "Ohhhhhhh no more
please!" Sara moans, pleading with the Dudleys to stop.

The Dudleys don't stop, but instead increase their force. "Bitch, you're
going to learn to love it," says D-Von.

"Especially if he doesn't do the right thing," adds Bubba.

Sara's ass is practically being ripped with each thrust from Bubba and D-Von
as this is too much for Sara to handle.

Both Dudley's tire with her asshole, and decided to pull out, but the stretch
her asshole when they remove themselves. They decided to let her rest a bit
before they continue. "Hey Bubba, do you think she'll willingly do whatever
we want now?"

Bubba shrugs. "I don't know, but we can always fuck her ass again."

Sara speaks up quickly not wanting to go through another ass fucking "I'll do
it! I'll do whatever you say, just please don't fuck my ass again!"

"Did she just say 'Please fuck my ass again?" asks Bubba.

"I think so," says D-Von.

They approach her again slowly.

Sara backs in fear, until she's up against the wall. Sara is almost in tears
" more please, no more."

They each grab an arm, and force her down. "Maybe we should stop," says D-Von
with a smirk.

"Why, we have a perfect little whore, and she seems to love all of it," says

They hold her down, their cocks not to far from her mouth.

Sara tries to crawl away, but is unable to as Bubba holds her still from no

Bubba looks down at her. "If you want something to do, blow us while we
figure out what to do with you next."

Sara reluctantly opens her mouth and takes D-Von's cock into her mouth. Sara
begins bobbing her head back and forth, taking more of D-Von's cock into her
mouth with each head bob. Sara is sucking D-Von off smooth and swiftly. As
Sara sucks, Bubba gently strokes her hair.

"Guess she likes my black cock," says D-Von. Bubba grabs a handful of Sara's
hair and slams her head down on D-Von's cock. "Well let's give her more of it
then." Sara tries to lift her head up, but Bubba holds it there.

Sara deep throats D-Von's entire cock as she bobs her head quickly on his
black member. Sara laps her tongue around his cock as she sucks. While Sara
is sucking, Bubba starts to gently stroke his own cock.

Bubba pulls Sara's head back a bit on D-Von's cock and then forces his cock
along side D-Von's, stretching Sara's mouth.

Sara takes both in her mouth with a bit of a problem, she remains sucking
both Bubba's and D-Von's cock but isn't able to suck nearly as fast or as

Being the larger of the two in size, D-Von starts to fuck Sara's mouth,
making sure Sara deep throats him. Bubba pushes her head down on their
cocks, making sure she treats both equally.

Sara tries to deep throat Bubba's cock along with D-Von's but is unable to.
Sara starts gagging, she quickly picks her head up from both cocks and starts

The Dudleys look at her, impressed with her attempt. "Let's reward her for
trying," Says D-Von. They remove their cocks from her mouth and pick her up.
They turn her around and Bubba starts to fuck her pussy from behind.

Sara instinctually starts guiding her hips and ass back against Bubba's waist
line taking his cock deep into her pussy "Ohhhhhhh" Sara moans in somewhat

Bubba uses slow thrusts, letting Sara do the work when she pushes back.
D-Von once again leaves the room for the kitchen, and comes back with a large
pitcher of cold water. Like before, he dumps it on Sara's body.

The cold water, once again, causes Sara's body to tense up and react to the
water. Sara begins to move her hip back faster and harder, on Bubba's cock.

Bubba increases his speed, fucking her pussy harder. He pushes harder wanting
to make Sara completely submit to them. D-Von taps him on the shoulder, and
Bubba reluctantly pulls out. D-Von stands behind her now, and fucks her
abused ass again.

"Ohhhhhhhhh shit" Sara moans out in pain. With all the pressure of D-Von
fucking her ass, Sara feels she's about to cum. She bites her bottom lip as
she starts cumming.

Her body goes limp and if it wasn't for D-Von fucking her ass, she would've
hit the floor. D-Von pulls out and The Dudleys sit up against the wall. They
each pick up on of her hands and place them on their cocks. "Time to finish
it Sara," says Bubba, "You know what to do."

Sara takes a moment to catch her breath before she starts to move her hand up
and down Bubba's and D-Von's shaft, stroking them. Sara focuses on rubbing
the head of Bubba's cock, while she rubs D-Von's ball sack.

"That's it..." Bubba holds her head still as he starts to shoot his load on
her. Sara closes her eyes as the warm juice lands on her face. Bubba removes
her hands from his cock, and jerks it himself shooting more spurts on her.
Sara gives D-Von's cock her full attention now, and D-Von starts to cum.
Unlike Bubba's, most of D-Von's load lands on her breasts, but still, most
of her face is covered in the man sap of the Dudleys.

Once both Dudleys have finished cumming Sara stands up and steps away from
them as she cleans herself off. Sara glares at the Dudleys.

D-Von slaps her when he she's her glaring at them. Bubba holds her face close
to his. "If you don't want this to happen again, tell the Undertaker to do
the right thing... or else." D-Von whispers something to Bubba, who nods.
They grab both of her arms and start to drag her outside. Sara starts to
struggle, but she's too weak. The Dudley's take her to the pool and on the
count of three, they toss her in.

Sara swims back up to see the Dudley's walking back inside her house. She
has a dark look on her face. "I'll get them for this... someway... I'll get

Next in the series..."SmackDown Lust Part 8: Welcome To SmackDown Ms. Suzuki"

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