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Smackdown Lust Part 8: Welcome To SmackDown Mrs. Suzuki
by Dice and Kristi

Hiroko and Kenzo Suzuki, the WWE's latest imports from the Far East, have
just arrived at the arena for their first Smackdown Taping. They share a
soft kiss and Kenzo heads for the locker room area. Hiroko, wanders around
backstage, and bumps into the current General Manager, Kurt Angle and his
assistant Luther Reigns. "Ah Mrs. Suzuki, it's a pleasure to meet you
finally," Kurt says, extending his hand in friendship. Hiroko gives a small
bow. "I must thank you for the opportunity you are giving my husband." Kurt
waves it off like it was nothing. "He's a great talent and might be a
serious contender soon."

Hiroko nods in agreement "Kenzo is an outstanding talent, if given the right
chance, he could main event." Hiroko comments. She's wearing a tan business
suit, instead of her on-air costume of a Japanese kimono and pale white face

Kurt smiles and then looks at his watch. "Well I have a meeting to go to, why
don't you go meet some of your fellow co-workers." With that Luther starts to
push the wheel-chair bound GM down the hall. No one notices that standing in
the shadows is the sultry Sable, with a less than pleased look on her face.
She grins slyly and starts to plan a real welcome for Hiroko.

Sable folds her arms "Some bitch thinks she's going to steal my TV time
too...I'll see about that." Sable steps out of the shadowed hallway and
heads down to the men's locker room. Sable knocks on the door slightly
before opening up the door "Hello...boys, I hope everyone's descent" Sable
says as she walks into the room.

In the locker, there's a slight scramble to make sure there everyone inside
is descent. Sable walks in and is greeted by Booker T, Johnny Stamboli, Billy
Gunn and Charlie Haas. "Hey Sable, what's going on?" asks Booker. The other
three wrestlers follow with similar greetings.

"Oh nothing. It seems as though we have a new Diva on SmackDown..." Sable
rolls her eyes disgusted.

"Who?" asks Johnny. Charlie tries to sneak out of the room, knowing full well
what happens to new Divas, but Sable is blocking the exit. Booker and Billy
smirk for a moment. "It's the wife of that new guy, you know Kenzo Suzuki,"
answers Billy.

Sable nods "Yeah her name's Hiroko.." Sable then smirk "I think you four
should welcome Hiroko to know what I mean, right boys?"

Billy chuckles a bit. "You're still sore about how we welcomed you back?"
Charlie shakes his head a bit. "I don't know, I mean, what if she's not
willing." Johnny slaps him on the back. "Don't worry about it man, it's a
backstage tradition." Charlie looks at him. "I know, believe me I know."
Then something crosses Booker's mind and he looks at Sable. "What about
her husband?"

Sable laughs "Booker, don't you worry about Kenzo, I'll take special care of
him" Sable says with a sly smirk.

Billy shakes his head in wonderment. "Ok, we'll give her a welcome she won't
forget." The rest of the men nod in agreement.

Sable opens the door and leaves the men's locker room. Sable walks down the
hallway and passes by Hiroko. Sable gets a smirk across her face as Hiroko
knocks on the men's locker room door.

Charlie opens the door and sees the newest Diva. Inside, Booker laughs a bit,
"Speak of the devil." Billy elbows him. "You must be Hiroko, I'm Charlie."

Hiroko nods and bows out of respect "Nice to meet you."

Charlie lets her into the room and closes the door. He introduces the other
wrestlers. "That's Johnny Stamboli, Billy Gunn, and Booker T." The other
three men give respectful greetings to her.

Hiroko bows respectfully. "It's an honor to meet all of you, I hope we can
work well together." She turns to leave, but Booker stops her. "Hey, Hiroko,
do you know what new Divas do on their first day with the company?"

Like with Charlie, Hiroko bows her head "Nice meet you three as well."

Charlie, Billy & Johnny get a bit off-settled, they've never seen a diva
that was as respectful as Hiroko. Booker sees this and takes charge. "Hey
Hiroko, there's a bit of a tradition the WWE has when it comes to new
divas, and it's the new diva has to pay her dues."

Hiroko raises her eyebrow a bit confused "Tradition? What do you mean?"

"It's something that was started to keep the divas that was here before you
happy, since they're going to loose Television time, they came up with a way
for the new diva to pay her dues," explains Billy.

Hiroko shakes her head, she still doesn't exactly understand the whole
situation "I'm sorry I don't get what you're trying to say. Paying dues?"

Charlie and Johnny move to block the door just in case she tries to run.
Booker continues to explain. "Yeah, you know, you have to pay your respects."

Hiroko shrugs and replies "Well how exactly do I do that?"

Booker lowers his tights and shows her his 11" cock. The other three men
does the same, and watch her face intently.

Hiroko looks a bit shocked at first that they would expose themselves in
front of her.

"All the divas had to go through this, Hiroko," says Billy. The size of the
men in front of her is an impressive selection, Gunn at 10", Stamboli at 13"
and Charlie at 9". "Come on, the sooner we begin, the sooner the other divas
won't resent you," says Charlie.

"So let me get this straight all I have to do is pleasure you four?" Hiroko

"And maybe get pleasured yourself," says Johnny.

Charlie slaps him upside the head and faces Hiroko. "Yeah... it's as simple
as that, if someone like Sable had her way, she'll have some of the larger
guys 'induct' you."

Hiroko shrugs "I guess I can do that, if that's what will get me inducted."

"Great, you can start on Booker," says Billy. Booker steps in front of her
as the other three men surround her.

Hiroko removes her tan jacket and gets down on her knees in front of Booker
T. Hiroko takes Booker's cock into her soft hands and starts to stroke his
cock gently.

Charlie makes sure he locks the door and rejoins the circle around her. The
four men look down at her as she sizes up Booker's hardening rod.

Hiroko then with one quick motion, she takes Booker's cock into her mouth.
Hiroko starts off slowly bobbing her head, getting use to his big black cock
in her mouth.

"Jeez..." Booker's reaction surprises the other men. "She's got some good
oral skills." The other three almost drool at the thought of Hiroko's giving
them head.

Hiroko pace and speed quicken gradually with each head bob. Hiroko twirls her
tongue against the head of Booker's cock. Hiroko places her hand around the
part of Booker's shaft that is not in her mouth and start stroking his shaft
as well.

"Whoa girl... remember you got three other men to go through," Booker tries
to encourage her to slow down her pace, but she's doesn't want to break her
rhythm. Booker reluctantly pulls out of her mouth. "Johnny, it's your turn."
The men step around her, and now Johnny Stamboli stands in front of her.

Hiroko sticks her tongue out of her mouth and slowly, but tensely runs her
tongue up and down Stamboli's shaft. Hiroko moves her tongue down to his
ball sack and starts flicking his balls back and forth with her wet tongue.

"The Book Man wasn't kidding," says Johnny. "What you didn't believe me?"
asks Booker. Hiroko licks up from his balls and the Johnny's shaft until she
reaches the head of his cock. She doesn't take it in her mouth, but licks
back down.

Hiroko then takes one of Stamboli's balls into her mouth and starts to gently
suck on his ball.

Johnny feels she's worked on him long enough. "Ok, Gunn you're up." Once
again the men change positions, and now Billy is standing in front of her.
"I haven't said this in a long time, but I got two words for ya, suck it."

Hiroko smirks and takes Billy Gunn's cock into her mouth, much to the
pleasure of Gunn. Hiroko starts off right away bobbing her head swiftly,
sucking smooth and at a fast rate.

Gunn starts to pump his cock in and out of her mouth as well, making sure
she gets all of it in her mouth.

Hiroko takes Gunn's cock deep into her mouth as she starts deep throating
his large cock. Hiroko moves her tongue against his shaft as she deep throats
his cock.

"Hoo boy, Kenzo is going to go far I'll say that right now," says Billy. He
pats her on her head, as a sign to stop. "Time for you to go to work on
Charlie boy." Hiroko doesn't let the men switch this time and instead turns
on her knees to come eye-to-eye with Charlie's cock.

Hiroko takes Charlie's cock into her hands and guides his cock into her
mouth. Hiroko wraps her lips around Charlie's cock tightly and starts slowly
bobbing her head up and down. Sucking at a difference pace then the other's.

Charlie closes his eyes, and starts to mumble something. He's in complete
bliss with the Japanese beauty sucking his cock.

Hiroko loosens her grip a little and starts picking up speed, sucking at a
decent speed, taking more of Charlie's cock in her mouth.

"Damn... she's almost as good as Jackie," Charlie mutters. The other three
smirk as Hiroko gets a little jealous look on his face. Booker taps her on
the shoulder. "Time to move on."

Hiroko comes to a stop and slowly picks her head up from Charlie's cock. She
looks up at all four men; Booker T, Billy Gunn, Johnny Stamboli, and Charlie

"Why don't you get out of that nice suit?" suggests Billy. Johnny nods in
agreement. "Yeah, we don't want to ruin it."

Hiroko stands up and starts to unbutton her blouse. Hiroko removes her blouse
and then starts to unbutton her pants. She slides down her pants and stands
in front of the four men in her bra and thong.

"Whew," says Booker. The other three men whistle and offer other compliments.
Charlie goes behind her and helps remove her bra. Johnny and Billy clear
their bags from a bench. "Ok, lie down on the bench Hiroko," says Booker.

Hiroko slides her thong down and steps out of it. Hiroko then lays back on
the bench, wondering what they have in mind for her.

"It's time we break you in." Booker gets on the bench with her and slides his
cock into her pussy, slowly. He starts with a slow pace, letting her get use
to the size of his cock in her.

"Ohhhhhhh" Hiroko moan out feeling his cock in her wet, warm pussy.

Booker slowly increases his speed, he places his hands on her waist for extra
leverage. The other men watch, trying to figure out how they're going to fuck

Hiroko wraps her legs around Booker's waist, pushing her pussy, making his
cock go deeper into her pussy.

Booker sees she's really getting into it, and pulls out of her. Hiroko gives
him a look that says "What are you doing?" Booker gets off the bench, and
Johnny climbs on with her. Johnny is not so gentle, and starts by plowing his
cock into her roughly.

"Ohhhhhhh yeahh!" Hiroko moans as she loves the roughness of Stamboli.
Hiroko's body rocks back and forth on the bench as Billy Gunn gets an idea.
He taps Booker T on the shoulder and whispers "Hey Book Man, what if we tag
team her? You and me, Haas and Stamboli?"

As Johnny continues to ravage Hiroko's pussy, the other three men discuss
the plans. Booker shrugs, "It's sounds good to me." Johnny is using a lot
of energy in his fucking of Hiroko. He pulls out of her suddenly. Charlie
comes over now and tells her to get on all fours, which she does. Charlie
gets behind her and starts fucking her doggy style. Booker and Billy
explain the idea to him. He nods in acceptance to the idea. Charlie grips
Hiroko's hips to increase his force into her.

Hiroko moans loudly as she starts moving her hips and ass back against
Charlie's waist line. Her ass and Charlie's waist making smacking sounds
with each impact.

The other three men look over at Charlie fucking Hiroko. Charlie's balls
start to slap against her. Billy admires her ass. "That's a nice little
tight one on her." Johnny smirks. "Well you are an ass man." Charlie pulls
out after a nice slow down. Billy gets behind her quickly, and spreads her
ass cheeks. He takes his time and slowly pushes his cock into her asshole.
Charlie leans against the wall. "So are we going to tag team her?" Booker
nods. "Yeah, after Gunn breaks in her asshole."

Hiroko bites her bottom lip in both pain and enjoyment as she lets Gunn
take control of her ass.

Billy starts with a slow pace, but quickly switches to a fast, hard one.
"It looks like she doesn't take it in the rear that much," notes Johnny.
"She'll get use to it," says Charlie. Billy slams his cock deep into her
asshole with each thrust now.

"Ohhhhhhh yeahhh that's it" Hiroko moans in pleasure.

Billy pulls out of Hiroko's ass. He walks over to the other three men, as
they let her recover. She wipes some sweat from her forehead and sits on
the bench. "Ok, who's going first?" asks Charlie. "You and Johnny," answers

Charlie walks over to the bench and lies on it. "Climb on Hiroko."

Hiroko mounts herself slowly and gently onto Charlie's cock. Hiroko lets out
a soft moan as she takes his cock into her warm pussy.

Johnny climbs on behind her and pushes her forward. He pushes his cock into
her asshole fast. "Just relax and enjoy," Says Charlie. Both men start to
thrust into her at an even pace. Johnny doesn't go with it for long, and
starts to ravage her asshole like he did her pussy. Charlie slows down in
an effort to make Hiroko feel both men differently.

"Ahhhh mmmm ohhh" Hiroko moans. With the force of Stamboli fucking her ass,
it makes Hiroko bounce quickly on Charlie's cock, coming down with hard

Johnny looks over at Booker and Billy. "She's going to fit in real good
around here." Charlie puts his hands on Hiroko's legs trying to control her

Hiroko begins breathing heavily and sweating more. Hiroko starts grind her
pussy hard against Charlie's cock as she rides it.

Booker and Billy walk over to the three on the bench. "We're tagging in,"
says Billy. Johnny pulls out, and it's a good thing too, at the rate he was
going, he wasn't going to last long. Booker helps Hiroko off of Charlie.
Instead of lying on the bench. Booker turns Hiroko around to face him. He
Lifts her in his arms and pushes his cock into her pussy. Billy gets behind
Hiroko and pushes his cock into her ass. The two men start to fuck her
pussy standing up, sandwiching her.

Hiroko wraps her arms tightly around Booker's neck, and wraps her legs
around his waist as well.

The two men push harder into her. Booker puts his arms around her belly,
Billy does the same. They start to lift her up and down on their cocks.
Charlie turns to Johnny, "How bout we give her a cum bath to finish her

"Good idea."

Hiroko can no longer take and releases a large load of cum onto Booker's
cock "Ohhhhhhh shit that feels good" Hiroko moans.

Booker and Billy slide out of her, and they ease her sweat covered body to
the floor. They sit her on her knees. The four men stand in front of her,
starting to jerk their cocks. "Open wide Hiroko," says Charlie. "Feel free
to help too," adds Billy.

Hiroko opens her mouth as wide as she can. She wraps her hands around
Charlie's and Booker's cock and starts to quickly stroke their cocks.

Johnny is the first to shoot and his first blast lands on her cheek, she
turns slightly to catch the rest, then Billy starts cumming. Charlie and
Booker soon follow. Hiroko sets her head at a level to try and catch all
of their cum in her mouth. She strokes Booker and Charlie faster then
switches to the other two men. After a while each man finishing dropping
their load on Hiroko's face and in her mouth. Her face is completely
covered in cum.

Each man pats her on the head and Billy kneels down next to her. "Welcome
to Smackdown, Mrs. Suzuki." Hiroko wipes some cum of her face with her
fingers and sucks them clean. "I am honored to be here."

Next in the series..."SmackDown Lust Part 9: The Perfect Reflection"

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