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Smackdown Lust Part 9: The Perfect Reflection
by Dice and Kristi

"Let me holla at ya playa." Mark Jindrak, the reflection of perfection, is
looking at mirror as his manager, Theodore Long is feeding his ego. Jindrak
admires every part of his body. "We got to be on the ball, we got to spread
the word to on and all, that the you're the real deal, can you feel me
playa?" Jindrak turns to Long, "Yeah, I feel ya." Long slaps him on the
shoulder. "Of course you do, you have all the tools to be the biggest star
in the locker room." Jindrak gets a cocky smirk on his face. Before Long can
continue there's a knock on the door.

Theodore Long opens the door and his shocked to see the very sly, but divine
Sable on the other head on the door. Before Long can say anything Sable walks
into the locker room of "The Reflection of Perfection" Mark Jindrak. Sable
walks over and stands next to Jindrak, in the reflection of the mirror. Sable
to runs her hands up Jindrak's arms "So strong and firm" Sables says in
impressed with Jindrak's body.

Before Sable can continue, Theodore Long intervenes "Hold up! What's the
dealio here, playa?"

Jindrak looks at Long and shrugs. "Don't ask me, I didn't tell her to stop
by. But I'm not going to complain." Jindrak doesn't hide that he is checking
Sable out. "What can we do for you?"

Sable smiles and turns to Theodore Long "I want to join you and Jindrak"
Sable says in a sultry voice.

Long puts his hand up to his chin "Ahhh so you wanna join up with Theodore
R. Long, to the land of opportunity? The land of the dolla, dolla bill, you
feel me?" Sable nods, even though she isn't to sure what Theodore Long
exactly said. Long then replies "Well in that case...."

Jindrak raises his hand to stop long from speaking. He pulls him aside.
"Theodore, you can't be serious about letting her join us that easily?"

Theodore Long begins to preach out again "Why don't she has the goods to
take Theodore R. Long to the dolla, dolla bill. Playa, she'd be perfect, ya
feel me?"

In a low voice. "Yeah, she seems perfect, but is she perfect? Do you see what
I'm getting at?" Jindrak motions his head towards Sable's body. "We can't
just let anyone join up with us."

Theodore Long folds his arms thinking, as Sable looks herself over in the
mirror "You're right. I'll holla back atcha in one hour, ya feel me? Have
her prove she's perfect" Theodore Long then exits the locker room, closing
the door. Sable smirks admiring herself in the mirror "I look so much better
then Torrie."

Jindrak walks over and circles her. "Sable, if you want to join up with us,
you got to be perfect." He slaps her ass. "Nice..."

Sable smirks with the ego that she has "Mark, baby, I am perfect."

Jindrak chuckles and sits on a chair. He waves his hand, motioning her to
undress, "Let me see how perfect."

Sable walks closer to Jindrak as he sits down on the chair. Sable reaches
down and starts to slowly unbutton her skirt, teasing Jindrak.

Jindrak crosses his arms. "You're a perfect tease."

Sable smirks and slides her skirt down her slender legs. She steps out of
her skirt and tosses it to Jindrak. Sable poses for a few seconds showing
him, her very skimpy g-string.

Jindrak folds her skirt, perfectly and lays it on the floor next to him.
"Come closer."

Sable walks closer to Jindrak, licking her lips.

From his chair, Jindrak runs his hands over her body, starting with her
thighs. He works his hands up to there breasts, and squeezes them firmly,
feeling how firm they are. He sucks on one of her tits and teases her
other. Then he switches. "These are impressive." He turns her around and
feels her ass, squeezing on the cheeks and finally turns her back around
to face him. "Your body is perfect."

Sable says with a cocky smile "Yeah I know...your body isn't so bad either"
Sable slowly slides down her g-string, now standing completely nude.

"You're not telling me anything I don't already know." Jindrak slides off
his wrestling trunks, releasing a 14" cock. "What do you think of this?" he
asks as he strokes it a bit.

Sable licks her lips, she can practically feel her mouth watering, in
anticipation of Jindrak's cock in mouth. Before Sable can reply, she
instantly gets down on her knees in front of Jindrak and he remains
seated of the chair.

"Now, now... I asked you what you thought."

Sable glances up at Jindrak her eyes already filled with lust. Sable takes
Jindrak's perfectly sized cock into her soft hands, Sable starts to move her
hands up and down his shaft, stroking his cock gently. Sable tries to see if
she can get Jindrak's cock any harder then it already is.

"Heh... you must think it's perfect don't you." Jindrak leans forward and
pulls her head closer to his cock. "Let's see how perfect your mouth is."

Sable opens her mouth and takes just the head of his cock into her mouth.
Sable starts off twirling her tongue against the head of his cock. Sable
then tightens the grip of her lips and starts to slowly bob her head back
and further. Sable takes more of Jindrak's cock into her mouth with each
head bob.

"Sadly, I'm not impressed," Jindrak looks down at her. "The girls Long brings
for me can do that."

Sable think for a second and then opens her mouth as wide as she can. She
shoves all of Jindrak's 14 inches down into her mouth. Sable's pace quickens
as she bobs her head quickly. To give more pleasure Sable laps her tongue
around Jindrak's shaft.

Jindrak smirks. "That's perfect, keep doing that." He gets more comfortable,
letting her work her magic.

Sable takes Jindrak's cock as deep as she can in her mouth as she deep
throats now his entire cock without a single problem. Sable is sucking away
on Jindrak's cock at a extremely fast rate.

Jindrak puts a hand on Sable's head to make sure she deep throats each time.
"You got an almost perfect mouth Sable."

Sable slowly and carefully picks her head up from Jindrak's cock and
now focuses on his ball sack. Sable leans down further and takes both of
Jindrak's balls in her mouth and she tensely sucks on his balls Jindrak
pushes her away from him and stands up. "Sit in the chair, spread your

Sable gets up off of her knees and sits down on the chair, Jindrak had been
sitting on. Sable spreads her legs a part as Jindrak positions himself on
his knees in front of Sable.

"I'm going to see how you taste... and how long you'll last." Jindrak starts
on licking her pussy. He starts with long, slow upward motions, his tongue
pressing hard against her clit before he starts again.

Sable relaxes and closes her eyes. Sable places a hand on top of Jindrak's
head, letting Jindrak do his work.

Jindrak pushes his tongue as deep as it can go into her, moving it around.
He starts to pick up his pace, but not for long, and switches back to a slow
teasing licks. He brings two fingers to her pussy, and pushes them in. He
slides them in and out in sequence with his tongue.

"Mmmmm ohhhh yess Mark" Sable moans in pleasure.

Jindrak starts to suck on her clit now, using the suction he's creating to
pull on it. He adds a third finger into her as well.

Sable opens her eyes with a smirk and slowly lifts Jindrak's head up from
her pussy, as he continues to slides his fingers in and out of her pussy
"Mark...lay down"

Jindrak, surprised by Sable's command, lays on the floor.

Sable smiles and mounts herself onto Jindrak's cock, taking his cock deep
into her pussy. Sable places her hands onto Jindrak's chest and starts to
rock her hips back and forth, riding his cock at a medium pace.

Jindrak puts his hands behind his head, enjoying the view of Sable riding
his cock. "You look absolutely perfect."

Sable begins bouncing up and down on his cock, riding faster. Sable moans
loudly as she comes down sharply on his cock "Ohhhh yeah Mark! You like

"Yes... it's feel great, but can you go faster?" Jindrak moves his hands
to her breasts, squeezing them in rhythm with her bounces. "Remember, this
is a test."

Sable smirks "That I can do.." Sable begins picking up speed with each
bounce, as she continues riding his cock, like he's never been rode before.
Sable begins to add more pressure to Jindrak's cock and starts grinding her

"Oh yeah... that's perfect... ride me Sable." Jindrak moves his hands to her
waist and helping her increase her speed.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah Mark" Sable moans as she starts coming down harder on his
cock, and riding his cock to maximum speed "Uhhhh ughhhh" Sable grunts.
Sable's down is drenching with sweat.

Jindrak is impressed, seeing the diva of all divas ride his peg, but he wants
more. One on of her upward motions, Jindrak holds her up and lifts her off of
his cock. He sits up, and watches her reaction.

Sable raises her eyebrow and gets a bit pissed as she was enjoying the moment
"Why the hell did you have me stop?!"

"You where about to cum, I can tell. Roll on all fours."

Sable does as she told and gets on all fours, hands and knees. She looks back
at Jindrak and smiles Jindrak enters Sable's tight asshole, pushing hard into
her. He makes sure he all of his cock is buried into her. He starts with a
slow long pace, but soon speeds up. Jindrak's balls start to slap against
her, and he slaps her ass firmly. "You got a perfectly tight ass."

"Ohhhhhh!!" Sable moans with the pressure of Jindrak's cock in her ass. Sable
starts to move her ass back against his waist line, helping Jindrak out with
forceful thrusts back.

Jindrak's pace doesn't last long, and he feels the pressure rising in him.
He pushes in her harder, but it's all for not. "Shit... I'm cumming." He
shoots his load into her ass, continue to pound it. He tries to keep going,
but can't and has to pull out. His cock has cum smeared all over it, and is
starting to limp.

Sable looks back furious that he didn't meet her sexual needs "You're not
done yet!"

Jindrak smirks at her. "If you want more, get me back up to where I need to

Sable turns around and takes Jindrak's cock into her mouth. Sable starts off
right away sucking his cum covered cock at a fast rate. Sable bobs her head
quickly in attempts to make Jindrak's cock hard once again.

:Jindrak's cock starts to rise again, but it's no where near as hard as
before. "It's got to be harder than that Sable."

Sable moves her tongue against his shaft as she sucks away to add to her

Eventually, his cock returns to it's fullness, filling Sable's mouth
completely. "So what do you want now?"

Sable picks her head up slowly and smirks "Pick me up."

Jindrak picks up the blonde beauty easily. He holds her up with one arm and
uses his free hand to line his cock up with her pussy. Once it's in far
enough, her wraps his arms around her and lowers her down onto his rod.

Sable comes down on Jindrak's cock at a hard rate, Sable lets out a loud
moan. Sable instantly wraps her around his waist and her arms around his
neck. Jindrak starts to thrust his cock in Sable's pussy using long, deep,
slow thrusts at first.

Jindrak tries to hold her still when he thrusts into her, but Sable will
have none of it. She pushes harder on him each time he thrusts into her. He
manages to break her grip around his neck and leans her back slightly. Each
time he thrusts into her, her breasts move violently. Sable puts her hands
on his arms to make sure she doesn't fall.

Jindrak continues to pound away at Sable's pussy with hard and fast thrusts.
Jindrak carries Sable over to the couch, while he continues to fuck her and
lays her down. Jindrak now on top of Sable. The two are breathing heavily
and dripping of sweat.

Jindrak puts his hands on opposite sides of her head, and plows away at
Sable's pussy. Her legs are still wrapped around him and she pulls him in
deeper. Jindrak's faces is above Sable's and the sweat drops down from his
brow on to her lips.

Sable can no longer take it and moans out "Ohhhhh shit I'm cumming!!"
After that Sable release a load of cum on Jindrak's cock, making her pussy
extremely wet.

Sable's body shudders and it almost brings him to the point again. He pulls
out of her pussy and starts to stroke his cock fast and hard. He brings
himself to orgasm and shoots his load over her belly and some cum lands on
her tits.

Sable smiles and out of breath says "Hey....Mark..."

"Yes?" Jindrak lays on the floor next to her on his side.

" enough" Sable asks trying to catch her breath.

Jindrak gives her a cocky smirk. "Almost as perfect as I am."

Sable laughs placing her hands onto his sweaty chest, kissing his lips.

Next in the series..."SmackDown Lust 10: Shaniqua Returns With A Vengeance"

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