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Smackdown Lust Part 10: Shaniqua Returns With A Vengeance
by Dice and Kristi

World Wrestling Entertainment Vice President Jim Ross is backstage at
Smackdown in an office. He's reading his note on the younger talent, decided
which ones need to go down to OVW for further development. Suddenly there's
a knock at the door. JR looks up from his notes. "Come in."

The door opens and in walks Tough Enough 2, Linda Miles, other wise known
as Shaniqua to WWE fans. Shaniqua had last been seen as the manager of the
Basham Brothers before she was sent down to OVW. Shaniqua sat down in a
chair in front of JR's desk. Shaniqua seemed to be very polite "Hello Mr.

"Good day Shaniqua, please sit down." JR motions to a chair. Shaniqua sits.
"I'm going to be blunt with you. You are being sent back down to OVW for
further seasoning."

"What? Why...Jim Cornett told me it was time to come back to the main roster?
Why am I being sent back?" Shaniqua's toned deepened.

JR looks down at his notes. "There have been several complaints about how
you are in the ring, as well as backstage." JR looks up at her. "Frankly,
you have yet to develop into what we've hoped you would."

"I'm not going back! This is bullshit!"

JR gives her a stern look. "You have two choices, go back down to OVW or go
home. If you go home, I'll begin to process for your release."

Shaniqua rolls her eyes and rudely gets up from her chair and walks out
slamming the door. Shaniqua walks down the hallway in an angry state of

JR shakes his head. "Kids..." He flips through a few pages to see who is
next. "Mordecai... at least he has potential." Out in the corridors of the
arena, Scotty 2 Hotty is chatting with a one of the camera-men.

Shaniqua viciously shoves the camera-men out of her way, Scotty 2 Hotty
laughs a bit "What's so funny?!"

Scotty tries to turn serious. "I've heard that Doug and Danny begged JR for
you to be sent back down." Scotty breaks out laughing again and turns to walk

Shaniqua attacks Scotty from behind sending him down to the floor. She kicks
him in the side, where his rib cage is. Shaniqua lifts Scotty up over her
shoulder and walks down the hallway to the women's locker room.

Scotty wakes up slowly as Shaniqua tosses him inside. He holds his ribs.
"What's your problem." He tries to stand. Scotty feels the back of his head,
which has a lump on it. "God damn, you got a real ego problem."

"Shut up!" Shaniqua yells at Scotty. She starts looking through a drawer in
the women's locker room.

"You know something, you don't belong here," He says and starts to leave.

Shaniqua aggressively grabs Scotty by the back of the shirt, ripping his
shirt off. Shaniqua shove him down onto the floor and finds what she was
looking for, her whip she used to carrying to the ring with her. "Take off
your clothes. Now!"

"What's your problem." Scotty tries to stand but she puts a boot on his

"I said take off your clothes!" Shaniqua slaps Scotty in the side with her

"Jesus!" Scotty grips his side in pain.

Shaniqua practically lifts Scotty up off of his feet "Do what I say, or
you're in for a rough time!"

With her hands around his throat, Scotty undoes his pants, letting them fall
to the floor. He shakes off his boxers as well.

Shaniqua looks down admiring his decently sized 8 inch cock "Not
take my clothes off!" Shaniqua smacks Scotty's bare ass with her whip Scotty
carefully removes her leather top, and unzips it slowly first and sliding it
off. He goes to work on her leather shorts and does the same, letting them
fall to the floor. Now Shaniqua is left in her boots.

Shaniqua ultimated "It's good you obey my orders. It'll be much easier on
you. Lay down, now!"

Scotty lays on the floor slowly, he looks up at the dark Amazon, afraid
of what she might do.

Shaniqua then gets on the floor with Scotty and roughly mounts herself on
top of his cock. Shaniqua doesn't start off slow or gentle, but she instead
begins riding his cock rough and fast. Shaniqua bounces quickly on his cock,
coming down harder each time.

"Oh Fuck." As much as he would love to enjoy this, Scotty is in pain. The
force Shaniqua is using is hurting his cock and its surrounding area. He
puts his hands on her in an effort to slow her down.

Scotty's hands, however, don't hold Shaniqua back as she's much too strong
for him. Shaniqua rocks her hips back and forth, bouncing harder on his cock.
Shaniqua then starts to viciously grind her pussy against his cock.

Scotty's eyes starts to fill with tears. "Please... please stop." His pleas
fall on deaf ears as Shaniqua continues to savagely fuck the former Tag Team

Shaniqua doesn't stop as Scotty would have hoped, but instead increases speed
and force. "Ohhhh yesss Ahhh" Shaniqua moans. Shaniqua comes down sharply on
his cock, making Scotty's cock drive deep into her pussy.

Without warning, Scotty starts to cum in Shaniqua's pussy, and this causes
her to drop herself harder on his cock. With each shot of his juice, Scotty
start's to go limp, much to her displeasure.

Shaniqua off of his cock angry at him for not last long enough for her
pleasure "You fucker!" Shaniqua stands up and kicks Scotty in the back with
her boot. Shaniqua quickly gets dressed and picks up her whip "I better take
this with me.." Shaniqua walks to the door, leaving Scotty in pain.

* * *

Later in another part of the arena, Nunzio is talking with Dawn Marie. "C'mon
Dawn, just one date, that's all I'm asking."

Dawn smiles at him, "Maybe next week," and she walks off.

Nunzio calls after her, "That's what you said last week!"

* * *

Shaniqua walks down the same hallway Nunzio is in, except walking up behind
him. Shaniqua smirks evilly as she spots the leader of the Full Blooded
Italians. Shaniqua turns Nunzio around, so he's now facing her.

Not knowing it was Shaniqua who turned him around Nunzio takes a full swing
at her. She easily catches his fist, blocking the punch. Nunzio tries to pull
his fist away, but can't. "What do you want?"

Shaniqua doesn't reply and drags Nunzio into a storage closet nearby.
Shaniqua pushes him inside and walks inside to the storage closet herself.
She locks the door and blocks the door, leaving Nunzio no means of escape.

"W-What are you doing?" Nunzio decides not to try an anger her, seeing as
how she is incredibly strong. He backs up to the far end of the closet.

She walks closer to Nunzio "Are you going to do what I say?"

He tries to put up a front of pride, but it's easy to see Nunzio is
terrified. "W-Why should I?"

Shaniqua smiles and starts to smack her whip hard against her palm not
feeling any pain "Understand?"

Nunzio just nods. He pushes back against the wall, as if trying to push
through it and escaping.

Shaniqua steps closer to Nunzio, she raises her whip up, if she were about
to hit Nunzio with the whip "Are you going to do what I say or not?!"
Shaniqua asks aggressively.

Nunzio sees there is no escape, and there's no way he can dodge her whip in
the closet. He decides to give in to her. "Yes, I will do what you want."
The once fiery Italian looks down at the floor, ashamed.

Shaniqua laughs evilly and starts unzipping her leather top. Once she's
unzipping her top, she removes it from her chest and lets the top fall to
the floor, leaving Nunzio in shock. Shaniqua then starts unbuttoning her
leather shorts "Undress yourself!" Shaniqua orders to Nunzio.

Nunzio removes his T-shirt and wrestling trunks and stands naked in front
of her. Despite everything that's happening, Nunzio's cock is standing at
attention at a full 9". He looks at her and figures he might as well try
and enjoy this.

Shaniqua smacks her whip against Nunzio's bare chest, just to remind him
that she's the one in charge. Shaniqua slides of her leather shorts, leaving
her once again her black boots. Shaniqua gets down on the floor on her hands
and knees. Shaniqua glares back at Nunzio "Get down here and fuck me doggy
style, now!" Shaniqua clenches her whip in one hand in case she'd have to
use it again on Nunzio.

Nunzio kneels behind her and lines his cock up with her pussy. He pushes in
slowly and starts with a slow hard pace. He wraps his hands around her waist
and starts to pick up speed, which causes his balls to slap against her.

Even though Nunzio is following her orders, Shaniqua isn't pleased with
Nunzio's efforts and starts using her own force. She begins to rock her hips
back against Nunzio's waist, taking his cock hard and deeply in her pussy.
Shaniqua raises her whip up as she does so and smacks Nunzio's left hip
"Harder and rougher!"

Nunzio increases his efforts, slam fucking her from behind. He starts to
pull her back in sequence with his thrusts. He tries throwing all his weight
into fucking her, but Shaniqua is not satisfied.

Shaniqua slams her ass back against his waist, taking his cock roughly into
her pussy through, sending Nunzio in a bit of pain. Shaniqua looks back with
a glare "I said rougher!"

"You want it rough?" Nunzio pulls out of her pussy and slams his cock into
her ass, hoping this will please her. He starts fucking her ass harder than
he did her pussy. He continues to pull her back each time he pushes forward.
Nunzio moves one of his hands under her to her pussy and starts to rub her

Shaniqua is pleased somewhat with Nunzio's efforts, but not satisfied.
Shaniqua continues to do as did before and move her hips and ass back
against Nunzio's waist, taking his cock deeper it her ass. "Uhhhhh!"
Shaniqua grunts.

Nunzio starts to feel the pressure building in his balls and tries to hold
out. Shaniqua clenches her ass in order to torment Nunzio's cock, not knowing
he's close to cumming. Nunzio pulls out suddenly and jerks off his cock until
he starts shooting his load on her ebony ass. He sits against the wall spent,
as Shaniqua glares at him in anger.

Shaniqua is in rage that Nunzio would dare not to give her complete
satisfaction. Shaniqua picks up Nunzio off of his feet and kicks him in
the stomach. Nunzio bends down holding his stomach, she then shoves him
aggressively into the wall. Shaniqua puts her leather attire back on and
leaves along with her whip. Shaniqua walks down the hallway spots her
next prey, Shannon Moore.

Shannon Moore is not in the best of moods. "I can't fucking believe
this, I got to be El Gran Luchador..." Shannon punches a wall. He sees
Shaniqua looking at him and decides to see what she wants. "Hey, what's
up." He puts on a fake smile.

Shaniqua folds her arms glaring and doesn't reply, she just looks Shannon's
body up and down.

Shannon notice the dominating diva looking at his body, and decides to return
the favor. He takes her firm arms, her powerful legs, her leather covered
breasts. Shannon wonders if she's truly as powerful as she looks. He
continues to play the nice guy, "Guess your meeting with JR wasn't good."

Shaniqua grabs Shannon by the throat and amazingly lifts him up off the
ground "What? Do you think that's funny!?"

Shannon hangs onto her arm, amazed by her strength, but also gasping for air.
"You... looked... mad... about something." Shannon's feet dangle in the air.
"I figured that was it."

Shaniqua lets Shannon down "Yeah, I am mad, but I'm taking my frustration out
on you!" Before Shannon has the chance to reply Shaniqua lifts Shannon up
over her shoulder and carries him down the hallway to a vacant locker room.
Shaniqua kicks the door open and throws Shannon onto the couch, she then
locks the door.

Shannon sits up on the couch, but doesn't try to fight her to escape. He's
actually turned on by her actions as his cock starts to rise in his pants.
"Why me?" Shannon knows he shouldn't have asked that question, but thinks
that since he's going to be thrashed anyway, what the hell.

"Because.." Shaniqua laughs "Like the others, you're weak and pathetic!"
Shaniqua once again unbuttons her leather shorts and unzips her leather top.
However, this time she doesn't ask for the male to undress.

Shannon has an idea of what she wants to do and pulls off his tank-top.
Shannon smiles at her, as if saying I'm one step ahead of you. "What others?"

Shaniqua tosses her top and shorts to the floor and walks over to Shannon
with her whip in hand, prepared to use it. She thinks Shannon won't be one
to obey her. "Just Scotty and Nunzio" Shaniqua replies in a aggressive tone.

Shannon doesn't back down and looses the string on his tights, which fall
down to around his ankles. And standing between his legs is an a fat 11"
dick pointing right at her. "What did they do?"

"They were in my way, just like you!" Shaniqua gets down on her knees while
Shannon is on the couch, she looks up at him and takes his cock into her
hands "They paid for not giving me my needs, and if you don't you'll end up
just like them."

Shannon smiles, thinking if she wants to fuck him he'll let her. Shannon
places his hands on the back of the couch. A moan escapes his lips as
Shaniqua toys with his cock. "And what are your needs?"

"I want complete sexual satisfaction!" Shaniqua snaps back at Shannon before
she takes Shannon's cock into her warm mouth. Shaniqua, however, isn't gentle
with his cock and right away tightens her grip hard around his cock and
starts to quickly bob her head. Shaniqua starts to orally assault Shannon's
cock with her tongue as she bangs her tongue hard against the shaft of his
cock as she sucks at fast and intense rate.

Shannon groans as the ebony diva gives him the best head he's ever had.
He doesn't move his hands to try and make her go faster or to slow down.
Instead he puts them around his head. "But why are you satisfying me
sexually?" Shannon doesn't expect an answer, but leans back and enjoys
the ride.

Shaniqua picks her head up after giving orally assaulting Shannon's cock
"I'm testing you out, now fuck me!"

Shannon gets up from the couch, "First sit on the couch, If you want my to
satisfy you I have to make sure you can handle my cock." He doesn't back
down from his position thinking she has two choices, she could beat him or
she could let him try and please her.

Shaniqua reluctantly gets up and off of the floor "Fine..." Shaniqua and
Shannon switch places with Shaniqua on the couch and Shannon kneeling down
on the floor "...But if I'm not satisfied you'll pay!"

Shannon smiles at her and nods. "Deal." He kneels in front of her and
spreads her legs. He kisses the insides of her thighs before trailing his
tongue to her pussy. He slowly circles it around her clit before licking
up to her belly button. His kisses it softly then kisses his way back down
toward her pussy. He finally starts to eat her out, as he pushes his tongue
past her pussy lips, lapping slowly. He looks up at her face while continue
to eat her, to see her reactions.

Shaniqua bites her bottom lip trying to hold in moans, making it seem like
she's isn't to fond of Shannon's work. But in reality, Shaniqua was damn
impressed with the work of his tongue

Shannon smiles as he continues to work her clit. He then moves his head up,
dragging his tongue along her body. He circles around her nipples slowly the
up to her face. Once there he gets bold and decides to kiss her fully,
sliding his tongue into her mouth.

Shaniqua was extremely impressed with Shannon's work on her pussy with his
tongue and aggressively pulled Shannon on top of her as she laid back on the
couch. For once in her life, she wasn't the dominate person, Shannon was.
Shannon instantly knew what he had to do and with one rough thrust, he glided
his cock into Shaniqua's pussy.

Shannon starts with a hard fast savage pace, trying to fuck her through the
couch. He puts his hands on her shoulders for more leverage, pumping harder
into her. He shifts his pace suddenly to give her a different feel, his
thrust are longer and harder. "How am I doing Shaniqua?"

Shaniqua doesn't reply but her moans give Shannon his answer "Ohhhhhh uhhhh"
Shaniqua moans, she wraps her legs tightly around his waist and uses her
powerful leg to press down on Shannon's waist, making him drive his cock
deeper into her pussy.

Shannon smiles, knowing she's finally getting what she wants. Shannon speeds
back up and with her legs around him, he is now able to fuck her the way she
desires. On occasion he pushes as far as he can go and slowly drags his cock
out, then he slams it back in and resumes his earlier pace.

"Ohhhhh Ahhhh fuck!" Shaniqua moans as she's in a complete state of
animalistic-lust. Shaniqua begins sweating as does Shannon.

Shannon slows his pace down again, wanting to make sure she is completely
satisfied. He notes the animal like state she is in, and quickly picks back
up his force, not wanting to make her mad either. He's confused from where
to go from here. To make matters worse for him, he's feels he's about to cum.
He decides not to tell her.

Shaniqua starts grinding her pussy against Shannon's cock as he savagely
fucks her pussy at a current speed. Shaniqua without a warning starts cumming
on Shannon's cock "Uhhhhhhh fuck no!"

Shannon kisses her, "It's all right," He slows down to hold off from cumming.
"Shaniqua, I'm about to cum, where do you want it?"

Shaniqua snaps at Shannon "Keep fucking me!"

"Yes ma'am." Shannon Kneels on the couch and pulls her body up with him so
now she's is bent in a slight arch. He continues to pound her pussy, his
balls slapping against her hard.

"Uhhhhhh ahhhh!" Shaniqua moans is pure pleasure.

Shannon can't hold back anymore and pulls out of her. He straddles her body,
pinning her to the couch and strokes his cock quickly. "I'm sorry but I got
to cum." He starts to drop his load on her, the first blast landing on her
face, the rest of them landing on her breasts, coating them in his juice.
Once he's done, he kisses her lips again. After he breaks the kiss, he looks
down at the floor. "I'm sorry..."

Shaniqua licks Shannon's cum off of her chest and then gets off of the couch
and begins getting dressed "Shannon...that was great... But..."

Shannon prepares to be yelled at as he puts on his tights."But?"

"I came back for one reason and one reason only....revenge..." Shaniqua then
turns facing Shannon and raises her legs up kicking his dead on in the
forehead. Shannon falls back on the floor knocked out. She laughs and kicks
him again before she leaves the room.

Stay tuned, "SmackDown Lust" will return in a few weeks with Season 2

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