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Smackdown That Ass Part 1: Charlie's Reward
by Revolution

After another successful defense of the WWE Tag Team Titles, Miss Jackie had
a reward for Charlie Haas.

"Charlie, you've really started to come around and tomorrow afternoon, I'm
shooting pictures for my new website at Sable's house. Why don't you come and
watch as a reward for your new attitude?" Jackie propositioned.

"Uh yeah," Charlie said, like Jackie actually thought he'd pass up this

The next afternoon, Charlie arrived at Sable's house eager to check out these
two hot divas. He walked up to the door and found a note telling him to go
around back. Charlie walked around back to a big pool and patio where Miss
Jackie and Sable were laying out in some itty bitty bikinis. There were no
photographers around, though.

"Charlie! You came!" Jackie said, perking up from her chair.

"So where's the photographer?" He asked.

"We want YOU to take the pictures," she said.

"Me? Well I ... I'm sure I can handle that," he said.

Miss Jackie gave him the camera and then stood by the pool, encouraging him
to start shooting. She starting striking hot poses in her little silver thong
bikini. Charlie snapped away, taking tons of pictures of Miss Jackie.

"I see the way you look at me, Charlie, I know you want me," She said,
still posing. "I know you want this hot young hard body, Charlie. I see you
checking out my big luscious breasts and my tight young ass."

Before Charlie could say anything, Sable walked over in a tiny black g-string
bikini. "Jackie, you flirt, go sit down. Charlie, take some pictures of me,"
Sable said.

"I can do that," Charlie said, stumbling to say anything worthwhile. Sable
was really working it for the camera.

"What about me, Charlie? Do you want me? Do you like my long toned legs? MY
hard body? My big tits? My tight ass? Look at the way that little string goes
down my ass, you like that? Do you want me Charlie?" Sable pressed.

"Yes and yes and yes and OF COURSE to both of you! OF COURSE!" Charlie
exploded. Miss Jackie and Sable started giggling.

"This is your real reward Charlie. You can have us ... both of us!" Jackie

"And enough waiting, let's go up to the bedroom," Sable insisted. Charlie
followed those two tight asses up to Sable's bedroom. He could hardly keep
himself from cracking a big grin. Sable and Miss Jackie laid down on the big
bed in their little bikini's.

"Do with us what you want," Sable said. Charlie rolled Sable over onto her
stomach and grabbed her left bun.

"Yeah that is tight," he said. Miss Jackie undid his pants and spat on his
cock then rubbed it all around. Sable started sucking and licking it then
passed it over to Jackie, who did the same.

"Ohhh god," Charlie moaned as the two divas took turns sucking his cock. He
reached back and rubbed Sable's tight ass a little as she blew him.

"You like that ass, don't you Charlie?" Sable asked.

"God yes it's so nice," he replied.

"Then go ahead and dine on it," she said. Sable got down on her stomach and
pushed her ass up in the air. Charlie buried his face between her tight,
toned and tanned buns, licking her asshole.

"Ohhhhohhhh eat my ass, ohhhh god, lick it good" Sable moaned. SLAP! He
smacked that ass and went back to work. Miss Jackie helped undo Sable's black
g-string while Charlie licked Sable's amazing legs.

"God you have great legs Sable," he moaned. Miss Jackie licked Sable's
asshole slowly then started rimming it.

"Mmmm that is tasty," she remarked. Charlie got behind Miss Jackie and
caressed her butt, kissing her tanned cheeks. He pushed her string to the
side and started eating out her ass while Jackie buried her face in Sable's.
SMACK! SMACK! Charlie smacked that ass as he ate it out.

"Mmmm that's a tasty young ass," he moaned.

"Ooohhh shit that feels nice," Jackie moaned and went back to sticking her
tongue in Sable's ass.

"Yeeeah eat my tight ass," Sable cooed. Charlie's dick was throbbing from
tasting both of these babes assholes so he got up and moved over to Jackie's
mouth, sticking his hard cock inside.

"Yeeah suck it, suck it good you young slut," Charlie grunted. Sable came
over and the two went back to work on his dick. Jackie sucked it while Sable
took his nuts into her mouth.

"Lay down," Sable told him. Charlie laid down then Miss Jackie climbed on top
of him in a 69.

"Yeeah gimme that hot young ass," he said. Jackie started sucking his cock
while Sable started licking his asshole.

"Ohhh my god, ohh fuck, you're nasty!" he moaned feeling Sable's warm tongue
in his ass. Jackie stroked and sucked that dick for a bit then gave it up to
Sable. Sable took it deep then passed it back to Jackie. They traded deep
throating his cock and rubbing his balls.

"Choke on it Sable," Jackie said. Sable took it deep in her throat until she
gagged then passed it back to Jackie. Jackie stroked the shaft and sucked the
tip while Sable buried her face back in his ass.

"Ahhh ohh fucking shit!" Charlie moaned as Sable swirled her tongue around
his ass. He pushed Jackie off him and grabbed Sable. He threw her down on her
back on the bed then shoved his cock deep in her pussy.

"YOU FUCKING WHORE!" He shouted at her as he fucked her pussy.

"Yeeah that's it, fuck my pussy! Fuck it!" Sable yelled back as she wrapped
her legs around him. Jackie rubbed Sable's big tits and hard stomach. Sable
grabbed at Jackie's big tits and stuck her tongue out. Jackie leaned over
Sable's mouth so she could taste her big titties.

"Ohh those are nice," Sable said.

"How's that pussy, Charlie?" Jackie turned around and asked.

"It's some good fucking pussy! Some slutty pussy!" He said. Sable started
rubbing Miss Jackie's butt.

"God you're a hot young slut," Sable said, "Let me taste your young cunt."
Miss Jackie parked herself ontop of Sable's face. Sable licked her pussy
making Jackie moan.

"Ohhh god Sable, oh yes!" she screamed. Jackie started bouncing up and down,
quivering as Sable brought her to an orgasm. Jackie got off Sable's face as
Sable licked her lips and smiled. Jackie caught her breath then told Charlie
to fuck Sable in the ass. Charlie laid Sable down in a spoon position and
slowly worked his cock deep into Sable's tight ass. Miss Jackie was right
there, rubbing Sable's clit and watching the cock go deeper and deeper in
that perfect ass.

"You like that cock in your tight ass, Sable?" Jackie asked.

"Ooooohooohoohhh yeeah! YEAH! YEAH! FUCK MY FUCKING ASS! YEEEEAH!" Sable
moaned loudly as Charlie pumped his cock in and out of her ass. Jackie
started licking Sable's clit at the same time, adding to her sensation.

"Ohhh god this is some good fucking ass! Take it Sable! Take my cock in
your ass!" Charlie groaned. He flipped Sable over onto her knees and really
started pounding into that ass.

"UNNHHH FUCK YES! HARDER! SO HARD! SO DEEP!" Sable screamed as Charlie
jackhammered his cock in her ass. Jackie stuck her head underneath and went
at Sable's pussy some more. Sable could only take so much before she had to
stop the fucking.

"Now it's your turn, Miss Jackie, its time for you to take that big dick in
your hot young ass," Sable said.

"Mmmm I can't wait," Jackie said as she got on all fours. Sable spread
Jackie's cheeks as Charlie worked his cock deep in her ass.

"Oh my oh fuck oh god I LOVE IT! That feels so good! Yeeah fuck my ass!"
Jackie moaned.

"Yeah right in your hot young ass! God I've been waiting for this!" Charlie

"Yeah you fuck my ass hard!" Jackie responded. Sable caressed and rubbed
Miss Jackie's young ass a little bit then let go as Charlie mounted Jackie
and really drove his cock deep in that ass. Sable got behind and fingered
Jackie's cunt. Charlie hammered that tight ass, pulling at Jackie's hair a
little bit.


"Sable, stick your ass in her face," Charlie demanded. Sable laid down in
front of Miss Jackie and backed up her ass right to Jackie's face. Charlie
lifted Jackie's head by the hair and pushed her face into Sable's tight ass.

"Oh fuck does that look good!" He said as he looked down at Jackie's face
buried in Sable's ass.

"Goddamnit I'm gonna blow!" Charlie exclaimed.

Miss Jackie and Sable quickly got on their knees in front of him. He grunted
and groaned as he sprayed his load left to right onto Jackie and Sable's
tits. He covered both of their chest's with hot jizz. Sable and Jackie rubbed
their big tits together, spreading the cum all over them. Sable then moved
her head down and started sucking all of the cum off of Miss Jackie's big
breasts. She licked and sucked on those tits until they were clean. Jackie
then returned the favor by cleaning off Sable's big round tits with her
tongue. "Fuck you two are too hot," Charlie noted as he sat down.

"Now Charlie, if you're a good tag team partner, maybe you'll get more of a
reward in the future," Jackie said.

"I'll be good, I promise," Charlie said.

"I bet you will," Sable laughed.

Stay tuned for more tales from the Smackdown roster...

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