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Smarter Than You Think
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a RAW, a few hours before the start broadcast in the spring of
2005, Chris Jericho is walking around backstage, wearing black pants and his
latest Y2J t-shirt. The former Undisputed World Champion heads towards the
interviewing area where he's going to find out who's going to be interviewing
him later in the night, and when he arrives, Jericho folds his arms and waits
for one of RAW's interviewers to arrive. Jericho leans against the
interviewing set as he glances at his watch, "I gotta be stuck with Todd
again...." Jericho laughs as he talks to himself.

"Hey Chris..." The cute, adorable and ditzy RAW Interviewer and former Diva
Search Contestant, Maria, says as she walks up from behind Jericho with a
slight bounce as she walks, while dressed in a short black skirt and black

Chris Jericho stands up straight and he turns around to look at RAW's top
interviewer, "Hey Maria..." Jericho smiles as he puts his hands on his waist.
"What's up? Are you going to be interviewing me tonight?" Jericho asks.

Maria cutely scrunches her nose up and then nods her head "Yeah...I think
so..." Maria replies as she places her hands on her round, but slender hips.

Jericho raises an eyebrow slightly, "You think so?" Jericho chuckles a bit,
"How come you're not sure?" Jericho asks as Maria's unsure reply brings a
smile to his face.

Maria scrunches her nose up again "Well..." Maria sighs cutely "I wasn't
really paying attention...when they told me who I was interviewing

"Oh I see..." Jericho tries not to laugh, "Well I'm sure you're interviewing
me tonight... cause you're pretty smart..." Jericho says as pats Maria's
left arm with his left hand.

Maria shrugs her shoulders "You really think so?" Maria asks with a cute
smile as she casually looks at Jericho shyly.

Jericho nods his head as he smiles, "Yeah... you really do surprise a lot of
people..." Jericho says as he winks at Maria.

Maria cutely lowers her head as she blushes "Awww...Chris...that was really
nice..." Maria laughs a bit "Ummm...Chris...I have a question..." Maria asks
as she the adorable interviewer scrunches her nose up.

Jericho smiles at Maria as he folds his arms slightly over his t-shirt
covered chest, "All right Maria... what's your question?"

"Well...Chris...why do you call yourself...a sexy beast?" Maria asks as she
makes a cute face.

Chris Jericho laughs a bit after hearing Maria's question, "That's a very
good, smart question..." Jericho says as he unfolds his arms, "Anyway... the
answer is... cause I am a sexy beast..." Jericho says as he casually lifts
up the front of his t-shirt to show off his waist, "Just look... at this
gorgeous waist..." Jericho says with a bit of a smirk.

Maria smiles "Gee! That looks really hot!" Maria says with a slight squeak
in her voice as she looks at Chris Jericho's smooth, muscular and extremely
gorgeous waist "Can I touch it!?" Maria asks excitedly.

"Sure... go ahead..." Jericho says as he lifts his t-shirt up completely and
takes it off by pulling it over his head and dropping the t-shirt down on the

Maria smiles as looks at Jericho's impressive physique of his smooth and
muscular chest as well as his muscular abs and stomach. Maria steps forward
and gently places her soft hands against his smooth, muscular stomach "Gee feels nice..." Maria says with an adorable smile.

Jericho licks his lips a bit as he feels Maria's soft hands moves slightly
over his perfectly toned, solid stomach, "Mmmm... well you know Maria...
that's not the only part of me that feels nice..." Jericho says with a slight

Maria raises her eyebrow as she keeps her soft, gentle hands against Chris
Jericho's smooth and muscular stomach "Really?" Maria cutely asks "Like

"Well... there's something a little lower that feels a lot better..." Jericho
says as he reaches down while Maria still touches his smooth, stomach.
Jericho then casually unbuttons his black pants and starts to push them down
a bit.

Maria slowly steps back a bit and scrunches her nose up "Like what Chris?"

"Well like this..." Jericho says as he pushes his black pants down further
to reveal a pair of blue boxer shorts. The self described sexy beast also
pushes down the boxer shorts so that he's able to pull his nice, thick,
ten-inch long cock out from them.

Maria licks her lips as her adorable eyes widen instantly "Oh gee!" Maria
says with a cute laugh "That's a big one!"

Jericho smiles, "Yeah it is... why don't you go ahead and feel it..." Jericho
says as he pushes his boxer and jeans down all the way to his feet before
stepping out of them.

Maria smiles adorably "Can I?" Maria asks as she takes a step back towards

Jericho nods his head, "Yeah Maria... go right a head..." Jericho replies
with a smile as he puts his hands on his gorgeous waist.

Maria licks her lips "Oh boy!" She replies excitedly as she bends over
slightly while she stands and gently wraps her soft, delicate hands around
Jericho's shaft and begins to gently stroke his thick, long ten-inch cock
"Mmmm does feel nice."

Jericho slicks his lips slightly and lets out a moan, "Mmmm... it sure does
Maria... it sure does..." Jericho says as he looks down at Maria as she looks
up while she slowly strokes his hardening ten-inch long cock.

Maria smiles cutely as she moves her soft, gentle hands smoothly against his
hardened shaft "It really does feel nice Chris!" Maria says excitedly as she
moves her delicate hands against his shaft, gently stroking at a quicker

Jericho nods his head, "Mmm yup... I know I like how it feels..." Jericho
says as has he moves his left hand and uses it to push back Maria's soft
brown hair behind her left ear as he closes his eyes a bit. Maria slowly
lowers her head down as Jericho has his eyes closed, the cute and adorable
interviewer gently places the tip of her wet, soft tongue against the head
of Jericho's cock and begins to gently circle her tongue around the head
of his cock. Jericho opens his eyes a bit in surprise as he feels Maria's
soft, wet tongue circling against the tip of his thick shaft. "Ohh...
mmmm..." Jericho laughs slightly as he looks down at Maria, "How does it
taste Maria?" Jericho asks as he keeps his left hand on the side of Maria's
head, just above her left ear.

" tastes good Chris..." Marie replies cutely as she focuses back on
Jericho's cock and begins to gently tap her soft tongue against the head of
his cock, before she lowers her tongue down from the head of his cock and
begins to guide it down his long, hard shaft.

Jericho slides his right hand through his blond hair as he closes his eyes
again, "Mmmm... oh yea... I bet it really tastes good... cause you seem to
like it..." Jericho moans a bit as he enjoys the gentle feeling of Maria's
soft, wet tongue moving against his thick, fully hard cock. Maria moans
softly as she slowly guides her wet tongue back up his hard, thick shaft
as she leaves a trail of her warm, wet saliva behind.

"Ahhh... mmmmmm... yea..." Jericho moans a bit louder as he puts his right
hand on Maria's head as he drops his left hand down. He leans his head back
and closes his eyes as he feels some of Maria's warm saliva dripping down
the length of his shaft. Maria slowly lifts her head up to where the head
of Jericho's cock is, the cute interviewer opens her warm and wet mouth
before she lowers her head down on his cock, taking him into her soothing
mouth. Maria wraps her lips tightly around his shaft and begins to smoothly
bob her head on his hard, thick cock.

Jericho's mouth hangs open as Maria slowly bobs her head on his ten-inch
long cock, "Awww... ohh yea Maria..." Jericho moans the adorable ditzy
interviewer's name as she takes extra care in sucking on his stiff, shaft
while taking in a good amount of his dick past her soft lips. Maria moans
softly against Jericho's hard, thick cock that is inside of her warm and
wet mouth. Maria wraps her lips tighter around his shaft as she starts to
lower her head further down on his cock as she begins to gently lap her
soft, delicate tongue around his shaft.

"Ahhh... mmmm... boy Maria... you really... must like how it tastes..."
Jericho moans as uses both of his hands to push Maria's soft brown hair back
and he holds her hair above her head with his right hand. Jericho spreads
his legs apart so that his feet are roughly matched up with his shoulders
as Maria's tongue lightly pats against his cock when she turns her head
slightly. Maria gradually opens her mouth a bit wider as she lowers her head
completely down on Jericho's hard, thick cock and the hot, adorable RAW
Interviewer begins to deep throat Jericho's cock as she bobs her head swiftly
at a fast pace.

"Awww... mmmm... ohhh shit... fuck Maria... mmm..." Jericho moans get louder
as he reaches over with his left hand and places it on the wall of RAW
Interview set so he can keep his balance. "Uhhh... ohhh God damn... shit..."
Jericho groans as he licks his lips as he feels the head of his thick, hard
cock hit the back of Maria's mouth.

Maria slowly lifts her head up from Jericho's cock as her warm saliva drips
down his shaft. Maria smiles cutely "I know something that feels good."

Jericho licks his lips and smiles at Maria, "Oh really? What would that be
Maria?" Jericho asks as he lets go of Maria's soft brown hair so that it
falls down to the sides of her face.

Maria smiles and blushes a bit " banging me...duh!"

Jericho laughs a bit, "Yeah... you're right..." Jericho smiles, "You're
definitely smarter than anyone would think..." Jericho says as he steps
forward when Maria stands up straight. "I'll take off your skirt... you
take off your top..." Jericho smiles as he puts his hands on Maria's
waist before he begins to slide down her short black skirt.

Maria smiles cutely "Ok!" Maria says excitedly as she places her hands on
top of her black top and begins to remove the black top for her gorgeous,
stunning body to reveal her braless, firm and rounded tits. Maria tosses
her soft, wavy brown hair back as she sets her black top down.

Jericho stares at Maria's firm, round and slightly tanned tits for a long
moment before he bends down to pull Maria's short black skirt down completely
to her feet. When he's about to reach up for Maria's panties, he sees that
she's not wearing any, which brings a big smile to the former Undisputed
Champion's handsome face. Jericho kneels down completely on the floor in
front of the RAW Interview set and looks up at Maria, "Hey Maria... since I'm
down here... you mind joining me?"

Maria smiles cutely "Down on the floor?"

Jericho nods his head, "Yeah..." he replies as he raises his left hand and
flicks the tips of his fingers against Maria's cleanly shaved pussy for a
quick moment. Maria smiles as she lowers herself down on her knees on the
floor of the open area near the RAW interviewing set. Maria scrunches her
nose up cutely as she turns around with her cute, adorable ass face Jericho
as she leans over onto her hands.

Jericho licks his lips as he looks at Maria's cute, adorable ass as she's on
all fours in front of him. "Mmmm... mmmmm..." Jericho says as he closes the
distance between him self and RAW's top interviewer. Jericho places his left
hand on Maria's waist and uses his right hand to help guide his thick, hard
ten-inch long cock into Maria's warm, sweet and tight pussy. "Ahhhh..."
Jericho lets out a moan as he pushes his entire shaft into Maria's pussy
before he lays his right hand on Maria's waist.

"Ohhhh...mmmm ohhhh..." Maria moans softly as Jericho's hard, thick cock
enters her warm, tight pussy. Maria tilts her head back slightly and bites
down on her bottom lip as she gently pushes her hot, adorable body back
against his hard cock.

"Ohhh... mmmm... Maria..." Jericho moans as he starts to begin thrusting his
cock in and out of Maria's warm, tight pussy. Each one of Jericho's thrusts
are long and fairly sharp, but surprisingly gentle so that Maria can enjoy
each thrust he gives her.

Maria closes her eyes as her hot, adorable body rocks back and forth while
Jericho gently, but sharply slams his cock into her tight, warm pussy
"Ohhhh...mmm...ohhhh Chris..." Maria moans as she starts to push herself
back against his cock at a harder pace.

Jericho licks his lips and he starts to drive his cock in and out of Maria's
pussy with quicker thrusts. "Uhhh... ohhh... yeah... mmmm..." Jericho moans
as he helps Maria move back against hip by pulling her backwards. As Jericho
increases the pace of his thrusts, his ballsack starts smacking harder and
quicker against the inside of Maria's soft thighs.

Maria gently grits her teeth together as she eases her petite, hot body back
against Jericho's cock as he feels him ramming deeply into her tight pussy
"Ohhhh...mmm...ohhh do feel good." Maria cutely moans as she
round, cute ass slams back against Jericho's smooth, muscular and gorgeous

Jericho slides his hands over Maria's slightly round, slender waist as
pumps his cock harder in and out of Maria's warm, tight pussy, "So... do
you Maria..." Jericho groans as he leans forward and wraps his arms around
Maria's body. The self described Sexy Beast proceeds to roll onto his back,
pulling Maria with him so that she's on top of him, but with her back towards
him Maria licks her lips as she closes her eyes and places her hands back
against Jericho's smooth, muscular chest, while she tilts her head back.
Maria releases a cute groan before she begins to gently rocks her stunning,
gorgeous and slightly sweating body against Jericho's cock as she's on top
of him. "Ahh... mmmm... ohh yea Maria..." Jericho moans as he keeps his hands
on Maria's waist. He arches his legs slightly and starts thrusting his cock
up into Maria's warm, sweet pussy as she leans back against him.

Maria grits her teeth gently as she begins to smooth bounce as well as rock
back on his hard, thick cock that is deep inside of her warm pussy "Ohhhh...
mmmm Chris" Maria moans as she gently slams down on his hard cock.

Jericho closes his eyes slightly as he continues to thrust his fat ten-inch
cock up into Maria's warm, tight pussy as she gently bounces on his shaft.
"Uhhh... yeah Maria... that's it..." Jericho groans as he feels Maria's cute,
adorable ass hit down against his waist.

Maria tilts her head back as she slams down a bit harder on his cock and
then smoothly rocks against his cock, grinding her pussy against his cock
"Ohhhh...mmmm Chris..." Maria groans before she starts to cum.

Jericho grits his teeth slightly as Maria slows down and gently grinds her
warm, wet pussy against his cock as she cums fairly hard. "Ahhhh... ohhh yea
Maria..." Jericho groans as he gives the adorable, ditzy RAW Interview a
sharp upward thrust, just before he starts to cum, filling her sweet pussy
with his warm, sticky cum.

Maria closes her eyes as she breaths heavily while still on top of Jericho,
feeling his warm, sticky cum flood her hot, wet pussy "Ohhhh...Chris..."
Maria moans as her tanned, gorgeous body drips of sweat.

Jericho rests underneath Maria as sweat slides down his smooth muscular body,
"Ahh...mmmm... Maria... that felt really good..." Jericho says as he slides
his hands off of Maria's sweat covered waist.

Maria scrunches her nose up cutely and smiles " felt really good!"

Jericho licks his lips, "Mmmmm... so... just to make sure... are you
interviewing me tonight?"

Maria looks over her shoulder at Jericho and gets a confused look on her face
"I don't know...I wasn't paying attention...remember I told you..."

"Well... we could go find out..." Jericho smirks a bit.

"Ok!" Maria smiles excitedly "But...first I think we need to clean up a bit."

"Yeah... that's a really good idea..." Jericho smiles, "Boy you're really
smarter than I thought..."


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