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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Heidi Lovelace(SHIMMER, SHINE Wrestling), Ashley Remington(CHIKARA, Dalton Castle in indies)

Smooth Sailing For Heidi
An indies erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

December 6th, 2014. At the legendary wrestling venue formerly known as the ECW Arena, now the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the latest Internet-Pay Per View offering "Tomorrow Never Dies" from the family friendly, heavily lucha libre and comic book influenced independent wrestling promotion CHIKARA is in full swing.

Currently backstage with a huge smile on her gorgeous face is the woman who has made history in becoming the first female to capture the prestigious CHIKARA Young Lions Cup - Heidi Lovelace. She is still clad in the ring attire she wore on the event's online pre-show where she won the cup. Unique purple with red design bottoms that cover the whole leg on one side and just to the upper thigh on the other, and a short no sleeve top which all nicely shows off the athletic and nicely curved frame of the rising indy scene starlet with short dark hair.

As she smiles and heads along backstage with her prized Cup after several congratulations from the rest of the technicos, she sees a different sort of sight that stops her and makes her smirk. Not another masked competitor giving her kudos, but a handsome and nicely muscular man clad in his wrestling gear from the show but carrying a generously filled fruit basket. None other than another star who has risen in the ranks in 2014, "Smooth Sailing" Ashley Remington. He has on a familiar captain's hat on his head to go with the jacket, and has a big smile on his face as he approaches her.

"Congratulations Heidi on that fantastic victory!" Ashley says in an as to be expected friendly tone. "We all knew you could teach that Colony Xtreme Force a lesson and win the cup, and you proved us all well and truly right. So, in celebration, from one winner of a match tonight to another..." He holds out the fruit basket, a trademark of his, towards her. "I'd humbly like to offer you a token of appreciation in the form of this personally crafted fruit basket!"

"This place never stops surprising me..." Heidi laughs with a smile. "And that's nice and all, but I've got my hands just a little bit full at the moment..." She holds up the Young Lions Cup with a smirk.

"Of course, how silly of me... Perhaps I can drop this off at your locker room? Perhaps your hotel room?" He offers.

"Well, the locker room they gave me isn't too far off... You could maybe just walk with me and we'll get there?" Lovelace says with a shrug.

"That would be my pleasure!" Remington says with a smile. "I would never turn down such a request from a talented lady like yourself."

"Oh really?" Her interest is perked by that comment, as she takes a moment to give the desirable stud a look over with an approving smirk. "Well that does give me an idea... But it ain't exactly one that fits in with the whole family friendly deal that CHIKARA does..."

"That sounds like something that could get us both into a whole lot of trouble if the Director of Fun found out about it." Ashley says with a chuckle.

"Oh it damn will..." She says, slicking her lips slightly. "You won a match tonight, and so have I... So how about you and do a little bit of "celebrating" over at the locker room they gave me?" She suggests with a noticeably flirty tone.

"Celebrating is something that I love to do Heidi... And it will be my pleasure to celebrate with you." He says with another warm smile.

"Believe me Ashley... Pleasure will be the key word..." She says with a grin of her own. "Follow me..."

* * *

Minutes later in the separate changing room assigned for her due to being the only female on the show, the newly crowned Young Lions Champion is grinning as she sits back on a folding chair, watching as the handsome Ashley Remington pulls her wrestling shorts down her legs, revealing her neatly trimmed snatch. "This is going to taste a whole lot better than a fruit basket Ashley..." Heidi says with a lick of her teeth as he puts her shorts aside, allowing her to spread her legs invitingly wide for him.

"As lovely as my baskets are, I think you're correct on that one Heidi." The handsome wrestler responds as he kneels down in front of her, moving his arms underneath her legs to grip them from underneath, allowing him to scoot in close and start to lap his tongue up against her snatch, instantly making her groan with approval at the flicking touch.

"Mmmm... Absolutely correct. Very tasty indeed..." He smiles up at her before diving back in as he works his tongue up and down her folds, still clothed in his wrestling attire, jacket, and with his trademark hat on his head as he gets down to business, eating the gorgeous female wrestler's pussy out, patting his tongue against her entrance as he uses brief up and down motion to work her over.

"Mmmmm... Yeah, stick that tongue in there... Get a good taste of me... Ahhhhh..." The SHIMMER and SHINE Wrestling starlet moans her approval as she reaches back with one hand to grip the chair she's sitting on, allowing her to keep her snatch pushed right forward so the hunk between her spread wide legs can keep on sliding his hungry tongue over her pussy.

"Mmmm... Oh yeah! Like that Ashley... Mmmm!! Lick me good baby..." She nods her head approvingly, her hips slightly rocking up towards his handsome face when he pushes his tongue into that already getting wet box, making the semi-clothed female wrestler moan as he shows he's got some oral talents from the way he's treating her to some fine eating out as he slides in further in between her folds.

"Mmmm... Mmmmpphh!! Mmmm..." The CHIKARA wrestler who's taken the promotion by storm in 2014 groans himself into that tight feeling and very tasty pussy, his mouth in close as he lashes his tongue against her twat with quick in and out motions, his hands keeping a firm grip of her tanned legs as he munches away onto her pussy.

"Mmmm!! Mmmm... Mmmmmph..." Closing his eyes to further focus on the task at hand, Remington starts slightly nodding his head as she slides his tongue up to the top of her nicely wet pussy before moving downward, briefly pushing his tongue into her snatch before moving back up and repeating the motion, smiling to himself a little as he hears her clear moans of approval of his work.

"Mmmmm Fuck!! Oh yeah... Fucking eat that pussy baby..." The Edwardsburg, Michigan-born beauty groans as she grits her teeth, her free hand going to the top of her hat-covered head, pushing his face right up into her crotch to make his tongue be planted into her damp pussy, causing her to moan again as she gazes lustfully down at the stud now pressed right between her legs.

"Mmmmm!! Oh yeah, tongue me good Ashley... Get me really fucking wet!" She orders with a smile, but he's clearly got no intentions of stopping as the grappler known elsewhere as Dalton Castle keeps on eating her out, sliding and probing his tongue all around her tight hole, doing more than enough work to in turn keep her moaning out with quite un-family friendly language compared to what they company they both work for is known for.

"Mmmmphh!! Mmmm... Mmmmmph..." Ashley moans into her pussy, a sizeable bulge now formed in his wrestling tights as the hunk who was victorious in the unique "German Suplex Match" in the opening contest of the day's show eats out the hot, tasty, and noticeably damp pussy of the stunner who made history as the first woman to win the CHIKARA Young Lions Cup.

"Mmmmm... Mmmm! Mmmmmph..." Switching things up, he begins to dart his clearly talented tongue in and out of her love tunnel with short and sharp motions, getting an instant response as she moans out, letting go of his head as he runs her hand through her sexy short hair, and letting himself smile again he continues the tongue-fucking action for several more moments as he tastes her forming fluids.

"Mmmmm!! Forget Smooth Sailing... This was just a smooth way... Ahhhhh... To get into my pants, wasn't it?" Heidi moans as she looks down at him with a grin as he lifts his face away from her snatch.

"As I recall Heidi, this was your suggestion..." Ashley reminds her with a smile of his own as he stands up, taking off his jacket to place it aside. "And I never refuse a request from a lovely woman such as..." He's about to finish his sentence, but is cut off when she moves off the chair, dropping down to her knees in front of him as taking a hold of his wrestling attire in order to pull them down.

"Fucking nice!!" Lovelace exclaims with wide eyes and a just as wide smile as his freed, rock hard, and impressively lengthy cock is now pointing right as her face. "Guess it makes sense, the guy with the yacht has a big flagpole..." She jokes as she grips his length, giving him a couple of pumps to size him up.

"I'm never one to boast, but I'm glad you approve..." Remington says with a sigh of pleasure as the babe he'd just been eating out is now stroking his dick as she kneels in front of him. "Can I offer you my jacket to kneel on? It can't feel too good to be on bare knees down there..."

"Naw... I'm a tough girl... Just ask the loser I beat earlier on..." She smirks up at him before leaning her head in, now returning the favour of the tongue work she'd received by dishing out some of her own, sliding her soft tongue across the head of his member, using her hand to jerk him off at the same time while she pleasures the crown of his sizable and thick to match cock.

"Mmmm... Fuck... I'm gonna have some real fun with this piece of meat..." She thinks aloud as she moves her head downward to his ballsack, giving a quick kiss to the base before she runs her tongue up along the side and again circles around the head, gazing up desire at the handsome fellow indy scene worker as she uses this steady swirling motion to dab her saliva onto the tip and crown of his length.

"Mmmmm... It feels like a whole lot of fun from where I'm standing as well..." The muscular and flamboyant grappler compliments with a smile and a moan as he watches the talented and attractive female wrestler in front of him playfully smack the bellend of his tool against her tongue a couple of times while she strokes away at the shaft.

"Oh my... Ahhhhh... That's... That's some skill of your own you've got there..." He adds with a chuckle and a moan of delight as she now opens her mouth and takes him inside, still gripping and jerking off the lower portion as she now begins to bob her head on the upper half of his manhood, her tongue pushed out to brush against his underside as she sucks him off in a sign that this is certainly far from her first time handling a cock like this.

"Mmmmmph!! Mmmmm... Mmmmm..." The tough and talented beauty groans around the dick in her mouth as she energetically sucks him off, keeping her palm moving with a smooth back and forth motion while her lips perform the same action to work over the top half of him, the double teaming of his man meat more than enough to make him groan as she slurps on his shaft.

"Mmmm!! Mmmmmph... Mmmm..." She keeps her head bobbing away onto his member, gradually going down further to take more of his impressive size in as she flicks her tongue out against the underside, finding herself groaning again as the bottomless stunner sucks off the almost naked apart from his hat hunk she's on her knees in front of. Lifting her head off for a moment, she smirks up at him before spitting down onto his cock, using her hand to stroke the saliva over his inches before she leaned her head back downward and resumed the task of blowing him.

"Ahhhhh! Mmmm... Don't take this the wrong way Heidi... But I can clearly see that it's not just in the ring... Ahhhh... Where you can handle yourself against the men..." The desirable hunk nicknamed "Smooth Sailing" states, noting her far from amateur oral ability as she briskly rocks her short, dark haired head along his pole and at the same time keeping her hand pumping away over those nicely thick inches she hasn't yet taking into her warm and wet mouth.

"Mmmm!! And here was I thinking... Mmmmm... I was a winner enough showing everyone my German Suplex was the better..." He's able to say between moans as he more than enjoys the blowjob he's getting from the newly crowned Young Lions Cup holder as she all too eagerly and shamelessly bobs her mouth up and down onto his dick, getting him nice and coated with her saliva, and all the while gazing up at the muscular hunk she's sucking deeply.

Moving her hand away from his shaft, Lovelace surprises him again by pushing her head right down onto his cock, making herself gag erotically as she takes him in deep but keeps her lips firmly pressed around that member, proving him right again as she shows off further talent with some deep throat action.

"GAAAAAAAAHHHH!! MMMMPHH... Uhhhhllllkkkk!!" She lustfully moans around the big dick she's taking down into her throat, gagging again but refusing to pull away as she continues to stare sensually up at the stud she's pleasuring with her oral hole, who is turn is looking on in delight and awe as she keeps her pretty face impaled onto his cock for several more gagging moments.

"Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmm... Mmmmmmph..." The beauty known for having great success in matches against male opponents as well as female finally relents, lifting her head up from his crotch but goes right back into a cock sucking motion, ensuring his dick is covered with her saliva to match how wet her snatch is both from his earlier tongue work and how obviously turned on she's been by dishing out a smoking hot BJ to him.

"Mmmm!! Goodness me Heidi... You are certainly full of surprises..." Ashley states with a smile and a moan as she lifts her head away from his cock with a deep gasp for air.

"What, you saying you didn't think I'd be a good fuck?" Heidi playfully teases with a smirk, getting up from the floor and reaching to remove her top, unveiling her nicely sized and rounded breasts as she tosses the garment away, leaving her in her wrestling boots.

"Well I knew all the good people in the locker room and all the great fans were rooting for you to win the Cup, and you did... Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised at what you are good at!" Remington says with a handsome laugh, not resisting as she takes control of things and takes him by the arm, leading him over to the folding chair and making him sit down on it.

"Oh, I'm better than good at this... Just watch me..." Lovelace states with a sexy lick of the teeth as she mounts him, aiding by him guiding his shaft up into her wet snatch as both of them moan as she lowers herself right down onto the dick she'd just been sucking on.

"Mmmm!!Oh I most certainly will be watching... Ahhhhh..." The Albany, New York-born stud groans as he places his hands onto her toned and tanned waist while she takes a hold of his shoulders, wasting no time in getting to work as she starts to bounce her athletic and nicely curved body up and down onto his cock, making them once again both moan out as she takes his dick up into her snatch.

"Mmmmm!! Oh yes... Ahhhh... I've got the best seat in the house to watch this..." He states with another signature handsome smile, groaning in joy at the feeling of his shaft being taken deep into the tight and wet snatch of the first woman to hold the CHIKARA Young Lions Cup as she smoothly and sharply bounces on his manhood and making it look like an all too natural occurrence for her.

"Mmmm!! You're too fucking right this is... Ahhhhh!! The best fucking place to be..." The former OVW Women's Champion moans out as she steadily raises and lowers her body onto the thick and long cock of the charismatic wrestler she's on top off, using language very unsuitable for the family friendly promotion they both compete in.

"Ahhhhh fuck!! Mmmmm!! You like that Ashley?? You like... Uhhhh!! Being in the Young Lions Cup champ??" She lustfully asks, knowing full well that here backstage in what is essentially "her" locker room there's nothing to stop this rather shameless sexual encounter as the two fan favorites moan out as she bounces her gorgeous body and rocks against the similarly desirable frame of the stud she's mounted on.

"Mmmmm!! Safe to say Heidi that you're a winner again... Ahhhhh!! When it comes to the answer to that question..." The attractive to say the very least man known for his sportsmanlike behavior smiles and nods as he groans, his hands moving up to her perky tits in order to give them a squeeze, and seeing her approving response as she moans only encourages him to further cup her boobs while she steadily and quickly bounces all the way up and down onto his dick.

"Mmmmm!! Ahhhhh!! You feel magnificent... It's truly wonderful..." He marvels with another long groan of pleasure from the sensation of his manhood being taken almost completely into her wet and snug twat, her nicely rounded ass cheeks slapping into his thighs each time she drops down before she soon lifts herself upward, skillfully keeping the crown inside her snatch before repeating the motion over and over again.

"MMMM!! Oh yeah Ashley!! Mmmmm!! Shit!! You feel so good inside me..." The star of all-female wrestling promotions such as SHIMMER and SHINE Wrestling grits her teeth as she looks down her body, reaching down as she lifts herself up, gripping his dick so she can teasingly smack the crown of his tool against her pussy for a moment, making them both groan with delight from the motion. It's not too long before she slides him back in and resumes the pleasurable task of riding him with the sort of skill that shows this is far from the first time she's rode a big cock before.

"Ahhhhhh... Mmmmmm... Forget about Wrestling Is Fun... MMMM... I've got all the fun I need right here!" She grins with a moan, referencing the "sister" company to CHIKARA where she's racked up several major wins leading up to tonight, but for now her focus is on giving this steamy encounter everything she's got as she bounces again and again to take the dick of the man known as Smooth Sailing right up into her wet and still tight pussy with another series of sharp bounces.

"Mmmmm!! This certainly... Wouldn't be allowed to be seen away from closed doors... Ahhhhh..." The flamboyant grappler jokes with a smile a groan as he grips her waist again, unable to help himself as he gives the beauty mounted on top of him a couple of thrusts up into her snatch as she lowers herself down, resulting in not only them both moaning at the increased sensations but a louder smack of skin hitting skin sounding out around the locker room.

"MMMM... Ahhhhh... Simply marvelous Heidi... Ahhhhh!! You're one of a kind..." He again is still able to compliment and be humble even as he's getting the ride of his life courtesy of the talented and attractive female wrestler who continues to expertly bounce away on his dick, leaving it nicely coated with her juices thanks to the smooth and repeated motion she's been using on him that's worked perfectly to make her moan out shamelessly as well.

Licking her lips, she comes to a stop on his cock, grinding down into his crotch for a moment. "You just saying that because... Ahhhhh... I'm the one with your big fucking cock deep in me?" Lovelace teases but before he can respond she moves up and off of him in order to stand up. "How about you show me how you treat those ladies you're always showing up with to the ring?"

"I treat my Angels like a true gentleman should, and I'll gladly do the same for you." Remington says with a smile, standing up from the chair as he gives his cock a light stroke.

"You'd better! Or I'll be asking the Director of Fun to put me against you in a match on the next show!" Heidi warns in a playful tone, getting into position so she can bend over forwards, placing her hands on the folding chair as she sticks out her nicely rounded backside towards him.

"Well, we can't be having that now, can we?" Ashley responds with another smile, moving up behind her and guiding his length into that still tight and now very wet pussy.

"MMMM!! No... No we fucking can't!!" She moans as she looks back over her shoulder, licking her lips as she feels his cock sliding all the way into her box to fill her up, and showing how eager she is for some more action she already starts to push back into him even before he starts pumping. That doesn't take too long to get going however as he begins to rock his hips, moving his meaty stick in and out of her folds without ever fully pulling out of her, allowing him to quickly repeat the motion so the sound of skin hitting off of tanned skin is soon once again ringing out around her locker room.

"MMMM!! Oh shit!! Ahhhh!! Yes!! Like that Ashley!! MMMM..." The first woman to hold the AAW Heritage Championship groans her approval of his stiff thrusting pace, keeping her lusty gaze locked onto him and his muscular frame as he takes her from behind, proving he's more than got sexual ability of his own as the rising indy scene star bangs her deep in her wet, snug pussy.

"AHHHH... Mmmmm!! I don't like to brag... MMMM... But I must be the luckiest man on the planet right now..." He groans with a smile, his signature captain's hat still on his head as sweat drips from his handsome facial features, he pumps going in balls deep into the gorgeous female wrestler bent over in front of him as she steadily pumps his thick rod back and forth into her slick twat, his hands still firmly holding her by the waist to keep his motion straight and steady for the perfect swift pace to nail her with.

"MMMM... Ahhhhhh!! Oooooooh crap... MMMM!! So damn good..." He grunts as he drives his cock right forward into the pussy of the first woman to have won a title in CHIKARA, while said talented and attractive to say the least female sharply pushes herself back to meet each and every incoming pump she gets, ensuring that he goes in balls deep every time and she gets filled up to the max.

"AHHHH!! MMMM!! FUCK!! Oh yes!! MMMM!! Don't stop Ashley!! Don't fucking stop!!" Similarly sweating now, making her athletic and nicely curved body look even hotter than before, and caught up in the lust of the moment, the member of Daffney's All Star Squad in SHINE Wrestling moans out deeply as she closes her eyes, still roughly rocking herself back and forth against those stiff and deep thrusts driving into her soaking wet now snatch.

"OOOOOOOOOH SHIIIIIT... Mmmm!! AHHHHH... Oh FUCK!! Mmmmm..." Lovelace groans out as her full and rounded booty smacks against the muscular waist of the stud banging her in this bent over forward position, loving the feeling of being stuffed full and taken by someone who obviously knows what they're doing, and that just means more pleasure for both of the wrestlers who were victorious in their respective matches earlier in the day.

"AHHHH... Mmmmm!! They always say good deeds are never unrewarded... MMMM!! But I never thought... AWWWWW MMMMM... It could lead to something like this..." Just like his nickname suggests, he's using perfectly smooth as well as swift and deep thrusts to deliver his cock fully into the horny stunner in front of him while she sharply pushes backward into his now sweat-covered body as the sound of skin meeting skin continues to ring out around the locker room they've been fucking in.

"MMMM... Ahhhhh goodness me!! MMMM... Oh Heidi!! You're... AHHHH!! You're incredible!!" He moans with a smile, feeling his cock starting to throb slightly within her dripping wet but still pleasurably tight pussy, and knowing it'd be too rude of him to simply pull out now he continues to thrust away to go in balls deep, much to the moaning delight of the recipient of these stiff pumps in front of him.

"OH FUCK!! OH FUUUUUUCK!! MMMMM!! AHHHHHH OOOOOOOOHHH MMMMM!!" Letting out a long and deep groan, Heidi Lovelace starts to cum hard on the pistoning cock of Ashley Remington, moaning with a grin as her juices flow out and further coat the dick that's already been more than simply coated from how wet her box had been already.

"MMMM... AHHHHH... Oooooooh... Mmmmm!!" She continues to groan as she keeps pushing herself back against the stiff pumps that continue to drive deep into her snatch, as unsurprisingly he makes sure to aid her in living out every possible moment of her sexual peak as she groans and sweats in this bent over position.

After a few more pumps and as her groans lower in volume, the stud behind her finally has to pull out of her snatch with a groan, taking a hold of his throbbing tool in his hand and starting to stroke. Impressively considering she's just hit a powerful orgasm, she quickly turns around and gets down to her knees in front of him, grinning up as she tilts her head back and opens her mouth wide, sticking out her tongue for good measure and offering up a clear, sexy target.

"MMMM!! AHHHH... AHHHHH... What a way... MMMMM... To finish off a great day..." Ashley Remington moans as he starts to cum, sending his load out into the open mouth of Heidi Lovelace as he fills her oral hold up with his thick jizz, blast after blast of his sticky seed splashing down onto her tongue and into her mouth as he strokes himself off rapidly. After several pumps for good measure and a couple of flicks to ensure the last drops are sent into her almost overflowing with spunk mouth, he finally sighs and lets go of his spent tool. This allows her to close her lips, giving him a sexy smirk as she swallows down his entire load with one shameless gulp, even sticking out her tongue afterwards to prove she drank it all down.

"Yeah... Pretty sure that tasted better than the whole fruit basket you gave me." Heidi says with a grin as she stays down for a moment.

"I wouldn't complain about that at all." Ashley responds with a smile of his own. "That was simply fantastic Heidi!"

"Hey, you weren't so bad yourself Ashley..." She replies as she stands up and looks over her sweat covered body. "Considering you made me work more than I had to earlier when I won the Cup... But tell me something... Is it really true that you have a yacht parked up somewhere near ready to sail?"

"Of course! I am Smooth Sailing after all." Remington states with a chuckle.

"Good..." Lovelace says, licking her lips. "Because forget about being in a mile high club... I feel like being in taken at sea club... And I mean sooner rather than later..."

"In that case, I think that perhaps you and I should set sail right away..." Ashley says with another handsome smile.

* * *

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