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Snap-shooting The Dirty Diva
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a WWE SmackDown television taping, RAW's self-proclaimed most
dominant A-List Diva, Melina, is looking at herself in the make-up mirror as
she waits impatiently for the WWE's make-up lady Janet to arrive to prepare
Melina for being on SmackDown tonight. Melina stamps her foot a bit as she
looks around, "Where the hell is that fat bitch? Doesn't she know how
important I am!" Melina shouts as she folds her arms over her chest, "God
now I remember why I left this dump!" Melina says loudly to make sure
everyone within an earshot can hear her.

Standing a short distance away from the dominant A-List RAW Diva, Melina, is
the 2005 Diva Search Winner and the newest Playboy Covergirl, SmackDown's
Dirty Diva Ashley Massaro. Ashley raises an eyebrow as she glances over at
Melina and shakes her head "Boy someone sure has an attitude problem..."
Ashley says loud enough for the bitchy A- List Diva to hear, as the Dirty
Diva is dressed in a black and light blue plaid short shirt and a
tight-fitting black top with a black baseball toward backwards on her soft
blond-black streaked haired head.

Melina's head snaps towards Ashley and she grits her teeth, "What the hell
did you just say?!" Melina shouts as she arrogantly walks towards the 2005
Diva Search Winner, "You better watch your mouth!"

Ashley presses her lips together as she turns to face Melina and firmly locks
her eyes with Melina "What did I say?" Ashley says with a laugh as she stands
face to face with the dominant RAW Diva. Ashley raises her right hand up and
places her hand on her black baseball cap before she tosses the baseball cap
off of her head and places her hands on her smooth, rounded hips "I said...
someone sure has an attitude problem!" Ashley says in a firm tone as the
Dirty Diva does not back down from RAW's A-List Diva, Melina.

Melina narrows her eyes as she glares at the SmackDown Diva, "Bitch... I
don't got an attitude problem... cheap hookers like you do... I'm an A-List
star, I deserve to be respected... what have you ever done?" Melina snaps
as she puts her hands on her hips. "Oh wait I know... you won some fake
contest... and hooked up with some losers..."

Ashley laughs as she looks at Melina with a raised eyebrow "Yeah...umm ok..."
Ashley says as she rolls her eyes "Melina...I don't think being with the Tag
Team Champs...qualifies me as a loser...oh wait, what are Johnny and Joey up
to again?" Ashley asks before she slowly nods her head "Oh right...they both
lost their chance to be on WrestleMania...didn't they?" Ashley says with
laugh as she smirks at Melina.

Melina grits her teeth, "You better shut up!" Melina snaps, "They are major
players... Nitro has main evented RAW... and Joey would be in better shape if
that idiot cry-baby Matt Hardy didn't intentionally try to rip his face off!"
Melina then smirks, "Oh wait... you used to be with that pathetic loser..."

Ashley presses her lips together and nods her head slowly as she folds her
arms against her chest "Yeah...I was...and he isn't a pathetic loser

"Oh he's not a loser?" Melina smirks, "His first skank left him high and dry
and then he lost his job and cried about all over the place just to come
back... and what has he done since then? Nothing... he hasn't even won any
gold... unlike my Johnny... who's been a star since day one..." Melina says.

Ashley slightly narrows her eyes at Melina "You know what Melina...everyone
knows why Johnny Nitro is a big star...and it doesn't involve his ability...
it involves you on your knees!" Ashley says with laugh as she insults the RAW
A-List Diva.

"You... you bitch!" Melina grits her teeth after hearing the vicious insult
from the latest WWE Diva to grace the cover of Playboy. "You are nothing!
That's why you're on SmackDown instead of the A-Show, RAW!" Melina says
before she tries to slap Ashley across her face, but Ashley moves out of the
way and Melina ends up spinning down to the ground.

Ashley laughs at Melina as she bends down to pick up her baseball cap
"Yeah...yeah...see you later Melina..." Ashley says as she starts to walk
away from Melina as she sits on the floor of the make-up area after her
stumble. Ashley pauses and glances over her shoulder "Oh...and you're the
bitch!" Ashley says before she walks out of Melina's sight.

Melina grits her teeth, "You're going to pay for this you... BITCH!" Melina
then hits the floor with both of her hands and lets out one of her high
pitched primal screams, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

* * *

Later in the night, in the locker room belonging to the beautiful SmackDown
Divas, the Dirty Diva Ashley Massaro is standing in front of the mirror
looking at herself as she places her black baseball cap on her head, turned
backwards. Ashley presses her lips together and she tosses her soft
blond-black streaked hair off of her shoulders with her hands as prepares
to head out to the ring with her boys the WWE Tag Team Champions, Paul
London and Brian Kendrick. Ashley hears the locker room door open to the
women's locker room and she slightly glances away from the mirror "I'll be
out in a minute Paul..." Ashley says assuming that its one of her boys, Paul
London, letting her know its their time to head to the ring during the
SmackDown broadcast.

"Oh take your time...." A male voice says as the locker room door closes.
Ashley resumes looking into the mirror as she makes sure she's looking
perfect, but her focus is quickly interrupted as she's grabbed from behind
and is forced to turn around, where she sees RAW's Johnny Nitro, wearing
blue wrestling tights and a purple colored fur coat, and SmackDown's Joey
Mercury, wearing his black protective mask, an orange colored fur coat and
white wrestling pants.

"You got a major problem slut!" Johnny Nitro says as he shoves Ashley against
the mirror as Joey Mercury takes off his orange fur coat.

Ashley grits her teeth together as her back slam against the mirror "Awww
fuck..." Ashley groans as she reaches back and places her right hand against
her lowers back before she lifts her head and glances up at Joey Mercury and
Johnny Nitro, with her eyes squinted with pain "What the fuck..." Ashley
groans as she steps away from the mirror

"Listen up bitch... we heard the shit you said about us to Melina... and the
trash you talked... you're going to fucking get snap-shot for it!" Joey
Mercury says as he grabs Ashley and pulls her towards him before throwing her
down to the ground. Johnny Nitro laughs when Ashley hits the ground as he
takes off his fur coat.

Ashley narrows her eyes as she glances up at Johnny Nitro as she sits on her
knees on the floor after roughly thrown to the floor by Joey Mercury "What I
said was true!" The Dirty Diva snaps back as Nitro's smooth, muscular and
toned upper body becomes completely exposed after he removes his fur coat.

"It's only true to losers like you who are jealous of people like us!" Nitro
says as he walks over towards Ashley and stands behind her and places his
hands on her shoulders to hold her still.

Joey Mercury lowers down his white wrestling pants, freeing his long, thick
eleven-inch cock. After stepping out of his wrestling pants Mercury walks
over to Ashley and smacks her face with his cock, "But you know what's true?
The fact you're gonna pay for disrespecting us and Melina!" Joey says.

Ashley turns her head away from Joey Mercury cock as she slightly glares up
at Mercury as Johnny Nitro forcefully keeps Ashley down on her knees "Yeah...
I'd like to see that!" Ashley snaps back at Mercury.

"Request granted!" Joey Mercury yells as he grabs Ashley by her head and
forces her to open up her mouth, "You bite my dick and we'll fuck you up so
you look worst than I do..." Joey snaps as he forces his cock deep into
Ashley's warm, unwilling mouth.

"Start sucking his cock you slut!" Nitro says as he moves his hands from
Ashley's shoulders so that he can start ripping Ashley's tight-fitting black
top from behind.

"Mmmm..." Ashley groans against Mercury's cock as the head of his cock
instantly smacks against the back of Ashley's throat, causing the Dirty Diva
to gag on his long, thick and hard shaft. Ashley closes her eyes as she
presses her lips around Joey Mercury's cock before she starts to unwillingly
bob her head along Mercury's cock due to his threats.

"Yeah... fuck yeah... you fucking slut... suck my dick!" Joey Mercury moans
as he pulls on Ashley's blonde, black-streaked hair as he thrusts his shaft
in and out of Ashley's mouth as she unwillingly bobs her head on his cock.

Johnny Nitro soon completely rips off Ashley's black top, freeing her hot,
large tits. "Fuck you're a hot cheap slut..." Nitro says as he moves back a
bit so that he can kneel down and lifts Ashley's ass up into the air so that
he can remove her light blue plaid short skirt and her light blue thong
underwear to reveal her perfect ass.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Ashley softly moans against Mercury's thick, hard shaft as
his cock thrusts in between Ashley's soft lips. Ashley glances up at Joey
Mercury and she glares at Mercury as he slams his cock deeper into Ashley's
hot, saliva dripping mouth.

Joey Mercury holds onto Ashley's head with his left hand as he adjusts his
protective mask with his right hand so that he can better see the hot Playboy
Covergirl as he roughly fucks her mouth. "Yeah... you fucking like that
A-List cock bitch!" Mercury yells.

Nitro smacks Ashley's perfect ass and licks his lips, "Fuck she's got a hot
ass for a cheap B-Show slut..." Nitro laughs as he stands up to remove his
blue wrestling tights to free his hard, fat, A-List thirteen-inch cock. Nitro
then kneels back down behind Ashley and then he impales Ashley's tight
unexpecting asshole with his cock with his stiff cock.

"Mmmm...ohhh you fucking asshole!" Ashley groans against Joey Mercury's stiff
shaft as Johnny Nitro suddenly rams his dry, thick A-List cock into Ashley's
tight asshole. Ashley shakes her head on Mercury's cock as she tries to lift
her head up, however Joey Mercury forcefully keeps Ashley's blond-black
streaked haired head down on his cock as he pumps his cock deeper into
Ashley's hot, wet mouth.

"Mmmmm yeah... fucking slut... suck that hard cock..." Joey Mercury as he
rapes Ashley's hot mouth as his balls bounce against Ashley's chin as saliva
drips out of her mouth.

Johnny Nitro holds on to Ashley's sexy round hips and pulls her back towards
him as he slams his cock in and out of the 2005 WWE Diva Search Winner's
tight asshole, "Mmmmmm yeah... you fucking hot ass bitch... take that cock
like the slut you are!" Nitro groans as he drives his cock deeply into her

"Mmmmm...mmmmm ohhhh..." Ashley moans against Joey Mercury's cock as she
begins once again gag against his shaft while Mercury slams his cock deeply
into Ashley's warm, wet mouth as he roughly fucks her hot mouth. Ashley
narrows her eyes as she glances up at Joey Mercury as she starts to press
her teeth against Mercury's shaft as she prepares to bite down on his A-List
cock while she rocks back and forth due to Johnny Nitro's quick, hard
relentless thrusts to Ashley's tight asshole as he kneels behind the Dirty
Diva from SmackDown.

"Hey... hey!" Joey Mercury yells as he feels Ashley's teeth pressing down on
his cock. He pulls his saliva covered dick out of her mouth and slaps her
across the face, "I fucking warned you!" Mercury yells as he pulls roughly on
Ashley's blond, black streaked hair.

Johnny Nitro smirks, "Yeah... fuck her up Joey..." Nitro grunts as he keeps
pounding Ashley's asshole with his large A-List cock. Nitro also slaps
Ashley's ass with his right hand, leaving a red-imprint of his hands on her

Ashley grits her teeth as she glares up at Joey Mercury after he slaps her
across the face "Fuck off..." Ashley spits out at Mercury as she roughly
rocks back and forth as Johnny Nitro roughly slams his cock deeply into
Ashley's tight asshole "Ohhh...fuck asshole!" Ashley moans and
yells at Mercury as Nitro's balls slap against Ashley's skin.

"Hey Johnny... let's snap-shot this slut!" Joey Mercury says as he lays down
on the floor of the locker room.

"Right..." Nitro says as he pulls out of Ashley's tight asshole and he stands
up. He pulls Ashley up to her to her feet and he turns her around to face him
and he makes her mount Mercury's cock which fills up her pussy and Ashley's
back is facing the mask wearing SmackDown Superstar.

Ashley grits her teeth and shakes her head "You assholes!" Ashley groans as
she's forcefully lowered on Joey Mercury's hard, thick cock which enters her
tight, warm pussy "Ohhh fuck..." Ashley groans and closes her eyes as Mercury
places his strong hands on Ashley waist and begins to quickly bounce the
Dirty Diva on his cock.

"Shut the fuck up you slut and ride my dick!" Mercury yells as he thrusts his
cock up into Ashley's pussy as he lifts the Dirty Diva up and down on his fat

Johnny Nitro kneels back down in front of Ashley and he grips his cock and
presses it against Ashley's stuffed pussy, "Heard you like two dicks at once
you fucking whore..." Nitro laughs as he forces his large cock into Ashley's
pussy along side Mercury's cock and the two hot studs of MNM begin to roughly
alternate thrusts as Ashley tries to deal with two cocks in her hot pussy.

Ashley shakes her head as she tightly grits her teeth "Ohhh you fucking
assholes..." Ashley groans as she roughly rocks back on Joey Mercury's
cock as Johnny Nitro's roughly slams his hard A-List cock into Ashley's
cock-filled pussy, grinding his cock against Mercury's cock as well. The
Dirty Diva begins to lightly sweat before she roughly jerks forward
against Johnny Nitro's cock as Mercury firmly thrusts his cock up into
Ashley's stretched cock-filled pussy.

Johnny Nitro puts his hands on Ashley's shoulders as he slams his cock in
and out of her pussy, and his dick grinds against Joey Mercury's shaft.
"Ahhh yeah... fucking like that shit you slutty bitch!" Nitro grunts as he
and Mercury double team her hot pussy.

Joey Mercury keeps his hands on Ashley's waist as he keeps lifting her up
and down on his cock, "Ahhh... mmmm yeah... fucking ride it bitch!" Mercury
groans as he feels Ashley's hot ass crash down on his crotch as she rocks on
his cock.

Ashley starts to breath heavily as the hot, sweaty Dirty Diva quickly and
roughly rocks in between Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro as both of the hot
A-List Superstars begin to roughly slams their cocks into Ashley pussy at
the same rough and intense speed and force "Ohhhh shit..." Ashley closes as
she tilts her head back slightly as she slams down harder on Mercury's waist
and crotch.

Joey Mercury grits his teeth as he rams his cock up into Ashley's hot pussy,
"Mmmmm... ohhh fuck yea!" Mercury groans as he begins to shoot his warm,
sticky cum into Ashley's pussy.

"Hey... fuck Joey!" Nitro laughs as he pulls his cock out of Ashley's pussy
as Joey Mercury fills it with his cum. Nitro stands up and he shoves his
cock into Ashley's mouth as the Dirty Diva tilts her head back.

"Mmmm...ohhh..." Ashley groans against Johnny Nitro's hard A-List cock as
her forcefully rams his cock into her hot mouth. Nitro places his hands on
Ashley's head and begins to bob the Dirty Diva's head forcefully along his
smooth, hard shaft while Joey Mercury slowly rocks Ashley back and forth on
his cumming A-List cock.

"Mmmm yeah... work it like a whore..." Joey moans as he finishes cumming
inside of Ashley's pussy and he keeps the Dirty Diva rocking back and forth
on his cum-spent cock.

Johnny Nitro thrust his cock in and out of Ashley's mouth as he bobs her head
on his dick, "Yeah... such it slut... suck that fucking A-List cock!" Nitro
groans as sweat drips down his rock hard body.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Ashley sharply moans against Johnny Nitro's hard A-List
cock as her hot saliva drips against his shaft. Ashley closes her eyes as she
presses her lips tighter around his shaft as she gently starts to slap her
wet tongue against his thick A-List shaft.

Johnny Nitro licks his lips as he feels Ashley's tongue slapping gently
against his cock as he fucks her face with his thirteen inch dick, "Mmmmmm
yeah... you like that you little whore..." Nitro mocks the Dirty Diva. Nitro
grits his teeth together as he then pulls his cock out of Ashley's mouth and
he sprays her face with his warm, sticky cum.

Ashley closes her eyes as she scrunches her nose up with disgust as Johnny
Nitro's warm, sticky A-List cum sprays her beautiful face "Awww fuck..."
Ashley groans in disgust as she turns her head away from Johnny Nitro.

Johnny Nitro gets a smirk on his face as he completely covers Ashley's face
with his cum, "Yeah... you fucking like that shit..." Nitro says as he then
starts to lift up Ashley from Joey Mercury's cum spent cock. Joey Mercury
gets up to his feet and smirks as he does a snap-shot motion with his hands
to give Nitro a signal.

Ashley narrows her eyes as she looks forward at Johnny Nitro and shakes her
head "You assholes are so going to pay for this...when I tell Brian and
Paul..." Ashley begins to says.

"You tell them... and this will happen... again... and again..." Nitro says
as he spins Ashley around so that she's facing Joey Mercury. Mercury grabs
Ashley and lifts her up into the air as Nitro runs behind him. As Mercury
begins to lean backward to deliver a flapjack to Ashley, Nitro grabs Ashley's
head and puts her in a front face lock, and then he and Mercury fall to the
floor as they deliver their trademark finishing move, 'The Snapshot' to the
Dirty Diva, Ashley Massaro completely knocking her out. Mercury and Nitro
jump up to their feet and look down at her.

Joey Mercury smirks "Don't ever fuck with us bitch... or you'll get the
snapshot over and over again!"


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