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Snitsky's Reward
by Edgehead101

July 11th, 2005

After the match against Kane where he successfully helped Edge defeat Kane,
Gene Snitsky made his way towards Edge's locker room with a big grin on his
face. Without bothering to knock, Snitsky entered to find Edge sitting on the
couch with his slutty girlfriend Lita as they celebrate the victory. Edge
gets up from his seat and claps Snitsky on the back.

"Great stuff, man. We were just uh, waiting for you" he says.

Lita looks slightly uncomfortable as she is barefoot and wearing black
leather pants and a black top which shows a lot of cleavage. Snitsky grins as
he sees Lita. "Did those toes miss me?"

Lita manages a slutty smirk as she says, "They were waiting to reward you."

Edge, wearing just blue jeans says, "Well Gene, I promised you some time with
my slut's feet if you helped me and you've deserved it man. Knock yourself

Snitsky grabs a chair and sits in front of the couch where Lita is sitting.
Edge meanwhile sits on the other sofa, watching with interest and amusement.
Snitsky wastes no time and grabs Lita's right foot. Lita's toenails are
painted a slutty red colour and Snitsky laughs maniacally as he licks Lita's
pale creamy soles, leaving a trace of his saliva on her sole.

"You like that?" asks Edge as Snitsky licks Lita's soles again.

"Oh fucking yeah!" Snitsky laughs.

"Well would you look at that? Lita's got the best mouth, best pussy and best
tits in the WWE, now she's got the best feet too. And she's MY hot obedient
little slut," Edge cockily says.

Snitsky has now moved on to licking the soles of Lita's left foot, also
wetting them with his saliva.

"How does it feel offering your feet to another guy in exchange for a favour
babe?" asks Edge.

Lita smiles and says, "Makes me feel like a hot ..dirty...slut!".

"And thats what you are", Edge laughs as Snitsky nods his head in agreement.

Snitsky has now started putting Lita's toes in his mouth, sucking on each of
her long pale toes for a few seconds.

"Oh yeah suck my toes" Lita moans. She smirks when she notices Snitsky
getting a hard-on from her comment and so she continues. "You want my feet on
your cock Gene?"

Snitsky has an amazed expression on his face as he eagerly replies, "You bet
I do."

"And after you do that, you're going to suck his dick too, aren't you babe?"
Edge says as he comes over and digs his hand through Lita's red hair.

"Of course I will, baby," she replies obediently.

Snitsky begins lowering his trunks as Lita watches warily. "All right, I'm
ready," Snitsky says impatiently as he rubs his hands together.

Lita cautiously moves her feet towards Snitsky's average sized cock. She then
begins rubbing it on his cock. Snitsky groans as Lita's feet service him.

"Oh fuck!" he says.

He doesn't last long and cums on Lita's feet. She stares disgusted while Edge
bursts into laughter. Snitsky is still panting.

"That was great. Lita loved it", Edge says.

"Oh, I sure did," Lita says as she rolls her eyes.

"C'mon babe, you know what to do next," Edge says, referring to her sucking
Snitsky off.

Lita steps down from the couch onto the floor as she sits up on her knees in
order to give Snitsky a blowjob. She first teases him with her hands.

"Aah, oh, yeah suck my dick!" Snitsky groans in pleasure.

"You got it", Lita says.

With a slutty smirk she starts sucking on his cock. As she gives Snitsky a
blowjob the Rated R Superstar Edge kneels down behind her and slides her
black pants down, revealing her hot slutty ass. Edge squeezes Lita's right
ass cheek as she expertly sucks on Snitsky's cock. "How'd you like his cock
on your feet, babe?" Edge says as he slaps Lita's right ass cheek hard.

"Oh babe it was great," Lita moans as she slurps on Snitskys cock.

"Where do you think it ranks on the sluttiest thing you've ever done? 115th?"
Edge laughs as he slaps her left ass cheek harder, which makes her jolt
forward and gag slightly on Snitsky's cock.

"Not that hard babe," she smirks back before going down on Snitsky again.

"I didn't think so, you dirty fucking whore," Edge says as he spanks Lita's
hot juicy ass a few more times, leaving a red imprint of his hand on her ass.

Snitsky then cums inside Lita's mouth and she swallows all of it down.
Snitsky then takes off Lita's top and starts squeezing her stunning bare tits
as Edge removes his jeans and drives his cock into Lita's pussy.

"Oh fuck yeah, baby," Lita moans as Edge spears her cunt.

Snitsky is sucking on Lita's left tit, flicking his tongue against her nipple
which arouses her.

"Yeah take my dick in your slutty pussy you dirty little slut," Edge grunts
as he continues to fuck Lita, driving his cock harder into her hot loose

Snitsky smacks Lita's right tit a couple of times before he pulls his
trousers back up and annouces that he's leaving. "If you ever...need a favour
again....I'd be more than willing for another shot at those beauties,"
Snitsky says with a huge grin on his face as he stares at Lita's cum-covered
feet one last time.

"You got it buddy," Edge laughs back, watching Snitsky exit. Edge takes his
cock out of Litas pussy and blows his load over her hot slutty ass.

10 minutes later Lita lips are wrapped around Edge's cock. Edge's hands are
wrapped around her head as she sucks his cock.

"Oh fuck you're glad this is my cock and not Snitsky's arent you baby?" Edge
says as he pulls her hair back to stop her sucking on his cock for a moment.

"Baby he was disgusting" she says with a pout.

"And thats why you loved it didn't you?" Edge says.

"You know me too well, baby," she laughs.

"Get ready to have my cum all over your face, babe," Edge says. He then
shoots his load all over Lita's slutty face. He slides his cock over her
cheeks and smears his cum on her cheeks and lips. "You're such a hot fucking
slut", Edge proudly says.

Lita laughs, "That I am!"

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