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Snowed Inn Part 1

During December,out in Ontario,Canada, three WWF Divas were set to do a
photo shoot. The first one to come there was Molly Holly, then Trish, then
at last came Stephanie with Tori. Stephanie didn't tell anybody why she came
but deep inside she thought about pussy all the way to the cabin. It was very
cold yet they had to wear bikini's into the hot tub that was in the cabin.

Everyone except Stephanie changed into their bikini's, Stephanie still
wore her fur coat with tight leather pants and long sleeve shirt. Everyone
got into the hot tub. The photographer took beautiful, steamy photos of the
three women. Steph had her eye on all of them. When the photo shoot was over
the photographer had left and the women were changing.

Steph came into Tori's room because they hadn't finished what they were
doing in the limo. "Oh damn girl, you scared me" said Tori with her clothes
off and laying on her back on the bed. Steph lie next to Tori feeling her
pussy but not fingering. "I was thinking of telling Nora and Trish to join
us" said Stephanie. "How do we know they will join?" responded Tori.

"Hold on" said Steph. Stephanie lays Tori on her back with her legs spread
out and goes into her bag pulling out a huge dildo. "mmmmmm, lets finish what
we started" said Tori. Stephanie removes her clothes showing her shaved clit
and perfectly shaped tits. Steph begins to kiss Tori as she moans "mmmmmm
ooohh". Steph moves down to eat Tori. "oohhhhh yes nasty bitch eat me!!!!"
screams Tori.

In the next room Trish was happy what she heard, she removed her clothes
and got a banana out of her bag cause thats the only think compared to a cock
she could stick in her pussy. Trish went next door and listened to it. "oooh
yes slut!!!!" Stephanie penetrates her tongue now. Steph wants to be
pleaseured too and does a 69 position. Tori begins to lick "yea bitch finish
me!!!!" says Steph.

In the bathroom Molly hears the moaning and screaming and gets her dildo
out of her bag. Trish runs into the room and says can't have fun without me
girls" she said with a smile on her face. She got on the bed and helped Steph
eat Tori. Trish couldn't resist that sluts Stephanie'a face and ate her
pussy. "I'm cumming screamed Tori and Steph. Tori cummed in Steph's face and
Stephanie cums in Tori's mouth "oooohhhhh thats good slut" moans Steph.
"where's Nora?" says Trish.

"Right here" said Molly with her dildo in hand. Tori and Stephanie lay
Molly and Trish on their backs and Tori eats Molly as Steph tears Trish's
pussy apart. "ooooohh shit bitch you taste good" says Steph as she penetrates
her hurricane tongue inside Trish's wet pussy. "mmmm yea OOOOOH YEA SLUT!!!!"
screams Trish as she pushes Stephanies face into her hole. "I'm gonna cum in
you're face right now bitch" says Trish. Trish releives herself before
cumming in Steph's wet mouth. "mmmmmmm piss and cum together" moans Steph as
she licks her fingers full of liquids.

Tori is still eating Molly because Molly doesn't cum that easily. "Tear my
shit up now bitch!" says Molly. Tori rips into Molly pushing her pussy lips
aside and biting her clit for a long time. "ouch that hurts baby but i want
more now!!!!" Tori muffs her face into Moly's hot pussy as Molly climaxes
into Tori's mouth until it is full. "mmmmm oh yesss you're tasty" says Tori.
Stephanie kisses Tori with their mouths full of cum rubbing they're chest

"I want my ass fucked!!" says Stephanie. Tori takes her dildo and lays on
her back penetrating one side of the dildo into her as Stephanie lays on the
other side of the dildo. "OOOOOOHHHHH YESSSSS THAT FEELS GREAT" screams
Steph in extasy. Molly now takes her strap-on dildo and penetrates hardcore
style into Steph. Trish takes her banana and shoves it into Stephanie's mouth
and into her own pussy as Stephanie eats the banana and gets closer to
Trish's pussy.

Molly fucks Steph hard up the ass. "OHHHHHH NORA I'M GONNA TELL MY DADDY
TO GIVE YOU A RAISE!!!!" yells Stephaine as she jumps up and down on Tori's
dildo. "YOU TOO TORI!!!!" says Steph. Stephanie eats the whole banana
leaving Trish's wet pussy and she eats Trish. "I think I'm gonna cum!!!!"
yells Steph as she cums on both dildo's. "oooohhh yesss i love ya'll" says
Steph. Steph keeps eating Trish till she cums and swallows. Molly and Tori
swallow Steph's juices as well. They all left in their cars. Stephanie left
with Tori in their limo.


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