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Snowed Inn Part 3
(, copyright 2001)

"What the fuck is this?" yeled Hunter. "I can explain it" said Steph.
"Well explain this,get you're ass upstairs and pack you're things" said
Hunter. "WAIT! HUNTER" yelled Stephanie as Triple H walked upstairs shocked
at what he saw. Stephanie ran after him with her black skirt full of cum she
put on her fur coat to cover it up.

"Hold up Steph" said Tori as she put her clothes on and joined Steph
upstairs. "Hunter, open up" yelled Tori and Stephanie. He opened the door
and let them in before security came. Tori went into the bathroom as Steph
and Hunter argued. "I knew you were a slut from day one" said Hunter. "I
said I'm sorry" Steph replied. "Well sorry this bitch, take you're suitcase
and don't talk to me until the next show" said Hunter.

Stephanie took her suitcase and left. "damn" whispered Hunter. "I gotta
take a piss" he said. Hunter went into the bathroom to see Tori putting her
make-up on. "Hey bitch get out of her now!" said Hunter. "Hold on asshole,
you know, Steph just wanted to have more fun, maybe you should try that
sometime" replied Tori. "Fuck you whore!" yelled Hunter. Tori tried to finsh
her make-up when Hunter couldn't resist and his cock was hard in his jeans.
He rub her flat stomach and moved his hands up beneath her tube top. "Yeah
baby let me see what Steph got from you" whispered Hunter. He rubbed her
hard nipples and took off her top.

Kissing her neck as she moaned. She took off her pants and panties. Triple
H put her on the sink and got on his knees. "Eat my pussy Hunter" whispered
Tori. Hunter started to lick her thighs and moved slowly to her lips and
spread them apart kissing the inside. "oohhh yess Hunter shit" moaned Tori.
Stephanie forgot her cell phone and came back in the room but Hunter and Tori
didn't hear her. "Yesss baby taste me" whispered from the bathroom as
Stephanie heard.

Stephanie looked inside the bathroom and saw Triple H eating Tori. Tori
saw Steph but couldn't say anything cause Hunter had his tongue inside her
and made her moan too much. "I see you like her pussy" said Stephanie as
Triple H had a shocked look on his face. Tori put Hunters face into her
pussy. It seemed like a trick because it was. Stephanie got on her knees and
began too help Hunter tear Tori's pussy apart.

"OOOOOO YEAAA HELMSLEY" moaned Tori. Stephanie was still hungry for Tori's
pussy and Hunter bit her pussy lips. "OHHHHHH SHIT" screamed Tori as she
cummed on both of their mouths and the bathroom floor. Hunter and Steph
licked the cum off her pussy till it was gone. Stephanie went and got her
dildo from the cabin out of her bag as Tori put Hunter's plump cock in her
mouth. "ooooh yeaa suck the shit out of me" moaned Hunter as Tori sucked
faster. She sucked and licked every part of his crotch till he was about to
cum and she stopped.

Stephanie came back with her strap-on dildo and told Tori to put it on.
Tori put it on with excitement and Steph went into the bedroom and sticked
her ass in the air. Tori came and put it into Steph's butthole and then came
Hunter, he slowly penetrated into Tori's ass. "yyyyeeess oohhh yeaaa" moaned
all three in pleasure. Tori fucked the shit out of Steph as fast as she could
while Hunter stuck his cock deeper into Tori. Tori backed her ass into Triple
H while banging the shit out of Steph's asshole. "OHHHHH YEAAAA, I'M CUMMING
BABY!!!!" yelled Steph as she cummed on the sheets.

"FUCK MY ASS HUNTER!!!!" yelled Tori as Hunter took his cock out and
jerked till he cummed in the ladies mouth's, "ooooohhhhh yeaaaaaa taste that
sluts" said Hunter. Steph and Tori begged for more cum and jerked Hunter off
into their mouth's and spit on his hard piece of shit. "mmmmmmm" moaned Steph
and Tori as they kissed with a mouth full of man cum.


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