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So True... It's Cool
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden

In a backstage corridor near the locker room area of the arena where the
RAW Brand is holding a live event, Carlito, dressed in his yellow "Spit or
Swallow" T-Shirt and blue wrestling shorts is leaning against an equipment
table, eating an apple and watching the various employees of World Wrestling
Entertainment go about their business. As Carlito finishes his apple he
starts to walk towards the locker room area, and he sees the six-time WWE
Women's Champion, Trish Stratus heading the same way. "Hey Trish... you're
looking cool..." Carlito says as he stops and waits for her to catch up to

Trish smiles a bit and blushes "Oh...thank you, Carlito. Are you ready for
your match tonight?" Trish asks casually as she places her hands on her hips
and cocks her head to right while looking at Carlito. The beautiful Canadian
native and six-time WWE Women's Champion is dressed in a tight-fitting pair
of jeans and a white t-shirt, semi- tight, that slightly shows off some of
the smooth, tanned mid-section of her stomach.

"Yeah..." Carlito nods his head as he puts his hands on his waist, "Carlito's
going on last this week... gives me a whole lot time to relax before Carlito
have to warm up." Carlito replies with a charming smile on his face.

Trish smiles a bit more "Well...I wish you best of luck..." Trish says with a
nod before she begins to walk again and casually passes by Carlito.

Carlito is about to let Trish pass him completely, but he quickly moves and
walks with her, "Oh hey... was it true... what you said a couple weeks back?"
Carlito asks.

Trish pauses and raises her eyebrow as she looks at Carlito "Was what
true..." Trish asks as she lightly presses her soft lips together.

"You know..." Carlito continues to smile, "Is it true... you do more... than
just swallow?" Carlito says as he looks at the beautiful Canadian bombshell.

Trish laughs and shrugs her shoulders, giving Carlito a playfully smile
"Maybe...maybe not..."

Carlito licks his lips a bit and slides a hand through his hair, "Carlito
would like to find out if it's true... cause... it sounds really cool."

Trish laughs a little and nods her hair "You want to...find out?" Trish asks
as she folds her arms and tosses her soft blonde hair back "And...I assuming
that you really want to find out."

"Oh yeah... Carlito really want to find out..." Carlito smiles as he looks at
the blond haired diva. "Carlito's been thinking about it a lot... and Carlito
hope it's true... cause it really sounded cool."

Trish smirks a bit and casually licks her lips "Ok...Carlito, you want to
find let's find out..." Trish says as she locks her soft, alluring
eyes with Carlito and motions her head down the hallway. "Follow me." Trish
says softly before she starts to continue her walk down the hallway.

"Carlito would follow you anywhere..." Carlito says with a big smile on his
face as he starts to follow Trish as she walks down the hallway, leading him
to his own locker room.

Trish bites down on her bottom lip as she turns around and leans against the
door to Carlito's dressing room. Trish leans back completely against the door
and pushes the door open "You may enter, my friend..." Trish says with a wink
as she holds the door open for Carlito.

Carlito smiles, "Thanks..." Carlito says as he walks into his own dressing
room. Once inside Carlito lifts up his yellow t-shirt and takes it off,
exposing his nice, well toned and smooth upper body.

Trish smiles as she closes the door and starts to approach the cool Carlito.
Trish bites down on her bottom lip "You're pretty a
dorky way.." Trish says with a soft laugh.

Carlito raises an eyebrow, "Carlito's not dorky... Carlito is cool..."
Carlito says as he smiles a bit as Trish comes towards him.

Trish laughs a bit and nods her head "Oh're very cool..." Trish
says with a hint of playful sarcasm in her voice as she tosses her soft
blonde hair back once again and places her hands gently on Carlito's smooth,
muscular stomach and leans up, kissing Carlito on the lips. Carlito kisses
Trish back softy, and moans a bit as he pushes his tongue forward and into
her warm wet mouth. Carlito places both of his hands on Trish's waist and
slides them up so he can start to slowly push up her white t-shirt. Trish
gently massages her soft, tender tongue against Carlito's cock as she softly
brushes her left hand against Carlito's crotch as she kisses the cool

Carlito pulls his head back, breaking the kiss with Trish, "Now that's
cool..." Carlito says as he lifts her white t-shirt up over her large braless
tits. When Trish lifts her arms up, Carlito lifts her t-shirt off of her body
completely. Trish smiles and steps away for a moment to allow Carlito to
admire her nice, rounded and perfect tits. Carlito drops Trish's t-shirt down
onto the floor as he looks at Trish's hot large round tits. He licks his lips
and smirks, "Those are cool... big... and very cool..." Carlito says as he
starts to lower his blue wrestling shorts down from his waist.

Trish smiles a bit as she slowly kneels down in front of Carlito with a soft
smile on her beautiful face. Trish licks her lips "Mmm...Carlito I think
you're going to enjoy this more than I will..."

Carlito lowers his wrestling shorts down to his ankles and steps out of them.
"Hey... Carlito makes sure everyone has a good time..." Carlito says as he
stands straight up and spreads his legs apart. Carlito's long, thick,
ten-inch cock hangs between his legs, but it starts to get hard and rise to
attention after a few moments. Trish licks her lips as she sits up on her
knees and gently wraps her soft hands around Carlito's shaft. Trish begins to
gently guide her hands up and down his shaft before she leans her head down
and gently flicks her tongue against the head of his cock. "Mmmmmm..."
Carlito moans as he puts his left hand on his waist and puts his right hand
on Trish's head. He pushes some of Trish's blond hair behind her right ear
as he watches her flick her tongue against the large tip of his cock.

Trish closes her eyes as she starts circle her tongue gently around the head
of his cock before she opens her mouth and lowers her head on his cock. She
presses her soft, pouty lips around his cock and gently, smoothly bobs her
head on his cock. "Ahhh... ohhh yea..." Carlito moans a bit louder as Trish's
warm wet mouth travels back and forth on his stiff, meaty cock. Carlito tilts
his head back and closes his eyes, "Ohhh yeah... that's cool... very cool..."
Carlito groans. Trish moans softly against Carlito's cock as she lifts and
lowers her head continually on Carlito's cock as she sucks his cool cock.
Trish gently laps her saliva around his cock with her soft tongue as she
presses her lips, sucking tighter on his meaty cock.

"Oooo... oh yeah... mmmm... damn... that's really... really... cool..."
Carlito moans as he puts his left hand on Trish's head. He wraps his hands
around with Trish's blond hair and pushes his cock forward, to get a little
more of his meaty cock to go between Trish's soft, pouty lips. Trish takes
more of Carlito's cock into her warm, wet mouth as she continues to suck on
Carlito's thick, meaty and impressive cock. Trish opens her eyes and looks
up at Carlito, while she bobs her head along his shaft.

Carlito looks down and into Trish's soft eyes and licks his lips, "Uhhh...
ohhh... yeah... whew... mmmmm... ohhh... we got to do... some other... cool
stuff..." Carlito says with a loud moan as Trish keeps looking up at him as
she bobs her head on his Caribbean cock.

Trish bobs her head a few more times before she slowly lifts her head up from
his cock as it drips off her warm saliva. Trish bites down on her bottom lip
"What other cool stuff?" Trish asks as she has her left hand around Carlito's
shaft and strokes his cock with her warm saliva that's coated on the surface.

Carlito licks his lips, "The type of cool stuff we can do... without you
wearing jeans..." Carlito says as he leans down and helps Trish stand up.
Trish keeps her left hand on his cock and continues to stroke him as
Carlito unbuttons and unzips her tight-fitting jeans. Trish removes her
hand from Carlito's cock as she pushes her tight-fitting jeans off of her
rounded, smooth hips and begins to slides her jeans down her smooth, tanned
legs before she steps out of them revealing her bare, smooth and hot pussy.
Carlito licks his lips as he looks down at Trish's hot, smooth pussy, "No
panties... that's cool..." Carlito says as he places a hand on Trish's
pussy and rubs it slightly with the palm of his hand, "What do you love to
do Trish? Carlito wants to know..."

Trish presses her lips together and laughs a little "Mmmm Carlito...I like
anything." Trish says she bites down on her bottom lip as Carlito rubs her
hot pussy

Carlito smirks as he continues to rub her pussy with his hand, "Carlito loves
to do it doggy style..." Carlito says as he slowly brings his hand away from
Trish's smooth pussy.

Trish nods her head and smiles "Doggystyle it is then..." Trish says with a
playful wink as she turns around so her back is facing Carlito and she kneels
down again as she bends over onto her hands.

Carlito sinks down onto his knees behind Trish and taps his cock against her
ass. "Carlito's going to do this cool..." Carlito says as he lays his right
hand on Trish's waist and grips his cock with his left hand. He slides his
shaft down the middle of Trish's asscrack before he pushes his thick shaft
into Trish's bare, hot and tight pussy. Carlito lets go of his shaft and lays
his right hand on Trish's waist, then he starts pulling her back and pushing
her forward as he begins thrusting in and out of her pussy.

Trish grits her teeth gently as she feels Carlito's hard, meaty cock thrust
in and out of her tight, warm pussy "Ohhhh...ohhh yeahhh Carlito" Trish moans
as she places her hands firmly against the cold locker room floor and begins
to push her hot, Canadian body back against Carlito's cock.

Carlito presses his teeth together as he smoothly moves his cool cock in and
out of Trish's pussy. His ballsack swings back and forth with each of his
thrusts and his balls smack against Trish's smooth skin every time he pushes
his cock deep into her pussy. "Uhhh uhhhh... whew you're... cool... very
cool..." Carlito grunts as he fucks Trish's tight pussy.

"Mmmm so are you Carlito..." Trish groans as she gently pushes herself back
against Carlito's cock smoothly, however the rate at which she pushes back
increases as Carlito's thrusts become quicker and harder.

Carlito grits his teeth as he drives his cock in and out of Trish's pussy,
"Ohhhh yeah... Carlito likes this..." Carlito moans as rams his cock in and
out of Trish's pussy with sharp swift thrusts.

Trish closes her eyes and tilts her head back "Mmmm ohhh fuck Carlito, you're
great!" Trish groans as she begins to sweat while Carlito fucks the Canadian
hottie quickly and roughly from behind.

"Whew... ahhh shit... Carlito... needs... a change..." Carlito groans as he
slows down his thrusts and pulls his fat cock out of Trish's wet, warm pussy.
The cool Caribbean native rolls Trish onto her back and spreads her smooth
tan legs apart so he can push his cock back into Trish's pussy. Carlito leans
forward slightly and puts his hands on Trish's shoulders as he stars pumping
his hips to drive his cock in and out of Trish's pussy.

Trish bites down on her bottom lip as she feels Carlito's throbbing cock ram
deeply into of her tight, warm pussy "Ohhh shit..." Trish moans as she sweat
rolls off of her beautiful face. Trish soon wraps her smooth, tanned legs
around Carlito's waist and begins to grind her pussy against the cool
Caribbean's cock.

Sweat drips off of Carlito's forehead and arms as he moves his cock in and
out of Trish's warm, tight pussy. "Ahhhh... ohhh yeah... mmmm... this... is
cool... really... cool..." Carlito groans as he pushes his cock deeper and
harder into Trish's pussy as he starts to increase his momentum.

Trish grits her teeth as she raises her hands up and grips Carlito's strong
arms as he continues to drive his cock in and out of her sweet Canadian pussy
"Ohhhh Carlito...mmmm yesss!"

Carlito slides his sweaty hands from Trish's shoulders and puts them on
Trish's hips. He thrusts his cock swiftly into Trish's pussy, and Trish
arches her back to grind her pussy up against him as he fucks her. Carlito
shakes his head, causing sweat to fly from his hair. "Uhhhh... ohhhh yeah..."
Carlito moans as he plunges his Caribbean cock in and out of Trish's Canadian

Trish wraps her smooth, tanned legs tighter around Carlito's slightly sweaty
waist and manages to roll herself on top of Carlito. Trish smirks and nods
her head down at Carlito "Cool, huh?" Trish says as she places her hands on
top of Carlito's sweaty, muscular chest and begins to rock her body swiftly
on his cock as she begins to bounce.

Carlito nods his head as sweat rolls down his face, "Yeah... very... very...
cool..." Carlito groans as Trish moves up and down on his stiff, cock.
Carlito puts his hands on Trish's waist and moves his hips upward to drive
his cock up into her hot, sweet pussy.

Trish tilts her head back and grits her teeth as her hot, sweated body slams
down on Carlito's cock "Mmmmm...fuck Carlito!" Trish moans as she starts rock
against his cock quicker as she rides him.

Carlito presses his hands hard against Trish's waist as the six-time Women's
Champion rides him roughly. Carlito grits his teeth each time Trish slams
herself down on his large fat cock. "Ahhhh ohhh yeah... that's cool... that's
cool..." Carlito groans.

Trish licks her lips as she has her eyes closed, sweat dripping off of her
hot, tanned body. "Mmmm're amazing!" Trish groans as she
bounces quicker on his cock.

Carlito smirks as he continues to thrusts his cock up into Trish's pussy,
"Ahhhh... shit... you're... very cool..." Carlito moans as he moves his hands
behind Trish and squeezes her ass cheeks. Trish smiles as she opens her eyes
and smiles down at Carlito, her hair slightly dampened with sweat while the
hot Canadian grinds her pussy down against Carlito's cock as she quickly
bounces and rocks on his cock.

Carlito grinds his teeth together as spreads Trish's ass cheeks apart as she
bounces and rocks on his dick. "Ohhhh if you think... this... this is cool...
I ain't... done yet..." Carlito moans as he starts to push Trish up and off
of his throbbing cock. Carlito stands up and pulls Trish up with him and
turns her around, then he bends her forward. Carlito bends his knees a bit
and slides his cock into her pussy and begins fucking Trish from behind as
they stand.

Trish grits her teeth as she hangs her head down and closes her eyes as the
cool Caribbean drives his cock quickly in and out of her tight, wet pussy
"Mmmm...Carlito...ohhhh...shit...awwwwwww" Trish moans as she begins to cum
against his hard, throbbing cock.

Carlito keeps moving his cock in and out of her soaking wet pussy and grits
his teeth, "Ahhhh hey... Trish... do you... ahhh... spit... or swallow..."
Carlito asks with a grin as he holds Trish up as she cums on his large cock.

Trish licks her lips as she groans "Mmmm...I think you'll just have to find

Carlito moans and he pulls his throbbing cock out of her pussy, "Carlito...
wants to find out... right now..." Carlito says as he turns Trish around to
face him. Trish licks her lips as she wraps her right hand around Carlito's
cock and she lowers her head, taking his cock into her warm mouth. Trish
wraps her lips around his cock and the hot Canadian begins to bob her head
slowly on Carlito's cock as she sucks him, lapping her saliva around his
cock. Carlito puts his hands on Trish's head and pushes her sweat dripping
hair back. "Ahhhh... ohhhh yeah... that's cool..." Carlito moans as Trish
sucks slowly on his cock.

Trish bobs her head smoothly on his cock as she takes more of his cock into
her warm, soothing mouth. Trish gently pats her tongue against the underbelly
of his cock as she sucks. Carlito tilts his head back and holds Trish's head
on his cock as he starts to cum, "Ahhhh... that's... cool..." Carlito groans
as he fills Trish's hot, moist mouth with his warm, sticky spunk. Trish moans
softly around Carlito's cock as his cum flooded into her mouth. Trish bobs
her head as she milks his cock entirely of cum and she then swallows his
tasty load. "Ohhhhh yeah... ohhhh yeah..." Carlito moans as pulls his cock
out of Trish's mouth. Carlito holds his saliva covered cock with his right
hand and looks down at Trish with a smile on his face, "That... was...

Trish licks her lips as she smiles up at Carlito. Trish presses her lips
together and nods her head "Oh was" Trish says with
a playful smile.

Carlito wipes some sweat from his forehead and grins, "And... what you
said... was true... you swallow... and do more... than that..." Carlito says
before licking his lips again.


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