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Soft Spot
by Punisher924

Mickie James sat backstage sitting in one of the steel chairs in a corner all
alone. Since coming to Smackdown on Vince's orders, she'd grown accustomed to
the loneliness. She was drafted over to team blue since Vince was hoping to
make Smackdown the more wrestling centered show. However, her best friend
Melina was kept on Raw and since she didn't have much of a friendship with
any of the others she was left alone each week. It didn't help that she was
now having to endure fat jokes on a daily basis courtesy of her new script.
The higher ups said it was just to teach young girls to be comfortable with
their bodies but Mickie wasn't buying it. McScary and Layla were having too
much fun cracking fat jokes every chance they got and to make matters worse,
Mickie was starting to believe it. In fact, she wasn't sure when she last had
a full meal. Each time she would try to eat backstage, even if it was just a
salad, someone always had something to say. Alone.she was always alone and
things did not seem to be looking up.

Maryse didn't know much about anything except being sexy and spending money.
Tonight she was making a special appearance on Smackdown to help Team Laycool
take out the team of Mickie James, Maria, and Eve. The match was pretty quick
and when it was over, Maryse opted to go back to her room rather than hang
out. Besides, it was a pretty safe bet that she wasn't well liked not to
mention she didn't want to be associated with people who had to sleep their
way to the top.

Maryse headed to the women's locker room to get her things but she paused at
the door. She could hear laughter and what sounded like someone sobbing
underneath it. She pushed the door open as quietly as she could frowning once
she stood inside. Sitting in one corner of the room was Mickie James and she
was crying while Michelle and Layla stood a few feet from her talking in very
loud voices about how Mickie's pants showed her fat rolls.

"I mean seriously. What the hell goes on through that feeble mind of hers?"
Michelle asked. "Those pants are way too tight but the funny thing is, I'm
sure they'd swallow me whole." Layla burst into a fit of laughter then
started making her own snide remarks about Mickie's fat arms. Maryse quirked
her brow wondering where they got off making comments like that, especially
when neither of them had looks to kill. She flicked her hair as she hurried
by them across the room to where Mickie was sitting, ignoring the looks she
got as she passed. Mickie didn't even look up as Maryse propped herself
against the wall.

"Tch. You know, you shouldn't let them get to you like theese. You're not, as
they say, fat Ms. James." Mickie wiped her eyes as she stood to her feet
practically ignoring Maryse. She didn't want to look at the hot blonde
standing next to her. It would only make her feel that much worse. Maryse
rolled her eyes. "You have reely low self esteem it seems," she noted.

"Yeah well why do you care?" Mickie asked, grabbing her bag off the floor and
flinging it over her shoulder. There was another roar of laughter which
earned a familiar click of the tongue from the French-Canadian beauty.

"You know eets not like they're that much prettier than you," she noted. She
flicked her hair again and hoisted her belt over her shoulder. "Michelle
looks like she's malnutritioned or as you Americans say, anorexic, while
Layla can do with some extra work on her abs. And anyone weeth half a brain
can totally see that she isn't all natural up top." She giggled than high
pitched, annoyingly attractive giggle earning glances their way. "You gotz an
eye problem Laycool?" she asked.

"I guess so," Michelle answered. "No one in their right mind would want to be
seen with the poster girl for beef jerky and fat jeans." She and Layla
laughed but Maryse did not find it very funny. Mickie just stood there with
her head down, not bothering to stick up for herself. So long had this been
going on that she just didn't have the strength to fight anymore. It didn't
help that Vince and Stephanie went out of their way to remind everyone each
week that Maryse was the perfect example of what a Diva should look like. At
the moment, Mickie was sure she only still had a job because of her fans.

"You two need to geet a life," Maryse answered. "Meechel, everyone knows
you're only where you ah today because you sleep with old men and Layla,
you're not even preety." Maryse walked forward and poked Layla in the
stomach. "You could do weeth a few more crunches," she laughed. "When you
finally geet a body like mine or grow half the talent Meeckie James has then
you can continue being annoying. Now geet out of here before I tell McMahon
that I think the titles should be united. I'd get to be the poster girl of
the women before you because I'm way hotter," she giggled.

Michelle and Layla both looked slightly constipated before they disappeared,
slamming the door behind them. Maryse shook her head laughing. "Bunch of
whiny beetches." She turned to Mickie who was now staring at her with a frown
on her face. "Whasamatter?"

"Why'd you take up for me like that? What's in it for you?"

Maryse rolled her eyes. "I just don't like them and plus, I have a soft spot
for you Meeckie." Maryse flicked her hair again and winked, both signature
antics that got her much approval from the WWE audiences.

MJ shook her head. "Whatever. I'll just count my blessings and be on my way.
For what it's worth, thank you anyway even though I'm not entirely convinced
that you of all people wanted to just help me."

Maryse giggled again before closing the gap between them. She smiled at
Mickie as she gave her a once over, her sexy eyes making MJ feel even more
subconscious about herself than ever before. "Look Maryse, I need to get
going. If you're about to make some joke about my weight then why didn't you
just do it in front of them?" she snapped irritably. Maryse only laughed
before planting a kiss on MJ's cheek.

"Here." She pulled out a card and stuffed it in the front of her pants. "Come
by my room later so we can talk. Don't stand me up Meeckie James." With a
flick of her hair, she spun around quickly exiting the room leaving Mickie
behind with a confused look on her face.

It took Mickie about an hour to accept Maryse's offer. When MJ got back to
her room, she took a much needed shower then laid down to watch some TV, but
she was bored and the weight loss infomercials were starting to get to her.
She finally said fuck it, grabbed the key and headed up another floor to
Maryse's room. She took a deep breath then knocked, praying that this wasn't
some sick joke created by Laycool to make her look like she was desperate for
friends. Truth be told she really was desperate but she would never admit it.
At least not to anyone other than family. She was going to knock, but then it
was kind of stupid since Maryse gave her a key. She took a deep breath then
went inside. Maryse was lying across the bed with some cute reading glasses
on looking in a magazine. When she saw Mickie, her eyes lit up which kind of
scared MJ. "Meekie!" she exclaimed. "Come here and seet next to me. I am
trying to find a new collar."

"Er.okay." Mickie took a seat next to Maryse who kept flipping through her
magazine happily, speaking in French excitedly each time she came across
something that she liked. MJ found herself smiling at times highly amused by
how excited the French Canadian would get over some mascara or lip gloss.

"What do you theek of thees color Ms. James? You theek it's a bit much?" She
pointed to some eye shadow that was a funky orange color. MJ shrugged.

"You could probably pull it off. I know it wouldn't suit me at all."

Maryse suddenly closed the mag chucking it to the floor. She rolled over on
her side, propping her head so she could she MJ better. "Are you always thees
down on yourself?" she asked.

"What do you mean?"

She laughed. "You don't seem to like yourself very much MJ and I theek eet's
a shame reely. You ah very preety Ms. James and I theek those two are just
jealous of you."

"I doubt that," she laughed. "I have fat rolls and look." She lifted her
shirt revealing nice tan skin. She grabbed some of it, pinching her belly.
"See? Fat rolls."

Maryse rolled her eyes. "I can do thaht too Miss James. Everyone has a leetle
fat. Just look at my thighs." She raised the tiny red nightie that she was
wearing to pinch at her thighs. Mickie turned away blushing a little, for she
wasn't used to being around anyone this comfortable with their body. Maryse
laughed again. "Meekie. You ah adorable." She rolled off the bed then took
her place in front of Mickie holding out her hand. "Geet up. I want to show
you something Miss James." Mickie allowed herself to be pulled to her feet
and was led across the room where they stopped in front of a large body
mirror. Mickie rolled her eyes. She hated the sight of herself and it didn't
help that she was like twice the size of the sexy blonde standing behind her.

"Is this some kind of joke?" Mickie asked. "I hate mirrors and standing here
next to you only makes it that much worse. Look at me. I'm a pig."

Maryse grabbed Mickie's waist pressing her body against hers. "You are not
fat Miss James." She laid her head on MJ's shoulder staring at the two of
them in the mirror. "I theek we both look hot, especially you Meekie. You
have really preety hair."

Mickie wasn't too sure how she felt about Maryse being so close, but she had
to admit the image in the mirror wasn't that bad, if only because Maryse
enhanced her image. She sighed. "Look Maryse, I-

"I am looking Miss James.but I would like to see more." Maryse hooked her
fingers under the edge of Mickie's shirt and began inching it up slowly
revealing inch after inch of smooth skin begging to be touched.

"Ma-Maryse! What are you doing?" she exclaimed. The platinum diva kissed the
side of Mickie's neck. A small shudder went through Mickie and she wasn't
sure why especially since she had no interest in women at all. "Ma-Maryse
wait a minute. I don't think we should be doing this."

Maryse giggled. "Oh Meekie. Lighten up sweetie. I'm only having a bit of fun are very sexy. Just go weeth it." She took a step back, but just
enough to get the shirt over Mickie's head. She purred happily at the sight
of Mickie in just a red bra and boy shorts. "Meeckie, you ah so hot!"

Mickie looked at herself in the mirror watching as hands slid up her body
stopping at her breasts squeezing them gently. Maryse's head was resting on
her shoulder smiling back at her through the mirror's reflection. "You see
Miss James?" she purred. "Nothing but the sexiest of sexy in theese mirror."

"Only because you're in it with me."

"Tch. Not true Miss James. Not true at all now let's lose the shorts." Mickie
allowed Maryse to slide the shorts off kicking them to the side nervously.
She waited for Maryse to stand again but nearly jumped out of her skin when
she felt lips on the back of her thigh.


"Shh.Miss James," she whispered. She forced Mickie's legs apart as she kissed
and licked all around her thigh stopping where the lace of her panties ended.
She smacked Mickie on the ass earning a small cry of shock. "You are very
fun! I must get the toys!"


"Oh yes!" she exclaimed. "You will like. I promise now go lay down." Mickie
bit her lip staring down at her feet wondering what the hell she was doing
with this woman. It was no secret that she hadn't had sex in a while but what
hurt the most right now was the idea of reducing herself to sex with women.
Maryse suddenly took her by the hand leading her to the bed pushing her on
her back. "Lay down and relax," she giggled. "I want to play weeth you."

Mickie laid on her back trying her best to remain calm. This was not the kind
of treatment she expected and half wished Laycool would just come out of the
closet already to take pictures at the absurdity of it all. Moment's later
Mickie felt skin rubbing against hers and she looked up in time to catch
Maryse's lips for a kiss. The blond diva shoved her tongue down Mickie's
throat teasing her mouth with a skill Mickie never felt before
" have a sweet mouth," she purred. Maryse's tongue darted in
and out of her mouth, licking and nipping at lips that she envisioned herself
tasting several times before. Mickie felt her legs being parted and gasped a
little when she felt something long and hard teasing the area between her

"Maryse, what-

But she was cut off with another kiss as Maryse worked to make her wet with
the small toy. The vibrator hummed softly as it moved against Mickie, making
her twist and moan underneath the tiny blond. "Just what I want to hear Miss
James." She turned the pressure up, pressing the toy harder against Mickie
teasing her entrance with small penetrations until Mickie was practically
begging for more, arching into her voluntarily from the pleasure.

"Maryse.Maryse please," she moaned.

"You are so sexy Miss James. Now you must come for me." Maryse stroked Mickie
with the toy faster increasing the pressure until the brunette finally came,
gasping and shuddering underneath her. Maryse tossed the toy and took
Mickie's lips helping her ride out the orgasm until she finally started
breathing easy again. Maryse giggled settling herself between Mickie's legs
to suck on her neck. "You enjoy that Miss James?" she purred.

"I would be lying if I said that I didn't, but Maryse." she sighed. "What was
this? What was the meaning behind this? I've been nothing but kind
to me all night but I can't help but wonder why the Sexiest of Sexy would
want know with me."

Maryse raised her head nipping playfully Mickie's lips. "Meeckie I already
told you that I have a soft spot for you." She laughed. "I like you Meeckie
James. I theek you ah reeley beautiful and worthy of being my sexy lioness."

"But.I'm not.wait really? You really want to date me? The fat girl on the
roster?" she asked dumbfounded.

Maryse laughed. "You ah not fat for the thousandth time. You ah fantastic and
of course I want to date you silly girl! Why do you theek I gave you the key
like that? Tch. And don't tell me you're straight. I saw you turn down a date
weeth Punk."

"He's an asshole though so it doesn't count."

"Eef you say so Miss James." Maryse sighed, resting her head on Mickie's
shoulder. "Let's get some sleep. We have a long day tomorrow."

"Huh? Long day? What's going on?"

"Tch. We ah going shopping duh! I have to get my lioness a fancy new collar."


"Oh don't worry about eet," she said dismissively, smiling as she drifted off
to sleep thinking only of Mickie in a collar and cuffs; the start of a
beautiful relationship indeed.

The End

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