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Some Serious Stratus-faction For Test And Albert
by DEK (

It was a Tuesday night like any other. Smackdown tapings had just finished
and crowd was milling out of the building discussing the spectacle they had
just witnessed. The ring crew came in and was tearing down the set and ring.
Meanwhile backstage, Test and Albert were in their locker room and had just
come off a big win over Big Show and Kane.

Albert was undressing and Test was in a towel and picking out his outfit
he was going to change into. He got it all set out and headed to the shower
room. Albert got undressed and as he walked into the shower room, he could
hear Test moaning.

"Hey Test, you ok?" Albert yelled out. As he turned the corner, there he
saw Trish down on her knees and going to town with Test's dick in her mouth.

"Whoa!" Albert said which seemed to startle the buxom blond for a second
but she let Test's cock slip from her mouth and she slyly grinned at Albert.

She invited Albert over and took Test's cock back in her mouth and fisted
Alberts cock and began stroking him for all she was worth. Then Trish took
Albert's cock in her mouth and began to suck him off while she stroked Test.
After trading between them for about 10 minutes, Test busted his nut down her
throat. She choked slightly but managed to get every drop and shortly there
after Albert busted his nut in her hand and spewed on the side of her face
and down on her right breast. She licked it up and then said with a sexy
smile, "Ok boys...which one of you is going to return the favor to me?!"

Test and Albert almost came to blows but Trish stopped them. She told
Albert to get near her face and for Test to go down on her. While Test
munched her out, she grabbed Alberts already hard again penis and began
sucking him off. Test nibbled gently on her lips and then began flicking his
tongue in and out of her pussy like it was going out of style. Every once in
awhile he would stop and circle his tongue around her clit and alternate
between her clit and pussy. She began to buck wildly and then shuddered
violently, but never losing a step in sucking Albert.

After a bit, Test laid on his back and Trish straddled over him. She
grabbed his 10 inch cock and lined it up with her pussy. She slowly lowered
herself down the large shaft savoring every moment. She finally had it into
the hilt and stayed still and all of sudden shuddered again and let out a
loud orgasmic moan. After regaining her senses, she began to move her hips
and rock. Albert looked a little left out. Trsih saw this and told Albert to
insert his 10 and a half inch prick into her ass. That was all Albert needed
to hear. He was down on his knees in no time and lined up his cock with her
gorgeous bunghole. He slowly inserted it into her, not wanting to hurt her.
Her face at this point was a mixture of both pain and pleasure. After
getting 5 inches in, Albert got restless and slammed the last 5 and a half
inches in. With that, Trish let out an almost inhuman howl.

The three bodies lay there on the shower floor and found a mutual rhythm
and kept to it. After about 20 minutes, Trish began to buck wildly again and
her screams of pleasure bounce around the room as she had two gigantic
peckers plowing her out. She told both of them to cum inside her and she
dont want to lose the feeling of being filled up and wanted to feel their
cum inside her. With her pussy and ass stretched to the max, the two studs
continued their agressive assult on the defenseless Trish who kept having
one orgasm after another.

Finally Test began to quicken the pace and grunted and groaned as he
release a torrent wave of jizz deep inside Trish and she screamed in one
final orgasm. Shortly there after, Albert groaned loudly and he blew his
load deep in Trishs ass.

Albert collapsed to the floor in the aftermath of that orgy. Trish
collapse onto Test and all three just laid there for a few minutes. Trish
played with Alberts cock for a bit more before all three got up and showered.

After they left the arena, they all went for dinner before going back to
their hotel for another orgy. However I tell you that story another time.

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