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the big Kelly Kelly fan who helped me write this.

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal, DP

Diva: Barbie "Kelly Kelly" Blank

Someone So Nice, They Named Her Twice: What's A Snooki?
by Mean Blackjack

It was late on Sunday, the 3rd of April. People were rushing around the
backstage area of the WWE, preparing for the biggest show in the year.
However, not everyone was involved. By the catering table, Ryder and Barretta
were busy drinking and eating from the table.

"Man, this is bullshit! We both know we should be on the card!" Zach sighed
heavily, running his hands through his blond hair and sighing again.

Shortly after leaving the divas changing room to wish Trish Stratus and
Snooki luck was Kelly Kelly. The young blonde diva was dressed in a very
short black dress, strapless and snug against her body. Her long tanned legs
on display, along with her feet being in a pair of high heels. Her hair was
left straight and down over her shoulders as she walks spots the handsome

"Boys." She addresses them with a smile before getting a drink.

Leaning over on his left leg, Barretta grinned and elbowed Zach in his ribs.
"Hey Kelly, how's it going?"

"You know.. Wishing I had something better to do tonight." She flashed a
smile over in Trent's direction before glancing over both the men.

"Yeah, I know the feeling" Ryder said with a smile, they were decked in very
smart clothing, Ryder was wearing a white over shirt that was unbuttoned to
his mid riff. He was also wearing denim jeans that covered his legs, Barretta
was wearing something similar only he had on a WWE merch top as opposed to
the white shirt.

"Hey, are you up to anything now?" Barretta asked, giving Zach a knowing

Kelly's blue eyes couldn't resist looking at Ryder's exposed chest, licking
over her bright pink glossed lips before shaking her head.

"I don't have anything to do until waaay later tonight when the girls are
done. Why?" She asked.

Trent grinned and took a quick swig of water. "Well, me and my main man Zach
were going to head back and crack open some booze. You know how bad it is
around here! We wanted some company right Zach?"

The blond nodded his head. "Sure! Beats having to look at this guy for
longer!" He said with a playful punch on his partner's shoulder

"Aw, are you sure? I don't want to be a third wheel." She grins, poking fun
at the boys before brushing her soft blonde hair off her shoulders and

"Only for a little bit, alright? I have to be back here before the show ends,

Smiling, Ryder hooked his arm around Kelly's shoulder and tugged her in
towards the two tag partners. "C'mon Kelly. It'll be fine. We'll look after
you right Trent?"

"Right on! We'll crack open some booze and watch the matches. We'll have you
back before you know it!"

"Perfect." Kelly grinned up at Ryder before glancing at his pal. With the
largest smile, she followed the two to their car, not sure what to expect

The drive over was uneventful, the hotel itself was close to the event.
Stepping out, the three made their way up to the hotel room. Ryder flipped
the TV on and sat down on the bed, patting next to him for Kelly Kelly to sit
down. Trent had fished out three plastic cups and have pulled out a bottle of

"Ready to drink Kelly?" He asked, pouring her a cup full of the liquid.

"I am." She giggled, sitting beside Ryder with her long leg crossed over the
other. She leaned back with her arm supporting her, smiling widely.

"That's cool." Trent poured himself and Zach a cup as well, significantly
less was in the cups, they were hoping to get Kelly as drunk as possible
while they could still perform. As if by accident, Ryder rearranged himself
so that his hand was on top of hers, squeezing it, he then looked down and
smiled, apologizing at his action.

"Oh my god, Zaaaack." Kelly whined, looking at the drink spilling onto her
dress. "This is all I have." Kelly pouted some-what, standing up and trying
to brush down her dress, before rolling it up slightly, making her black
thong visible to the boys.

"Oh Jesus! I'm sorry Kelly!" Zach said with a horrible fake apologizing
voice. "You're such an idiot Ryder. Here, Kelly take my top." Trent took his
shirt off, revealing his entire mid section for Kelly to see. All the time,
Ryder was looking over her luscious body, ready to pounce on her at any time.

Kelly bit down on her lip, glancing over at Trent, her eyes looking at that
irresistible strong body. She peeled off her dress, bending over in front of
Ryder, her cute tight ass before his face in her thong. Her top was just a
strapless black bra top, and quickly slipped the t-shirt on top. "I'm so
embarrassed." She giggled.

"Don't be! We've all spille drinks on ourselves before! Granted, we're not as
hot as you." Trent said with a smile, hugging her tightly. "That's it for me.
No more booze." Ryder declared as the show came on.

"Huh. Lightweight." Barretta said with a smirk.

"Fuck you pal. I can out last you if I wanted to." "Just not tonight?" Trent
said, antagonizing his partner just enough.

"Trust me, Trent. You're very hot." Kelly grinned, as she slid her hands over
his body before looking over her shoulder at Ryder, grinning as the two

"Boys, boys.. I bet you've both got more than enough stamina. I see you two
getting sweaty in the ring all the time."

Crooking an eyebrow, Trent looked at the hot blonde. "You see us getting
sweaty? Do you like it?" Zach stood up and walked over to the two other
people in his room.

"Oh, I love it. You two look so sexy." She smiled. "Seeing you both glowing
in sweat has my mind wandering to other places." The smile was from ear to
ear, as she slowly started sliding the t-shirt back off of herself.

"I see..." Zach said with a smile, standing behind the blonde, he hugged her
against his mid section as she undressed herself. He put his hands on her
bottoms and started to fiddle with removing her underwear. Trent appeared at
her front and took her cute face in his hands, kissing the beautiful blonde.

Kelly pushed her backside against Zack's crotch, grinding it very slowly. She
placed her hands onto Trent's chest, sliding it slowly down to his strong abs
before unbuckling his belt. She kissed at him slowly, before starting to push
her tongue into his mouth.

Trent groaned and opened his mouth, her tongue was a lot smaller than his and
easier to catch. His tongue hugged hers tightly and sucked on it, he kicked
his pants off as he started to unclasp her bra. Zach in the mean time had
slid his hand inside her panties and was rubbing his fingers against her now
wet crotch.

Kelly left Trent in his briefs as she wrestled with his tongue, flicking it
back and forth while pressing up against him. As she felt Zack's hand sliding
into her thong, she spread her legs and moaned louder into Trent's mouth. She
pushed back against Zack, letting him feel just how wet she was.

Rubbing his fingers against her crotch, Zach slid his fingers inside her hot
pussy. Feeling how wet she was, he smiled and shook his head slowly. Rubbing
from the bottom of her lips to the top, Zach slowly started to pump his index
finger inside her making a crooked motion, stroking her insides torturously.

"Oooh Zack.." Kelly whined into Trent's mouth, as she shamelessly dripped
past his fingers. She kept pushing back, making her tight ass hit his crotch
over and over in a teasing manner. "He's making me so wet Trent.. he's
teasing me."

Zach smirked to himself at her whorish behavior. Holding her still with his
hand, Zach started to pump his index and now middle finger inside her, making
slow, deep thrusts with his digits. As he pumped his fingers inside her, his
thumb drifted up to her clit and he slowly stroked her hard love nub.

Kelly rested her head on Trent's chest, looking back at Zack's sexy smirk as
he toyed with her. She grinded against his fingers, practically begging for a
finger-fucking from the stud. "Zaaaaack, just fuck it, please."

Zach nodded and started to increase his pace, sliding his fingers in and out
of her cunt. He fucked her with his fingers, her wetness sliding over him.
Trent took her head and moved her down to his crotch that was hiding his
material covered eight inch cock.

Kelly was moaning shamelessly as Zack thrust in and out of her wetness,
dripping down her inner thighs. She kissed down Trent's abs, only to come to
his bulge. Her hands gripped his hot ass as she kissed the tip, before
sucking on it through the material.

"That's it Kelly. Lick that dick." Trent groaned as he looked over at his
partner in crime, Zach Ryder who was fingering the blonde like she was some
common tramp.

Kelly licked the thick long dick through the briefs as she kissed over it,
grinning. She pushed back against Zack before pulling back.

"Mmm, both of you stand beside each other.. I want both dicks.."

Zach withdrew his fingers and unbuckled his pants, he was about to leave
before he gave her pussy a quick lick. Undressing, Zach stood next to his
partner who was now undressed as well, Ryder's dick was longer but Barretta's
was thicker.

Kelly stroked both perfect cocks as she was on her knees, slapping the heads
on her tongue with a grin.

"Mmm both of you look so hot.." Kelly then took a hit of whiskey before
taking both the dicks into her mouth, just the tips.

"We look hot. You look hot!" Trent said with a grin, brushing her blonde hair
back. Ryder elbowed his partner in the ribs and smiled.

"Shit bro, we're so lucky!"

Kelly bobbed her head slowly, taking the heads and a little bit more into her
mouth, slurping up both dicks at the same time. With a grin, her hands cups
the boys' balls, before her middle finger slips past and against their

Almost comically, Trent's spine straightened as he jumped from the touch.
Ryder however remained on his feet, even after the sudden intrusion.

"Shit dude! How can you stay still!"

"You wouldn't believe the things Edge made us do." Ryder said with a smirk.
Referring to his time with the Rated R Superstar.

Kelly loved the response she got, rubbing her finger quickly against Ryder's
asshole much faster, moving it in circles while going lightly on Trent. She
kept slurping up both dicks, blushing deeply at Ryder's comment, finding it
rather sexy.

"That's right Kelly. I've taken it up the ass. Can I give it to you?" Ryder
asked, entirely serious. Edge was a pervert, but he also taught Ryder to make
sure he would get what he wanted and he wanted Kelly's ass.

Kelly was blushing extremely deeply, as she pulled back from both dicks,
slapping them on her lip. She gave Ryder's firm ass a spank as she nodded
slowly, imagining perverted things in her mind.

"Shit... I need to get fucked in the ass by someone if that's how you get
treated." Trent sighed, Ryder eyed him suspiciously but found he was probably
telling the truth. He wondered if Kelly was going to produce a strap-on and
make good on that call.

"Y'know Kelly, after fingering that pussy I think Trent needs it. How about
you ride him while sucking me off?" He suggested.

Kelly was blushing as she heard the kinky males speaking. She bit down on her
lip as she nodded, waiting for the men to get into position. "Perfect."

"Perfect!" Trent said with a grin, lying down on the bed, he took Kelly by
the hand and guided her over his lap.

Kelly placed her hands on Trent's chest, slowly sitting down on his thick
cock, feeling it sink into her tight hole. "Fuck.." She slowly started
bouncing on his dick.

"Yeah, you are." Ryder said with a smirk, opting not to get involved straight
away, he poured himself another cup of whiskey and watched the two go at it.
Trent's hands rested on her thighs but then moved up to her large tits,
playing with them as she started to bounce up and down.

Kelly lifted her ass up and down, hitting her ass cheeks against his strong
thighs as she licked her lips. Her hands rested on Trent's perfect abs as she
glanced over at Ryder, with her mouth open, wanting a taste of whiskey.

"I think she's thirsty." Ryder said with a grin, he stood up and filled the
cup. Walking over to her, he lifted the cup high above her and tipped the
plastic beverage holder over, the strong tasting liquid splashing against

Kelly felt it spilling onto her tongue and down her body as she grinned
before moving down and kissing Trent, letting him have a taste. "Fuck that's

Trent didn't care, he was too busy concentrating on not blowing his load. He
kissed her right back and smiled as she went to work on his shaft. He felt
the bed's weight shift and Ryder had climbed on the bed. He was standing by
Trent's hips and was waggling his dick in Kelly's face.

Kelly immediately sat up and continued bouncing on Trent's fat cock before
swallowing Ryder's long dick. She held onto his ass, always finding it hot as
she dug her nails into his firm ass while swallowing.

"Oh... Oh shit... She can suck cock!" Ryder exclaimed, ignoring the pain of
her finger nails digging into his skin. "Yeah... Ugh... Ugh... She can ride
dick too!" Trent exclaimed as her wetness dripped all over his thighs.

Kelly deep-throated the meaty dick over and over, as she spanked and groped
Ryder's hot ass. She could hear her skin slapping against Trent and loved
every second, her breasts bouncing with the spilled whiskey over top.

Trent sat up and started to suck the whiskey away from her tits as she
bounced feverishly. Ryder took hold of Kelly's hair and held her still.
Then, he started to slide his dick in and out of her lips, fucking her face
with little regard for her need to breath.

Kelly moaned out softly, watching Trent work before she felt Ryder hold onto
her. She gagged loudly on his long dick, feeling his balls slapping her chin
as she dug her nails into his ass roughly. She pushed her middle finger into
his asshole.

"Yeah, finger my ass hole bitch." Ryder spat out, he wasn't being hateful,
just passionate. With a few more strokes inside her mouth, he pulled out, a
long strand of spit following his dick.

"Can I fuck your ass now?" He asked, looking down at Kelly.

Kelly loved how aggressive Ryder was getting as she pulled back, gasping for
air with a grin. She licked her lips as she nodded. "Only if you make sure
I'm sore.."

"You won't be able to walk for a week." He said with a grin. Pulling her ass
cheeks apart, he put his hands on her shoulders and slid his member as far in
as he could get it.

Kelly leaned up against Trent as she felt the long dick slipping into her
tiny puckered hole. She swayed, unable to stay still as it was a tight fit.

"Shit! This bitch is tight!" Ryder said with a smirk, smacking her ass
lightly. "How's her pussy bro?" He asked, watching as Kelly shut her eyes

Kelly rested her head on Trent, as she was dripping wet, feeling two large
dicks in her. She grit her teeth, breathing heavily. "mmm fuck.. Pound me.. I
love it."

"Her pussy was designed for fucking dude. It's so tight!" Trent said with a
grin, holding Kelly in place on his chest as he lifted his hips to fuck her

Kelly bounced on the large dick, feeling it go in and out of her dripping
cunt as she grinned. "Mmm, the more the merrier."

Sighing heavily, Trent and Zach were working in tandem, fucking each of her
holes in an alternating pattern. They both looked at each other and realized
that they were going to cum soon. "Kelly, can we cum on your face?" Trent
asked as the blonde looked at them.

"Mmm, I have been getting thirsty." She grinned, as she waited for them to
pull out. Once they did, she got onto her knees before them with her lips
pressed together.

"Shit, she's good." Trent said, they pulled out and helped Kelly onto her
knees. The two studs took their shafts in their hands and started to jerk

Kelly felt the rush of sticky warm cum shooting onto her face and into her
mouth. With her eyes closed, she felt the amount of cum into her mouth and
face, grinning. "Mm, perfect."

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