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Diva: Barbie 'Kelly Kelly' Blank

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal

Someone So Nice, They Named Her Twice: A Wet Peep Show
by Mean Blackjack

Kelly Kelly and Christian were walking backstage after tagging together
successfully to get the advantage in their upcoming matches at the latest WWE
Pay per View, Tables, Ladders and Chairs. They were very jolly and drinking
from their little red plastic cups of water and discussing their favourite
parts of the match.

"God, Kelly you were great! That bitch McCool never knew what hit her after
that elbow!"

Kelly giggled, glad she was working with such a talented and seasoned veteran
of the squared circle. She was clad in a tight pink bra top, a tiny pair of
black leather shorts and matching black boots that ran to the tip of her

"Well, I couldn't take all of the blame! My super-bestest team mate did most
of the work!" She placed a hand on the small of his back and smiled sweetly.
"You were just awesome!"

Christian smiled and looked at her, as she bit her lip cutely.

"Well, I wouldn't say I was super-bestest... Ah what the hell of course I
would! But, I think we should probably toast to our match and our new
friendship! To new partners!"

Christian lifted the plastic cup up in the air and motioned to Kelly to do
the same thing. She giggled and lifted her plastic cup up as well, knocking
it against Christian's she ran her tongue over her pink lip gloss and smiled
sweetly. They sipped the water together as a light bulb went off in Kelly's

"Oh that reminds me. Before I got here, Laycool totally threatened to jump me
if we won tonight. So I put my stuff in your locker room? Do you mind if I
change there? If it`s not too much trouble?" Kelly asked, biting her lip

Smiling, Christian couldn't quite believe his luck. He pounded back the cup
of water and pretended to ponder it for a moment. "Well, gee Kelly. Me and
you are great partners and everything but would I really want a super hot
blonde in my locker with me? Survey says? Hell yeah! Of course you can stay
with me!"

Kelly pouted as Christian pretended to ponder the question. She lightly
punched him on the arm but then made up for it with a soft, sweet kiss on his

"Thanks, you're such a sweet-heart!" She smiled, tossing her long blonde hair
backwards and linking her arm in his as they walked to his locker room. They
reached his locker room and as he went to open the door it fell open, like
they typically do in movies. You know the shots, when someone else is in the
room with them?

Walking in carefully, Christian saw that his whole locker room had been torn
to pieces. His gym bag had been torn apart, his clothing all over the place.
It ran from the bench in the middle of the locker room to the shower cubicle
on the other side.

Peering into the shower, he saw that most of his stuff had been piled in
there with his spare tights clogging up the drain.

"Perfect!" He cried aloud, holding up the soggy tights. The water hadn't been
running for long but was warm to the touch.

"Oh jeepers." Kelly exclaimed, surveying the damage. She bit her lip cutely
and helped him remove his mess from the shower, she walked up behind him and
placed her hand on his back again.

"I'm soooo sorry about this!" The sultry, hot-bodied blonde exclaimed. "Do
you mind if I still shower here?" She asked, as Christian fished out his
iPod, pressing the play button, the LED screen flashed to life.

Looking up, the question registered with him. "Oh... Oh no, go ahead. I`ll be
out here with my iPod."

Christian walked out of the shower cubicle and placed his ear buds in his
ears and went to work tidying the mess up.

Kelly Kelly felt bad for him, and although wanted to help him, needed a
shower first. He walked out of the cubicle with a heavy set of shoulders, she
shook her head and bit her lip. Bending over, she unzipped her boots and
stepped out of them. Next, she unzipped her trunks and stepped out of them,
kicking them to one side revealing a tiny black thong. Finally, she unclasped
her bra and let that fall next to her thong and wrestling trunks. She put her
hand towards the steel knob and turned it on, the warm water a welcome

Christian turned his iPod up full blast and drowned out the outside world. He
started to stuff items into his large, now empty gym bag. Coming across his
smaller bag full up of shampoo and shaving cream. He saw that Kelly didn't
have such a bag, she certainly didn't have one with her when she showered. He
knew that this shower typically took a while to warm up, so he stopped his
iPod and without thinking he walked into the cubicle and was greeted with an
astonishing sight. Kelly was washing her young, hot body and hadn't noticed
he was there. He knew he should have looked away from his latest partner but
she was so hot and desirable he had fought the urge. A sizeable tent had
formed in his tights as he watched her. His right hand moved down to stroke
his organ as she showered.

The warm water sprayed liberally over her body as she ran her smooth hands
all over her sexy body. Her hands worked on her large breasts, her nipples
hardening under the jet of water. Slowly, she leaned forward and ran her
hands down to her sexy little ass, rubbing soap liberally over her body.
Casting a look over her shoulder, she could see her tag partner there,
gawping at the image.

Giggling lightly, Kelly Kelly looked towards him and smiled. Running her
tongue over her luscious pink lips and while keeping an innocent look on her
face, asked him an innuendo. "Do you want to shower too Christian? I could do
with someone doing my back."

It took all of his mental strength not to look behind him to see if someone
else was there. Christian gave a comedic gulp and nodded happily, walking
into the cubicle he showed her his bottle of shampoo.

"I have this if you need it?" The handsome young Canadian said, his
confidence growing as he approached his hot-as-hell tag partner.

"Mmm Hmmm. Yes please!" She smiled warmly as he approached her. She glanced
down and giggled at the sight in front of her.

"You can keep you tights on Christian."

Looking down at his crotch he smiled as he realised he was still clad in his
wrestling gear. "They help me shampoo better." He said with a smirk. Walking
into the cubicle with her, he took hold of the bottle and sprayed some of the
liquid into the palm of his hand. Pausing for a brief moment, he drank in the
sight before him. He then rubbed the liquid into the luscious blonde's
shoulder blades.

"Thanks a lot Christian." Kelly moaned softly when his hands came in contact
with her skin. She leaned forward slightly against the wall, while pushing
her juicy ass back against his crotch, watching the water spill over his sexy
body and his trunks. Very coyly, Kelly grinded her ass left to right, just to
toy with her partner.

The Canadian's eyes fought to stay open as the pleasure of having her young,
sexy ass rub against his crotch. "You're... ugh... Welcome Kelly." The soap
started to foam as he ran it into her soft skin. He watched a lone bit of
bubbly water run down her back and onto her ass before reaching her actual
crack. He smiled and thought about how nice it would be to be inside there,
like that water was.

Kelly trapped Christian's thick bulge between her soft ass cheeks with a wide
grin as she moved back and forth, watching the stud's facial expression.
"You're such a good partner." Kelly softly moaned, seeing how hot she can get
her partner. "Maybe I should help you get all cleaned up."

"Maybe you should? After all, partners share the work right?" He said with a
smile. He ran his hands down her back, following a trail of soapy water. He
reached her ass hole and slipped a finger inside her hot little bud.

"But I haven't finished yet." Taking charge, Christian started to finger
Kelly's ass hole with his right index finger. Pumping the digit in and out of
her bud, he smiled as it clenched around his lone digit.

"Ooh fuck! I came in here to get clean, not dirty." She bit down on her lip
as she looked back at him with her mouth wide open, moaning softly with her
cheeks filling with blush. Kelly swayed her ass, feeling the finger in her
tiny little tight hole. She bent forward more, exposing her backside for him.

"Well, I'll have to keep you for longer then won't I? Because I bet you're a
dirty little cum slut aren't you?" The hot blonde young man said as he pumped
his finger in and out of her hole, but then started to play with the
patterns. Moving the digit up and down, tracing lines in her butt hole and
eventually making eight figures with it. Stretching it out for his main
event, later. He then took hold of her left breast with his free hand and
playfully squeezed the mound, her nipple pressing hard against his touch.

"Mm, who knew you talked so dirty Christian." Kelly blushed harder when he
questioned her. The toying of her little asshole drove her crazy as she loved
being touched in such a sensitive place. She could only grind her ass back to
his touch. When he gripped her breast, another moan escaped her mouth.
"Damn... So sexy..."

"Well, it only comes out for the best... And baddest of them." He said with a
silent smirk. "Think you can manage two in your ass baby?" He asked as his
middle finger came to join the fray. "I bet cock sluts like you could take a
fist couldn't you?"

Kelly's asshole was extremely tight against the two fingers, as she shook her
head quickly, panting hard. Two fingers would be in her tight grip, like a
vice as she knew that would be too much. "Fuck.. I can't handle it.."

Not wanting to hurt her, but still wanting to satisfy one of his kinks and
play with her ass. Christian nodded silently.

"Not even if I got it wet first?" He released his grip from her breast and
dropped to his knees. He took her luscious cheeks in his hands and parted
them. Exposing her butt hole for him to see, he leaned in and flicked his
tongue against the hole.

"Oh fuck!" Kelly squealed, as she felt the stud's wet tongue to her little
asshole, which made her extremely wet. She pushed her wet ass back against
his face as she panted, making his face bury into her backside.

Christian could feel something warm on his chin and saw that Kelly had gotten
wet. Knowing that he was doing well, he started to dart his tongue in and out
of her rump, literally tongue fucking her ass. Running his right hand up her
leg, he slipped a finger into Kelly's pussy to sample her delights.

Kelly spread her long legs, as she moved her ass up and down against
Christian's face, shamelessly letting her juices drip onto his chin and neck.
She was up against the wall, panting like a little whore from the amount of
pleasure she was receiving in her tight holes.

The Canadian smiled as Kelly's dampness ran over him like he was a major
stud. He liberally coated her ass hole with his tongue as she moaned at every
touch. Christian's lone finger soon turned to two as they ran in perfect
synchrony with his tongue giving her a see-saw effect. When he pulled her
tongue out of her butt hole, his fingers would move in and versa. He smiled
at Kelly's reaction as her cute little ass was grinding up against his face.

"Don't stop Christian..." Kelly begged as she was completely hot for him. She
would push her golden ass against his face, wanting that mouth back on her
ass, while her juices would shamelessly drip onto his chin. She even reached
back, holding his head against her butt.

He grinned as Kelly whored herself out to him. With no intention of stopping,
Christian looked up past her shoulders to see she was panting heavily. Her
hand then pushed him back into his anal pleasuring. He started to finger
Kelly more intently. Drawing all sorts of shapes in her wet folds, he would
draw a line, a square, a figure eight, even drawing out lyrics to Cat Scratch
Fever. He had her like putty in his hands, and mouth.

Kelly's moans were incredibly loud as she felt the experienced fingers of
Bryan working on her wet hole. She muffled his moans with her juicy ass, not
letting him pull away. "Christian... If you... Keep this up... I'm... I'm
going to make a mess." Kelly Kelly whined, as she was going to squirt her

Exactly what he wanted to hear! He smiled and went to work even faster, his
tongue work getting sloppy and his fingers dancing freely as he worked the
sultry, slutty blonde in front of him.

Kelly's body was almost shaking as she felt him just work her at a quicker
pace. She pushed back several times, her moans escalating until she finally
started to squirt her clear liquid onto the handsome, young Canadian's chin
and mouth, trying to lift her ass up higher to get his mouth.

Going with the flow, Christian let Kelly Kelly go and she came all over him.
Her clear liquid painted his studly face as she came down from the high of an
orgasm. She stumbled slightly as he stood up to catch her. Her back was to
him as he played with her large tits and got up all of her cum, savoring the
taste. "Well, that's your ass and pussy done. But I think my down stairs
needs a clean now." He said, pointing to what could only be described as a
steel rod in his tights.

Kelly blushed as her tag partner was so eager to drink up her sweet juices.
She turned her head to give him a lustful kiss and even get a taste of
herself. She slid her warm tongue into his mouth and pulled back. "Sure
thing, hunk." Kelly turned, and had him lean against the wall. She slowly
kissed down his chest and abs, while getting onto her knees, her breasts
sliding across his wet tights. Kelly gripped the tool and jerked it through
the material. "Mmm fuck.. you want me all over this?"

Bryan sighed heavily. He put his hands behind his head and looked down to
her. He nodded, ready for her to indulge him. "Yes please."

She decided to tease him, as she rubbed her pretty face against the wet
bulge, kissing at it and licking the sides of it as it looked so hot trapped
in those wet trunks.

"How big is it?" Kelly asked in a quiet tone, almost mesmerized by the sight.

Christian mulled the question over, while he had never been embarrassed in
hockey camp he had never actually measured his shaft. He would've guessed it
was somewhere between seven and eight inches long. He would've guessed right
too. His member stood at a proud eight inches and was proportionately thick

"About eight inches?"

Kelly's fingers slipped into the tights and very slowly peeled them down,
exposing more and more of the fat tool. When it got to his thighs, Kelly
watched in delight as the hard cock sprung out against her mouth.

"Mmm..." The young blonde wrapped her hand around it and slapped the tip
against her lips and tongue, still working on teasing him.

Christian groaned at the touch. While he certainly wasn't ugly he hadn't had
much luck with the ladies. It was considered a no-no to date WWE Divas as it
caused problems and being on the road close to 24/7 meant that he had little
time for relationships. He watched with baited breath as the sexy minx teased

"Such a big dick.." Kelly rubbed the tip against her lips as if she was
applying lipstick, all the while keeping her innocent look upon her face. She
took it into her mouth and sucked on 3 inches slowly, while keeping eye
contact. Her hands slid onto Christian's thighs, moving them back and forth
as she bobbed her head.

The Canadian's eyes fluttered lightly as she applied pressure to his organ.
She had kept eye contact with him as she sucked him, he watched with glee as
she moved his shaft over her lips before sucking more of his member. She had
placed her soft hands on his thighs and was moving them rhythmically with
each suck. He placed his hands on top of them and smiled.

Kelly slowly led her tag partner's hands along with hers to his firm ass. She
pushed forward, quickly taking 7 inches into her warm mouth. Her lips
remained tightly around the shaft as her tongue rolled around in circles.

He groaned as Kelly Kelly had almost deep throated him. She was certainly a
natural cock sucker, he wanted to say something similar but didn't want to
offend her and kill the mood. Instead, he opted for a dirty compliment.
"Yeah, you take that dick baby."

The hot blonde's nails dug into his backside as she pushed forward, gagging
lightly until she deep-throated the large cock. Her lips touched the base,
her nose against his toned waist and his balls against her chin. She grabbed
at his ass, urging him to thrust as she tried to breathe through her nose.

He quickly got with the program.

'Damn this girl's freaky!' He thought to himself as he tangled her blonde
hair in his hand and thrust forward, trying to invade her already full mouth.
Kelly gagged loudly, her nose pressed to his waist as she tried to push her
tongue out and lap at his balls gently. She closed her eyes, moving her mouth
left to right.

"You want my balls?" He half-asked, half-taunted as she gagged. "You'll need
to work for them. If this gets too much just tap me on my thigh." Christian
said, giving Kelly little chance to prepare. He then started to face fuck
her, bringing her mouth up and slamming it back down making sure to go easy.
It had taken her some effort to deep throat him.

Kelly kept her eyes clenched as she took the face-fucking, swallowing and
gagging on the large wet tool. She then opened her eyes to take in the sight
of her partner's wet body, flexing as she allowed him to use her mouth.

Christian looked down on her with kind eyes, everyone had their kinks and
this happened to be his. God bless her, she was taking it like a trooper.
Kelly Kelly made an unnatural guttural sound as she was face-fucked. Her
mouth little better than a pussy at this point.

After a moment, she grabbed his thigh and pulled back, coughing and catching
her breath. She licked her lips and admired the wet cock coated in her
saliva, before the water ran over it. "Fuck..."

"Fuck? Fuck yeah!" Christian said with a smile.

"You took that like a champ!" He exclaimed, picking her up and kissing her
warmly. Their tongues intertwined as he went to grope the male favourites.
Her tits and ass. Kelly licked at his tongue, as she worked at his cock,
jerking it and rubbing it against her soft thigh.

"Mmm, fuck me please." She begged, looking at him with her pouty cute face.

Christian had reached a similar conclusion.

"You got it babe." He then lifted Kelly up in the air with her butt cheeks
and as she wrapped her legs around his waist, he positioned his member at her
entrance. Letting go of her for just a moment, his shaft fully invaded her
wet folds.

Kelly moaned into her tag partner's ear as she held her body against his. Her
juicy breasts were pinned to his wet pecs as she kissed at his ear, nibbling.
"Mmm, you're soooo hot Christian." Kelly moaned, loving how the thick cock
sank into her.

"Uh... You're hotter!" Christian said with a smile, her wet mouth playing
with his ear. They staggered around the cubicle for a brief moment as he
bounced her up and down on his shaft. Half walking, half staggering over to
the nearest wall, he placed her shoulders up against it and started to drive
in and out of her as fast as he could manage.

"Don't stop." She lustfully begged several times. She kissed at his mouth in
a hot manner, sliding her tongue around. her breasts bounced against his
chest as her nails dug into his back and her legs tightly around his waist.

Placing one hand above the hot, sultry slut enveloping his dick. He kissed
her back just as forcefully, loving how every appendage was close to him as
they pounded each other. The Canadian gasped lightly as her nails dug into
his skin and scratched upwards, leaving faint marks on his back. Changing his
pace, he uncurled her right leg and placed it on his shoulder. He then
withdrew his shaft until only the head remained. Then slammed it all the way
back in, delivering a full stroke inside the hot, young slut.

She held onto him tightly, as she could hear their bodies colliding, making a
loud smacking sound. She couldn't pull away from the kiss, loving the idea of
swapping spit as she took it.

Christian moaned into the kiss, the only sound coming from the room was the
sound of skin-on-skin action and the two tag partners sharing a kiss. His
continued long stroke method of fucking seemed to do the trick as Kelly held
him tightly.

Kelly broke the kiss, licking at his lips as she looked into his eyes,
enjoying how intensely he pounded her little cunt.

He then flicked his tongue against her precious lips as sweat started to form
on his brow. Not that you could tell of course from all the hot water
cascading on them. He continued to fuck her with wild abandon, his primal
instincts taking over as they fucked. His long strokes soon became shorter
yet quicker strokes. Christian couldn't help but moan as her hot, wet pussy
hugged his member tightly.

Kelly lip locked him again as she scratched deeply into his back, her nails
digging deeply as she broke the kiss. She bounced rapidly on the big dick,
panting like the little whore she is. "Oh fuck... Fuck..."

The Canadian smiled at her whorish ways as she cried out multiple curse
words. His strokes were getting more and more erratic, just aiming to get her
off now. With his free hand, he started to play with Kelly's tit making her
moan at the touch.
Kelly's nails were in deep as her body shook. She shrieked in pleasure as her
juices were building in her little fucked cunt. As he pulled out, she
squirted onto his cock and stomach, while clenching onto his back.

"Fuck me, we've got a squirter!" Christian announced playfully as she came
all over him. As she came down from the orgasm, he sat her down, still shaky
from the orgasm. "Well, I think since you've cum twice and I haven't... I
should try your ass."
"Mmm, you really want to stretch it out, don't you?" Kelly blushed as she
licked at the head of the big dick with her tongue, tasting herself.

"Fuck... Yes..." He said with a smile, watching her perform maintenance on
his shaft, licking up some of her own cum. "I think you need it."

Kelly was on her knees, looking up at him. "Mm... Only on one condition

The Canadian sighed heavily from lust as he looked down at her, ready for her
stipulation. "What's that hun?"

"Close your eyes.." The cute blonde giggled.

Suddenly apprehensive, he did so, but very cautiously. Shutting his eyes ever
so slightly, he awaited his next instruction with baited breath.

Kelly slowly crawled behind her handsome tag partner and grabbed at his firm
ass cheeks. She spread them apart and admired the hairless backside. Slowly,
she pressed her wet tongue to his puckered hole, flicking gently. "I get to
play with yours first."

"Jesus!" Christian exclaimed aloud, looking over his shoulder at her sudden

"You really are freaky you know that?" He asked with a smile as Kelly Kelly
went to work on his ass hole, similar to how he had on hers earlier.

"Mmm... It's only fair." Kelly flicked at his asshole, while spanking and
grabbing at his ass. Her tongue rolled in circles on it, as she pushed her
mouth forward, eating his ass out.

"I... *Sigh* I guess so. You're doing such a good job too. Never really
thought about trying this..." He said, his eyes shutting in pleasure. He
tugged on his shaft lightly, making sure he stayed hard for the grand finale.

"Mmm, you'll like it." Kelly moaned into his ass as she tried to tongue fuck
his resistant asshole while she cupped his balls gently. She rolled her
tongue in circles, coating his hole in saliva.

"God... I... I will..." He sighed again, her tongue dancing over his bud as
he tried to keep it open for her, but still throwing up some barriers.

Her tongue wouldn't stop slithering against his hole, as she rubbed her index
finger over it gently, moving faster along with her tongue as she ate his hot
ass. The young Canadian moaned at the touch, this was certainly something he
would be trying again. Arching his back as not to give Kelly Kelly a stink
face, he propped his elbows on the wall and moaned happily as she went to
work on him.

"You have such a hot ass." Kelly moaned into his backside, as her tongue
would keep trying to poke at his tight hole, along with her finger. Her other
hand cupped his balls, sliding back and forth over his taint.

"Thanks." He said with a smile, enjoying the feeling of her worshiping his
lower body parts. "Your ass is hot too... Well not just your ass... You are
hot too."

Kelly forced her index finger into his asshole, moving it back and forth
without a warning before spitting onto his asshole. She moved her mouth back,
licking his ass cheek. "Mm, I think I'm ready for the ass-fucking.."

Being brought back to reality, he looked down and saw that Kelly Kelly was in
front of him, presenting herself essentially. "You want me to lube up any
more?" He asked, looked down at his saliva and cum-covered dick.

"Just spit onto my asshole." The cute diva asked for such a dirty deed as she
swayed her plump ass from left to right.

Smiling wickedly, Christian nodded his head. "You got it."

Getting on his hands and knees as well, he steadied her ass and parted her
cheeks. Spitting on the opening, she moaned at the touch of his saliva. Using
his dick's head to spread it around liberally, the Canadian then readied to
fuck her. Taking one deep breath, he slid inside her ass.

Kelly shrieked with pain and pleasure as the thick rod starting to sink into
her extremely tight ass. It squeezed around his tool as she looked back with
her mouth wide open.

Keeping a calm face on, he leaned forward and kissed her. Her asshole was
unbelievably tight as he got two or three inches in. Pushing onwards, he
forced another two inches inside her making her scream even louder.

"You're stretching my little hole out..." Kelly whined and panted into his
mouth as she kissed him, reaching back and holding her cheeks apart for him.

Grunting, Christian nodded and started to deliver the dirty talk. "Fuck yeah
I am. I'm going to ruin dick for you. You'll only be able to get fucked by me
now. No one will do it as good as me!"

He took hold of her arms and pulled her upwards, keeping hold of her wrists
he started to fuck her faster as she adjusted to the size.

The young slut saw the intense side of her tag partner and loved it. She had
her back arched and her juicy breasts bounced each time her ass clapped
against his waist. She felt her asshole plugged with such a big fat cock,
enjoying it sliding back and forth.

"Mmm fuck.."

Bending over further, Christian took her arms and placed them in an almost
Full Nelson hold. Fucking her faster, he kissed the side of her face as he
felt the cum bubble up in his balls.

"Shit... Kelly I'm going to cum!" He exclaimed, unsure if he could cum in her

"Fill me, please." She begged for his sticky warm cum as she got her ass
pounded by her partner, all for taking a shower in his room. She pushed back,
making her ass clack against him.

"You got it babe!" He said as he relentlessly pounded her ass hole, making
sure to get as much of his dick in her as he could. Taking one quick gasp of
air, he plunged in deeper and shot his load deep inside her bowels. Several
warm spurts made their way inside her ass making her fill up quickly. Spent,
he pulled out of his tag team partner's ass and slumped up against the shower

Kelly remained on all fours, her asshole squeezing together as cum dripped
out. She panted and looked back, licking her lips. "Now I have to get all
cleaned up again.."

Smiling, he scooped up some of his cum and presented it to her.

"Well, I'll help. What are partners for eh?"

With a sly grin, Kelly licked at his fingers, sucking on them gently before
starting the water again.

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