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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because
we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Sorry Chris, This Is My Show
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Following his count-out loss to the Big Show during the first hour of the
October 12, 2009 episode of RAW airing from Pikeville, Kentucky's E KY Expo
Center, Chris Jericho, wearing his wrestling trunks and carrying his two
Unified WWE Tag Team Championship belts, has a scowl on his face. "This is
Nancy O'Dell's fault, because of her, DX turned Big Show against me... well
I'll show her... this my world..." Jericho says as he starts to walk at a
brisk pace towards Access Hollywood's Nancy O'Dell's office. Jericho puts
both of his belts on his right shoulder as he opens the door and walks right
in, which causes Nancy O'Dell, who's dressed in a short white skirt and
Indianapolis Colts blue top, to look at him as if he has two heads. "You and
I have to talk... do you know who I am..." Jericho starts to say as he closes
the door.

The Guest Host for Monday Night RAW and host of Access Hollywood, Nancy
O'Dell, folds her arms across her nicely sized chest and takes a moment to
look at Chris Jericho, before smirking slightly. "Yeah...yeah...I know who
you are..." Nancy O'Dell replies, before then adding, "Weren't you the person
who just lost a match?"

Jericho narrows his eyes as he puts his Unified Tag Team Championship belts
down, "I am Chris Jericho... I am the best in the world... you should be
pandering to my every need... because of you The Big Show..." Jericho starts
to say as Nancy cuts him off.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa...hold on a minute Chris..." Nancy O'Dell says as she
raises her hands up in defense. "I had nothing to do with Big Show choosing
to side with Team RAW, I simply told Shawn Michaels and Triple H that they
could approach whom ever they wanted..."

"Exactly you did that without consulting me... I am one half of the Unified
Tag Team Champions... I can be on any show I want... and because of you The
Big Show is now on Team RAW instead of being on Team SmackDown..." Chris
Jericho says.

Nancy raises an eyebrow as she looks at Chris Jericho before presses her
moist lips together "Ok Chris...but correct me if I'm wrong, since I am the
Guest Host tonight...RAW is my show, not your show..."

Jericho smirks, "You think because you're the Guest Host that means
something? You listen to me... because I'm..." Jericho starts to say before
Nancy cuts him off.

"Chris..." Nancy O'Dell says before she takes a step toward the egotistical
SmackDown Superstar, "Do you know the reason why myself and some of the our
Guest Hosts of RAW, don't show you the proper respect?"

"Because you're all ignorant charlatans that love to pander to the parasites
in the WWE Universe..." Jericho answers with a cocky tone of voice.

Nancy O'Dell shakes her blond haired head and firmly looks at Chris Jericho.
"No Chris, that's not the reason. Just maybe, like I am, the other Guest
Hosts are sick of hearing you say the same things each week and do the same
things each week, and complain about the same things each week...." Nancy
pauses and then good-naturedly smiles at Jericho. "Maybe Chris, you should
try something new..."

Jericho narrows his eyes before raising an eyebrow, "What are you talking

Nancy smiles and claps her hands lightly together. "What I'm saying Chris, is
maybe instead of insulting the Guest Hosts of RAW, like you insulted me
earlier, you respect us and try to do something impressive, something that
would make headlines..."

Chris Jericho smirks, "Typical media slime... always wanting some big
headline because you have no journalistic talent..." Jericho says, "You want
something extraordinary... you need to remember that I am Chris Jericho I am
the best at what I do...." Jericho says before he grabs Nancy by her hips and
pulls her towards himself.

Nancy immediately raises her hands up in a protective manner and she body
firmly collides with Chris Jericho when he pulls her in close, her soft,
smooth hands end up on his gorgeously tanned and muscular chest. "Chris! What
are you doing!?" Nancy asks in a slightly loud voice.

"Treating you like you deserve..." Jericho says as he slides his hands around
Nancy and places them on her skirt-covered ass. Nancy slides her hands
slightly on his sweat-coated chest when Jericho leans forward and kisses
Nancy's soft lips and he works his tongue quickly into Nancy's mouth.

"Mmmmmmm!" Nancy O'Dell instantly moans in protest as Chris Jericho firmly
kisses her soft lips and invades her mouth with his tongue, however, the host
of Access Hollywood starts to gradually return the kiss and press her tongue
back against Jericho's tongue.

"Mmmm..." Jericho moans slightly as he moves his tongue against Nancy
O'Dell's tongue. Jericho squeezes Nancy's ass through the material of her
short white skirt before he starts to push it down from her slender hips.
Nancy closes her eyes as she smoothly pats her soft hands against Jericho's
muscular, tanned and sweat coated chest as she massages her moist lips
against his firm lips while her short white skirt drops from her curved,
smooth waist.

Jericho breaks the kiss with Nancy O'Dell as her skirt falls down to her
feet, "You're just like anyone else... just want a piece of the best in the
world..." Jericho says as he boldly lifts up Nancy's top.

Nancy O'Dell smiles softly and raises her arms as Jericho removes her blue
Indianapolis Colts top to expose her nicely perky and rounded, tanned tits.
"I think you just want a piece of me..." Nancy replies with a smirk as she
steps out of the white skirt bundled at her feet and she kicks the skirt to
the side. Chris Jericho doesn't reply as places his hands on Nancy's tits and
he lowers his head to flick his tongue against Nancy O'Dell's nipples. Nancy
lightly bites down on her bottom lip as she feels Jericho's warm tongue
flicking against her perky nipples, cupping his hands underneath her juicy

"Mmmm..." Jericho moans as he flicks his tongue against her right nipple and
then her left nipple as he holds her tits with his hands. As Jericho laps his
tongue against her hardening nipples, Nancy places her hands on his waist.

Nancy grits her teeth and closes her eyes, leaning her blond haired head back
slightly. "Ohhhhh Chris..." Nancy O'Dell groans as she feels Jericho's tongue
working against her nipples and juicy tits as she places her hands against
the waistline of his wrestling trunks, lightly digging her fingernails into
the material of the trunks. Jericho lifts his eyes to glance up at Nancy as
he glides his tongue against her tits while she starts to pull against the
waistline of his wrestling trunks. Jericho lifts his head up and smirks slyly
at Nancy. Nancy locks her beautiful eyes with Chris Jericho and smiles back
at the egotistical Superstar while she pulls his wrestling trunks down from
his gorgeous, muscular and tanned waist.

"Look down..." Jericho smirks as Nancy lowers his wrestling trunks from his
gorgeous waist, freeing his thick, foot long cock that is gradually

Nancy glances down at the impressive cock of Chris Jericho and nods her blond
haired head, clearly impressed. "Maybe you do have a reason to be so
cocky..." Nancy replies with a laugh.

"I am larger than life..." Jericho says as he puts his hands on Nancy's
shoulders and he begins to push the Guest Host from Access Hollywood down to
her knees. Once kneeling in front of Chris Jericho, Nancy O'Dell places her
left hand around the base of his impressive shaft before smoothly sliding her
right hand up the length of it.

"Mmmmm..." Jericho moans slightly as Nancy O'Dell strokes his hardening cock
with her right hand. Nancy raises her right hand to the head of his shaft
before she removes the hand, keeping her left hand steady at the base to
guide his shaft up into her wet and warm mouth. "Ahhhh... " Jericho moans as
Nancy O'Dell wraps her lips around his cock after taking about five inches of
it into her warm and wet mouth.

"Mmmmmm..." Nancy O'Dell moans as she starts to smoothly bob her blond haired
head on Jericho's cock, her soft lips gently brushing against his shaft.

"Mmmmm.... ahhhh...." Jericho moans as he places his right hand on Nancy's
head as she bobs her head smoothly on his large shaft. Nancy closes her eyes
as she focuses on Chris Jericho's large cock inside of her nicely wet mouth.
Nancy places her right hand onto his gorgeous waist as she starts to bob her
head at a slightly quicker pace, lapping her tongue against his cock.

"Awww.... ahhh.... you've done this a lot... I can tell..." Chris Jericho
moans as Nancy O'Dell takes his cock deeper into her mouth as she sucks on it
at a brisk pace.

"Mmmmm...mmmm..." Nancy moans against Jericho's cock as she turns her head
and proceeds to lower her blond haired head further down on his impressive

"Ahhhhh aww..." Jericho moans as he begins to move his hips to thrust his
cock in and out of Nancy's mouth.

"Mmmmmm...mmmm..." Nancy moans as her tongue against to slap against the head
of his cock while he pumps his shaft smoothly in and out of her nicely wet
and soothing warm mouth.

"Yeah.... you know I'm the best baby..." Jericho moans as he smoothly fucks
Nancy's mouth as she bobs her head on his shaft.

"Mmmmm...mmmm..." Nancy O'Dell moans as she glances up at Jericho as he
swiftly pumps his shaft into her wet and warm mouth, her saliva dripping on
his cock.

"Mmmmmm ahhh..." Jericho licks his lips as he pulls his large saliva coated
cock out of Nancy's mouth, causing some of her saliva to drip from her lips
in the process. Nancy laughs as she removes her left hand from the base of
Jericho's shaft and wipes some saliva off of her bottom lip. The extremely
egotistical Superstar pulls Nancy up from the ground and turns her around to
bend her over the perfectly polished desk. Jericho takes a moment to check
out Nancy's ass before he guides his saliva-coated cock into her tight

"Ohhhhhh..." Nancy O'Dell moans as she feels Chris Jericho's cock sliding
into her moist and tight pussy from behind, causing her to rock forward
against the polished desk.

"Ahhh yeah..." Jericho moans as he starts to thrust his large cock in and out
of Nancy's tight warm and wet pussy as he places his hands on her waist.

"Ohhhhhh...mmm yeah Chris..." Nancy moans and licks her lips as she grinds
her nicely rounded, tanned ass back against Jericho's muscular waist as he
firmly pumps his cock into her pussy from behind.

"Ahhhhh... awww...." Chris Jericho grunts as he thrusts his cock in and out
of Nancy's pussy. Jericho licks his lips as he pushes his cock deeper into
Nancy's pussy with each thrust.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhh yeah...." Nancy moans as she places her hands onto the
polished surface of the desk, and her hands instantly slide against the
smooth surface as Jericho drills her tight pussy.

"Ahhhh.... mmmm yeah.... you know I'm an example of excellence... I am the
best at what I do..." Jericho moans as he pounds Nancy O'Dell's pussy with
harder thrusts.

"Ohhhh...mmm keep talking Chris...keep talking..." Nancy O'Dell groans
sarcastically and laughs. Chris Jericho narrows his eyes and he pulls his
cock out of Nancy's pussy. The self proclaimed only honest man in Sports
Entertainment turns Nancy around and lifts her onto the desk. He then spreads
Nancy's legs and rams his cock back into her tight pussy.

"Ohhhhhh!" Nancy moans in surprise as she feels Jericho's cock roughly ram
into her pussy, causing her to rock back on the surface of the polished desk.

"Ahhhhh... mmmm..." Chris Jericho grunts as he looks down at Nancy's pussy
and watches as he pumps his own large cock in and out of her pussy. Nancy
O'Dell close she eyes and grits her teeth as she wraps her gorgeously tanned
and smooth legs around his waist as he pumps his shaft deeply into her tight,
wet pussy.

"Awww.... mmmmmm ahhhh..." Jericho licks his lips as he places his hands on
Nancy's thighs as he increases the pace and force of his thrusts as he fucks

"Ohhh...ohhhh Chris...ohhhh yeah..." Nancy moans and licks her lips as she
feels his shaft deeply thrusting into her pussy while she places her hands
behind her onto the polished surface of the desk.

"Mmmmm.... ahhhh.... awww..." Chris Jericho grits his teeth as he pumps his
cock swiftly and deeply into Nancy O'Dell's tight wet pussy as she pushes
herself against him.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhh yeah Chris...ohhhh" Nancy moans and grits her teeth as she
begins to lightly sweat while she smoothly pushes her body against Jericho's
thrusting cock. Jericho wipes some sweat from his forehead before he puts his
hands on Nancy's waist to lift her off the desk. As he keeps his brisk pace
in fucking Nancy's pussy, Jericho starts to bounce her on his cock.

"Ohhhh...ohhh yeah Chris...ohhh just like that..." Nancy O'Dell moans as she
wraps her arms around Jericho's neck and starts to bounce rapidly on his
shaft while he stands.

"Ahhhhh... mmmmm.... ahhh..." Jericho grunts and moans as he keeps pumping
his cock in and out of Nancy's pussy as he lifts and drops her on his shaft.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhh yeah Chris...ohhhh..." Nancy moans as she lowers herself on
Jericho's cock as he deeply thrusts upward into her wet pussy. Chris Jericho
smirks as Nancy wildly bounces on his cock as he keeps ramming it deep into
her soaking pussy.

"Ohhhhh...mmmm shit..." Nancy moans as her pussy tightens around his shaft
and she begins to cum on his cock.

"Ahhhhh awww yeah..." Chris Jericho groans as Nancy cums on his cock as he
keeps pumping it into her. As his cock starts to throb, Jericho sits Nancy
back on the desk. Nancy slowly licks her moist lips as she lightly grinds her
pussy down against his cock as it pulsates within her pussy.

"Awww you're going to show me the respect I deserve... because I am the
reason those parasites watch RAW... not for media slime like you..." Jericho
says as he pulls his throbbing cock out of Nancy O'Dell's moist pussy.

Nancy O'Dell raises an eyebrow and smirks slightly "That's funny Chris...
because you just had sex with that so-called media slime..." Nancy says with
a laugh as she lifts herself off of the desk.

"You..." Jericho starts to speak as Nancy reaches down with her left hand to
firmly grabs Jericho by his balls which instantly shuts him up.

"What were you saying?" Nancy O'Dell asks with a raised eyebrow as she holds
his ballsack with her left hand while placing her right hand around his shaft
and begins to stroke his pulsating shaft.

"Ahhhhh you.... AWWW!" Jericho screams a bit as Nancy tightly squeezes his
ballsack as she strokes his cock with her right hand.

Nancy presses her lips together in amusement. "What Chris? I can't understand
you..." Nancy O'Dell says as she moves her right hand against his cock.

"Ahhhh you... fuck... AWW!" Jericho screams a bit again when Nancy squeezes
his balls again with her left hand while his cock pulsates wildly in her
right hand. Nancy releases the grip of Jericho's ballsack with her left hand
and lowers her head, opening her mouth and taking the swollen, throbbing head
of his shaft into her mouth.

"Ahhhhh awwww..." Jericho tilts his head back as his cock starts to erupt and
he shoots his warm spunk right into Nancy O'Dell's mouth. Nancy presses her
lips around his shaft as she allows the cum to flow into her mouth before she
swallows his warm load.

"Ahhhh awww..." Jericho moans as Nancy slowly lifts her head off of his cock
and he reaches down with both hands to cup his ballsack that was squeezed
firmly by Nancy a few minutes earlier.

Nancy O'Dell stands up from the floor and places her hands onto her hips.
"Now Chris...RAW is not over yet, so technically this is still my show and I
giving you 15 minutes to gather belongings and leave the arena or I will have
security throw you out!"

"You.... you can't do... that!" Jericho says as he holds his pain-filled
ballsack with both of his hands.

Nancy raises an eyebrow "I can't Chris? I'm the Guest Host, I can do whatever
I want..." Nancy O'Dell says with a smirk on her beautiful face. "I suggest
you hurry...15 minutes 14 minutes now..."

Jericho grabs his wrestling trunks and quickly puts them on as he starts to
stumble towards the door, "You fucking bitch.... you'll pay for this..."
Jericho says as he grabs his Unified Tag Team Championship belts before
opening the door to leave.

Nancy O'Dell shakes her head "Some people are all talk..." Nancy says to
herself with a soft laugh.


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