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The World Wrestling Federation and Titan Sports are god, they own all the
characters, I just borrowed them for this story. The Great One is the best
of the best while the Ninth Wonder of the World should be the Great One's
partner in more ways than one. Sorry to anyone who is offended by this, no
flames please, this is my first fiction, so let me know what you think,

by Jakarta

Chyna rolled over that morning to find the bed beside her empty. He had
been there, it hadn't just been a dream. If it was it had been a cruel one.
Sliding out of the bed, wrapping the silk sheet around herself, she walked
quietly out of the room. The curtain billowed out like a parachute as the
wind caught it behind the open door. The cool breeze was a pleasant, fresh
feeling as she neared the door, her jet black hair blown away from her
shoulders by the wind. Then she caught sight of him, his dark tanned skin
bare in the morning sunshine. Deep in thought he didn't notice her, the
freedom of the balcony 22 stories up, the gentle breeze and warm sun taking
his mind miles away.

"Rocky, You okay?" she whispered, letting her hand touch his bare shoulder.

"Sorry...I...I...didn't want to wake you. I couldn't sleep." He sounded
vague as he turned to her, her hand resting on his chest.

"What is it?" She was concerned for him, his increasing insomnia worrying

"I really don't know. It just hits me hard sometimes."

"Try and relax, come inside." Taking his hand she led him indoors. "I think
it's probably stress, you haven't had a decent break in four months. It's
time for you to have some time for yourself. That match last night was pretty
tough on you." Back in the bedroom, she coaxed him to lie on the bed. "Close
your eyes." She whispered, softly beginning to massage oil into his chest,
"Just breathe, nice and gently, that's it."

Moving across to his left arm, then his right arm, focussing for a while
on his solid neck. As he began to drift, Chyna shifted her concentration,
sliding her hands softly over his solid abs, his body needing release. As his
breathing deepened, her hands wandered, slipping under the waistband of his
black tracksuit bottoms. Without disturbing him, she took them off allowing
her to continue with the gentle massage. Spreading more oil on her hands, she
delicately covered his dark skin, his muscular thighs, calves, tight butt and
sculpted back. Finally in the realms of a safe sleep, she laid the silk sheet
over his lower body and left him alone.

* * *

Four and a half hours later, Chyna returned from the gym, Rochester was nice
this time of year if a little cold. The door to the balcony was still open as
she passed it, picking up a bottle of water from the fridge, she went quietly
into her bedroom. He hadn't moved at all. Her boyfriend was handsome beyond
belief, this was the first time he'd stayed over in the three months they'd
been going out. Reluctantly, she woke him, stroking his face, whispering his
name, he began to stir.

"Come on sleepy head, that's enough sleep for now."

"Just let me sleep, please." He was exhausted. The last four months had
blurred into one, no breaks, no days off. The continuous toll of the ring
work, non stop travelling round the country and endless appearances meant
his body either wanted to keep going on just a few hours sleep here and
there or to collapse and give up. This time was a combination. It was
time so say "I've had enough," but Rock was too dedicated to say that.

"If you sleep too much, you won't sleep later. I know how much you like my
apartment but I think you'd prefer to be in Miami." She sat on the edge of
the bed watching him.

"I'm supposed to be in Seattle tonight." He was only just awake as she
persuaded him to sit up a little.

"Already sorted, I spoke to Vince, you've got the next two weeks off." He
looked relieved and disappointed at the same time. Disappointed because he'd
be separated from her, relieved because he could relax at last. She could see
that look in his eyes, and before he could say anything, "Don't panic babe, I
booked two tickets on that plane to Miami." She smiled, leaning forward
slowly to kiss his cheek. Watching him as he stood up from the bed, he pulled
back on his discarded tracksuit trousers and stretched out a little, his back
was tired, officially complaining at the unforgiving work it had done of
late. "Hey take it easy you." She said as she tossed a white t-shirt to him.
"I'll get packing, do you want a drink?"

* * *

Rock found his car exactly where he'd left it the last time he'd managed to
get home for a few hours, he was quite glad not to get another rental. As he
drove Chyna through Miami and out towards Davie, she seemed quietly engrossed
in relaxing in the warm sun, the convertible perfect for the kind of weather.
The house wasn't huge, but it certainly looked beautiful, the grounds were
well kept and amazing. He eased the car through the gates and parked it in
front of the house.

"Home at last." Home had seemed a passing memory of late and it would be
great to have time to himself, and alone with Chyna, the team were great and
all, but getting no break from them was only survivable for so long.

"This is beautiful," She walked round the car to his side, "I'd like to call
it home."

"Glad I do, come on." He grabbed their kit and took it inside. "Make yourself
at home, gorgeous." He walked into a room leaving her stood in the large
hallway, following him into his office she looked around. Strictly minimalist
and well organised, it was a quiet haven away from his hectic life. A
computer stood on the large desk against the far wall by the fax machine and
phone. An breath taking picture of an ocean sunrise on the wall by the door.
That said, it seemed to explain the rest of the house. The lounge had a stone
floor, light coloured walls and two very large leather couches, a glass
coffee table between them. A flat screen television on the wall and a very
modern cabinet nearby, hiding the VCR, DVD player and Playstation 2. Wall
mounted speakers in each corner of the room weren't noticeable, unless you
were looking for them. A black panther watched her walk around the room from
his hiding place in the undergrowth of the picture that hung on the wall.
Huge patio doors gave her a great view of his garden.

Determined to explore, she headed back to the hallway. She found the kitchen
without any difficulty, and yes her boyfriend really could cook. A little
further investigation led her to another room similar to the lounge. A few
large bookcases covered alternate walls; little else filled the room, except
two big leather armchairs that even he could curl up in. Just a quiet place
for him to chill out in and find himself miles away, the mountain landscape
captured her imagination, there was more to him than she'd thought. Heading
upstairs, she wanted to find his bedroom. Nothing could surprise her as she
saw him stood by the bed, putting his kit away. There was nothing busy about
the room, it was calm and restful, fans on the ceiling already spinning
slowly, cooling the room from the heat of the day. The bed was unique,
supported by three long arches, it was elegant, fitting beautifully in the
room with huge bay windows out to a balcony that overlooked the patio and
the garden. Another picture catching her attention, the eyes of the Bengal
tiger staring at her, just as the panther had.

"Hey you." He looked to her and seeing the big smile on her face, continued
with what he was doing. 'I cook, I iron, I wash, you'd be surprised.' He
laughed, as she feigned shock.

"Don't think so flyboy, at least it means I won't have to cook!! So handsome,
where's my room?"

"You actually have to ask? Well I couldn't get the builders in to put in a
big enough extension so you'll have to share with me!!" He tried to hide the
devious smile as he hung up his favourite shirt in the closet.

"Oh, and I wanted a really cool room too," they loved winding each other up,
it made the relationship more fun.

"I'm sorry."

"No problem, I'll just take over the rest of the house."

"You go girl. Hungry?" It was beginning to get late and Rock had the ideal
place in mind for dinner.

"Yeah, where are you gonna take me tonight then?"

"That would be telling, but I think you'll enjoy it."

* * *

They walked along the beach as the sun was setting, the meal had been
everything he'd promised, and now was just pure relaxation. As they neared
the house she whispered, "Take me to bed or lose me forever."

He pulled her in close, his kiss so passionate she could barely contain the
excitement and lust that bubbled within her. "Oh I will, tonight is going to
be a night neither of us will ever forget. It just depends if you think you
can handle it."

She had no idea what he meant but she'd find out soon enough. They were so
close now as a couple, but since the evening they first went out, they hadn't
shared each other. The mutual decision was to wait until the right time,
until the chaos of their lives gave them a few days to themselves. Vince had
given them the break. They shared the same bed, the same pleasure of waking
up in the same bed. But nothing more. Until now.

He led her into the house and up the elegant stairway to the safe haven of
his stunning bedroom.

"Close your eyes, imagine." He whispered huskily in her ear. His body pressed
against her, his arms snaking around her full body, slowly undressing her,
his muscular chest against her back. He kissed every part of her neck, while
his hands explored her, the anticipation was driving her wild as he held off
on the intensity. She could feel his heavy breathing on her neck as his
searching fingers teased her, probing her increasing moistness.

"Tell me your fantasies... tell me your nightmares... tell me your fears...
tell me your dreams... am I there?" His deep, husky voice intensified her
desire to take him to places he'd never been as she pushed her hand back
against the growing hardness in his trousers. Undoing his belt and fly, she
felt his bare member hard and longing for her, the touch of her cool hand
brought a sharp intake of the warm air from him. He had to keep control, the
surge of adrenaline threatened to push him over the edge before he was ready
as she gripped him, bringing him so close. He wanted to take her now but this
was going to be earth shattering for them both. Her dress already lay on the
floor as she slid her hand down to take off his trousers.

He stroked her breasts under the silk bra, pushing himself almost to breaking
point and taking her along with him. She twisted round to face him, stripping
him of the shirt he was wearing, he grasped at her firm butt grinding her
hard against him, heightening the heat that burned in his groin. The kiss was
passionate beyond expectation as he eased her to the bed, her breasts
brushing over his muscular chest, working his way over her body, taking time
to lick and suck each nipple and fondle her breasts, tormenting her,
dominating her with every movement, taking her over the edge at every
opportunity. He was amazing, his every touch electrified her as he passed
over her hard abs, his skilled tongue circling her, flicking quickly over
her, arousing her as she came again and again, wanting him inside her.

Little encouragement was needed as he felt it too, thrusting his entirety
inside her, he almost came immediately. Overcome by the full magnificence of
him, she begged him to push harder and deeper, wrapping her legs round his
hips and holding his solid neck, calling his name over and over. They came
together and his hardness remained, the penetration slowed but each time was
no less powerful, her cries of pleasure fuelling his desire as a rush of
adrenaline to them both pushed them deeper to one another, their bodies
arched and ecstasy came all too quickly. She rolled him over, taking control,
pinning his arms above his head, tempting him with her breasts, captivating
his incredible body as she straddled him. Urgency filled her as he hardened
completely, wanting to be controlled.

"Touch me... ahhh... take me... God Chyna... please... ahhh... deeper baby
please..." His voice deepened, begging her to unleash him. He couldn't fight
her as she pinned him, she ground fully onto him, exactly the way he needed
it, harder and faster until she knew the next thrust would push him, pausing
long enough to drive the intense surges to breaking point, he cried her name
as she pushed down hard, feeling his body writhing under her as the waves of
absolute euphoria passed through him. He was spent, she too, lying in each
others arms, sleep claimed them, the morning sun already creeping over the

* * *

Rock woke Chyna with a tender kiss, his hands creeping over her soft skin,
her raven hair brushing against him.

"You are so beautiful." He whispered as she began to stir, gazing into her
dark eyes.

"You're pretty amazing yourself, this is gonna have to be a permanent
relationship." She leaned closer, kissing his full lips, breaking off after
a moment to yawn. "Can I have my lie in now?" she asked glancing at the clock
on his bedside table, 11:46.

"Sure, coffee?"

"Please, then you can come back to bed and look after me some more!" He
slid out of the bed, grabbed a grey t-shirt and headed for the kitchen,
leaving his gorgeous companion to curl up in his bed.

Returning only minutes later, he handed her the mug of hot coffee, just the
way she liked it. He lay down next to her, their bodies moulding together.

Hours passed and it was the middle of the afternoon when Rock crawled out
of bed again. Chyna had dozed off, or so he thought. He stood in the shower,
the steaming hot water running over his supple dark skin. His back was still
complaining at the stress as he felt hands massaging it. Chyna was behind
him, her long raven hair sticking to her body. Easing the discomfort he felt
didn't take long as her focus changed to his entire body.

"Let me control you." She whispered, the water cascading over her, taking
the shower gel, she rubbed it all over him, taking special care over his
tired body. "Relax." She was a miracle worker, knowing how to look after him
when he needed it most. The high impact nature of working in the squared
circle had always meant his body had suffered and rebelled from time to time.
The Iron Man Match with Hunter a few months ago had left him stiff and sore
and he'd never fully recovered. That had been followed by table matches and
ladder matches with the high flyers of the roster, the Hardyz, Edge and
Christian and a few others. He leant on the wall, Chyna carefully tending
him. He didn't notice her turn the water off and get out of the shower,
offering him the towel.

"I think we should have a very quiet day, you need some rest." She stood
in the bedroom, as he perched on the end of his bed. The tiredness had come
out of no where, suddenly claiming him after weeks of restlessness. "How
about sitting outside in the sun, it's a nice day."

"Sounds good to me." He grabbed a pair of tight black running shorts and
headed downstairs, Chyna slipped into a bikini and followed him. Worried that
their actions from the previous night had aggravated his pain, she picked up
an icepack from the kitchen and went outside after him.

"Here, where is it worst?" she asked as he sat up enough for her to slip
it behind him.

"Middle of my back, last night has nothing to do with this, you know that
right?" She wasn't convinced, the look she gave him told him that.

"I don't want to make it worse, I love you too much..." He lay back down as
she sat beside him, softly stroking his face.

"I love you Chyna, I can't live without you anymore. Last night was
incredible, it meant so much to me, if you think I'm going to do what Hunter
did, you are very wrong. To me, our relationship is sacred, it's ours and
sharing it with people isn't right. That's what's bugging you." Deep down she
knew he was right, Hunter had betrayed her, he sat in the rec room boasting
about his conquest as she'd walked in. She knew what he'd done as she slapped
him hard, told him it was over and that he was crap in bed. There was no way
he could tell the others he'd dumped her, and the only person to see if she
was alright was Rock. He'd sat by her and calmed her down, telling her she
didn't have to be near Hunter, she could travel with him.

"I'm sorry for doubting you."

"Trust has to be earned, I expect nothing less, okay? Enjoy the sunshine
you." He smiled and leaned to her, kissing her gently. Easing her fears had
taken time and she did trust him as she let him sleep in the glorious sun
that warmed him. Their relationship would last.

* * *

WWF New York was a hive of activity as usual, being in the centre of Times
Square had that effect. All the team were there, it was a night for them, the
equivalent of the office party. Rock and Chyna stood chatting with Lita,
Matt, Jeff, Chris Jericho, Ivory and Tori. It didn't take long for the women
to pack the guys off for a few minutes to go and mingle, it had been Lita's
idea and they'd just gone along with it deciding to go and chat with Hunter,
Steve and Taker.

"So what have you two been upto for the last two weeks?" Lita wanted the
truth from her friend but Chyna had made her boyfriend a promise.

"Nothing much, we went down to the gym, had some early morning runs along
the beach, sunbathed, went shopping, relaxed. I didn't realise how great
Miami is."

"There's no point in lying to me, I can tell you two made out, it's that
look in your eyes every time you look at him that does it. So tell us the
details girlfriend."

"Even if we did, I wouldn't tell you lot."

"She did," Chyna gave her an evil look, she could see Rock across the room
getting a similar interrogation from the guys, he wasn't giving anything
away. "I bet $50 he's over there now telling them about it." The persuasion
didn't work on Chyna as she promptly took Lita up on her bet. Chyna trusted
Rock with her heart, body and soul and she knew he wouldn't let her down.

"If this is a proper bet, $100. We didn't do anything worth really talking
about, he went fishing most of the time."

"Give up Lita, you won't get anything out of her, you should know that by
now." Tori knew Chyna well enough to know she wouldn't say anything if she'd
made a promise. Lita walked off towards the guys, who were stood by the bar.
She could overhear them talking.

"Pack it in guys, just because I've had a couple of weeks off, doesn't
mean I don't know what you're upto. We went training, and every chance I got
I went fishing." He told the group gathered round him. "Being on the road for
four months has that kind of effect, but then you lot can't manage that."

"And the rest, we know you don't forget." Jericho chimed up.

"Oh really." Rock saw the women heading their way, then he caught sight
of Lita. Chyna was having fun. "So you think I'm gonna tell you everything,
you've got the wrong guy, I don't kiss and tell." The remark was aimed at
Hunter and Rock got an evil look for his troubles. Chyna stood behind Lita
as she heard him say it, "That's 100 bucks you owe me girl!" she whispered
so the others couldn't hear her. She moved close to Rock and let him slip
his arm round her.

"There's absolutely nothing to tell." He looked into her dark eyes and
smiled. Then looked back to the guys, they'd given up, and just a few minutes
later the couple excused themselves and went for the romantic dinner that
they'd planned.

Thankfully they had the peace they needed to enjoy their meal as Rock drove
to the hotel on the outskirts of town. The others stayed in one of the big
hotels in the city, Rock had always valued his privacy and had found a nice
place out of the way. When he'd first taken Chyna there, she'd seen the
positive side to it too. Parking the Grand Cherokee in the far corner of the
hotel lot, Rock let Chyna out.

"Why don't you go sit in the bar for a bit, give me chance to freshen up."
She said as they walked to the door.

"Sure, ten minutes do you?" He asked.

"Course." She took the keycard from him and kissed him on the cheek. He
watched her disappear up the grand staircase and headed into the bar. The
last two weeks had been great, just the two of them, Chyna had reawakened the
dormant dragon in him, the undeniable pleasure of being with her. She hadn't
realised how passionate he could be, sensitive and seductive, and she loved
him for it. In their room, she'd showered and had nicked his huge grey
t-shirt. She heard the door open as she stuck her head round the bathroom

"Hey darling," She heard him put his leather jacket on the chair, she left
the bathroom heading for the bed, her damp hair sticking to her back. "You
okay? I know seeing Hunter must be difficult..." he trailed off as warm hands
slid up under his tight black t-shirt and round his waist. He slid his shirt
over his head as she traced the lines of his muscular back with her fingers.

"Thank you for earlier," She said quietly, tugging him toward the king sized
bed. "After what he did to me, I wasn't completely sure I could trust you."

"Well, let me tell this gorgeous woman in front of me I won't ever let you
down. You are my soulmate. I knew from the moment I first saw you that we'd
be together one day, let's say it was our destiny. I want to make love to you
and no one else, I want us to trust each other completely. I know your past
has been rough, I just want..." No words could tell her exactly how he felt
as he bent to her, kissing her soft lips so tenderly. She knew more clearly
now as they parted and he gazed into her hazel eyes. "If I'm wrong, tell me,
I don't want you doing anything you don't want to..." Touching his lips with
a finger, she silenced him.

"Stop it, I want you Rock, I want you in my bed every night, I want you to
be with me if I need someone, I want to be able to hold you when you need it,
I love you, I want you." She pulled him down to her as she lay on the bed,
the kiss was more passionate now as he took most of his weight on his arms,
holding his fabulous body just inches away from hers. Both knew the mood
wasn't right for them to make a full night of it and they had a busy day
tomorrow. Probably a day full of wind ups and teasing, but as a team they'd
survive. As Chyna let her boyfriend go, he soon realised that she'd nicked
his t-shirt.

"You menace. You did this on purpose," she started laughing as he jokingly
told her off, tickling her. "Move over." He slipped in beside her, wearing
only his black boxers. Switching the lights off as they calmed down, her body
close to his, her head resting on his powerful shoulder and her hand crept
across his chest and abs. She felt his huge hand sitting on her hip.

"Sleep well baby." He whispered, kissing her hair.

"Night, darling. Love you." She closed her eyes, and slowly drifted to sleep,
Rock following suit. The soulmates were strong apart but together they were

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