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Spice Is Nice
By: Mathew (

I was just leaving the Nitro show, in a somewhat down mood as the show was
completely horrible, and my luck, as I was driving home my car broke down. So
I pulled over to the side of the road. Got out and opened the hood to see what
was wrong. I started working on my car, when I heard someone say "Need some

I looked up and there was Spice of the Nitro Girls. Spice asked "Would you
like to use my cell phone to call and get a tow truck?"

I smiled and said "Why yes" and I quickly added "You were great tonight

"Oh so you attended Nitro tonight? Thanks for coming out." Spice thankfully

"No, no, from what I saw of you, the pleasure was all mine." I added with a

"Oh, so I see you enjoyed my pole dancing routine?" Spice questioned.

"Liked it? I loved it!" I said.

"How about I go get that cell phone now and we can chat later tonight at my
hotel room until your car gets repaired."

"Sounds great" I responded with excitement.

As Spice walked over to her car, I finally got to check out what she had on.
She was wearing a mini-skirt with a loose t-shirt. She walked back over with
the phone and looked down under my car hood to scope it out, as I scoped out
her perky little titties. She had no bra on.

I then used the phone and the tow truck was on its way. "They said I could
just pick it up in the morning." I commented.

Spice added, "Well you can stay at my room with me tonight if you'd like? I
have no company, and I do get a bit lonely."

As I got into Spice's car with her, I jokingly asked "What do you do when
you get lonely?"

Spice openly said "Normally, I take long bath and do something like this."

Spice then slid her skirt up and slid her thong panties to the side and
began fingering her bald pussy. I looked at her in shock, as my cock was nearly
busting out of my pants. Spice noticed this and smiled and licked her lips.

"We better get to my room fast before that thing explodes." Spice said with
a giggle.

We then drove to the hotel. By the time we got in the elevator it was about
2AM and no one was in there with us, Spice's room was on the 12th floor and as
we were going up, me and her started kissing pationately, as I slid my hands up
her shirt and felt them erect tits and her firm breasts. Spice untucked my
shirt and undid my belt.

We were on her floor and I carried her to her room. We were in there, and
immediately she pushed me onto the bed, and unzipped my pants as my cock
flipped out and smacked her in the face. She then kissed the head of it and
licked up and down and played with my balls. She then began bobbing up and
down, deep throating my large cock. Spice was definately a pro-cock sucker as
in no time I was spurting a huge load of cum in her mouth and she swallowed
most of it with some dribbling off her chin onto my dick. She quickly cleaned
it off.

Spice then did a little strip dance for me as she took her shirt off and
threw it towards me, and she began feeling herself up and squeezing her
nipples. I began sucking them, and she was squirting milk out as I was drinking
it right up. Spice was moaning like crazy from this, as I slid down her skirt
leaving her just in her thong panties. I then slid those down and turned her
around and began licking her asshole and pussy from the back. I rubbed her
pussy as I plunged my tounge deep into her asshole. She was soon orgasming as
I began rubbing faster and harder. It felt so good on her smooth bald pussy.

She began stroking my cock as I continued to lick her tight asshole. My
cock was once again hard and she sat down guiding my dick into her small twat.
"OH!! HARDER!!! RAM ME!!!! SPANK ME!!! NOW!!! COME ON!!!" I then was spanking
her ass as she rode my rod. "YES BABY! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! DEEPER!" By now my
entire cock length was deep insider her warm nest.

We then changed positions, with her getting on her hands and knees and I
began ramming her doggy style. This didn't last long as we were both soon
cumming together. We then collapsed on one another and just layed there and
felt each other for awhile. As she was whacking me off I was fingering her
pussy and asshole at the same time, and soon she mounted me again, but this
time she was easing slowly down on my throbbing dick with her asshole. My
head finally stretched in, and soon there after my dick was swallowed by her
asshole. This felt like heaven as she slowly slid up and down, and soon sped

I groaned, "Faster! Oh, Yes! Your ass feels so good!"

Spice screamed, "I'm cumming I'm cumming!!! Oohohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

I then shot my load into her ass filling it up. As we once again collapsed
on one another with my dick still in her ass we layed down on her bed.

It was early in the morning and I had to go pick up my car, Spice offered to
give me a ride there, but I said I'd like to drive. So we hoped into Spice's
car, and as we were driving Spice took the seat belt and began rubbing it up
and down her moist cunt and soon she had my dick out and was sucking it again.
As we arrived at the car repair shop she was still sucking me off, I quickly
began whacking myself off and shooting my cum all over her face.

Then I tucked myself back in, and got out and got my car. Before I left,
Spice came over to me, and said she'd never forget the fun we had, and I
replied the same. She then said she'd like to check out my car, she saw the
stick shift and began fucking herself with it for a few minutes, and left it
all gooey for me and said she did that for me to remember her by. We had a
passionate kiss, and she drove away. Before I left, I licked the stick shift
clean of her juices.


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