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Spirited Discoveries
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a RAW brand house show in late October of 2006, two members
of the Spirit Squad, the overly arrogant Kenny and the powerful Nicky are
walking down the hallway towards their locker room with the Candilious
Playboy Covergirl, Candice Michelle. Both members of the Spirit Squad are
wearing green workout pants and white tank tops with green and white
jackets. "Damn Candice... I can't wait to raise your spirits up to a whole
new level..." Kenny says as he licks his lips.

Candice presses her lips together as she walks in between Kenny and Nicky
while dressed in a short black skirt and a black tank top. "Mmmm...well
boys...everyone knows that I'm too hot to handle...and I'm always in the
mood to raises some spirits..." Candice replies with a soft laugh as she
glances and locks her soft, seducing eyes with the self-proclaimed leader
of the Spirit Squad, Kenny, before she lowers her eyes and takes a quick
glance at Kenny's crotch before glancing over at Nicky's crotch as the
three approach the locker room of the Spirit Squad "Mmm...I do love
spirit..." Candice says as she licks her luscious lips.

Nicky smirks as he catches Candice glancing at his crotch, "Oh you're going
to get all the spirit that you can handle... that's a guarantee..." Nicky
says as he licks his lips a bit. Kenny laughs slightly,

"Yeah Candice... you're in for a spirit-filled night..." Kenny says as he
puts his hand on the door of the Spirit Squad's locker room and he pushes
it open. "So let's get started..." Kenny says as he starts to step into the
locker room, "What in the world?!" Kenny shouts.

"What's wrong in there?" Nicky asks as he and Candice stand behind Kenny,
who's blocking them from entering. Kenny just stands there, looking at his
fellow Spirit Squad teammate.

Mitch, sitting on the leather couch, completely naked and stroking his cock
while holding a photo in his free hand. "Oh shit..." Mitch says as he stops
what he's doing and looks at Kenny, Nicky and Candice standing in the

"What the fuck are you doing?!" Kenny shouts as he walks over towards him,
"Jerking off?! A Spirit Squad member does not jerk off!" Kenny shouts as he
grabs the photo from Mitch.

Nicky steps into the locker room before Candice does, "Aw chill Kenny..."
Nicky starts to say, but Kenny cuts him off when he looks at the photo,
which Mitch was looking at.

"What the fuck?! You're jerking off to a picture of Johnny?!" Kenny shouts.
Mitch doesn't reply as he looks down, completely embarrassed, and Nicky looks
at him completely stunned.

Kenny shakes his head, "Candice... sorry about this... but it seems we got a
little bitch right here..." Kenny says to her as he glares at Mitch.

Candice presses her lips together as she places her hands against her smooth,
Candilicious waist and raises an eyebrow "Mmm...a little bitch, huh?" Candice
replies with a sly smirk as she licks her lips and locks her eyes with the
hard, throbbing cock of Spirit Squad member, Mitch. "Ohhh...I have a feeling
things will be a little...too hot to handle..." Candice smirks as she glances
over her shoulder at Nicky, who stands behind her.

Nicky shrugs his shoulders, "I dunno... I'm just... stunned..." Nicky says.

Kenny then tears up the picture down the middle and shakes his head, "You
know... I've put up with a lot of shit! I'm the fucking leader of the Spirit
Squad... and we get made fun of for having a lot of Spirit.... and this
doesn't help matters you fucking idiot!" Kenny yells at Mitch, who looks
down, even more embarrassed. Kenny then looks at Nicky, "Hey Nicky... since
Candice is a girl... and Mitch acts like one... let's treat him like one!"

Nicky pauses, "Whoa... what?" Nicky says as he raises an eyebrow.

Kenny licks his teeth, "You know what I mean..." Kenny says and then he looks
at Candice, "Hey Candice you want to help with this?"

Candice bites down on her bottom lip seductively as she locks her eyes with
the dominating, arrogant leader of the Spirit Squad, Kenny, and nods her head
"Mmmm...ohhhh you bet I do!" Candice replies as she tosses her silky, soft
dark black hair back as she takes a step forward to join Kenny "Mmmm...
ohhhhh...lets make him the greatest...bitch...Eeeeevvveeerrrrr!" Candice
seductively shrieks as she glances at Kenny and presses her lips together.

Kenny laughs, "All right... what about you Nicky? You better be in..." Kenny
says in a seriously tone.

Nicky shrugs, "Ok... I'm in... shit... might be fun..." Nicky says just as
Mitch looks up at him with a betrayed look on his face.

Kenny smirks, "Great..." Kenny then looks at Mitch, "Stand up you little
bitch!" Kenny yells. When Mitch doesn't do what he's told, Kenny looks at
Nicky and motions with his head for him to make Mitch stand. Nicky walks
to the couch and then he pulls Mitch up to his feet and stands him in front
of Candice and Kenny. "Perfect..." Kenny says and then he looks at Candice,
"Candice... you mine taking my pants down?" Kenny asks as he pulls off his
white tank top.

Candice presses her lips together and slyly raises an eyebrow "Mmmm...I'd
love too..." Candice replies in a soft, slightly wicked tone as the
Candilicious RAW Diva kneels down in front of Kenny and places her hands
against his green workout pants and gently tugs them down from his waist
exposing his eleven-inch thick, semi-hard cock. Candice licks her lips as
she wraps her soft hands around Kenny's shaft and begins to gently stroke
the Spirit Squad leader's cock to hardness, without being told to.

"Mmmmm... yeah... that's good Candice..." Kenny moans and licks his lips as
Candice strokes his, hardening cock. He then looks at Nicky, "Get that little
bitch down on his knees!" Kenny yells as he points at Mitch. Nicky nods and
he forces Mitch down to his knees right in front of Kenny and right next to
Candice. Kenny licks his lips, "Candice... show this little bitch... how to
suck a dick..."

Candice Michelle presses her lips together as she glances up at Kenny and
smirks "Mmmm...why of course..." Candice says before she closes her eyes and
leans her head down to Kenny's fully hard cock and places her tongue against
the head of his cock. While she continues to stroke Kenny's cock, she starts
to lap her tongue around the head of his cock before opening her sweet,
devilish mouth and taking Kenny into her warm, wet mouth. The Playboy
Covergirl wraps her lips tightly around Kenny's shaft and begins to smoothly
bob her head on his thick shaft.

Mitch closes his eyes and shakes his head, "Look... guys I'm sorry!" Mitch

"Just deal with it man..." Nicky says as he holds Mitch in place.

Kenny licks his lips and moans as Candice bobs her head on his rock hard
eleven inch cock, "Uhhh yea Candice... mmmm... you think you gave him a good
example..." Kenny says as he pushes his left hand through Candice's soft
black hair. Candice gently slaps her soft tongue against Kenny's shaft as
she softly moans against his cock while she smoothly bobs her head, taking
Kenny's cock deeper into her mouth as she slides her delicate hands down
Kenny's shaft and towards his large ballsack. Candice cups his balls in her
hands and begins massage them while she starts to bob her head quicker on
Kenny's cock as she warm saliva drips against his shaft.

"Mmmm fuck... yeah..." Kenny says as he pulls his saliva-covered cock out of
Candice's mouth. Kenny then looks at Nicky and says, "Bring that bitch over
here!" Kenny orders as he glares down at Mitch. Nicky nods his head and he
forces Mitch closer to Kenny, and then Kenny grabs his own cock and forces
it into Mitch's closed mouth.

"Mmmm no!" Mitch yells as his mouth is filled with Kenny's eleven-inch cock.

"If you bite me you little bitch I'll beat your ass!" Kenny yells as he grabs
Mitch's head and forces him to take every inch of his cock into his mouth.

Candice presses her lips together and locks her seducing eyes on Mitch as she
watches him being forced to suck on Kenny's hard, thick Spirit Squad cock
" that's too hot..." Candice moans softly as she places her hands
down on the floor of the locker room and slyly crawls around Mitch and over
to Nicky. Candice licks her lips as she lifts her head up and locks her eyes
at Nicky "Mmm...time for some more spirit..." Candice says before she reaches
up and begins to remove Nicky's green workout pants.

Nicky looks down at Candice and he smirks a little, "Yeah... now this seems
more right to me..." Nicky says as Candice pulls down his green workout pants
to free his solid, stiff twelve inch long cock, which is already fully hard.

Kenny has both of his hands on Mitch's head and he's moving his hips back and
forth as he fucks Mitch's mouth, "Aw yea you fucking little bitch suck that
dick!" Kenny yells. Mitch, realizing it's best not to fight at the moment,
starts to suck on Kenny's dick slightly, but all that does is make Kenny
force his cock harder into his mouth.

Candice glances over her shoulder and licks her lips as she watches Kenny
forcefully shove his cock deeper into Mitch's mouth " that's too
hot..." Candice moans as she wraps her hands around Nicky's cock and guides
him into her warm, wet mouth. Candice wraps her luscious lips tightly around
his shaft and begins to smoothly bob her head as she starts to push down her
short black skirt from her waist.

"Awww... ohhh shit..." Nicky moans as he pulls off his white tank top to
reveal his muscular upper body. He looks down at Candice and licks his lips
as the Candilious diva starts to bob her head on his thick cock.

Kenny grits his teeth as he glares down at Mitch, "You like sucking my dick
don't ya, you little fucking bitch?!" Kenny groans as he makes Mitch gag on
his eleven-inch cock. Mitch coughs and tries to push his Kenny away, but
Kenny just responds by driving his cock back deep into his mouth.

Candice gently slides her tongue around Nicky's cock as she bobs her head
quicker along the length of his shaft as she takes Nicky's cock deeper into
her warm, moist mouth as the Candilicious Diva practically deep-throats
Nicky's entire spirited cock "Mmmmm... mmmm..." Candice moans against Nicky's
shaft as she removes her skirt from her Candilicious hot body as her shaven,
hot pussy becomes exposed.

"Ahh... fuck... damn... Candice... you're so damn hot..." Nicky moans as the
hot Playboy Covergirl sucks on his entire meaty shaft as he puts his hand on
his waist.

Kenny licks his lips and then he shoves Mitch away from him. Mitch falls
backward, coughing and gasping as lays on the floor, "Fuck... Kenny... I'm
sorry..." Mitch whimpers.

Kenny glares at him and smirks, "Hey Candice... I bet this little bitch never
had a hot pussy to taste..." Kenny says as he steps over to Mitch and forces
him to turn over onto his hands and knees.

Candice slowly lifts her head up from Nicky's cock and slightly licks her
lips as she begins to crawls away from Nicky's saliva-dripping cock "Mmmm...
oh I bet he hasn't..." Candice moans as the sly RAW Diva crawls over to Mitch
and Kenny before she lays down on the floor in front of Mitch.

"I've... I've had..." Mitch whimpers quietly.

"Shut up you little bitch!" Kenny yells as he smacks Mitch's smooth ass,
"You wanna be a bitch... so you're gonna be treated like one!" Kenny says,
"Nicky... get over here... and fucking tear up his bitch ass! Candice...
make this bitch treat you like a queen!" Kenny orders as he moves to where
he can shove Mitch's face down into Candice's hot, smooth pussy.

"Mmmmm..." Candice moans as Mitch's face is forcefully pushed against her
warm, wet and smoothly shaven pussy by Kenny. Candice bites down on her
bottom lip as she lifts both of her legs up and locks them around Mitch's
neck as she starts to gently grind her pussy against Mitch's face "Ohhhhh
mmm....ohhh yeah...lick that pussy" Candice groans as she arches her back
to wrap her legs tighter around Mitch's neck.

"Yeah... eat her pussy you little bitch!" Kenny yells as he holds the back
of Mitch's head down so that he can't lift his head away from Candice's hot,
smooth pussy.

Nicky raises an eyebrow, "Umm Kenny... I don't..." Nicky starts to talk but
then Kenny glares at him.

"I said fucking tear up his ass! Do it!" Kenny orders in a menacing tone.
Nicky nods his head and sighs as he moves behind Mitch, and reluctantly, he
forces his cock into Mitch's tight asshole.

"MMMMMM NOOO!" Mitch screams into Candice's pussy as Nicky begins to pump his
cock in and out of his asshole.

Candice closes her eyes as she leans her head back against the cold floor of
the locker room as she sharply grinds her warm, wet pussy against Mitch's
face "Ohhhh yeah...lick that too hot pussy..." Candice moans as Kenny kneels
down on the floor next to Candice's head as he keeps his hands firmly on top
of Mitch's head. Candice turns her head to face Kenny's cock and opens her
mouth as she leans her head in and takes his cock into her warm, wet mouth
and begins to suck on the cock of the Spirit Squad leader.

"Ahhhh yea Candice... mmm..." Kenny moans as Candice bobs her head back and
forth on his cock as he starts jerking Mitch's head back and forth across
Candice's pussy.

Mitch starts to cry openly as he tries to flick his tongue against Candice's
pussy as best he can, but Nicky starts to pick up speed and force as he fucks
Mitch's asshole. "Ahh... shit..." Nicky grunts as he starts pulling Mitch
back against him so that Mitch's ass hits against his waist.

Candice closes her eyes as she gently slaps her delicate tongue against
Kenny's shaft as she presses her lips tighter around his shaft as she moves
her head along his cock, taking Kenny deeply into her warm, wet mouth.
"Mmmmm...mmmmmm..." Candice moans against Kenny's cock as she feels Mitch's
tongue flick against her pussy while she continues to grind her pussy against
his face.

"Awww yea..." Kenny moans as he lets go of Mitch's head and glances down
at Candice, "Candice... you think this bitch can fuck you better than he's
eating your sweet pussy?" Kenny asks as Nicky continues to pound the ass of
Mitch with his cock.

Candice slowly pulls her head away from Kenny's cock and licks her lips as
she looks up at Kenny "Mmmm...I don't know..." Candice says with a laugh as
she unwraps her legs from around Mitch's neck. "I think he'll need some...
spirited help..." Candice replies with a smirk.

"Oh he'll have my help..." Kenny replies with a laugh as he looks at Nicky,
"Pull out of that bitch...." Nicky nods his head and he pulls his thick large
cock out of Mitch's asshole.

Kenny then pulls Mitch's head up and sneers, "You're gonna fuck Candice you
little bitch... so get to it!" Mitch slowly nods his head as tears run down
his face and he moves further up onto Candice so that his body is over hers,
and slowly he pushes his cock into Candice's too hot to handle pussy.

Candice presses her lips together as she gently wraps her legs around Mitch's
waist as she places her hands onto his strong arms "Mmmm...ohhh yeah give me
that spirit..." Candice moans as she licks her lips and begins to rock her
Candilicious body against Mitch's cock as he begins to thrust into her tight,
warm pussy.

Mitch grits his teeth as he gradually moves his thick cock in and out of
Candice's warm, tight pussy, "Ahh... ohh man..." Mitch moans as his eyes are
now red with tears.

Kenny grits his teeth, "I said FUCK her you little bitch!" Kenny yells as he
gets behind Mitch and then he forces his own cock into Mitch's tight asshole.

"AHHHH SHIT NOOO!" Mitch screams as Kenny quickly starts fucking him with
hard, vicious thrusts that make Mitch pump his cock harder into Candice's

Candice grits her teeth as Mitch's cock begins to ram into her tight, warm
pussy at a quick rate as Kenny thrusts his cock into Mitch's tight asshole
"Ohhhhh...mmmm...this is too handle..." Candice moans as she grinds
her pussy against Mitch's cock sharply "Ohhhh...ohhhh yesss." Candice moans
louder as she begins to sweat.

Kenny grunts as he thrusts his cock in and out of Mitch's ass and he looks
over his shoulder at Nicky, "What the fuck Nicky?! We got Candice and our
new Bitch here... go get your dick sucked by both!" Kenny yells as he starts
working up a sweat.

"Fine...ok..." Nicky sighs a bit and he moves to kneel down next to Candice
and Mitch, right where he can hold his dick near both of their mouths.

"And you better suck his dick bitch!" Kenny yells at Mitch as he delivers a
sharp thrust. Mitch nods his head a bit and he reluctantly starts to lick the
dick of Nicky's rock hard cock.

Candice leans her head up slightly, in between Nicky's legs as she places
her tongue against his large ballsack and begins to slides her wet, delicate
tongue against his ballsack as she grinds her pussy against Mitch's cock as
well "Mmmm...ohhhh...ohhhh..." Candice moans as she flicks her tongue against
Nicky's ballsack.

"Ahh... ohhh fuck... stop it..." Mitch moans as he occasionally takes
Nicky's cock into his mouth as he fucks Candice's hot pussy.

Kenny holds onto Mitch's waist as he pumps his ass with his stiff cock, "Ahhh
fuck yea... you like that you little bitch?! I know you do!" Kenny laughs as
he buries his cock completely into Mitch's asshole.

Mitch continues to cry and his tears fall onto Candice's face, and then he
gives Candice a sharp thrust he starts to cum inside of Candice's warm,
Candilious pussy. "Ahhh fuck... no... stop..." Mitch whimpers as he fills
Candice's pussy with his cum.

Candice grits her teeth as she feels Mitch's warm cum enter her pussy
"Ohhhhhh... mmmmm yesss..." Candice groans as she lifts her head out from
between Nicky's legs as she begins to rub his ballsack with her hands.

Kenny licks his teeth like a wolf as he figures that Mitch has blew his load,
"Oh... look... the little bitch popped..." Kenny laughs and he rips his cock
out of Mitch's ass with such force that Mitch jolts forward and accidentally
deep throats Nicky's entire cock in one gulp. Kenny stands up and smirks,
"Mmm you little bitch... you wanna jack off to one of us... you're gonna get
jacked off on!" Kenny yells as he pulls Mitch off of Candice's hot body.

Candice licks her lips as she sits up from the floor and locks her seducing
eyes with the dominating, ego-centered Kenny "Mmmm...give him your spirit..."

"Oh I'm going too..." Kenny says and then he pauses, "Hey Candice... get
behind the bitch... and hold his mouth open... Nicky... get over here...and
get ready to give Mitch his lesson..." Kenny says as he laughs hysterically
as he forces Mitch onto his knees in front of Candice.

Candice presses her lips together and nods her head "Mmm...sure thing
Kenny..." Candice says as she seductively crawls around behind Kenny and sits
on her knees as she places her hands on Mitch's shoulder as she gently slides
her hands up Mitch's neck before guiding them to his face and forcing his
mouth open.

"AHHH AHHHHH!" Mitch screams as Candice pulls his mouth open, but he doesn't
struggle for fear of getting beaten down by Kenny and Nicky. Kenny and a
somewhat reluctant Nicky begin to stroke their cocks as they aim them right
at Mitch's sweaty and tear covered face.

"Shit... sorry Mitch..." Nicky groans as he starts to cum, spraying his load
all over Mitch's face and into his forced open mouth.

Kenny soon starts to cum a few moments later, "Aww yea you fucking little
bitch... this is what you wanted right?!" Kenny laughs as he and Nicky cover
their teammate's face in their cum.

Candice presses her lips together and smirks as she watches the warm, sticky
cum of Nicky and Kenny drip down the face of their teammate, Mitch. "Mmm...
that was too hot..."

Kenny smirks as he and Nicky finish cumming on Mitch's face, "Yeah... that's
a spirited discovery that earned him a good lesson..." Kenny says with laugh,
"Hey Candice... don't let the bitch take all the cum... get some for yourself
too..." Kenny laughs as Mitch gets a look of shame on his face.

Candice licks her lips "Mmmm...I would...but I don't think Mitch is hot
enough for me..." Candice says with a sly smirk as she locks her eyes with

Kenny smirks, "Yeah you're right... let's get the fuck out of here... and
leave this bitch to learn his lesson..."

Candice presses her lips together as she slowly stands up "Maybe...we can go
get spirited with your other buddies..."

"Good thinking..." Kenny says as he licks his teeth and he then looks at
Mitch, "Get yourself fucking cleaned up bitch!" Kenny orders before looking
at Candice and Nicky, "Come on... let's go make some other spirited


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